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Get OFF the STAGE! | Stage Fails! | AFV 2019

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Subscribe to join the #AFVFAM http://bit.ly/afvyoutube | 🔔 Make sure to enable ALL push notifications! 🔔 When they were told to break a leg, these people took it the wrong way! Watch these #stage falls and #stagefails and get some ideas of what NOT to do during your big moment! Americas Funniest Videos has the most epic library for #fail clips and we've put together a list that will make you laugh 😆. Let us know which fails made you LOL the most and tell us in the comments! Watch the NEWEST videos: http://bit.ly/2MKctsW Watch more of AFV: Kid Fails: http://bit.ly/2Nl0bqk Best Viral Videos of 2018!: http://bit.ly/2NmcJ0H Funniest Viral Pet Videos!: http://bit.ly/2NS5mv9 LOL Therapy: http://bit.ly/2PGPRqh Connect with AFV Online: Website: http://afv.com/ Facebook: http://bit.ly/afvFacebook Twitter: http://bit.ly/afvTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/afvInstagram About AFV: America’s Funniest Home Videos is America's longest running funny video television program. We've been collecting funny viral videos since 1989. Here you’ll find funny videos, viral videos, prank videos, funny animal videos, funny baby videos, classic videos, and the best compilations and music montages of some of the funniest videos you've ever seen. Check out our different sections to find some of the best viral, funny, videos around. Comment, share, and subscribe to stay in touch to see funny videos you just can't find anywhere else!
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Text Comments (367)
Akilah Adams (7 hours ago)
I have a drama club in middle school 🏫
Debbie Spencer (1 day ago)
what about when Bono from U2 fell of the stage in 2001
Jajajajajajaja jajajajajaja 😄😄
Henri (2 days ago)
0:47 sistar member yoon bora fractured her thumb
なな (4 days ago)
Watching these give me so much anxiety
viet (5 days ago)
Is that Aja at 3:52?
Josue Reyes (12 days ago)
9:31 Mickey fell down I repet Mickey fell down😂
roni permana (12 days ago)
Satisfying / Asmr (14 days ago)
one time in 2018 summer me nd my friends were practicing for a talent show then when one of them tried to get off to get some water she fell off stage with one hand still hanging on. everyone stopped nd checked on her nd she was breathing but her eyes were closed. at first i thought she was just playing but she wasn’t nd i started crying nd going to my other friends nd the acting teacher thought she was just playing too so she was like she okay nd kept going about her business but we knew something was wrong then we had the swimming coach come then he told her she was not playing nd then they made us go to a different room then we seen the ambulance come nd take my friend out. when u tell you me nd my other friend was crying SO MUCH it was unbelievable because we didn’t know if she was okay or not nd she didn’t come the next day but the day after that she came nd the doctors said she was dehydrated so she passed out nd told us to make sure she drunk a lot of water nd when i tell you we made sure she drunk water every second or when she said she was thirsty nd she’s better now 🙃. srry for the long story based on a true story
vickyy ` (15 days ago)
0:51 isn't this a kpop group? Are they not allowed to help or what loll? This is why I never got into kpop.
혜bbb캉민 (17 days ago)
0:52 when bora fell i felt rlly bad when i saw the video for the first time...LIVE. I used to love SISTAR🖤 and my bias was bora and soyou lol no one cares bye.
Sophie Ranzoni (18 days ago)
2:14 Donald duck is that you?
Atticus gal (18 days ago)
“THAT WAS THE BEST JOKE EVA” still no one laughs
NicokeSenpai (18 days ago)
Y'all shouldn't laugh at them smh rude
Ranjit Sarkar (18 days ago)
l am dying😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rahzz ıı (19 days ago)
Was that sistars Bora? Poor baby
NiyahLee23 Lovely (19 days ago)
2:09 that laugh tho!
wi13 puma (19 days ago)
Micki dejas las drogas y deja los Simpson en paz ja ja
Taicha Pierre (19 days ago)
3:48 that girl that fell is so extra the other girl touched just a little bit like a tap and she fell off the stage bruh 😂😂😂
جو جو (19 days ago)
احس نصها قدييمهه مررره بس الفيديو رهيب جدا 👌
blah blah (19 days ago)
I know I’m not the only one who said “zoooomm” when I saw the first clip 😂😂🥵
maria soledad (19 days ago)
what is the song in the minute 3:03 please
Farrah Deebhaa (20 days ago)
Farrah Deebhaa (20 days ago)
Any one watching In May???
Farrah Deebhaa (20 days ago)
Farrah Deebhaa (20 days ago)
Farrah Deebhaa (20 days ago)
Farrah Deebhaa (20 days ago)
Alani Robles (20 days ago)
All of the people were laughing and that’s not nice
Roksia R (20 days ago)
0:45 music? Please
Rachel Lalite (20 days ago)
Soumya Shrivastava (20 days ago)
The worst part about falling in public...is when we get up..😪we see who all watched us falling...that poor kid at 2:07 did the same thing😵😹
Angel Garza (20 days ago)
This video is literally me falling for people I’m not supposed to for 10 minutes and 18 seconds straight
Moon Light (20 days ago)
Group girls dont help each other🙄
Moon Light (20 days ago)
WyldWolfette!! !!!! (20 days ago)
Am I the only one guessing who is going to fall??
Photography_Queen (21 days ago)
I'm smirking at this because I'm in a show choir. We have a performance on Wedsndat
김제니 (21 days ago)
yogagirl411 (21 days ago)
I laughed so hard at 2:47 I farted 😂😂
ピンク101 (22 days ago)
7:30 Lol that teacher knew exactly what she was doing
Lauren (22 days ago)
The worst was that dance troupe one where everyone stopped and looked instead of keeping going
A B (22 days ago)
Vines be like: I click on it without looking at the title cause I know It’s gonna be funny anyways Me half way thru: *complete silence*
SunKissNicole (22 days ago)
I fell off a stage b4
Afnan Md (22 days ago)
Reignhmar Ico (22 days ago)
What is SISTAR doing in here. 😂
When I saw Kpop I was so confused lmfao
Luca Del Campo (23 days ago)
1:37 So fake
swєєt pєαch (23 days ago)
7:39 I haven't seen tap en pointe in a long time
thomas kim (23 days ago)
0 49 sistar came out
gotohell (23 days ago)
Exit stage left Annnd splat
Nikki Loakes (24 days ago)
Mono The Kuma Bear (24 days ago)
A Woman Slips In The First Clip Audience : *Claps and Cheers*
Redha Tighza (20 days ago)
Alice Maria (25 days ago)
I really DONT feel bad . What a bunch of pigs .
Cake Boyy (25 days ago)
Pause and drag to 3:42💀
Diptibhardwaj Bhardwaj (26 days ago)
This video is not funny
love laugh (29 days ago)
I don't understand why people laugh when someone stumble or fall🤔🤔🤔🤔
Argentina Villatoro (1 month ago)
All Girls: OH YEAH! All Girls: OH NO ARE YOU OK 😂🤣 4:35
Rakhi Saha (1 month ago)
0:53 the red dress girl : aaaaa oh please help me frends : we dont care about you we just want money the red dress girl : 😢😠 my hole life is fake
Sugyani kumari Nahak (1 month ago)
Kathキャス- (1 month ago)
Who's here guessing who would fall?
Kathキャス- (1 month ago)
Them: How's life treating you? Me: 6:40
Zachary Z (1 month ago)
Hey I fell off the stage once in front of like 700 people, why am I not on here.
Nilesh patil (1 month ago)
Performing live performances on stage is not easy
Mochi Chimchim (1 month ago)
The more I watch these kinda videos, the worse my social anxiety gets but do I stop watching these?? Lol nahh🃏
Cal Kinard (1 month ago)
1:04 KISS!!!!
Sparrow (1 month ago)
WTF is wrong with the dude at 9:52 what a jerk
The Ringmaster (1 month ago)
Bunch of drunks! This will haunt them for the rest of their lives! Lol!😀
Kim Doyeon (1 month ago)
never expect SISTAR will come out
GeorgeJansen (1 month ago)
The lesson? The got dam show must go on my nuggers
GeorgeJansen (1 month ago)
Little jo Biden 4:42
GeorgeJansen (1 month ago)
3:36. Now that's a major got dam lawsuit waiting to happen
Felipe Kenji (1 month ago)
CC Rider (1 month ago)
I could watch 7’35” a thousand times and still find it funny.
0:30 did a ghost pull him or what the heck?
psus ̇uɐʇs (1 month ago)
XxBlackOrWhite FanmadeToursXx no his right foot was still standing and didnt climb down so it twisted and had him fall to the wall
Jasurbek Qoshbaqov (1 month ago)
Cheska Levisque (1 month ago)
00:47 SISTAR - KPOP GIRL GROUP IDOLS and that girl who slipped is Bora i love sistar my bias hyorin and bora
Concord (1 month ago)
Little kids move like very drunk adults.
tom darko (1 month ago)
Diana Dobson (1 month ago)
Funny video 😊
mhoward0527 (1 month ago)
The little girl pushing the other girl off the stage, then grinning, has to be a young Rachel Berry!! ⭐️
Claudette Adams (1 month ago)
Poor belle it she okay?
Kingdom comes (1 month ago)
9 17 don't miss this .me rofl
Victor Toothy (1 month ago)
I feel bad when people laugh at small children
Reginald Andrews (1 month ago)
Cynthia Lewis (1 month ago)
Niall Sharp (2 months ago)
Know that’s what I call falling with style 😂😂😂😂😂
plum pulum (2 months ago)
It was such pleasant watching it. Thx.
Dano83 (2 months ago)
0:50 reminded me of Michelle of Destiny's Child falling on 106 and park lol
jussaboynamedron (20 days ago)
OMG 😂😂😂
Stephanie Rose (2 months ago)
It's funnier when adults fall. Not so much the kids because that's just expected
7:37 Anybody know this dance name 7:37 ?
Alex Darum (2 months ago)
1:45 belle was shook on how many books there are, she fell 😂
Alex Darum (2 months ago)
0:52 lol BORA 😂😂😂 SISTARRRR
Tracie Chubb (2 months ago)
They just dont have rhythm. That's why they like black men, moves in the bedroom off the chain
WonderWhatHappened (2 months ago)
Props to Mickey for not missing a beat.
Paul Mendoza (2 months ago)
Is mickey mouse high???
Doc J (2 months ago)
Where's Randy Orton when you need him?
BLACKPINK GRANDE (2 months ago)
0:04 *Honestly this is not funny,because it's dangerous and she might have a problem on her body,specially many people can't understand..*
Editing by Itstscenes (2 months ago)
2:09 Iam dying at the person laughing Bnahxhxsjsh they make it 100x funnier
00:47 por que ponen a sistar
Trisha Paytas Memes (2 months ago)
0:52 id leave the group tbh, cuz those r not real friends. Idc abt the performance, they just looked at her. They should’ve helped her get up
musima41 (2 months ago)
Back flip, side flip, forward flip, slide down the stairs

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