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I used coupons and rewards at Victoria's Secret to get $230 worth of stuff for dirt cheap!

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I got $230 worth of stuff and only paid $83!!! I used coupons and rewards at Victoria's Secret to get extreme savings and discounts! I hope you find my shopping tips useful! As always, thanks for watching 😍 Keep shining✨ Instagram: shoni_b_shyn email: [email protected] #victoriassecretsale #victoriassecretpink #pinkcoupons #victoriassecretrewards
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Text Comments (12)
Preangela Marks (12 days ago)
Yasss that's what I'm talking bout sis love a good deal
Shaunie B SHYN (12 days ago)
Im glad Im not the only one who loves a great DEAL!!! Thank you Preangela for viewing🥰
Jojo And So (5 months ago)
The bags are so cute
Anna pinkypinky (5 months ago)
Them shirts that were 3 for 60 I got three of them for 28 dollars because I had rewards and coupons and I got that 20 dollar off coupon too and the Orange bag
Shaunie B SHYN (5 months ago)
We are officially shopping twins, lol 👯‍♀️ That was a good buy; I LOVE IT!!!🛍🥰
Samantha Nicole (6 months ago)
If she got $230 worth of merchandise, which only costed her $83 out of pocket, and then got $60 more to spend, it’s like spending only $23 for $230 worth of merchandise! That’s amazing, such a good buy! ❤️❤️
Maya Bryant (7 months ago)
This was very informative, thank you. Are the coupons $20 off a $20 purchase?
Kiss my fairytale (4 months ago)
@Shaunie B SHYN I hate that I just learned that it's like why spend more money when you spent alot for the reward cards it shouldve been a bam bam bam coupon type of thing at register I literally gave mine away
Shaunie B SHYN (7 months ago)
Im so glad you found this video helpful 🥰... unfortunately, the rewards I received when I purchased the items in this video were $20 off $50purchase
Jdore Couture (8 months ago)
You deserve a reward for such savings, what a great haul!
Jehanne Kirkaldy (8 months ago)
Great video, so proud of you !!❤️❤️😃
Shaunie B SHYN (8 months ago)
I love you sweetheart😘🌹 and Thank you☺️

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