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DATING! Would you date an American?

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Would you date an American? We went to India and interviewed people on the street. And we asked them one very important question, "Would you date an American?" We discussed important topics like: - Who's more loyal? - Who's cleaner? - Who's more fun? And much more! The great people of India often have to choose between an arranged marriage or a love marriage. But what if it meant dating an American? Follow me! Instagram.com/mrjonbradshaw Twitter.com/mrjonbradshaw
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Travis Krause (12 hours ago)
India women seem to have high moral value from the little experience I have being around Indian women their very honest good people!!! That's how I view them and you can't go wrong with those kind of traits that's for sure!!!
what city is this pub in?
Michael Hilton (1 month ago)
Indians are more difficult really??? Have you dealt with Americans in the suburbs??? Blimey
I love Kishore Kumar do I get points for this ?
robie bag (2 months ago)
I'm a INDIAN -TRINIDADIAN guy and I've seen a lot of these types of videos on here and I have never seen one good thing said about us SOUTH ASIAN GUYS ever and the thing is out of all the girls on earth only south Asian girls and Arab girls hate and don't date their own kind
bye girl (26 days ago)
@octaviano1296 indian women are discrimnated against by white men,. whereas YOU white men choose thai /philipino etc women over them
bye girl (26 days ago)
@octaviano1296 white men are obessesed with thai./chinese/japanese and korean women...so it is impossible for a white man to be open enough to date and marry an idnian. maybe try north east indain women, they look oriental and have a thailand look about them, so dont look like regular indian women. ,any indian women in the UK face racism from whtie men. white men love chinese..so try them
octaviano1296 (27 days ago)
@bye girl Yes, i have. But unfortunately here in the Netherlands there is not a lot of them. I always had a preference for Indian women/south Asian women, but i was discouraged for a while and i supposed that only adopted children - in general - would be open to date a European man. I have pointed out the endogamy of Indian women before. Do you think there is among a substantial part of the Indian women in the UK a certain openness to date a man like me?
bye girl (27 days ago)
@octaviano1296 have you dated indian women before? white men always choose thailand and philipino women in UK, never indian. no white man likes indian women, that why i thought you were brown man
octaviano1296 (27 days ago)
@bye girl Well, the photo was taken last year at the end of the summer so i have a tan. And i am not the north European but the south European fenotype. But i am white and prefer to date an Indian woman. I didn't knew that in the UK such a preference of white men, like me, is considered rare. Kind of a suprise.
Rose (7 months ago)
I subscribed and love your channel.
New Business Ideas (7 months ago)
Thank you for subscribing Rose!
Dan Noakes (9 months ago)
That was fun to watch.
bye girl (2 months ago)
@musica soulara every western city you go to, white men are with east asian women. its nature's ;law
musica soulara (2 months ago)
@bye girl So true white guys lean toward East Asian girls, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean and East Asian girls also prefer them, I see it, the most common interracial relationships are white guys/Asian Girls.
bye girl (2 months ago)
@Doc M very true...white men are super racist to indian women in america. they love chinese women though
Doc M (2 months ago)
bye girl not true man
bye girl (5 months ago)
@Mr. Bradshaw white american men are usually very racist to indian women in india....so it should be more would an american man date an indian woman? i bet most say no. but yes to an asian woman lol

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