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Family Guy - Quagmire helps Peter to get an erection

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Conn Toons (1 day ago)
Can someone please explain what the fuck Joe just did
Juanito Medina (7 days ago)
He’s a disappointment as a man and a father 😆
jack cowling (7 days ago)
We’re all out of binders
REXET GAMES (8 days ago)
3:43 hold on why is lois putting makeup when she's going to bed?
Nick Lullo (10 days ago)
the slut tattoo is where it all ended for me😂
More like, Peter can't get a boner
Warren Smith (15 days ago)
Funny as fook
xArisenDarius - MC (19 days ago)
I got a boner just by watching this...
Kevin Slepak (20 days ago)
We're only here for 0:52
Conn Toons (1 day ago)
Kevin Slepak Giggity Giggity
4:08 How Walter C Dornez should have killed Alucard
X.Gacha gang.X (26 days ago)
*eh tired*
Meg griffin (1 month ago)
I think my mom, lois is hot!
Antonio De Los Santos (1 month ago)
Hey 🅱eter
kenny chan (1 month ago)
come on quagmire , you're a navy pilot for 6 years , LAND THIS THING 😂😂😂😂😂
Rubén Ramírez (1 month ago)
“I give gonorrhea I don’t get gonorrhea okay?”
Hadi Qasmieh (1 month ago)
*_So you got a stupid penis huh?_*
Got Bunnies (1 month ago)
Do people really find this funny?
Kimberly Minchey (1 month ago)
Got Bunnies yes I do
Queen susy (1 month ago)
i have the opposite problem
Kid Drippy - Official (1 month ago)
"This shouldnt embarass you the size should" 😂
so yall not gonna memtion that quagmire said he does get gonoria he gives gonoria
Vitus (1 month ago)
So you got a stupid penis, huh?
Icantsingforshit (1 month ago)
*"My hog cannot partake in the slop this evening"* *IM WHEEZING* 😂😭😂😭
Ian Conness (1 month ago)
“Um, excuse me, where do you keep your three ring binders?” “Those are in aisle— hold on a sec... ...we’re all out of binders.”
Jimythe Juicebox (1 month ago)
Just show a picture of sommer ray And everything will be fixed
Sokon (1 month ago)
Everything gets harder and harder
Rudy G (1 month ago)
“Let me try” “Mmm tired” Ha ha ha ha ha
Sonic The Hedgehog (1 month ago)
xd freaking peter just make fun of Louis va jayjay XD LOL
GAMESY 2000 (1 month ago)
Then why have sex with him Louise if the size matters
Is Peter...... gay
Destiny Smith (1 month ago)
This shouldn't embarrass you, the size should embarrass you.
Spicy Boi (1 month ago)
Pokémon Hunter (1 month ago)
Yourboynate H (1 month ago)
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Just Chillin (1 month ago)
Lmao Dr. Hartman is a fool.
Willy Wijaya (1 month ago)
"caterpillar" 😂😂😂😂
--_- (1 month ago)
funny asf 💀
LuigiCraft101 Channel (1 month ago)
We’re all out of binders
Zack Sawyer (1 month ago)
Isn't he like 50?. Get some viagra dude.
Um Mansour (1 month ago)
So you got a stupid penis, huh?! Lmao
Having an adequate erection does not make you a man...now flogging your wife for mocking your failure to have an erection, now that makes you a man in my book HAHAH!!!
Temi Abiloye (1 month ago)
I don't get it.
Max M. (1 month ago)
Is it bad the Dr did it for me
Losers Clan (1 month ago)
Lol I am a professional trombone player 😂😂😂
Goran Panic (1 month ago)
Wow Peter you are up...That's not what I heard....Stewie rules ;-)))))))))))
lucax tshotting (1 month ago)
hahaha did you guys watch the part when blablabla? or you just put the video to hear the dubber's voice? hahahaa and when that other thing hahaha srsly thats all you have to comment? xd
Leago Malope (1 month ago)
best friends
MONKEY KING (1 month ago)
4:02 this was funny af
WT Cyber (1 month ago)
What2 Upload (1 month ago)
Well I’m now officially blind
Jordan Harris (1 month ago)
0:17 Peter's a lucky man. I wish I had a girl that was horny
Big Dinero (1 month ago)
somebody get this man sum pussy
mark anxrath1 (1 month ago)
The size should embarrass you
Rick De La O (1 month ago)
Ehhh tired..
Super Sinis (1 month ago)
That's not what I heard... Am dying
hunter Dale (1 month ago)
My penis is hard now
Ghostrevivalist (1 month ago)
“You can’t get a boner, you’re a failure as a man and a father” why would Lois tell any of them about that. It was actually funny when Lois said “Oh Peter you’re up.” “That’s not what I heard.”
Mike D (1 month ago)
Let me try. Eh tired
Clan Shamrock (1 month ago)
1:58 that’s what she said
Mike D (1 month ago)
So does this mean there was a threesome
Weeblackie (1 month ago)
Authur Morgan (2 months ago)
This is fine. (2 months ago)
Remember when we all said we had erections? I lied! _So did I...._
cum shots (2 months ago)
@3:50 quigmire is a savage lmao!👌😁
Stawee Grifenson (2 months ago)
Title+Thumbnail lol
Stawee Grifenson (2 months ago)
Title+Thumbnail lol
Stawee Grifenson (2 months ago)
Title+Thumbnail lol
Shrikanth Raman (2 months ago)
Giggity Giggity
Keith Govoni (2 months ago)
Hahahahahah 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm crying here
Alex.BTS. Army (2 months ago)
This is weird because I was thinking about this episode on my way home from school today XD
Matthew Brookes (2 months ago)
R34P3R813 (2 months ago)
Wow my favorite scene was *insert part we've already seen a thousand times, and then just play it off like you came up with the joke*
Elegant Yute (2 months ago)
Sub2sub? My channels the crafting kitten comment yours bellow
N.J.O Productions (2 months ago)
Hey person reading the comments Everything's just getting harder and harder
Harmony Kitty (2 months ago)
You can't get a boner! You're a failure as man and a father! 😂😂😂
Mr. Leslie Chow (2 months ago)
Peter has a tiny dick so it never worked
Roger Calix (2 months ago)
Roger Calix (2 months ago)
Roger Calix (2 months ago)
Roger Calix (2 months ago)
Roger Calix (2 months ago)
Drunk Asian (2 months ago)
i watched one clip and this is what i get... -mad-
Minnie Moo (2 months ago)
2:12 did he just suck his tears back into his eyes-
Why Though (2 months ago)
Fuck you joe
Keeper of the SKITTLES (2 months ago)
I love how lois is just allowing everybody to make fun of peter
AwesomeGamer_172 (2 months ago)
“Hey Peter. Ur up!” Stewie: Thats not what i heard. Me: Lmao
Eyob Solomon (2 months ago)
I know that tattoo
SkyDream (2 months ago)
I have erectile dysfunction too
Jenna mushu (2 months ago)
which episode is and which season?
SeaTea (2 months ago)
Ive gone on the weird side if yt again
Fernando Rodriguez (2 months ago)
"let her dance with a little" what the hell is going on there
abdoulaye haidara (2 months ago)
4:23 Karakuri Circus (2018)
はてUnityy (2 months ago)
"You got a dead rat in your pants mister "😂😶
Fat MonMon (2 months ago)
the thumbnail tho
Jaden Gieser (2 months ago)
You know how we all said we had boners.......I lied, so did I
Agent Gok (2 months ago)
Happy Youtube I watched it..I watched the goddamn Familly Guy video
Nub B (2 months ago)
I don't remember this at all
marquise Washington (2 months ago)
Joe- "OOOOOOh Let me try" Lois- "Eh, TiREd"
Temba's world (2 months ago)
0:50 quagmire will show up any minute now

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