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RUN AWAY | I'm Scared, Songified.

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Buy this song on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/run-away-feat-charlie-mcdonnell-single/1435630482?ls=1&app=itunes Check out the mighty Schmoyoho, who songified my original video to make this song! http://www.youtube.com/schmoyoho Watch the original video, I'm Scared: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_56nx3eHK4c
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Text Comments (1209)
Vina (2 months ago)
This made me emotional
Malin Ersland Hauge (2 months ago)
Wow this song is really good. Thank you
Jake Rue (2 months ago)
I discovered your stuff through cereal time so I'm relatively new but I've seen your older stuff and I love all of it ❤️ your the best charlie. Do whatever makes you happy. We're all here for you
Woogull (2 months ago)
reminds me of "i cant handle this" by bo burnham.
Makale Soederhuysen (2 months ago)
So like I said I would I went and checked out more of your new videos and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been going through a tough time in life, just graduated, turned 18, trying to figure out if me and my girlfriend of 2 and a half years can stay together through adult life. It’s been scary and hard, but when I feel like I might be feeling kind of okay I come to your channel and it amplifies those feelings allot. Thank you for making me feel genuinely happy.
Callie Jones (3 months ago)
You know what... this means something so important to so many people but they haven’t commented so I LOVE WHAT YOU STAND FOR CHARLIE. I won’t say I love you because I don’t think any of us actually know you really but you’ve helped me and that’s something not many people have done. Nothing dramatic just the truth... friend? I hope so.
Malachi Croom (3 months ago)
New subscriber
Melody Cutie Cupcakes (3 months ago)
Welcome :D
Malachi Croom (3 months ago)
I sing along to this song I love it the song was awesome my favorite songified song
Aaron Le Conte (3 months ago)
You are such a beautiful human being 💛
Laura Salas (4 months ago)
Why are you so cute and talented? Don't be scared of the love you inspire in others, Charlie :*
Salutations 0_o (5 months ago)
Okay, look. God dammnit, I was going through a website that shows you when you subscribed to what channels and I saw this and just, started tearing up - I forgot how much you genuinely make me happy Charlie. It's been so long since I've watched one of your videos and this just made my day. Thank you for being you
Eschic B (5 months ago)
I fell in love with Charlie's videos nine years ago, when I saw duet with myself for the first time. Over time, I watched his videos less and less. Today, I got curious and typed his channel's name in the search bar. Charlie, I'm really glad I came back and that you're working on not being scared anymore. Please keep in mind, we are here because we support you in everything you do. The editing was brilliant and a song was an awesome welcome back to your channel. Thank you, Charlie McDonnell.
Lenny Roach (6 months ago)
This reminded me of your old stuff. I used to love your old music videos. Collabs with yourself and a gorilla were so entertaining. Good to have you back mate 👍🏻
Half of The Rune (6 months ago)
To be fair, I am a pretty scary guy.
Elizabeth Gontar (6 months ago)
It's so cool Charlie)))
Rachel Wright (6 months ago)
This video makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. We missed you Charlie
Big Tuna (6 months ago)
why did this make me Sad AJBDJSAJSJ.
farleycz (6 months ago)
HA! I think there are shots of current Charlie cleverly sneeked in! ... he probably sung the harmonies too. 😁
Andra Krutsch (6 months ago)
We missed you, Charlie! Welcome home :)
Happiness Delight (6 months ago)
I love you Charlie!💖
Tracy Anderson (6 months ago)
This is one of the most heartwarming videos I’ve seen in a looong time ❤️ Charlie , when I first watched your “I’m scared” video, I didn’t quite understand what you were feeling. But since then, I’ve gone through some really tough times and I’ve started to come out of it. This was such an encouragement, and it was so creative and well done, thank you 💕💕
Maggie Alice (6 months ago)
You have such a beautiful voice Charlie! I love it ❤️.
Ragini (6 months ago)
Pretty much the first guy I ever had a crush on. I'm 23 now. Never unsubbing! This reminded me of you singing with yourself in old videos :')
Melody Cutie Cupcakes (3 months ago)
Me too :')
Alex Annis (6 months ago)
I really want chords for this song if there are any? I've just come back to watching Charlie's videos after a while because there's never really been another YouTuber who has made me as happy, I love you Charlie, you'll always be an inspiration 💖
Eliza Tonnies (6 months ago)
i may be a bit late but the funny thing is i didn’t need this video three weeks ago i needed it today and i’m so glad i found it and i’m so glad you created it. i have been watching your videos my entire childhood and now that i’m a teen i can see that they really shaped who i am today and for that i’ll always be grateful. so just thank you for everything
jezinbrum (6 months ago)
Charlie. Bollocks to what others think of you. Life is difficult at the best of times to keep ourselves on top of out own emotions. What others think of us is less important. Its only more recently I've seen you own self doubts come though. Just be you! You seem a charming person in your own way and that's what will let others engage with you.
vivi podraza (6 months ago)
I think it is so absolutely insane, but genius and creatively inspired of you to take a video that you made over 5 years ago, and revamp it under a different lense while making it once again relatable for your viewers. It was just so silly and made me so happy and smiley the entire way through, and I think it’s very admirable that after all of these years you’ve stayed connected to Youtube whatever way you choose to be and are comfortable and happy with being connected through. feeling a little nostalgic for you, charlie
Chloe Presley (6 months ago)
You're just as adorable now as you were then! We've missed you dude!
gingerr bby (6 months ago)
I truly feel like I've just caught up with an old friend.
gingerr bby (6 months ago)
♥ ♥
juliansecnat730 (6 months ago)
Brings all the memories of you singing using your ukelele back in the days.... your *glory* *days* as the Most Popular _YouTuber_ . 😊
Mayte (6 months ago)
It’s been far too long since we’ve had a Charlie song!!!! Yay 😁
measmusings (6 months ago)
You are amazing!!! Please take care of yourself! And good luck :) <3
This is so clever and I'm happy that you're in a better place ❤
Nicole Adel (6 months ago)
The song all of us depressed/anxious people needed
Panic Moon (6 months ago)
thats exactly what i needed right now. i remember watching your videos (with fanmade russian subtitles) when i was like, idk, 14? i and it was making me so happy. now im 21 and im more than looking forward to everything you will decide to do! also for couple of years i was in a dark place myself and just started to heal and to be honest, this video is just another sign that im doing better. thanks for that and im happy that you wont run away anymore!
huntergirlalex (6 months ago)
Charlie, we need you to cover this now, you and your Uke.
Bill McCord (6 months ago)
Brilliant!! I remember this video. Hope you've been ok.
Avalon7332 (6 months ago)
Welcome back, Charlie
李建华 (6 months ago)
Welcome back! it's been for quite a while and now its like reconnecting with a friend. Best
summerwillows (6 months ago)
This is amazing! I can't believe I missed the upload until now. Very well done, super catchy, and I've really missed your face on the youtubes.
Msmotionocean (6 months ago)
Alina Kouvchinova (6 months ago)
this is so beautiful and honest, charlie, thank you. i feel the same
Marie Fara Justine (6 months ago)
Sounds like that nick clegg song lol
allons-y (6 months ago)
hearing you singing again makes me so happy!! <3
Luka the psychocat (6 months ago)
i remember the old charlieissocoollike videos and i feel so nostalgic 😍😍😍😍
Amber Opsincs (6 months ago)
YES! Welcome back <3 <3
C. August McMullen (6 months ago)
Your singing voice has changed so much over the years. We're definitely not kids anymore. I'm glad you're here and the new season of Fun Science sounds like it'll be wonderful
Victoria Jade (6 months ago)
I've been watching you for years, since I was a kid. I'm glad you took some time for yourself, but it's so good to have you back. Thanks for always making me smile and laugh, and for teaching me new things. Welcome back, Charlie. :)
Rosso. (6 months ago)
Smile. I love you, Charlie.
HamsterGal (6 months ago)
I’ve played this goodness knows how many times! It’s beautiful.
AdamGoesPEW (7 months ago)
bruh what are the tabs for this?
Highfire Vortex (7 months ago)
This song brought me to tears
Caitie Ford (7 months ago)
I really love this, Charlie
faye bostock (7 months ago)
Thank you Charlie. Glad you seem to be in a better place :)
abc123456789z (7 months ago)
I missed Charlie. I heard about YouTube pressing you guys to produce. However keep being you and DFTBA
Samantha Woodhouse (7 months ago)
Charlie, you're super duper amazing and you were the first person I watched on YouTube! :D take care x
taylorguestin (7 months ago)
I'm glad you're back Charlie, on a presque grandi ensemble finalement :) Creation ! This is what's gonna save us all ! Continue pour toujours, avec ou sans caméra :)
EmEliza (7 months ago)
Hey there Charlie! Don't be afraid. I promise I am not that scary. We fans just want you to be happy.
Camila Lustosa (7 months ago)
this video made me genuinely happy. You're always going to be welcome back. You're the best, hope you're doing well. Love from Brazil <3
marionhoney (7 months ago)
Welcome home, good sir.
mochilover _ (7 months ago)
Idk who u are but omg ur beautiful also, this is my national anthem :))
naturally_sofia (7 months ago)
Yeees please come back! We miss you and LOVE you. For you. for all your human faults. please don't be scared <3
gradeaadventurer (7 months ago)
FREAKING LOVE THIS. been watching you since 2010
Lulu I. (7 months ago)
LYRICS: I run away Which is what I like to do I run, run, run I think I'm scared of you And I really wish it wasn't the truth But I run away Worrying What other people think of me That's been my whole life That's what the inside of my brain looks like I sit and stare Like genuinely scared But I can't help but care No but I can't help but care So I run away Which is what I like to do I run, run, run I think I'm scared of you And I really wish it wasn't the truth But I run away I, I think it's you I run, run, run away Away I run, run (run), run run away All I wanna do with my life Is make other people happy But I have no idea how to do that And it makes me really sappy Every person, deep down They want other people to like them My hope is that This is just whats it's like to be human But from now on I won't run away Though it's what I like to do I won't run, run, run It's time for something new And I try Not to be scared of you I won't run away From now on I won't run away Though it's what I like to do I won't run, run, run It's time for something new And I'll try not to be scared of you I run away, I won't run, run, run, run run run run away away I won't run run run run run away I won't run run run run run away away I won't run run run run run away
Lulu I. (7 months ago)
Espree Devora (7 months ago)
You're loved.
MLR. (7 months ago)
Can someone tell me the chords for this song? Would be awesome!! ☺
Yanna Narla (7 months ago)
Fenomenal. 👏
Pog Gutt (7 months ago)
Oh une vidéo Génial 👍
HardLockVevo (7 months ago)
Wow! So glad to see you again
Vicky Yakimenko (7 months ago)
Dear Charlie! So good to see u again! You look great and I feel like I’ve just met an old friend. Lots of love to u. Vicky. Moscow.
Suvi H (7 months ago)
Oh wow I enjoyed this merely as comedy piece until the new part started and I suddenly I was genuinely touched. Your singing voice is so so pleasant and the message of recovery is rly important <3 I hope this means you’re somewhat in a better place! Love you 💕
Jessica Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Been watching you for so long. Since the purple man😂 Love you!
Daythinking (7 months ago)
Charlie, I’ve watched you for so many years. I always try to support you as best as I can, and it’s good to hear you’re doing okay. I care so much about you and so many others do. I know the fear. But it’s going to be okay. After being hospitalized I realized life’s way too short Charlie, and I’m so glad you’re not being scared of your followers.
Luckylab05 Idk (7 months ago)
Same here
Ninjaz FTW 64 (7 months ago)
I missed you. Come back and do some more vids please Charlie. It makes us like cool for watching, and I have nothing to watch.
Felicia Tjahjadi (7 months ago)
You go charlie! We are here to admire (hopefully) more content of you.
Chiara Faraday (7 months ago)
Charlie!!!!! miss you man!
The Nerd News (7 months ago)
Just had a bit of deja vu, was having a crappy day, but you fixed that, like you always used to
zarwalski1 (7 months ago)
Made me cry at work. Watched your vids since you started youtubing. I love you lots, but not in that way :D
themudgekin1294 (7 months ago)
Good to have you back, Charlie. I sure have missed you.💜
Karen Robbins (7 months ago)
Charlie you are SOOO stinkin talented! The song is terrific and what I think of as I listen, is when you first started your channel and you were not thinking about what others thought of you, you sought to entertain, and that’s what you did right here. Well done! 🌺
niagee (7 months ago)
I can relate to this. Great video Charlie
TheRazzeyy (7 months ago)
I've been subscribed to you since I was in elementary school and now I'm in college. Time flies, doesn't it?
Tatiana Burkett (7 months ago)
This is lovely ❤️
Chloe-Jade Birmingham (7 months ago)
I can’t explain how much I needed not only this video but this whole message today.
MsNaomiCool (7 months ago)
Charlie we all love you!! I remember first watching you like 8ish years ago and I got so attached to you as a person and so involved in your videos. I am so excited to be hearing more from you! You are what inspired my own YouTube name! 💗 much love
maddy woods (7 months ago)
whenever i see any video by charlie, i get so excited. for the longest time when i watched his videos, felt like i had a friend for the first time and it's nice. it's nice to see him again, and to see his confidence
* Allie Moon * (7 months ago)
Good to have you back Charlie XD Will wait for your video soon😍
Rebecca T (7 months ago)
I loved watching this!! It's seriously not just you :) I'd not realised how much I missed your videos. I'm feeling all nostalgic now 😮
Neicha's Art (7 months ago)
Aw this was so pure. Welcome back !
[coma]video (7 months ago)
Welcome back, Charlie!
High Sky Siren (7 months ago)
Good to see you back Charlie :) I missed you
joshpwnsnoobs (7 months ago)
this was great, thank you
Catrinel Enache (7 months ago)
We LOVE you Charlie! 🤗 Take care 😘
Laura Mack (7 months ago)
Charlie, as always, your honesty to yourself and your feelings is so wonderful. Its amazingly refreshing. I really appreciate the courage it takes to share something so personal on this platform. Thank you for letting us back into your life.
Peter Bilton (7 months ago)
So glad to see you back Charlie we missed you.
Rachel Perry (7 months ago)
When you said that you hope that you hope that this is what its like to be human it really stuck a cord with me. I have feelings like this all of the time. where you sit there and wonder if these feelings of inadequacies are normal and honestly I don't think I will be ever be sure what is entirely normal. But hearing you saying that really helps in a small way. So thank you. Coming from a person who is always putting other people needs and wants before her one and is slowly learning that sometimes putting your needs first is going to make other people happy in the long run :)
Maddie (7 months ago)
Hello this made me cry? Idk, I remember you being the first 'proper youtuber' I found and loved and I was twelve when that happened! I'm now twenty one and honestly, seeing this is like seeing an old friend. Welcome back Charlie ☺️❤️

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