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Cutting And Coloring My Own Hair

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Ginger Finley (1 hour ago)
Jenna, Ive been coloring my hair silver/grey for months. always comes out horribly wrong, yet i still persist lol challenge accepted?
Randomz Rulerz! (2 hours ago)
Me: I'm gonna paint, I need some quiet time Jenna: LET'S FUCK UP MY WHOLE HEAD
mini_trex Is best boi (19 hours ago)
Yaann • (21 hours ago)
U on drugs?
Maleficent Wolffe (1 day ago)
4:42 me whenever I get a call or text
Klaudia Books (1 day ago)
Kerry Hill (1 day ago)
You’re the best! You should try out a perm 😅😀
She cuts and cuts and cuts and still looks cute. Excuse me, wtf?!
Multichromanic (2 days ago)
You know you watch Jenna Marbles videos a lot when your dog no longer reacts to the squeaky sound intro
Rosie Kat (1 day ago)
Ellee Edman (2 days ago)
I have watched this video to many times
Hayley Jones-Yates (3 days ago)
I can’t believe this is nearly 2 years old. Still my go to video when I’m bored
Ocean Klassen (3 days ago)
This makes me want to cut myself some bangs!!! Jenna, you a good influence!!!
Giulia Vicenzi (4 days ago)
no one: not a single soul: jenna: this is just high quality ME time
Ada Brown (4 days ago)
Brooke Woods (4 days ago)
I used that hair die when I did my hair red
Divya Gupta (4 days ago)
This video inspired me to try ombreijg my black hair into silver at home and I’m so scared
Doodle_Slimezzz (4 days ago)
Charlotte x (4 days ago)
6:14 should of been the thumbnail...
AmazingChickky (5 days ago)
This is the video that got me hooked on Jenna marbles.
nO WitNEsSes (5 days ago)
ᴺᴱˣᵀ ᵀᴵᴹᴱ
Jordan Ring (5 days ago)
Soooo we know Julien was not tame whenever he got home. He made sure Rome got dropped off first.
Layla Joyce (5 days ago)
When the too much gene kicks in
BosseyedWolf 546 (5 days ago)
Ohhhh nooooeee
Marissa Wingender (6 days ago)
I just realized we never hear anything about Ad anymore.. did something happen to him ??
F. nlsn (5 days ago)
Marissa Wingender He sadly passed away over a year ago
Yesenia Garcia Reyna (6 days ago)
JENNA put the scissors DOWN!!!
Queen Ash (6 days ago)
Lol I just recently cut my own hair and ooo girl I regretted it so much. But I got it fixed. And I wish I never had scissors in my hands
em fair (6 days ago)
2019 and i still love watching this
Talia Baptista (6 days ago)
jenna it's time to dye ur hair again
Scythe (6 days ago)
This video should be called "Jenna Marbles becomes Gerard Way"
Lucky Vandermark (6 days ago)
Put the scissors down
Katie Wilkin (6 days ago)
I was expecting like chunks of blonde but it looks soooooo gooooooood
Norma Ochoa (7 days ago)
Omg I love it even though it was a bit of torcher for your hair
Bet Sha (8 days ago)
Julien’s reaction is everything 🤩
Sophia (8 days ago)
This is exactly the same as when the wing keeps getting thicker and thicker
Linda Deblois (8 days ago)
This was the first video I ever watched of hers.
OrphicQueen (8 days ago)
PPS: Your bangs be cute. 😘
OrphicQueen (8 days ago)
PS: GUUUURRRL, you look hAwt!!!
OrphicQueen (8 days ago)
I’m rewatching this. It makes me laugh non stop!! As a professional licensed cosmetologist, I can say Jenna did a fantastic job! Adore you, guuuuurl!! So much love to you & Julien!! ⚜️🖤🥰🖤⚜️
Amélie P (8 days ago)
I’ve watched this an unhealthy amount of time...
Stacy Nelson (9 days ago)
Great job jenna
Maddy E (9 days ago)
The question we are all wondering: did they get their security deposit back?
leonie (9 days ago)
i remember watching this at the exact time i turned 13 two years ago :’)
Gilly The King (9 days ago)
“Who does your hair?” “Me” Because I’m secretly a dick who is good at shit.
Felisa Rodriguez (9 days ago)
I’ve accepted that i will never find my own Julien 😔
PewDiePie Will win (9 days ago)
Jenna needs adult supervision with everything she does
Always Mistic (10 days ago)
2:10 how did this not get demonotized😂😂
Vrunda Datey (10 days ago)
Lulu's Life (10 days ago)
Waiting for a part 3 .....
Meghan Hanson (10 days ago)
this video inspired me to dye my hair for the first time ever. I’ve been a dirty blonde my whole life and I dyed it pink yesterday. The whole time I was just thinking, “If jenna marbles can dye her own hair and make it look great, so can I”. What you said about life being too short not to have crazy hair was the one thing that made me do this for real finally. I got complimented all day and I’m so happy I did it, thanks jenna love you
Brook Lee (11 days ago)
Dye your hair again like this if you think she should
Diana Montero (11 days ago)
Aw Julien's reaction is so cute!
xXxXCaptin CrunchXxXx (11 days ago)
Lesson learned: Don't leave Jenna alone.. ever
Nicholas Hanson (11 days ago)
Apparently Jenna as a 🎶thirty year old lady🎶 was secretly an Aries all along
Lexi Williams (11 days ago)
lol my mom has crimson red hair. when it fades its bright orange pretty much lmao
Victoria DePastino (11 days ago)
Jenna: I am a VIRGO. Also Jenna:
Misty Milo (11 days ago)
Please dye your arm hair green so you can look like hulk
jon perez (11 days ago)
Lina Kuliesaite (11 days ago)
Why do you look high??? I love it tho
Anna Sim (11 days ago)
Русские вы где?(
Natálie Vildová (11 days ago)
I love jullians reaction
Anastasia Kurdgelia (12 days ago)
Zoey Joyal (12 days ago)
sad? watch Jenna need a laugh? watch Jenna wanna dye ur hair again but don’t wanna ruin ur hair? watch Jenna live thru her
Melissa Smith (12 days ago)
Beautiful! Nicely done
Emily Elise (12 days ago)
Aisha Ahmed (12 days ago)
2 years late lol but you have a beautiful smile
RebelBelle (12 days ago)
I just used that hair dye lmfao
Follow your dreams Jenna
Morgan Johnson (12 days ago)
Omfg after as many times I’ve seen this I’m just realizing he fucking told her to get hicolor. That shit uses a higher developer in turn causing more damage. The hicolor line is for dark hair. Should have sent her home with some ion and volume 10 or 20
Unicon Squad (12 days ago)
Hair came out good like i want red hair
pige0n (13 days ago)
Madison Ferradas (13 days ago)
am i the only one who is shook that jenna mentioned carly??! i love carly but jenna is a huge youtuber!!! carly its lit
loven da truth (13 days ago)
I want this stuff back because the audio is epic try just listening to just her beautiful voice thank u for the cancer pain relief meds were not working out today your both so cute I want a juli were did u get one I hope u read this comment on this old video but not to suck up but hands down my fav u tube folk I hope I survive to meet u one day cus I lives in the UK one day I think you should start hair coloring line one called pubescent
Karkat Vantasstrider (13 days ago)
i think, that all virgo's. ALL OF THEM. are secretly Aries. think about it, they normal for 6 days, then on the 7th they go cray cray, aries mode.
Love the video, lol.
Brittany Lewis (14 days ago)
It actually looks really great.
bailey M15 (14 days ago)
Rare footage if Jenna being an Aries
Alexis Johnston (14 days ago)
Jenna is the friend that everyone wishes they had in life.
brownishblue (14 days ago)
Next on: Making Kermit Blue with colors for dogs! :D
Claire H. (14 days ago)
Watching this in the dentist office waiting for my mom with some guy I can feel is reading over my shoulder right now.... WELL HELLO
Lanita Lynn Johnston (15 days ago)
Jenna I just pulled a you and cut 6 inches off of my hair. AND IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!
kamykazzi (15 days ago)
itzo_art_lover (15 days ago)
Everyone says red washes out quickly but BOY I USED A SEMI PERMANENT red hair dye three years ago AND THAT SHIT was in my hair for MONTHS OKAY
itzo_art_lover (15 days ago)
6-8 washes my ass bitch
ItzTheROBLOX_Girlz (15 days ago)
Go Jenna go Jenna!
Megan Lamb (16 days ago)
I had my hair to my butt and dyed it to my ears red then it didn’t come out and since I had school they were strict so I had to cut it all off 🤣😭
xMSxCHRONICx R (16 days ago)
Shake your body don’t poop don’t piss 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sierra Bullock (16 days ago)
Oh my god is that...HiColor....FOR DARK HAIR ONLY!? jeEnNNnAahhhh
Katelyn Pilo (16 days ago)
gets on floor: laughs gets on HAIR: stresses
JadedJules (16 days ago)
I was literally like “I hate my hair I need it dyed now” and proceeded to go to Walmart, buy hair dye and have my mom dye it at 8 pm (she dyes her own hair and I have never done it and quite frankly don’t trust myself to)
Savannah Myke (16 days ago)
Jenna: "i dont need to do the back of my head, no one looks at the back of you" Me: *looks in the mirror behind her
grass bennett (16 days ago)
i aspire to find a man who loves me as much as julien loves jenna
Lily (16 days ago)
Lol I have a colour filter on my phone and so I thought her hair was pink lmao
Bethany Wright (16 days ago)
"My hair is pube colored." *me sitting and wondering who has pubes that color*
Kylala Kitty (16 days ago)
You should do a vid covering your face in googly eyes!
Devina (16 days ago)
*watching this video for the 10000000000000x times*
Deborah T (17 days ago)
I like Jenna's hair with the "before" honey blonde
Brooke Barbour (17 days ago)
From 2:13 to 2:16 got me down I couldn't breathe
Rosalie Morin (17 days ago)
this video is so Aries!!!!
Athletic Emma (17 days ago)
That’s actually so frikin pretty
Late2TGame X_Darkly (17 days ago)
No joke, I have a friend just like her. They could be twins. It looks amazing! Try maybe a lilac color sometime, it's really pretty!
Jennifer Hoene (17 days ago)
Your hair should always looks like this! It looks SO good!!!!!

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