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In The Heart Of The Sea MOVIE REVIEW

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My thoughts on In The Heart Of The Sea! What are yours? Twitter: https://twitter.com/captainvitus771 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/captainvitusshow Instagram: http://instagram.com/captainvitus771 Letterboxd: http://letterboxd.com/Captainvitus/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/captain-vitus-show Enter The Cinephile: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EntertheCinephile/?fref=nf
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Text Comments (22)
Thomas Baron (2 years ago)
The whale wasn't really a big part of the original film starring Gregory Peck either. The whale in that Moby Dick film has about the same amount of screen time as the whale in In The Heart Of The Sea.
crypto (3 years ago)
Oh my god. He's trying to be Jeremy Jahns so badly. He even had the same voice and mannerisms and expressions, lmao.
Nicholas Durkee (3 years ago)
I believe that this is the adaptation of a book (that Ive read) with the same name--it depicted the true story that lead to the exaggerated tale that became Moby Dick. Without knowing this going in, I can see where people will get a wrong impression of what the movie is. Personally, the true concept is pretty terrifying in itself--a whaling ship is slaughtering whales left and right (by harpooning them through their lungs, so that they drown), and out of nowhere this MONSTROUS white whale shows up, smashes their ship....stuns itself...swings back around and smashes it again....and then is never seen again. Thats what really happened, and I dont know if thats how the movie plays out, but that shit is scary...to know that a gigantic, intelligent whale put an end to the slaughtering of its kin, and left as mysteriously as it came.
salamander337 (3 years ago)
Kinda disappointed. I thought this was a retelling of a Moby Dick movie?
KM Reviews (3 years ago)
i went in with big expectations, and liked the first half, and the second half was so dull and flat... I did a review on my channel as well, that i would love your input on if you get a chance!
WKE066 (3 years ago)
The reviewer is too much like Jeremy Jahns who I find to be very annoying. I will not need to return to watch more reviews.
son pecas (3 years ago)
:) i love your review, just watched the movie and I agree with everything you said, well done... suscribed. (ure incredibly handsome btw hahaha)
oooodaxteroooo (3 years ago)
one tip for all you movie goers. if you want to get what you expect go watch porn. movies are art. just be curious and keep an open mind.
moana hope (3 years ago)
Thanks heaps for the review !
Jurre van den Heuvel (3 years ago)
It felt as you were overreacting the whole video, might wanna turn it down a bit.
oooodaxteroooo (3 years ago)
its him. i dont mind. what i mind though is the sunshine music - THAT is too loud. ;)
chrisflo305 (3 years ago)
My question is.....how the hell did you see the movie early? it comes out on Dec. 11.
oooodaxteroooo (3 years ago)
it was launched this thursday in romania. saw it yesterday :)
Sir John Berry (3 years ago)
i would love to see video of showing your movie collection.
Madahz Badzaiye (3 years ago)
Is the CGI the same as in the trailers? Because it looked absolutely awful in the trailers. Looked so cheap and fake. Was it better in the actual movie?
Redground (3 years ago)
+Michael Amora keep in mind that this movie doesn't have an AMAZING cgi, but they know how to use it well and it worked for me
Jian Tan (3 years ago)
I had the same thoughts when I was watching it in the cinema
Madahz Badzaiye (3 years ago)
I don't mind too much CGI, as long as it's of good quality and not noticeable. 
Hanna Gy. (3 years ago)
+ShortLook GM EXACTLY my thoughts after the movie.
Redground (3 years ago)
+supermariofan03 to me, the visuals looks stunning, but there's a moment in the movie where started to think that there is too much CGI..
Hudson (3 years ago)
Well im from Wales and any movie about Whales gets a big thumbs up from me!
Ian Bulaclac (3 years ago)
My expectations for this movie actually got lowered when it got moved to a December release. It didn't look like  movie that I would see right away in theaters but I think on a discount Tuesday or matinee would be a good idea. Btw are you gonna review Legend since I heard you saw that movie.

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