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Here is a guide to picking the perfect hair color for yourself. LET'S BE BFFS! INSTAGRAM ▷ https://www.instagram.com/bradmondonyc/ TWITTER ▷ https://twitter.com/bradmondonyc FACEBOOK ▷ https://www.facebook.com/bradmondonyc/ WANT TO SEE MORE OF MY FACE? ▷ https://goo.gl/QjHDAu WANT TO SEE MY LAST VIDEO? ▷ https://goo.gl/F64MGn MUSIC ▷ https://soundcloud.com/ikson Don't forget to live your extra life! 😁
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Text Comments (10634)
Brad Mondo (1 year ago)
Is anyone rethinking their hair color after seeing this??
Milk Tea (24 days ago)
Brad Mondo ok
Malyka Tellier (1 month ago)
I have very pale skin blue eyes and blond hair not black
It’s Buckyyy (3 months ago)
i am omg also last comment 🤪
Charlize Montgomery (4 months ago)
Rhea Ballani (6 months ago)
Not really but I still love you 😂😂
Macaroni (3 hours ago)
😤👌 Where is my olive fam at?
Jackylann Boyd (9 hours ago)
Lol! I went to a salon for a platinum cool toned hair color and came out with a honey/ type blonde and IT MATCHED MY SKIN TONE. Kinda odd looking tbh. Never going blonde bc my shades are never reached.
Jackylann Boyd (9 hours ago)
sticking to dark browns bc it’s flattering.
Jolin Marie (13 hours ago)
I don’t know why but my face is warm toned and the rest of my body is cool toned😅
Antonio Figueroa (13 hours ago)
You have a great personality! Keep it up. Your video helped me pick my first hair dye color. I'm usually very shy with these kind of things and I'm a total fashion noob. Thanks for the help!
cunt relate (14 hours ago)
So we need your approval to dye our hair?
lpsmitletsplaylps lp (15 hours ago)
2:48 i basically have grey skin
Ibrahim Baghdadi (17 hours ago)
No offense but your hair looks silly.
TysonIsKetchy (22 hours ago)
he forgot about the olive girls and guys!
Alejandra SaBr (23 hours ago)
OMG you're right... I have a pink undertone (just in my face) and a naturally dark brown hair, but my body is a little bit on the warmer tone (I think) and my eyes are brown and I noticed with the warmer tones I look more pink 🙊
Lauren Ford (1 day ago)
Um I’m really wanting to dye my hair a icy blue
MaceTheAce 11 (1 day ago)
Yes I want to go cotton candy pink but I'm kind of nervous to bleach my hair I have dark brown hair right now but I really want this cotton candy pink hair!
Adenine 2000 (1 day ago)
Well my natural hair doesn’t suit my skin yay
Ashlee Green (1 day ago)
I don't know my skin cause I have lots of freckles and you can't really tell
princess Lemin (2 days ago)
i need to go brighter blonde
Banana_ Cappuccino (2 days ago)
You describe the skin I have as cool but the rest is warm. I’m reeaall confused
Banana_ Cappuccino (2 days ago)
And I personally think neon purple looks great on me.
Amazing Tutie (3 days ago)
Um... I have rosy cheeks but I’m Spanish so ??
Sheogorath (3 days ago)
Ages 1 to 12 ashen hair, ages 12 to 14 strawberry blonde, ages 14 to 17 brown with 7 highlights. (All natural hair with no dyes or bleach)
Meme Dreams (3 days ago)
I really want to be a crackhead bitch and dye my whole hair purple (I have dark brown hair rn and I’m pretty pale)
My crazy Life (3 days ago)
I’m the lightest shade on there and then my hair is platinum natural. Like literally
x oO (3 days ago)
So mostly everyone is born with the wrong hair colour lol
Erin Johnston (3 days ago)
I naturally have quite a honey brassy blonde (which aint it) and im pale as. Now i know why i look bad oof....
Aurora Dreamer (3 days ago)
I have cool tone skin(blue eyes) with dark brown hair and I'm thinking of going dark blue. Thoughts?
Aurora Dreamer (2 days ago)
+Dakota Madison I dyed the underside of my hair the dark blue 2 nights ago and it looks great
Dakota Madison (2 days ago)
You'll probably kill that look with dark blue hair and cooler skin like wow
Julia .R (3 days ago)
I have cool tone skin but im natural blonde and have blue eyes
gimme tea please (4 days ago)
Me: *has a fair skin tone* Also Me: *has yellow-green eyes, golden blonde hair* Me: *whoops*
Wooden Whistle (4 days ago)
When your cool toned skin clashes with your strawberry blond hair
Valeria B-612 (4 days ago)
Love this color on you Brad, just perfect👌
egy ember (4 days ago)
I have nuetral hair and skin colour. What should I do?😂😅
hi (4 days ago)
4:57 i'd say i'm "nuetral"
Light Yagami (4 days ago)
Is he gay ?
I mean, my veins are blue and sometimes my skin looks fairly pinkish , so I'm assuming I'm cool tone?? But I'm not pale or very light skinned, my body is a nude ish tone but my face like a whole shade darker like a dull natural medium-tan/oliveish colour, dark/medium chocolate hair, dark chocolate eyes, and really dark black eyebrows and eyelashes so, I'm lost as to which colourful hair colours would suit me :((( my skin tends to look like a dull mediteranian type skin tone :(( some days it looks fair/paleish/pink others it looks medium-tan/olive and quite tan
*me sitting here thinking about cool aid dying my hair*
Marybeth Hernandez (5 days ago)
I have warmed toned skinned and naturally dirty blond hair
Unicorn (5 days ago)
Diversity missin people of colour eg indian
Helen Cao (5 days ago)
Okay guys help... So I want to dye my hair a dusty ash brown-grey hair but i have no idea what product is best.I have brown-black hair but I dont want to damage my hair too much.I also kinda want to do it at home cause I'm poor
ryann alleman (5 days ago)
i just dyed my hair... its blue and i’m pretty pale
gamer 570 (5 days ago)
This guy has no clue what he's talking about & I'm the one who dropped out of Cosmo. Does anyone know what state board issued him a license so I can make a call? Lol
A.I Films (6 days ago)
I've been trying to convince my parents to let me dye my hair a silver with purplish lights (I'm a cool tone
Saylor Younger (6 days ago)
My skin color is peachy which is pink and orange and my eyes are green hazel and my hair was blonde but turning brown
grace pinker (6 days ago)
My skin is warm toned. I’m half Irish and half New Zealander. My eyes are practically black and my natural hair color is dark brown. I have dyed my hair platinum blonde and I have no clue if it looks good on me lol
Amy's GachaXD (6 days ago)
...black people (including myself) are born with black hair. Ya need to spray paint em, put color in em, or they can't be brown, or lighter. So. Ya.
Jaden Marie (7 days ago)
Lol so basically the typical Irish look, fare pale skin with real blonde/ red looks like shit... apparently god fucked up lol
Kloe Knapp (7 days ago)
When he said cool tones don't look good with honey blonde hair but you have natural honey blonde hair and you are cool toned
Flantauiza (7 days ago)
7:37 i feel offended
V Turner (7 days ago)
2:46 your skin matches perfectly on camera to the bottom right swatch
Louis Black (7 days ago)
Dude is gay af 🤣
Lisha S (8 days ago)
I have a question can I permently straighten my hair and still dye tgem
SuperFabio1 (8 days ago)
i have cool toned skin but i have blonde hair that isnt platinum blonde so i dont even know what color to do now. PLS HELP MEEEEEEE
Sara Elbhairy (8 days ago)
i still cant say im cool tone or warm my veins are blue but all your saying mean im warm im white but i get dark so easily from the sun i dont get red checks rn i cant even tell what my skin tone is
Prachi Sharma (8 days ago)
Viserys Targaryen is that you??
Game Addict (8 days ago)
I’m Asian with cool tones, does that mean I lean more neutral because of that yellow-ish ‘wash’ that most Asians have? I can honestly never tell whether that yellow tinge is part of my undertone or not.
Sofie K B (8 days ago)
When you have cool toned skin and your natural hair colour is golden blonde 😭
Emma W. (8 days ago)
Natural Hair: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown Skin Color: Neutral
CosmicTeaLatte (9 days ago)
I was born with brown hair that is essentially just muddy grey and it looks bad HOWEVER i do it, and any time I color it my roots look even greyer.
Miscia Tarlit (9 days ago)
Black hair squad 👇 Reply (;
Miscia Tarlit (9 days ago)
✌ Ya
Miscia Tarlit (9 days ago)
Yus ( Yes ) ik English
lencie wtf (9 days ago)
I can't tell because in the shade im tan and when im in areas that have lights then im pale asf 😂
Annabelle Gray (9 days ago)
“I hate the word ‘brassy’ ” * Says it again 10 times * lmao
Hannah Wilton (10 days ago)
Mine different I’m so pail and people with like red or orange or even strawberry blond hair normally don’t have blue eyes and I have blue eyes with strawberry blond hair
Quamee_Smith (10 days ago)
Can this apply to guys as well🥺
Luana Pires (10 days ago)
what if i have vitiligo? haha
aesth3tic.animations (10 days ago)
*I saw some blue, red, green and purple veins send help--*
Peter Salucci (11 days ago)
I think the best hair colour is your natural hair colour
Piper Williams (12 days ago)
Im watching this whilst literally dying my hair the complete wrong colour. Oops
M a r i n a a r t s (12 days ago)
I have the blue veins and I’m very pale (choice) but have hazel eyes with the gold and green specks and I tan easily. BUT orange/ red ginger runs in the family so my natural ashy blonde has a reddish tone. This is definition of neutral skin ton 😂😂😂
urbvnskx (12 days ago)
I'm pale but yellow, I have almost black hairs, blue eyes, green veins and I tan really easily (but without burns). HELP
Ally bih (12 days ago)
ngl i’m a bit offended 😔 i have cool tone skin and my natural hair is very copper golden blonde. literally all the colors that he said looked disgusting mixed.
andrea torres (12 days ago)
I hate my tan. Especially since I live in the Philippines where 5 minutes in the sun and you get toasted and you end up with annoying fucking tan lines. I have tan lines from my glasses for god's sake. I hate the sun and it hates me back
Hmm... I have a pale, cool toned skin and I dye my (dark brown) hair reddish with henna and I think it looks good (although it's dark copper red with orange)... 🤔 I thought about dying my hair dark purple in my teens tho but I didn't bc I didn't want to bleach it.
Clana1102 (13 days ago)
lol  Would Brad disapprove of my hair color? You know that question is key.  haha!
Well that explains why I like chocolate copper colors lol and why I look weird with flat colors
Loyal Lexi (13 days ago)
From the guy in a witch hat in military colors , ok
Kristin Jules (2 days ago)
Allison Holly (14 days ago)
I feel pretty positive I’m neutral. I have rosacea so I’m obviously pretty pink in the face. The veins on my inner wrist are a mix of blue/purple and green...I have hazel eyes and, naturally, very dark brown hair.
brianna is salty (14 days ago)
im asian and fucking yellow but I want to cut and dye my hair teal........
Filzah Mahmood (14 days ago)
Ive got too much yellow
Karez Kareem (14 days ago)
I have copper hair and look good with it but I think I have cool skin
DaughterOfGodAlways (14 days ago)
Mine is natural so i dont have to worry bout it... And if i went crazy colored id want whatever id want lol
Katie Creamer (14 days ago)
Has cool toned skin, looks in the mirror, has honey blonde hair, T-T
Maricor Brooke (15 days ago)
I think I'm in the warm side, but it confuses me know when I heard you say that people with warmskintones are "healthy" hahaha i even look deadly
Maricor Brooke (15 days ago)
I have this warm yellowish skintone, should I color my hair red?
Maricor Brooke (2 days ago)
+Olive the killjoy maybe i should haha thanks
Olive the killjoy (12 days ago)
I think that if you like it, go for it
Kolo Cameron (15 days ago)
I have cool toned skin and I have brassy blonde hair.... Thanks..
Witch (15 days ago)
I´m very pale, have blue vains, blue eyes and natural blonde hair. But I have definitely a warm skin tone, my face is reddish. Not flushed by anxiety, not sun burnt and it runs in the family. My natural blonde hair doesn´t look good on me. Red, copper, auburn, brunette shades fit me the most.
Zoe Phillips (15 days ago)
I have neutral skintone but I learn towards cool toned but I think I look good with warm tones too. its pretty awesome
Luna at Tala (15 days ago)
I have curly hair, should i dye it?
Cool tone skin, dark hair, blue tone veins and green eyes what colour shall I die it?
ILoveMomo NoHomo (15 days ago)
With Jennifer maybe she looks younger cause that’s a photo when she was younger and the lighting is completely different she’s in the shade with the platinum hair and same with Rihanna you can’t compare them cause of the lighting difference of course your gonna look better in good lighting than bad lighting get your facts straight
Shannon (16 days ago)
I have blue and green vanes but I tan very easy and I can pull off blue and purple well
Jennifer Thorstensen (16 days ago)
Too bad I am literally stuck with black and white hair. Is there hypoallergenic hair color line? I'm allergic to propylene glycol 😫
YO BOY JOSÈ (16 days ago)
Are you a boy or girl
Jake Vanstone (16 days ago)
Black and pink half and half
Jayson Lloyd (16 days ago)
I am both
I dont know??? I have purple blueish and green veins, and I have pink in my skin so I think I’m cool toned? I’m a rather gloomy person, with an intimidating nature. I wear black clothes a lot, with the occasional tropical colour here and there. My interests are pretty much skulls with flowers. I have dark blonde/ moose brown hair, with thick busy eyebrows and blue/green/brown eyes. I’m so confused at what would suit me.
Lo11yman Gaming (16 days ago)
This guys an idiot.
Allee Gunn (17 days ago)
All I learned is that I look hideous with my natural color. (I’m a 75% red and 25% brown ginger with very pale skin)
Etsukookie VA (17 days ago)
HEY BRAD AND VIEWERS!! From what I've gathered.... Yeah no. I'm still confused. I have colored skin like Zendaya's. I am a young Filipino human being and for almost my whole life, I haven't really put on much sunscreen. Over those many years, I haven't gotten much of a tan. My skin is just the slightest bit darker. My cheeks do get flushed easily (not just because of embarrassment and such). My hair is extremely dark, and my whole life friends, family, and even strangers have debated whether I have black hair or REALLY REALLY dark brown. (Most of them have come to the conclusion that I have really really dark brown hair). I do also have dark brown eyes (Almost as dark as my hair, but not quite that dark). (So far I'm seeing Cool Skin Tone factors) But as for Warm Tone Factors....., Yeah no. I don't have any Warm Tone Factors... However, since I have both blue and green veins, would I be a Neutral Skin-Tone....er? Or would I be a Cool Skin Tone-er because I have many Cool Tone factors? (Keep in mind that I don't have light-ish skin. When I searched up Cool Skin Tones, I saw mostly light-ish colored skin, so I don't really know) If anyone could please help me, that would be great >~< <3 Oki.. bai now. Have a good day!
OtakuGunsoNY (17 days ago)
I had green, green and blue, red and orange, red and orange mixed together, and currently I have green, red, yellow, and blue for autism awareness month. I don't know which ones actually fit my skin tone but many people compliment it anyway
Lindsay Tatham (18 days ago)
I have cool tone skin and blue eyes ans blonde hair...hmm
Destiny the Magical (18 days ago)
Even after he describes the different skin tones still can't figure out which is mine lol.
Vicc Bellerose (18 days ago)
I'm really pale, my skin is kind of really pale yellow??? And I'm going to dye it orange because I don't care, I'll update if I look terrible after I dye it
Stations Cult (18 days ago)
My natural hair color is Caremel brown/blonde 😔😔 i thought I was cool
Stations Cult (18 days ago)
I have blue veins so I’m a cool tone

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