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Since in the past Tinder and Farmers only didn't work for me, today I decided I'd try out a cougar dating! More Dating App Videos: https://goo.gl/cSFFva *Subscribe*: https://goo.gl/9EiXn2 * Get a Free Audiobook at: http://Audibletrial.com/Gabe * THANKS FOR WATCHING ME AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ↓ MY SOCIAL MEDIA ↓ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twitter: http://twitter.com/gabehelmy Instagram: http://instagram.com/gabehelmy Snapchat: GabeHelmy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Send stuff to my PO box! :) Gabe Helmy PO Box 26329 Tempe AZ 85285 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ↓ BUY MY MERCH ↓ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COMING SOON! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End Music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyiVBKeJVQVPLP9UIOf7J6A
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Text Comments (3327)
Aaron Rivera (12 hours ago)
Foooool just get it....
Chris Sinclair (15 hours ago)
Dude "Your guys's" isn't a thing.
KRIS M. (2 days ago)
Hope i am older. lol 😊
Josh Harmon (3 days ago)
Wats the site?
Xochitl Calderon (3 days ago)
Iam 32 and I don't know why u pop up?🤣
Diego Aranda (6 days ago)
What app were you using ?
Ahmed Moustafa (4 days ago)
hmmm. you want to find a hot sugar mummy
Dr Isaac Watson (7 days ago)
What's the name of that dating app
Nicole Mantip (7 days ago)
I desperately need a sugar mommy
If she's a 30 year difference that makes you 11
daringdv (8 days ago)
That lady actually seemed so nice
Jimmy Droid (9 days ago)
How the hell does one laugh in Spanish I wonder.
SHACKOTHEOG (11 days ago)
Will Charles (13 days ago)
Made a video about cougars https://youtu.be/qyRU42_U5JE
Champion 61 (14 days ago)
Tbh you should have blurred out the name and picture originally when you posted this video and not when she figured out. Kind of rude, especially when you’re using them to make content and make fun of them.
katie punn (17 days ago)
there's something about gabe's face that looks different from now
Chicken Oco (17 days ago)
I think we got Mrs Helmy
Azra Zeeshan (17 days ago)
Lizzie Marie (18 days ago)
U should do the Yubo app lol
Balmau Mohamed (20 days ago)
This boi 👏👏👏
Leonardo Rodriguez (22 days ago)
Did you have to pay in the app?
matt Wags (22 days ago)
You should have continued communicating with her in private. Seemed like a nice and sexy woman. Might have had some fun times with that cougar.
Paranormal Blanket (23 days ago)
Dude just give me her number and I will finish this expirement for you.
Itachi boi (23 days ago)
Dad ?
Alyssa Hall (25 days ago)
I don’t know how to feel about this
XxAngieXx Love (29 days ago)
You not my dad
Ej Trillz (1 month ago)
Gaming with Rob (1 month ago)
Dude this is so funny, I love your videos and I think your a great funny guy, keep doing what you doing and post lots, ik this ones old but I try to keep updated. :)
Dave Von Saunder (1 month ago)
By the way, “Big Beautiful Woman” = fat
Hutatae (1 month ago)
What app is this ? Asking for a friend
Artiizt OnTheBeaTZ (1 month ago)
How weird it be if your caught your mum in the app?
Devin 2018 (1 month ago)
Ahmed Moustafa (4 days ago)
Vinnie A (1 month ago)
@Gabehelmy you are a Punk Bitch! And you should go on Grndr and get your true fill of cock!
Sexy Meme (1 month ago)
is that elligal to even talking to a 19 year old when ur not a minor? ewww
Alejandro Javier (1 month ago)
This dude is so gay no wonder he gets no responds lol
TTuoTT (1 month ago)
Yeah... so basically you're a pseudonaive idiot who acts surprised over older women`s sexuality and try to shame them further through pseudoironical remarks like "she could be one of your teachers". If this is too much for you, just stay in your bubble you little wimp
riaz majd (1 month ago)
Crushed Belette (1 month ago)
I feel bad for that woman hahaha
Daniel Tibbot (1 month ago)
I'd break in your house and beat your ass and leave you bleeding in the street...as a friend
Daniel Tibbot (1 month ago)
Dude, if I knew you I'd cut your nuts off lol...as a friend, of course
MONOGamer (1 month ago)
Tropic Bound (1 month ago)
You are arragont af, all ages "watches YouTube videos".
Tropic Bound (1 month ago)
Cougars are women over 50 , that perfer half their age ✔
Alex Lester (2 months ago)
Jäger (2 months ago)
I know this video is old but this lady seems so nice
Limbani Mkorongo (2 months ago)
What cougar site did u go to and was it free?
NamlessDoll (2 months ago)
wbc (2 months ago)
also all old people no matter what gender are generally horndogs, this is what we have to look forward to
Nick Salgado (2 months ago)
I do not care what this man says! He smashed!!!
jess myzelf (2 months ago)
She was kindoff sweet and open i mean i think its kindoff weird and a little creepy for a much older man or woman to go for much younger guys or girls but she didnt sound that creepy
Koda Boi (2 months ago)
Koda Boi (2 months ago)
Hi dad!
hello doctor (2 months ago)
Dad walked in when he said “I’m super orgasmic”
hello doctor (2 months ago)
Baby Boy (2 months ago)
I love fucking moms.
XxCreamiixX (2 months ago)
PaiN ExoTiC (2 months ago)
This guy looks like a young lesbian or male who hasn't hit puberty yet! lmao
ben arroyo (3 months ago)
What app was that?
HumbleCowboy92 (3 months ago)
What app did you use? Lol
Chuck (3 months ago)
Holy chit cougars are Dangerously scary! This is almost as bad as priest being around kids!
Homework Assignments (3 months ago)
This dude looks gay af lol
PaiN ExoTiC (2 months ago)
exactly. Looks like a teen who hasn't hit puberty yet or young lesbian lmao
RemixTV1000 (3 months ago)
Teach me how to hold conversations Lol I woulda been stuck lol
Møí Msp (4 months ago)
Jason Barraza (4 months ago)
What app was he using? Lol
tjsh11 (4 months ago)
How is it so many have asked for the name of the app and no response..?
Lito Moni Filmz (4 months ago)
i wanna get a cougar hook me up
e girl (4 months ago)
Sorry for being 2 years late! I was....masturbating
Julio Cesar Mayo (4 months ago)
Send a slefie.. I wanna see it." What's the "it"? The selfie???
PlatinumNOTgold (4 months ago)
Laughs in Spanish
Van Wilder (4 months ago)
Sexually she sound my kinda lady
Hailey Sandoval (4 months ago)
I was trying to find out how I found ur channel and it’s when u did a collab with this girl going on the dark web and now I understand ur channel:)
Sean WilliamsRd 4d (4 months ago)
This shits so funny
Isai D (4 months ago)
You're still too young to be chasing cougars son; I would had pursued that one further myself. She seemed pleasant and easy to get along with from the beginning, and THOSE are excellent traits in any new MILF that I meet.
AuroraX7 (2 months ago)
Heres everybodies favorite pimp right here!
Keimen Leary (4 months ago)
What app is it
Bright Water (4 months ago)
Please note some women are cougars and seek (prowl) younger men and there are some older women that are SEEKED by younger men. 19 is way to young and honestly borderline creepy. 😳
Kate (4 months ago)
One of my teachers dated a guy twenty years younger than her, he came in to give her lunch or something and I shouted out “IS THAT UR SON?” I hate myself
Mr Bacon (4 months ago)
Hi dad
GoogleEdits (4 months ago)
Whos here in 2018!!
Fusion Reacts (4 months ago)
**evil laugh** 😂
Ivan Ventura (5 months ago)
Fuck bruh imagine her kids
M.Y. O'Hara-Smith (5 months ago)
M.Y. O'Hara-Smith (5 months ago)
72 is saber tooth
High Zone (5 months ago)
What's app called
A Ho (5 months ago)
The cougar watches jackfilms lol
Lilly's Life (5 months ago)
At least she was nice
for all (5 months ago)
chris p bacon (6 months ago)
9:15 He so smoothly ignored what that meant
Broken Inside (6 months ago)
I think gabe found someone he can relate to on a spiritual level 😂
hey it’s chloe (6 months ago)
7:33 right???
Mister Banshee (6 months ago)
You need to make more cougar dating big videos for social science experiments try adult friend finder I dare you to lol
shinimitsuki (6 months ago)
omg his cute af 😍
Teeuin - insta - - (6 months ago)
I love how Gabe says ew lmfao
Obunga Obama (6 months ago)
That our grumpy sub
Broken Inside (6 months ago)
Rick Roll Don't lie or you'll go to hell
Mattis Edits (6 months ago)
Ireallylikeyoungerones funhaha
Kayla Layton (6 months ago)
I'm Stupid (6 months ago)
Make more
Jay Jay (6 months ago)
I'm 41 and I have to say You channel is a riot to watch. Cheers dude, keep the posts coming-out!
Luce Gray (6 months ago)
I was fucking wheezing when he said he was dating someone and their relationship was bad because she passed 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
antonio richardson (7 months ago)
Mannn I seriously just wanna know what app was this lol
Alex Swift (7 months ago)
hey daddy
jaycob duran (7 months ago)

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