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NEW CARDBOARD BODYKIT?! | Rune Cheburek | GTA 5 (Online)

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Ever wanted to make your own bodykit?... well there IS a cheap way ►MERCH MATE | https://blackpanthaa.fanfiber.com/ » Discord | http://discord.gg/blackpanthaa » Equipment I use https://www.amazon.com/shop/blackpanthaa ► Twitter | http://twitter.com/BlackPanthaaYT ► Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/blackpanthaayt/ ► Website | bit.ly/THENBDS ------------------------------------ ♫ Theme music - hors d'oeuvres by Madloops http://madloops.bandcamp.com/album/hors-doeuvres https://twitter.com/thatguyloops
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Text Comments (888)
royal_ patrick721 (1 day ago)
You should put on sum Adidas clothes and a black balaclava
Mary Mass (8 days ago)
The star is macys hahaha
Holy Macaroni (11 days ago)
ode po burek
Azan Sajad (12 days ago)
We came back to underground rice
oh great another Gigga.
Hi Hello (15 days ago)
I’m not going to lie but it actually looks quite cool
Wolster PS (19 days ago)
Do you read comments on old videos THEOOOO?
Adolf Hitler (21 days ago)
Now this is cheeki breki
Penguin King (21 days ago)
No hardbass, no vodka unacceptable lol
Vxyr YT (24 days ago)
How r u driving and putting your hands up 🤔🤔🤔
Lazer Guardian (1 month ago)
Ra ra rusputin
Nick Taffa (1 month ago)
$100,000 is $2000 AUD so ya you would
Fred Frod (1 month ago)
One of the livery’s should have been a hand painted line
GardenGnomeGoku (1 month ago)
I bet this is the strongest car in the world.
Kratoos OH YEAH YEAH (1 month ago)
Am now buying it
Legend zakyb (1 month ago)
He should of changed his crew symbol to nike
Fruktadefylke 123 (1 month ago)
Hon tf u turning without ur thumb on the joystick
Itz Dusty (1 month ago)
It’s the tri poloski car
Charlie Brown (1 month ago)
You could build the whole car for 5$
savage glen223 (1 month ago)
Stop making video s
AddiBASS. (Hardbass starts playing) cyka blyat.
MysticMythic (1 month ago)
a cheburek is a type of Russian pastry. im russian
The Mew (2 months ago)
Nintendo labo looks great
KNOWN AS OH YEA YEA (2 months ago)
wait....he is not playing because the joystick that your suppose to turn hes thumb is not on it
A guy with no name (2 months ago)
Lada 2107 <3 This juicy bitch is built like a tank and it's just really good :D
TheSushiNinja (2 months ago)
This is me beans car
Dakota Freeman (2 months ago)
I fucking died when cardboard popped up on the for the bumpers
Anthony Dawood (2 months ago)
“ I’m like nai san but I,ll be with cardboard
littleflush (2 months ago)
cheki breeki
YumLoop YT (2 months ago)
69AdolfHitler666KKK69 (2 months ago)
No shit genius
DJ 12 (2 months ago)
Wtf Lada 1200 s in gta 5?
Chiki briki v damki mlya ya poimal masliny
Fernando mendoza (2 months ago)
What if the next update is for like ricers and tuners?
AmjeesPlaysGames (2 months ago)
Nobodyhere2002 DP (2 months ago)
We wanted the Jester Classic not knowing that it's absolute shite
Ninja Cow (3 months ago)
This car is badass in my opinion, but it would be cooler if there was a cardboard livery.
Kareem Almond (3 months ago)
Am I the only one mad that he didn’t put the rusty livery
Upper echolon
Shit Apple (3 months ago)
guys mail me some duck tape and 10 big card board and send me ur car i will make a good mod to ur car
Egor Grebenkov (3 months ago)
_ _ (3 months ago)
Сука блять!
Ties_NL (3 months ago)
Maybe rockstar should put flashlights for neons on the cardboard if you had them
Blue_pros (3 months ago)
How did he turn the car when one hand was up??
FINkkuula (3 months ago)
lada 2106
Toby (3 months ago)
Cheeki breeki
TheCrazyFox (3 months ago)
This is still the most blyatifullest slav car my friends
VincentCool (3 months ago)
How can you steer without having a hand on the CONTROLLAAA SPLAIN DAT
EmraMutlu (3 months ago)
That’s a Turkish car called tofash
KudosK (3 months ago)
big man (3 months ago)
That cardboard is VERY overpriced...
JamaicanCandies GD (3 months ago)
Cardboard bumpers means less weight?I think so.
Byron Holden (3 months ago)
145,000 rubles (price of car) equates to 1672 British Stirling pound. So the price seems pretty fair.
XS1Kびっ笑 (4 months ago)
The cardboard is not new
XxblueDrakexX 123456 (4 months ago)
I'm sorry but this guy is pre recording his game play look at his hand and the ganeplay
lisa Edwards (4 months ago)
OskarsonTheHunter (4 months ago)
Cheeki Breeki
kingmartinov. (4 months ago)
lada класика can be very good low budget drift car they use it for winter in Russia БОЕВАЯ КЛАССИКА!
FT Rookie (5 months ago)
*when babushka doesnt fund you enough money for your cheeki breeki mobile*
StefanusLie25 (5 months ago)
Hem, cardboard huh? 🤔😏 Nice idea rockstar, now i have an idea for a lowbudget custom bumper and skirt for my real car. 🙏
Marlon Milambilin (5 months ago)
Kieran deSouza (5 months ago)
Armando Galeas (5 months ago)
Don’t have money for an expensive body kit for your four door car? Use the best CaRdBoArD only for $100 each piece!
Erik Krmoyan (5 months ago)
5:24 that background music tho
FORD Mustang (5 months ago)
Everyone says ruski car but it is named as Murat 131 in turkey,the Fiat 131 Miraofiori(something like that) s cheap turkish cousin
SamRYTL PLAYZZ (5 months ago)
Someone make a parody of this guys laugh
Dogfrog Extreme (6 months ago)
Fuck you
Random Guy (6 months ago)
*when you try to make your own bodykit*
Keiron Warmington (6 months ago)
Make is slav
Cody Henwood (6 months ago)
Rust livery
Max Conville (7 months ago)
‘ I think the rust would ruin it ‘. You have cardboard body kit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
JC54 (7 months ago)
The Blyatmobile
Its Just RC (7 months ago)
Every piece of cardboard gives your car 50000000 hp A joke Obviously
TwixTheTwixBar (7 months ago)
Bintang Indrawan (7 months ago)
Maciek Gembiak (7 months ago)
More like Italian fiat 124 😁
AimWacky. (7 months ago)
People this car is a real car mod
Kubena (7 months ago)
Where the fuck is ur adidas???
figuring turtle (7 months ago)
the cardboard bent on the ledge
Sha (7 months ago)
can i have your keyboard
K N I F Eネキ王 (7 months ago)
is the engine from cardboard?
Em P (7 months ago)
Hashy Budz Party Jesus (7 months ago)
It would be fucking awesome if you could put a russian carpet over the backseats, and like a shot glass holder and a vodka bottle in the front.
Thomas Jet Mina (7 months ago)
James Norton (7 months ago)
Bluefire397 (7 months ago)
Could you do a video on the Vapid GB200 and compare it to the Obey Omnis?
HydraBoss120 (7 months ago)
uhhh you let go of the controller while you were turning and driving lol fake live gameplay
Tyler Pelletier (7 months ago)
put cardboard on your skyline
Daniel Khoryshev (7 months ago)
debil blyat y didn't u pick the hardbass livery, looks the lada sitting behind babushkas warehouse of kompot, not even mayonez colored, urod
-_SubT0tal_- (8 months ago)
Brun Cheburek is a Russian food
ahmad idham (8 months ago)
Ultimate ricer!!!
Orocko World (8 months ago)
OrangeXD 64 (8 months ago)
6:49 thats a sexy drift scene right there beautiful
ollie millar (8 months ago)
He swings his controller around whilst driving
ollie millar (8 months ago)
This is fake
Ravven 790 (8 months ago)
That car is a lada
Lucas Wargh (8 months ago)
Do your teeth shop at "The Gap"?
h4rrison Ll0yd (8 months ago)
I’ve got the cheburek
TitanStar (8 months ago)
Bro htf he driving whis his hand is off the controller.
JakeGaming324 (8 months ago)
You can now call lester to remove a wanted level free of charge... TF?
# BO3SQUAD (8 months ago)
How are you driving high speed with one hand and you drifted with one hand how🤔

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