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MEETING THE ENEMY A feminist comes to terms with the Men's Rights movement | Cassie Jaye | TEDxMarin

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By facing long-held assumptions, one woman reevaluates her own gender biases. Documentary Filmmaker, The Red Pill Cassie Jaye founded Jaye Bird Productions in 2008, which has since produced a collection of documentary films that have been praised for being thought-provoking, entertaining and respectful in representing multiple competing views within each film. Jaye is known for tackling complex and often controversial subject matters. Her latest film is The Red Pill. Prior to “The Red Pill”, Jaye’s most notable films were the award winning feature documentaries “Daddy I Do” (which examined the Abstinence-Only Movement versus Comprehensive Sex Education) and “The Right to Love: An American Family” (which followed one family’s activism fighting for same-sex marriage rights in California). Both films showed that Jaye’s interview style is to allow people to share their views honestly, openly and candidly while allowing audiences to come to their own conclusions. http://theredpillmovie.com/about-the-filmmaker/ ~~ This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Text Comments (15755)
Galimah (13 minutes ago)
i love TEDx Talks. honest and educating. i got slapped by my ex-wife but chose to do nothing
yogibear2k10 (3 hours ago)
Right, I have heard your speech, now go into the kitchen and make me a sandwich. 😁
Jose Manuel Mon Castillo (12 hours ago)
God bless this woman... sweet lord. Thank you!!!!
Lecherous Lizard (17 hours ago)
"Well, men have all their rights; they have all the power and privilege." "With great power comes great responsibility."
Igneale (19 hours ago)
5300 angry feminists and media members that disliked this video need to transcribe this video.
Guy DC (19 hours ago)
Just goes to show how thoughtless and only emotional our educational system has become. She is obviously intelligent but was convinced of the badness of men because of indoctrination, not because of thoughtfulness.
Pandaplutten (20 hours ago)
Men's right movement? -Right handed masturbation!
DTM (1 day ago)
Mark r (1 day ago)
Meanwhile how many kids are dying of disease and starvation? There are more important issues to focus on. You should be thankful for what you do have.
Almedin (1 day ago)
WOW, I am truly amazed to see so many women understand what men have to go through and how un equal it us for men. This is amazing. Thank you to all who understand.
Otaku - sama (1 day ago)
I was watching Mortal kombat 11 Cassie Cage intros and now i am here
Captain Atheist (2 days ago)
153 thousand normal people like this. 5 thousand angry harpies don't.
Yassine tkt (2 days ago)
If it was a man who said that the video would have gotten 50 times more dislikes
Mocoso7 (2 days ago)
Excellent speech, I enjoyed it very much. Solid movie too, I was impressed.
Jackson Taylor (2 days ago)
A brave, honest, intelligent amazing human being and her movie is important... and actually important movie. Thank you so much for making it and this video. 🙏🙏🙏
Tony Wilson (2 days ago)
For everyone who ever wondered if American women were more than the plastic barbie bimbos the media has displayed for decades this wonderful human has just killed that! Cassie what ever some have said American girls now have a new sort of role model. People like yourself, Emily Calandrelli and others smart, intelligent, insightful and most of all practical. Best of luck to all of you.
John Alister (2 days ago)
Cassie, we love you, you are a great humanist. You are taking an enormous risk to stand for fairness. THANK YOU.
Abdullah Sahrai (2 days ago)
I absolutely agree with your statement that you said on your video clip very much thank you very much.
Lisa Nguyen (2 days ago)
Bravo!!! 👍THE Best Ted talk ever I admire her courage for seeking and speaking truth!!!
we Edwards (2 days ago)
Aye, Lady. We are all in this together.
The Tschoni (2 days ago)
ArgentOrangeOK (2 days ago)
Anita Sarkeesian made 5.2K youtube accounts.
Nicola (2 days ago)
Overall it is very simple: ask any woman if she wants to wake up as a man tomorrow. I did this little research in the past, do yours and tell me about your results.
Ben (2 days ago)
This is what they should show in schools!
J Liz (2 days ago)
Cassie Jaye for president 😇❤️😎💖
lualncol (2 days ago)
She got me when she said, "-If you are the victim or you love someone who is the victim-" affecting you or someone you love. I know I would have no personal block against acknowledging these issues with that criteria, but I can see that I'm going to have to work for a while on my macro-lens. Good talk- especially about hearing bias, which applies to me on so many levels.
mr koolio (2 days ago)
At least she is honest. Who goes to war to protect nation women kids....men
Alice Turner (2 days ago)
Glad one of you recognised this cause feminism is destroying the world. Men deserve to be treated with respect, not guilty till proven innocent and free to be the strong backbone they once were in our societies <3
Loki Farbautason (3 days ago)
There is no greater There is no lesser There is only balance.
Adam D (3 days ago)
Mouth noises are annoying and her arms are distrusting. Work out!
Atiq Shourav (3 days ago)
I'm a man I HV no right. So I left.
Tony Coleman (3 days ago)
She finally matured. Good luck lady. Live long and healthy.
videoski11 (3 days ago)
Mountain Man Logan (3 days ago)
Don't protest a movie until you actually know what it's about
kfowler5 (3 days ago)
Simple, because women are nothing but greedy vindictive bitches!.
Ethan winnegrad (3 days ago)
Women have many rights: the right to make me a sandwich, the right to clean my kitchen, the right to wash my car, and the right to spread their legs when told.
Christian R (2 days ago)
You're not wrong. They have those rights. And the right to never associate with you.
123tominator007 (3 days ago)
She finally broke free from her brainwashing and conditioning
Ken Mano (3 days ago)
How about we all begin, at least trying to look at people from an individual perspective.........trying to again, listen and view from a different perspective, it takes time and effort, and if not, then we should all just be quiet and not judge so much
Alonzo Madero (3 days ago)
Everything I’ve ever thought about, felt and experienced on this topic. The only thing I have to say is thank you, the most sincere and heartfelt thank you I can convey. Thank you for seeing and feeling the way you do.
Raiden the cyborg (3 days ago)
Honestly I just hate the human race at this point
Michael S (2 days ago)
Pls dont, everyone is being a victim of social engeneering, the most strong willed need to help the fragile minds that get brainwashed and show them who the true enemy is, the fabricators of the division narrative, the promoters of race wars, religion wars and genders wars, defeat these demons and humanity will unite and thrive i can promise you that
Mr Apple Tree (4 days ago)
Men's right movement - THE ENEMY. Jesus Christ....
Nomernomz Nomz (4 days ago)
*slow clap*
Steve (4 days ago)
women are very susceptible to propaganda; they'll just follow along with what the powers that be tell them to think/do
Right Nation (4 days ago)
This woman is a miracle
Babylon Dweller (4 days ago)
I thought we were fellow citizens of the United states of America.....
Djfrankenstein (4 days ago)
For years we’ve been trying to get closer to gender equality, yet, the forests are being destroyed while we’ve been doing this. Sooner or later, we will be equally extinct. We have to do what she said, work together.
John Adams (2 days ago)
IntermediateJesus (4 days ago)
We all have confirmation bias. And I for one am sick of hearing that men's emotional issues are due to macho and male culture. Some of it...sure but It's way more complex than that. And you could very well make the argument that womens ill mental health are due to female culture and actually make valid points. It might not be men but other girls that are pushing most girls into anorexia for example.
Frank Kovacs (4 days ago)
Run for President, Darlin! You have a unique perspective that was doubtlessly tough to have earned - and now that you have it, how you choose to use that information is entirely up to you. Don't waste what you've got, (honesty, forthrightness, and genuinely special insights). You got my vote for whatever office you seek! The more Women like you we have making it in this Country, the better off this Country is gonna be.
Harry Hudson (4 days ago)
It took this long for someone to realise all this? Sorry this isn't impressive. This is common sense...
Maria Sephiria (4 days ago)
what most people don’t understand is that feminists ARE MRA’s
_ Tommo (2 days ago)
How do you figure?
Robert Norton (4 days ago)
Fantastic video, but that mic was too good. Hearing her swallow or the nosie when she opened her mouth, right before she spoke, was so annoying. But, again, great video.
Mona Moore (4 days ago)
I'm humanist ...agos is the real and the worst enemy
hari om (4 days ago)
Illuminaty send few women to console awakened mgtow men to stop their enlightenment...
hari om (4 days ago)
Don't believe any woman mgtow... Woman do business with men ..men get United and ignore woman
hari om (4 days ago)
Few women change opinion because too much competition in feminism, so to seek attention and Become popular they choose men right...
Andrey Dunin (4 days ago)
So so good. Tnx Cassie!
Nifonte (5 days ago)
She is fantastic. If only other dogmatic feminists would open their eyes and realise the truth that she is discussing.
XD gunner (5 days ago)
Man and woman are the same femeniseme is dum just like mra everyone is eqaul just because woman were being oppressed
Sapwolf (5 days ago)
When she rolls off those things that are so devastating to men, it's a wonder I even get out of bed at all. Yikes. LOL
리카르도W. (5 days ago)
한국어 자막 만들어주세요
Tez .W (5 days ago)
What's the men's right movement? I thought we were good ? Unless the movement is for us to lose rights
Michelle (5 days ago)
Everyone's rights 👌
Hata Piligrima (5 days ago)
There will be less equality problems if we start looking at people's as our friends not enemy's.
magical70s (5 days ago)
here’s a perfect example of how “himpathy” (thankyou Kate Manne for that descriptor) brainwashes intelligent people and perpetuates inequality. You’ve been successfully propagandised and brainwashed by the MRA’s
Saint Aqua (5 days ago)
What an amazing human being.
adam false (5 days ago)
What a smart, insightful and intelligent woman. The anti male propoganda machine has infected so many minds with malice toward men who WANT to build better lives for themselves and the women they LOVE!
West Komer (5 days ago)
We men shoulder most of the responsibility and most of us do so in silence.
Charles Hua (5 days ago)
This is the kind of dialogue we need in society
Jacob T (5 days ago)
This speech and her comments could be applied in so many “rights” movements powerful stuff
Jurgen Habermaster (5 days ago)
this woman is a cuck
Richard Vemvillveta (5 days ago)
Pleeeeeease marry me!!!!!! //Love from a man in twisted Sweden.
Purple dreemurr (5 days ago)
Purple dreemurr (5 days ago)
Ambrosios3 (6 days ago)
Lovely lady!
berry jordaan (6 days ago)
Yet nothing going changes...
John Moriles (6 days ago)
5k dislikes?
Oh no way.
Deathbyfarting (6 days ago)
Where was she during the filming of Captain Marvel? Also...no PERSON could state that better or more powerfully if they ever tried.
Jimmy Kruse (6 days ago)
Thanks for doing this talk, great points and I applaud you for being brave enough to do it. Can't imagine why it would have 5k thumbs down, seems like those folks weren't listening as you described in the first part of your talk.
andyman444 (6 days ago)
Wow. What a hero. I have much respect for you Cassie
John Geis (6 days ago)
Well said. Thank you Ma'am
Matt Nemeth (6 days ago)
Wow congrats. 8 year olds can come to this conclusion. Being pro something doesn't mean you are anti the other.
shalom kash (6 days ago)
sorry Women but we’re not your Enemy .....
Max SMoke (6 days ago)
I think 5.2k people aren't listening. ^^^
The Meme cat (6 days ago)
“Women’s equality” ok ok then why do you have more power then man you can ruin are life’s with 1 word ok.
Raging Poo (6 days ago)
5,200 salty man-haters watched this
995sean (6 days ago)
"As an interviewer you do not interrupt". Please tell that to the mainstream media 'journalists'.
Freediving Fanatic (6 days ago)
Notice, no young people in this crowd. Go figure. They are the ones who need to hear this message. And few if any female comments in the feed.
Dominik Frackowiak (3 days ago)
Sad but true.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: A human rights activist.
CutTheKnot (6 days ago)
WOW! A fully matured and highly evolved version of ourselves.
Hjalmar Wettermark (6 days ago)
Can the hole world please just watch this?
Leo Rautenberg (6 days ago)
I need a poop Edit: ok done
MamaBear (6 days ago)
.I totally agree except for the genitalia mutilation. Circumcision is NOT comparable to FMG and her statement was false and misleading 'facts.'.
River Rower (7 days ago)
Third wave feminism has forged a war on patriarchy. it has no interest in equity. equity is simply a lip service that they pay in order to cover up their true intentions.
Kappliey (7 days ago)
Jesus is that you
michael woods (7 days ago)
Andy Lord (7 days ago)
My opponent believes they are a good person, and from their perspective are trying to do the right thing. This applies to lynch mobs and honour killers. Almost everyone believes they're a good person with good motives, therefore all the bad things they do can be excused, cuz "they're a good person". You and I probably aren't "good" people in a truly objective sense of the word good.
MsAmgrace (7 days ago)
Go to Saudi Arabia and try to survive,without women rights.Your image of houswife from 60 ties won`t help.
VeniVidiVici (7 days ago)
Ohhh, the cult of TED.
infinteuniverse (7 days ago)
As the years pass, you begin to see more and more women denouncing what we think of as modern 'feminism' and speaking similar to Cassie Jaye. It's almost as if Newton's third law of motion also applies to social movements. It actually feels like the whole sjw movement is just starting to fizzle out.
Electron (7 days ago)
You are very brave and courageous young lady. Sorry you had to go through all that pain to show us how to listen with empathy. Thank you for the lesson.
Kaiman Nesbitt (7 days ago)
One gender is not more important than the other

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