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Funny Small Asian Penis Joke in American TV Cartoon for Children

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You know us Brunet Oriental males are in trouble when even little Blond children in the Nordic West laugh at our funny little 'Gookdicks'. I guess us 'hook-nosed Sand-Gook boys' and our fellow Oriental brethren the 'slant-eyed Ice-Gook boys' are destined to remain forever Beta males in the Nordic West! From: 'God presents Asians' scene from 'Family Guy', Season 11, Episode 11: The Giggity Wife.
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Text Comments (15)
Itzcheezy Yt (2 days ago)
I’m Asian but it’s funny
自由吗 (4 months ago)
When I get boner,My penis 13.5-14cm (length from the upside),4cm width(diameter).is that tiny.
Chinese Nationalist (1 year ago)
Yeah, traded penis size for the worlds largest population...
tomato amazing (1 year ago)
white gollira funtasy.
SS HB (2 years ago)
This Guy (2 years ago)
frick sake family guy just got better
Jesse Horn (2 years ago)
God did not made the Asians, it was the devil that made them Quagmire.
Itzcheezy Yt (2 days ago)
Jesse Horn you know I’m Asian and I’m not made by the devil
Delayne Fino (1 month ago)
@Jesse Horn Your level of autism is truly amazing
GlockPhone (7 months ago)
no it was based on *evolution*
nik izzat (1 year ago)
Jesse Horn this is how christian is very racist
D Pencil (2 years ago)
Jesse Horn actually something called the Buddha or god maybe both and how about you shut your fat fuckface up stupid ass white go back to supporting trump when you can't even be successful in life without being racist.
Rich711 (3 years ago)
Yes, this cartoon is for children.  We indoctrinate children young to that they don't fall in love with Asian men and then are heart broken to learn they have tiny penises.  It's a public service.
Kenny Lin (3 months ago)
+Rich711 lmao you think we give a shit about people like you and the people who like you? If you do follow your stupid logic and be proud, then properly note that your phenotype is eventually facing extinction
Rich711 (2 years ago)
+Sheet Head that IS funny, I live in LA so know that isn't true. But I do get a lot of Asian chicks, even they don't like dating Asian guys. Poor Asian guys :(
D Pencil (2 years ago)
Rich711 yet most Asians get more bitches than you lmao

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