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Why Do Firearms Come In A Cardboard Box 🤔 It's A Bit Complicated

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In this video I will be going over a few reasons why when you purchase a firearm you only get one magazine and it will come in a cardboard box the answer is actually a bit more complicated than you think To purchase T-shirts https://www.facebook.com/CRSfirearms/posts/1752085381473215 Colt promotion videos https://youtu.be/mXRw0iM4xvM https://youtu.be/fN-RXjtB9D8
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Text Comments (69)
Tom Card (5 days ago)
Glock 42 destroys the rm380 I have both and the 42 is worth the extra money
CRS Firearms (5 days ago)
Thank you for the feedback
The Original Gamer (7 days ago)
4:30 Ahhh!!! Where'd he go?!
The Original Gamer (7 days ago)
My Hi-Point came with a plastic case. If they can do it, other companies can.
TexasDad 2015 (27 days ago)
Glock doesn't 😊
CRS Firearms (26 days ago)
Right on
John Gravermoen (1 month ago)
My local firearm store/range burnt down last year and even though they reopened they are not allowed to sell the firearms that were in the store at the time of the fire due to not being cleared by insurance yet. Long story short they end up ordering the firearm online for me but I don't have to pay the transfer fee.
CRS Firearms (1 month ago)
Frank Reynolds (2 months ago)
Online I'll take the savings plus I don't have to deal with the tools usually on duty in gun stores noo offense
CRS Firearms (2 months ago)
None taken thank you for the comment
Steven Kennedy (2 months ago)
I want the Wiz Bang 4000 Blaster!!
Arnold Cranium (3 months ago)
simple answer cost thats it..
CRS Firearms (3 months ago)
Ricky Decarlo (3 months ago)
Enjoy your “tell it like it is” videos .. 👍👍👍
CRS Firearms (3 months ago)
Thank you
brianj123458 (8 months ago)
I buy lots of things online but I would never buy a firearm online cause like you said I want to hold the gun see how it fit lol thanks for video and God bless you
CRS Firearms (8 months ago)
Thank you for the comment
David Hudson (10 months ago)
My Glock 19 came in a hard case with 3 mags. Springfield XDS, hard case with 2 mags. My Sig P320, hard case with 2 mags. My Walther PPS M2 LE, hard case with 3 mags. 😀My Taurus G2C, cardboard box with 2 mags! 😠 All ordered and bought through local gun shops distributors so no transfer fee and I shopped around diligently for the best price possible.
CRS Firearms (10 months ago)
Good deal
Michael Trotter (1 year ago)
Funny, some shops jack the price up 25 bucks if you get a 25 rebate. Look up gunnrunners in Duarte California. Cases are nice but then you gotta store them. I have enough cases to over fill my gun safe. I don't have that many guns.
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
That’s terrible I can’t believe they do that
Paul Harding (1 year ago)
15 on your next birthday ? 😂
Tule Mike (1 year ago)
security tip.before you toss your cardboard box,make sure you remove the sticker that has the make,model and serial number.don't want some crook trash digging and send the cops claiming you stole his gun,hoping he will get your gun and you go to jail.also keep your receipt(sales record)so if this happens,the crook goes to jail.
Tule Mike (1 year ago)
once again a informative video.my rock island came with a plastic case which is cool,but it's my carry weapon so i don't really need the case.my bushmaster carbine came in a cardboard box,which is ok because i'm gonna get a case of my choosing anyway.
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+Tule Mike not a problem thank you for the comment
ARsR Good (1 year ago)
I understand a lot of guns should come in a cardboard box, guns that are typically in the "tool" category, carry guns, etc. Conversely when I buy a 1911, or wheel gun, I want that nice hard plastic case, they hold up better to long term storage, and for collectors who purchase older models, the boxes (if the original owner can find them) are usually beat to hell and back. For example I have a couple of late 80's and early 90's S&W revolvers I have the original box for them, because that does contain a lot of information about the way the gun came (model/sub model/grips/day it was boxed etc) and that does make them more valuable...if these would have been plastic cases they would have held up to the test of time a lot better...but for your run of mill Glock or LC9s, I can totally understand a disposable cardboard box...but on that same note Ruger should be putting their 1911's in a plastic case, considering the 10mm is a +$1000 firearm.
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+ARsR Good thank you for the comment hope to get you as a sub if you're not already
Wahnfried Duke (1 year ago)
Narrow profit margins in firearms. But some stores really jack up the price.No one will buy from them.Then you go online.I don't think I would buy a gun online though.
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+Wahnfried Duke hope to get you as a sub if you're not already
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+Wahnfried Duke i've only bought one firearm online for that very reason The cheapest I could find the scar for in the shop 2999 after tax 3100 something On Line it was 2600 and some change
John Texas (1 year ago)
Where I live in the Houston area the average FFL fee is $15-30. In my suburban city the combined state and local sales tax is 8.25%. Even when local dealers will match the megawebstore prices, it can still come out to more buying locally. I try to buy locally but I've had great luck with the big stores out of state also.
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+John Texas holy hell 8.25%
Nelson rodriguez (1 year ago)
I usually by online but if a local gun shop has a reasonable price (which is rare in South florida) I'll definitely buy from them.
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+Nelson rodriguez ya if they charge too much i deafly would not go there
godsend1 (1 year ago)
Glocks and Daniel Defense M4's come in plastic cases...
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+godsend1 I did not now about Daniel defense that's pretty cool
Spencer Ko (1 year ago)
Firearms came in a box because there are stupid states such as Canaduh and California which generally want your gun to be "out of sight, out of mind."
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+Spencer Ko lol yeah I'm pretty sure if you have your firearm outside of the case in California in your face public execution
meflyem (1 year ago)
See that you did not take previous suggestions to change your presentation to a more professional setup...i.e. your clothing and hat. Otherwise, the editing cutouts/splicings were not that well done.
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+22 LR GUY thanks
22 LR GUY (1 year ago)
His clothes are cool -
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+meflyem I am working on the editing , but I need a New camera new software and a MacBook Pro Right now I'm pushing my software to limits It actually crashed twice during that edit
EastTexasOutLaws (1 year ago)
Great points
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+EastTexasOutLaws thenks
siego1 (1 year ago)
Do you have an online store..
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+siego1 not really But we do sell stuff and mail it out
MrFlathead45 (1 year ago)
My remington R1 came in a green plastic case with two 7 round mags. My taurus 1911 came in a black plastic case that is actually a better quality case than the remingtons. The R1 case is one piece with a hinge that is just squeezed down and will undoubtedly break at some time and the taurus has actual hindges and pins. And as im sure you know, the remington comes in around $150 more. As far as the cases go, i will probably never use them again, so a cardboard box (like my slim and TCP came in) are just fine for me. Im buying the gun. Not the box it came in. Lol
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+MrFlathead45 me too all the ones we've got recently I've been in a cardboard box
MrFlathead45 (1 year ago)
They are nice cases. Not "great cases" but they will do if i ever need to travel where firearms must be cased and locked. so i didnt throw em out. But yeah, just more to store in my trashcan (aka closet). Lol. I was kinda amazed that the taurus came in a hard case being its a 500 dollar gun.
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+MrFlathead45 yeah the only thing worse than not getting a good case is getting a case it takes up valuable trashcan space
Walter Miner (1 year ago)
Totally great that you brought up the "sight unseen" point to light! Here in South Florida gun prices are unbelievably high! When I try to "work" with the dealer to get a small break on the price I hear "order it on-line"!!!! This drives me insane! I explain I BELIEVE in supporting local business! They DON'T care! I explain if I by a new vehicle I sit in it, walk around it, and drive it! I don't but due to a picture and specs I've read? I want to handle the firearm, feel the weight, dry fire or they can put a dummy or snap cap in I don't care! SADLY, dealers do not seem to care if they move inventory? Example; I was going to buy a new Updula loader. It was $39.00. I'm retired so I said I would be back next week since this shop has the range I shoot in. I go back next week, the loader is now $49.00???? I tell the fellow it was 10 bucks cheaper one week ago? He says "our cost went up"! Okay, however this is the SAME loader the packages are all numbered by to store witb a black marker. It was #9 last week, it's #9 this week? It is from the same batch, not a new arrival? His response, "Don't want it, no big deal"! This is the SAME place I bought my 9mm! The same place I shoot at! AND,,,, tbe same person that knows all this! Bottom line is a question. Why do these guys PUSH people to BUY ON-LINE???? Also, love your videos! I'm also one of tbe Taurus PT111 gen2 owner for a few years now!
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+Walter Miner it's really cool you guys could help each other
Walter Miner (1 year ago)
Nelson rodriguez kool I'm in Hialeah all the time! Thanks!
Nelson rodriguez (1 year ago)
Walter Miner My FFL is in the Dadeland mall area and charges $15-20 for an Internet transfer. Their name is Rightful Liberty look them up they have a 4.6 star rating in google.
Walter Miner (1 year ago)
Nelson rodriguez I agree with your point. However, the "take it or leave it attitude" REALLY bothers me! I don't paying $40 or $50 more in a shop since most shop charge that for the on-line tranfer anyway! But,,,,, a $100 - $150 more, naw I'll pass take a road trip up north Fl. and a few items a still save money! GOD Bless you and yours!
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+Nelson rodriguez lol
Notorious Fail (1 year ago)
Also I did just make my first ever GoG purchase and it was weird. Not a big purchase and it was just a .22 but I wouldn't want to do anything else sight unseen.
Notorious Fail (1 year ago)
CRS Firearms Very good point with the Ak. Damn Quaker Oatmeal variety pack Kalashnikov.
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+Notorious Fail it's risky especially with AK's or other firearms build off sir plus parts or where quality control can be questionable
Notorious Fail (1 year ago)
Pretty harsh reality on the magazine part. Just enough to see the gun complete. It's not all guns or even manufacturer but it is starting to change more and more. Errrrrmmm LCPII... *Cough
CRS Firearms (1 year ago)
+Notorious Fail it's unfortunate but I get it

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