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The Fault in Our Stars | Solo Show

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What else would the November solo show be about but So Below -the astrological magic event Austin and I hosted in Melbourne last weekend? There's also a good deal of talk on the hows and the wheres of magic and astrology's general overlap, as well as why one might want to look at it from a specifically chaos magic perspective. ***Show Notes*** Images from 'So Below'. https://runesoup.com/2018/11/so-below-in-pictures
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moarbahd one (4 months ago)
Whats the intro from?
frosstbitess (4 months ago)
Penny Dreadful, 3rd season
Oceanus Procellarum (4 months ago)
I don't understand why "celestial/astral" magick is often separated from evocation. For me, astrology is the the matrix which upholds Magickal practice. You'll see it's practical use in the picatrix, timing for talismans etc. For those looking for classic astrological works that can be of service to magick- check out "Ptolemy : Almagest" or the "Tetrabiblios"
Surgery Head (4 months ago)
Oooh i'm looking forward to what if we're the aliens. Might go.
King Chief (4 months ago)
Enlightening as always Mr White
quixoticplebeian (4 months ago)
Numinosity in the animist context—there’s something there. Once the observer (whom is inherently numinous and of spirit) consciously and conscientiously interacts with observed/realized planetary “influence” (also inherently numinous and of spirit) , then you REALLY are aligning yourself with and withIN the universe. Upscaling your self to HIFI, high resolution. I don’t have any other language for this but am alignment occurs, almost as such as when you focus a lens on a camera. As above so below as within so without, and it can’t happen without what we are calling “magick”. It’s speaking to the universe in its own language.
eleventylevity (4 months ago)
Astrology works and can be observed in its workings. For example I could not help but notice that the Thot Audit began under a conjunction of Pluto and retrograde Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn.
VeRONica Secret (4 months ago)
OMGs -I finally listened to the new(er) intro. YES! of course! Who IS to care for them if not us?!!! Much to consider, and now I will actually listen to the show.
Cross Potent (4 months ago)
Garbage to goodness! Thats so pisces! Sexist metaphor lashed to a mast! So pisces!
Keith Sweet (4 months ago)
Go,d white your on point..

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