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The South Pole Does Not Exist!

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In the Flat-Earth model of the cosmos, the North Pole is the immovable center of the world and the entire universe. Polaris, the North Star, sits straight over the North Pole at the highest point in the heavens, and like a slowly rotating planetarium dome all the celestial bodies revolve around Polaris and over the Earth once per day. The Sun circles over and around the circumference of Earth every 24 hours, steadily traveling each day from the equator during the March vernal equinox, up to the Tropic of Cancer at the June summer solstice, back down to the equator for the September autumnal equinox, and all the way down to the Tropic of Capricorn on the December winter solstice. In the Flat-Earth model, the South Pole does not exist at all and Antarctica is instead a gigantic ice-wall extending the circumference of Earth holding in the oceans like a giant bowl, or a “world cup.” As strange as this concept may sound at first, it is a fact that if you set a bearing due South from anywhere on Earth, inevitably at or before 78 degrees Southern latitude, you will find yourself face-to-face with an enormous ice-wall towering 100-200 feet in the air extending to the East and West the entire circumference of the world. http://www.EricDubay.com http://www.AtlanteanConspiracy.com http://www.IFERS.123.st
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You-Tube Junkie (7 days ago)
King_Noah_ (8 days ago)
I feel like there has to be some end to Antarctica because how would Noah's Flood cover the entire earth 20 feet above the tallest mountains without some sort of wall past Antarctica?
FranchuFranchu (11 days ago)
I think that all flat earthers are northocentric.
RiCö Tokyo (17 days ago)
So what are your thoughts on this?! ....CGI?! ....and why is there a stop motion camera IN his shot?! Hahaha. Cheers m8!!! https://youtu.be/BgZa9oZDN5g
Mozart (27 days ago)
What religion is this?
Mozart (10 days ago)
+FranchuFranchu But I wanted to join this one.
FranchuFranchu (10 days ago)
You can start it.
Mozart (11 days ago)
+FranchuFranchu How do I join?
FranchuFranchu (11 days ago)
SpARk AveNeW (1 month ago)
So what does all this mean for SPACE TRAVEL?? Are there REALLY satellites in space? Are we REALLY going beyond the EARTH or even the firmament? OR IS SPACE UNDER THE FIRMAMENT? & PHOTOS FROM SPACE MINUS THE GLOBE TYPE PICS ....ARE ANY OF THOSE ACTUALLY REAL...COSMOS, MILKYWAY ETC?
SpARk AveNeW (1 month ago)
I just never really understand WHY the governmental secrecy & lies smfh...maybe its an ENTITLEMENT THING, they are "royalty" while the rest of us are mere "peasants"....its so annoying when you think about it, its why i rarely do...but all this resonated with me & I DO BELIEVE NIKOLA TESLA...I BELIEVE HIS STATEMENT ABOUT THERE BEING NO GRAVITY ONLY MAGNETIC/MAGNETISM however that was worded I'd have to check my papers but I just felt he knew what he was talking about and none of this comes as shocking to me but the ONGOING IGNORANCE OF OUR GOVERNMENT!!! As much as they know anything they really seem to know nothing, least nothing of any REAL value in my opinion lol♥
V. Z. (2 months ago)
12:43 ".. one small step for a prince...."
Trucker Dave (4 months ago)
Can someone please explain to me maybe there's videos on it but direct me in the right place please how does it stay light at the South Pole station for so long if the ice wall is a circle holding in all the oceans
sportydiver (5 months ago)
Where is the measurable magnetic south pole?
ro ja (6 months ago)
This FE guy is seeking funds for his round flight over both north and south pole http://exploringagain.com/donations/over-the-poles-2018/
Wise2Lies (6 months ago)
antarcticaflights.com.au/ - the latest "globe proof" being circulated.
Dylan Kiskila (6 months ago)
Question- How would the military guard the entire circumference?
Eric Dubay (6 months ago)
Passive radar works at 1,000 miles. Guarding a 25,000 mile circumference doesn't take much: http://ifers.123.st/t256-on-guard-at-the-poles
metal garurumon (7 months ago)
is that ice wall picture True???
Eric Dubay (7 months ago)
Del (8 months ago)
Adarsh Mohanty (9 months ago)
Eric , are you a true believer or is it all a sham to sell your books??
Roger Baker (2 months ago)
Mr Dubay's well-researched material is available for free on this _forum_ and others. No one is under any obligation to buy anything.
Eric Dubay (9 months ago)
Watch and you will be a true knower, no belief necessary: http://www.ericdubay.com/?p=695 http://www.ericdubay.com/?p=832
NooMax4ever (10 months ago)
The real south pole is 300 meters away but they figured people wouldn't want to walk that far so they made it closer. Its all for you you ungrateful jerks, also theres nothing but snow & an undiscovered area bigger than the united states, loaded with resources! I mean other than that theres nothing to see LOL
ktat01 (11 months ago)
Hahaha the shill Masonic lying fuck faces are butt hurt from all their gay ass rituals... Hahaha earths flat you fuckin lowlifes!
suzanne roberge (11 months ago)
Ahh I'm so glad to hear your voice!!😀 I was a bit worried that nobody was going to find any truth. I'm so glad I was lucky enough to watch all your videos plus some other flat earth channels "that are down .. Because noww The massive amount of new channels w many subscribers making fun of flat earth..and blasphemous. Prosperity preachers are on the frontline. I'm looking for the holohoax video.? "They blamed the wrong enemy I think it's called? I hope you're able to upload that one again. They took Leisure Xs down . I really want to show my daughter. She knows the earth is flat..but her grandma is German and feels awful about the holocaust.. And my daughter still believes Hitler was a monster. Though he asked for peace numerous xs. I'm downloading all your videos!!!. 😊😁
Eric Dubay (11 months ago)
Thanks so much Suzanne, they deleted my entire channel of 135k subs and 28 million views for a single "hate speech" strike from that video (even though you're supposed to be allowed 3, and) even though I only ever provided educational, factual content. They even rejected my appeal. So I won't be uploading that here, but you can find it from this download link: https://mega.nz/#F!Y642XZgY!RJk2Q5vZgcngsEKy9BLo8Q And I will be uploading all my next-level too-hot-for-JewTube material here: https://pewtube.com/user/EricDubay Peace
TruthVibration (11 months ago)
I see the shills/paid opposition have been busy thumbs downing this one!! Keep 'em comin' Eric.
suzanne roberge (11 months ago)
TruthVibration. can't comment back on your comment Eric.
Eric Dubay (11 months ago)
They are mass disliking my new vids as soon as I upload them
D Daddyo (11 months ago)
Haters going to hate.
D Daddyo (11 months ago)
+Eric Dubay we will carry on regardless, cheers.
Eric Dubay (11 months ago)
They are mass disliking all my new uploads the second I put them up
adam withers (11 months ago)
just got the flat earth conspiracy for christmas..... LOVE IT!!! just red pilled my rents with it lol.
Forever Flat (11 months ago)
YT is lame... These people will do anything.
damon green (11 months ago)
its sad that good general real info is so much disrupted by these idiots to try to make these things seem senseless or stupid. it actually exposes the fact that your right on it and it scares them. keep it up lad . most of us appreciate your posts rather than read your thumbs downs. only the sadly led will follow that path so let them. people know from their own sensibility once triggered so just keep spreading the truth. coz thast what most of us want. bom bom
Red Pill Philosophy (11 months ago)
Where are all these dislikes coming from? Probably an organized attack. So pathetic.
87snooney (11 months ago)
you would hate truth jewboy... your name is crying for brainwashed indoctrinated shill. you prolly a Zionist jew, not orthodox jew... you want people. to lash out at you so you ccan play the jew card...
87snooney (11 months ago)
the amount of resistance just reconfirms my suspicions... its obvious YouTube is NWO and cant have any real truth coming out... flat eath is a nightmare for controlled opposition like Alex Jones, Mark Sargent, Max Igan, Joe Rogain ect... to name few...#JEWTUBE
Sorry that was me
j hummer (11 months ago)
what sucks as that most FE'ers liked these videos months, shit years ago now. Erics old page "videos likes" always out weighed the "dis-likes" by far
Forever Permaculture (11 months ago)
Can someone that dislikes this please have an educated debate right now on this comment thread. What is he saying that isn't true.
michael tortice (25 days ago)
+dragonmcmx you utter cunt, have you seen space? Curved water? Water sticking to a spinning ball? You've seen the flat stationary earth everyday you mason. It's your reality, you refute your own reality 😂😂😂😂
dragonmcmx (10 months ago)
Your claim is nothing but the usual denial. There are plenty of reviews of the flights online, plenty of onboard videos. But like I said, you don't want the truth.
Dennis King (11 months ago)
There has been documentaries, movies, short stories and books that have been produced on just about everything the mind can think off. Big foot, lock ness, space travel, aliens, monsters... .etc. But never anything about a flat earth. That alone convinces me they are hiding it.
RiCö Tokyo (17 days ago)
Or reptilian humanoids....just saying
Ding dong And pieces (11 months ago)
Why is there so many dislikes all of a sudden
Last Name First Name (11 months ago)
Probably a bunch of globe channels and FEA subscribers.
Eric Dubay (11 months ago)
They are mass disliking all my new uploads the second I put them up
Lala Poupalani (11 months ago)
Again..makes perfect sense! Thank you Eric! How’s the children’s book coming? Any idea when it will be available for purchase? ✌🏻❤️😊
Eric Dubay (11 months ago)
Thanks Lala, It's coming along great, should be available sometime mid-2018
WarriYahTruth (11 months ago)
The dislikes are pouring in all of a sudden on these videos.
Haters have nothing Better to do then follow Eric's vids.
Eric Dubay (11 months ago)
They are mass disliking all my new uploads the second I put them up
I was in New Zealand two weeks ago and went to the Antarctica centre in Christchurch It was a complete joke. No 24 hour sun evidence and they said that it costs $17,000 to take a guided tour that only leaves from Argentina. No guided trips from New Zealand she said. I need to check that out. The sun does curve the opposite way of the north but I think it's because the sun is lower in the wider circle of the norths winter and it appears that way due to perspective. Waiting for you to repost How to quit your day Job. Love that vid.
FranchuFranchu (11 days ago)
+Bungus Exactly. Super exactly.
Bungus (22 days ago)
In new Zealand you can see the moon is upside down at night as a opposed to the moon in the northern hemisphere. This proves the earth is round.
Michhelle Ocampus Ville (11 months ago)
Well, I could do it, but it would be more than wasting time so that a simple person can investigate everything and from all human science, and besides it is too expensive to do those things, but like you say, someone else can do it, I could believe that the earth is flat, but it would be needed more than just to see the ocean to confirm that the earth is flat, I would have to do experiments, do fund research and etc
Mike Liston (11 months ago)
Every direction from Center of North Pole are South directions!
Roger Baker (10 months ago)
Mike Liston From the North Pole, there is only one direction, even on the silly globe model.
87snooney (11 months ago)
24 views, and 26 dislikes.... ya that adds up
Fanatic (11 months ago)
87snooney safecall He has been spotted again and the dislikes are not Real.. Fuck this shit
87snooney (11 months ago)
It's obvious all his uploads were being disproportionately disliked this morning.. Not new to YouTube. Yes the like are updated more often than the views. I realize that. Go watch some NASA CGI cartoons or something.
Eric Dubay (11 months ago)
They are mass disliking all my new uploads the second I put them up

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