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Family Guy - Lois Weight Gain

42500 ratings | 8089767 views
From the episode Sibling Rivalry Season 4 Episode 22
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Text Comments (2325)
clorox bleach (5 hours ago)
C'mon brothers oh yeah yeah
Mindie Compton (9 hours ago)
I want you after it will please me 🐱🐶 👕 👚 👖👖
Technum (10 hours ago)
This is literally me
Lydie Bala (11 hours ago)
Lois : look at your weight not all women are fat Peter : men aren't fat only fat women are fat (biiiiiiiiiiitttcchh
TorettoSD (14 hours ago)
Only fat women are fat 😎
fdm prozect (22 hours ago)
Chiefaj 47 (1 day ago)
SSBBW lmfao
Kevin Talley (1 day ago)
“5 PoUnDs At ThE mOsT” 😭😭😭😭😭
abc (2 days ago)
Peter is such a hypocrite 😂
Lol this peter is fat in general ew
Ivy Engelhart (3 days ago)
I think there's a secret day where cartoons let diviantart take over
Crash Schwarzenegger (3 days ago)
Deviantart be like
Erzsebet (3 days ago)
Hogzilla omg
''Hello hog zilla''
animeGurU (4 days ago)
2:28 I want you bigger I want you fatter! That way after we have Sex you can’t scatter, it will please me!
JowsonicGaming ward (4 days ago)
It wikl please me
Smile 4 Insanity ツ (5 days ago)
R r r r r
Destiny (6 days ago)
Hey hogzilla🤣
Joseph Collins (6 days ago)
Sorry sorry excuse me fat wife comin through sorry sorry sorry fat wife
copy the compcom (7 days ago)
"I want you fatter. It will please me."
Deathbat 1092 (8 days ago)
"Men aren't fat, only fat women are fat" best line of all time
*Somebody is fapping to this, this is somebody’s fetish*
Classicgamer 68 (9 days ago)
I'm surprised the bed 🛌 didn't break under all that weight lol 😂
Paco Perez (9 days ago)
deon827 (10 days ago)
Louis thick as hell. Peter should’ve been killing that from the back
Kiharu_Sunzuko (10 days ago)
Lois got thiiick at the beginning 😍🥰
Golden Gaming (12 days ago)
Who the hell eats a pizza they saved in the fridge without heating it up?
Lewis V (13 days ago)
Didnt they copy this from malcolm in the middle?
Conn Toons (13 days ago)
0:04 T H I C C
The_Boss_Jon 914 (13 days ago)
Louis looks good thick but not super fat
Vivia Martin (13 days ago)
Gunslinger47 (14 days ago)
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MalcolmCooks (14 days ago)
thicc lois
its bu_nny (15 days ago)
*Fatty guy*
Pollux (15 days ago)
Heres the real life version: https://youtu.be/Od8wt1uxv5w
Becky Jackson (16 days ago)
“I’m just gonna grab sum’n too and go back to bed, alone, again. Night!”😂
Flora Castillo (16 days ago)
Do men even have boobs
Manny Herrera (16 days ago)
Chilly Chick (16 days ago)
"Oh, and when you go to sleep, aim your butt the other way. Last night for God sake you farted I felt like somebody was sticking me with a cigarette lighter from the car." Get rekt
Saara Hämäläinen (16 days ago)
Haha yeas shes fat haha
Nikesh Thapa magar (17 days ago)
ItsDarkNiight (18 days ago)
Guess she's a lil bit more *thicc*
Brainwash (18 days ago)
She chonk
diamond lilly (18 days ago)
What the fuck haaa😂😂🤣😄😃
Lucky Kidd (19 days ago)
Lois is now fat like Peter.
that cute girl portia (19 days ago)
PapaSawce (19 days ago)
90 percent of these family guy comment sections are just people quoting shit. HEY GUYS HOW ABOUT YOU BE MORE ORIGINAL YA DUMB CUNTS ty
special k (16 days ago)
Why the fuck do you care who comments what?????
Jaqfrost (19 days ago)
Audio is shit
Daisy Zhang (20 days ago)
Monric 5 (20 days ago)
1:05 She looks like a wrestler
Ben Wood (20 days ago)
Not my proudest fap.
nuclear Gamer (20 days ago)
Yo ive never seen someone have that bad of quality
Immortal Desecrator (21 days ago)
I want you bigger! I want you fatter! It will please me (ؔؓؒؑؐ⁍◡ؔؓؒؑؐ⁍)
Oj Okeynan-Bugle (21 days ago)
Lois be T H I C C
Roberto Ibares (21 days ago)
mood everyday
MaxTrain 666 (21 days ago)
Men arn't fat only fat women are fat
emily Hild (22 days ago)
fuck you
Charlotte Sullivan (22 days ago)
LOL! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
VR Jayy (23 days ago)
The fart joke😂😂😂
StoneineYT (23 days ago)
Hey Danny ialo
Machinegun 6997 (25 days ago)
it will please me....
Bonnie BunBuns (25 days ago)
I think that this B-plot is making fun of that weird side of the Internet.
“Shut up and go to sleep”. Lois griffin
Kitty Draws (25 days ago)
Peter: "I want you bigger! I want you fatter! It will please me" 😂😂😂 this is where I died
8 YOZ (25 days ago)
yxng._. perla (26 days ago)
Trina Lopez (26 days ago)
This muthafucka siad hogszilla😫😂😂😂
OG MAD MAX 3.0 (27 days ago)
Fat girls got god pussy
* anabelle dull * (27 days ago)
this show actually disgusts me
Ulzii Ulzii (29 days ago)
Men arent fat only fat women are fat xD
Peter+fat+Lois+fat= together
YoungWarrior Gaming (29 days ago)
Lois men aren't fat, only fat women are fat. FACTS
Rui Martinho (29 days ago)
2:11 now i have to get a fatt bitch just to see if its better or not
Chow Sing (29 days ago)
Disgusting,in a funny kinda way
Jordan Jordan (29 days ago)
Lol Peter you fat whore
not me (30 days ago)
I need to stop clicking on these
xXkkprincessXx (30 days ago)
I wanna be *THICC* like Lois 🤠
peter has a fatish
Adam Hill (1 month ago)
Isn’t loss of sex drive a side affect after getting a vasectomy? 🤨
Jömpa (29 days ago)
Or getting old
Straight Dingus Boy (1 month ago)
It will please me
Clara Beth (1 month ago)
She thicc She curvy Not fat *** * sees 1:29 * Oh nevermind
stupid gamingtv (1 month ago)
Lois went from stick to thicc
David Kennedy (1 month ago)
Ironic how the guy is called "Transformation King".
Ry nth (1 month ago)
There was stewie chris Meg older children death
Johana Castro (1 month ago)
i want you bigger i want you fatter it will please me
Her in the black dress sje looks *thicc*
Mighty Finger (1 month ago)
0:24 *fuck honey*
bill fupps (1 month ago)
"Men aren't fat Lois, only fat women are fat." 😆
Sheldun (1 month ago)
That quality.. I was trying to find the 720p60 😢😭
H DLT (1 month ago)
I’ve had a fat chick before and I’m a thing average size guy...it’s like conquering a mountain
Meg griffin (1 month ago)
Lolz My mums a fat bitch
Sebastian colimil (1 month ago)
I hate lois
Sebastian colimil (1 month ago)
I hate lous
dreamers never learn (1 month ago)
thicc thighs saves lives
Who else likes lois thicc
Manny Esquivel (1 month ago)
Peter: It will please me. Me: XDDDD
Eggie Jenner (1 month ago)
It's only a joke it's only a joke it's only a joke it's only a joke it's only a joke
March (1 month ago)
Whoever edited this video is as retarded as Peter
Gamer2000 (1 month ago)
The last scene is every feminist dream.

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