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Luigi's Ballad ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO - Starbomb

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Text Comments (37222)
FelixEA (2 hours ago)
I used to watch this ALL THE FUCKING TIME, and gosh the nostalgia is real
Bobby the DinoSHURE (5 hours ago)
2:19 mario you said your Pepe is small
your boi chimp (12 hours ago)
RIP Luigi
Rana Katrina Santos Co (15 hours ago)
RobloxNoob1498242216 (16 hours ago)
do a sonic song
Irene Miller (17 hours ago)
This reminds me of Kingdom Hearts intro the Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 intros because Sora and kairi are best friends right this remind me of both of them
link pink (19 hours ago)
0:08 when he pulls out the D
LucyByTheOcean (19 hours ago)
2:17 About this princess and the pea.. Nis!
Aidan Patagoc (1 day ago)
“Pick mario! also my peepee is sooooo small like really small.”
Ziiza ve (1 day ago)
the fact that they all agree at the end XD
Marcel (2 days ago)
2:01 he throw a red shell and hit with a green. thats magic
Black Plage Kami (2 days ago)
One of the only 3 good starbomb songs lol
Sunrise and Rain (23 hours ago)
+Black Plage Kami Well, the mario party wasn't bad, but that's just my opinion
Black Plage Kami (23 hours ago)
+Sunrise and Rain nah they really fell down in quality just like this channel and the person behind it.
Sunrise and Rain (23 hours ago)
Black Plage Kami In your opinion, but there are plenty of good songs
Milvia Cepeda (2 days ago)
Karen (2 days ago)
Damn why is Peach lowkey *thicc*
Shadow 365 (2 days ago)
So Peach is thicc, right? 1:20
Jake Baller (3 days ago)
This video was basically my first trip to the other corner of YouTube
Sernanion. YT (3 days ago)
oliwer jepsen (3 days ago)
I saw that someone actually heard ''hey Luigi it's okay that Mario is a big mistake''.
Oatmeal Saga (3 days ago)
Aside from the repeated mention of genitals, I really liked how the music, and animation really flowed together. Even though I wasn't a fan of Mario's verses, they served their purpose in showing Mario to be a embodiment of his most frequently used words, despite his repeated heroic deeds. And the lyrics are self aware enough to point this out. In addition, I liked how Mario's crass raps contrasted with Luigi's pure singing. Peach's verses really tied everything together. Even though I cringed through Mario's parts (which I'm pretty sure were intended to be cringy), I liked the video overall.
Luis -Kun (3 days ago)
My friend was singing this on the bus
Hooked blades (4 days ago)
Yelling stuff about your sick while your younger siblings trying to ask someone out. The responsibility of all older brothers...
tarin theis (4 days ago)
Damn the animator didn’t have to do that well on peach’s ass but he did for the bros. Nice
KlauN (5 days ago)
luigi and mario are both incels
Oatmeal Saga (3 days ago)
Nah. Just Mario. Remember who Rosalina's parents are? *Luigi wins by doing nothing* (and also learning that a duet requires two independent voices singing in harmony).
cod master brothers (5 days ago)
0:28 put to 0.25 it had me dying
the cool koopa (5 days ago)
It sounds like the protegent song
Devin Pizano (5 days ago)
If I was peach I would chose Luigi
Christian Hale (5 days ago)
Why is Peach so tired even though she said like 20 words!
Christian Hale (22 hours ago)
Sunrise and Rain oh now it makes better sense now that I think about it!
Sunrise and Rain (23 hours ago)
Christian Hale when she hit the high note she had to hold it, and you lose your breath from hitting the high notes/ holding the high notes so you need to catch it
Artturi Hännikäinen (6 days ago)
1:40 OMG, look at Princess Peach's face! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
CAUBRY Alice (6 days ago)
0:53 awww baby luigi cutest face <3
1:19 when your mom wakes you up and tells you to go to school
0:29 when your late for school
flathepoet (6 days ago)
Still don't understand the bird dancing at 2:12
Incredible Canemian (5 days ago)
It's a type of bird called a boobie
Jaicob Perez (6 days ago)
Peach got da ass 🍑
Timothy Carney (6 days ago)
This song had me feeling so many mood swings, sweet, to annoyed at mario, but in the end I like how it make all of them have a point, luigi is just trying to be sweet and romantic, but while mario is being rude and crude, his bits also make clear it is partially motivated by how frustrated he is by circumstances keeping him and peach appart, and peach makes it clear that she appreciates both of them, which lends credence to Mario being better than just the jerkish moments in the song and the ending is funny but also huminizing in how they all agree on peach's choice and are quite calm and reasonable about it. good work
Meme God (6 days ago)
1:58 😂
Jiggly Cheese Cake (7 days ago)
Why did I listen to this song in like 4th grade? I love this song but *why?*
I don‘t have a name (7 days ago)
Jiggly Cheese Cake same thing but the German cover
cod master brothers (7 days ago)
Me when a test begins 1:47
RaYmOnDrOiD (7 days ago)
0:31 *_projared be like:_*
I don‘t have a name (7 days ago)
RaYmOnDrOiD _oOF_
randomwowjunkie (7 days ago)
The princess and the the pe-NIS gets me every time
Chelsea Libby (7 days ago)
The only l wanted to tell you is-goddamn it!! Me:ha HAHAHAHA!!
What the What the 911 (8 days ago)
*_V I B E S C E P T E R_*
Confesor Santana (8 days ago)
Lol God dam it
Mr. Moist (8 days ago)
2019 anyone?
TindraSan (8 days ago)
The series finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend sure was something, huh?
monkeydavis1 (8 days ago)
I had to come see this again after re-listening to some GG Avi stories, and at one point Arin was floored upon learning this video had 5 million hits. We at 37 million now.
zed catboye (9 days ago)
its been five years since he animated anything lol
2:07 can we get a rip in the chat
NeatPlainy (1 day ago)
the cool koopa (6 days ago)
Bassam Kanaan (9 days ago)
We all felt something for peach 🍑
תומר בר (10 days ago)
I cant find the song this is based upon, I think it was from Kirby's Dream Course, anybody?
Avion Whaley (10 days ago)
So she gonna sit on his body
Sugar Dog3000 (10 days ago)
Yur Memeboi (11 days ago)
My childhood
KidneyLover_14 (12 days ago)
2:19 Mario looks the most chilled out there
m. k. d. (12 days ago)
I like this take on Mario
Solana (12 days ago)
I hate that this song is so catchy
DuggardFilms (12 days ago)
I guess you could say Mario had a... *Dry Bone(er)*
Jayden Cherry (12 days ago)
I never got to see what Luigi had to say to peach 😢
1:59 Lugi: let me take you on a magic kart ride Mario: ill bust your numberous fat backside
Itsyour boilucifer (12 days ago)
Honestly I just keep thinking of dan and arin singing this and arin pretending to be this fuckin mario
Dj Assassin (13 days ago)
Toad won by doing absolutely nothing. Let that sink in
Ragnaeli Lehman (13 days ago)
I lost 1:29
Cameron Desjardins (13 days ago)
Does anyone remember this same video with Arin, Suzy, and Dan being Mario, Luigi, and Peach? Or am I experiencing so kind of weird Mandela Effect bull crap?
WarBoy (13 days ago)
play it on 0.75
ImDraconLion (13 days ago)
these are amazing
Zane Lee (13 days ago)
?— 3
ImDraconLion (14 days ago)
“I’ll kick that donkey kong right in his konkey dong” gets me every time
I am pi (14 days ago)
Luigi was the clear choice
Tima Pihtin (14 days ago)
My mushrooms now mega if you know what I mean so suck it!!!
Cabiçulinha (14 days ago)
This Mario escaped of Gta ?!
Itanese Amilcar (14 days ago)
Awwwwww so cute isn’t baby daisy cute
KaleKaZaM (14 days ago)
Wow this is literally the equivalent of Arin and Danny's personalities. :)
Zeldia (14 days ago)
At 1:41 it’s foreshadowing Toad as and option, which is Peach’s final one
supershadowgaming HD (15 days ago)
bruh what XD
Big O (15 days ago)
My invitation probably got lost in the mail
Scorpion Stings (15 days ago)
I used to think this video was video was fucking cringe lol.
XxBenny4SpeedxX YT (15 days ago)
Poor toad
OHYEAH 2019 (15 days ago)
why choose Toad choose poor luigi
Art_yeet (15 days ago)
Konkey dong
0 The Fool (16 days ago)
"It's a me Mario, I'm more Italian than Pastrami" Pastrami is from Romania .-.
1:57 check out my yacht
Nick Shaw (16 days ago)
This song is too catchy for its own good tbh
NAMES DENNIS (16 days ago)
I will donkey kong right in his konky dong.
Overdrive Playz (16 days ago)
2:08 poor donkey Kong
GamerAne06 Yt (16 days ago)
*I always wondered what this song was when I was younger and it was in other animations I found game grumps and it sounded like their voices and now I found this damn*
Jazzed Skeeter (16 days ago)
This remains my favorite Starbound song.
GLEclipseGaming (16 days ago)
5 years ago this was made, that can't be right
Jakub Bugajski (16 days ago)
Luigi is shit in this thing! Luigi's WORST!
dawid.mp3 TM (16 days ago)
I never knew that this song made the TOAD meme
French_ Latt3 (17 days ago)
2019 anyone? *I guessed so-*
Thomas Lopez (17 days ago)
I. Love. This. I subscribe to this and click that like click button and the Bell
Ruben Maradiaga (17 days ago)
Esto está loco !!
FLL FFL (18 days ago)
..... Wait, is that Daisy and not Peach? Hmmm..... *I N S P E C T I N G* 0:51 has a lil baby Daisy, aww...
Thomas Lopez (18 days ago)
Hey. Luigi it's okay and Mario has. A famous day just tell me what you need to stay please don't be afraid
Brandon Torres (18 days ago)
Bad boy vs the nice guy 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Jackie B (18 days ago)
Best starbomb song imo
Freddy dos Jogos (18 days ago)
1:56 Ei v*dia olha o meu iate!! 😂😂😂😂
Toxy Pox (19 days ago)
My favorite part of this song will always be the duet at 1:49
Luckyluciana13 (19 days ago)
listen to it at 2x 😂
Xenotiic (19 days ago)
I just spent the past 40 minutes going almost frame by frame through this AMV, and holy hell was Ego's last dance with animation quite the blowout! I still love this so many years on!

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