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LadyMeilin (7 days ago)
Thanks for explaining! I was so confused haha
J Lynn (6 days ago)
LadyMeilin no problem! 💙
LA allday (1 month ago)
you're awesome! God bless you!
J Lynn (1 month ago)
Alyssa Rangel awe you’re awesome! 💙💙
erin park (1 month ago)
could i make an angel card without a credit card?
Ladyy Kaee (2 months ago)
Wow you taught me so much lol now I know to make huge purchases using my card so I can take advantage of the rewards ❤️
T D (3 months ago)
Oh I’m getting the card !!! Wow!!!!
Princess Daisy (3 months ago)
thanks for making this video! it helped a lot! don’t worry about the haters! you can spend YOUR money however YOU want! 💙
Princess Daisy (3 months ago)
J Lynn 💙💙💙
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Lauren omg thank you so so much 💙💙💙
Princess Daisy (3 months ago)
J Lynn you’re very welcome! they’re probably just jealous that they don’t get high rewards like you 💙 you’re like the victoria’s secret and pink queen of youtube! you deserve a million subscribers 💙
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Lauren omg thank you so so much!! 💙💙💙
EMB BM (3 months ago)
My rewards are only 15$😞
Pyscho_lollipop (3 months ago)
i love watching you and fu*k the haters ughhhh people suck..... i love that you are breaking this down i have lost alot of weight and i can finally fit their undies and im all about VS now girl youll never get hate from this girl
Lilia Garcia (4 months ago)
Thank you !!!
J Lynn (4 months ago)
Lilia Garcia 💙💙💙
monica dempsey (5 months ago)
Yeas girl..thanks soo much!!
J Lynn (4 months ago)
monica dempsey thank you! 💙💙
Alison Thomas (5 months ago)
I love your hauls and am always appreciative of your sharing information, such as you did here and in prior videos. Remember that you do not need to address the critics, as they're energy vampires. Ignore them while you continue to build an enviable VS collection. As always, blessings.
Viry Montalvo (5 months ago)
Thank you!
J Lynn (4 months ago)
viry estiloatubolsillo 💙💙💙
luz canchola (5 months ago)
😘😘😘 its your money girl do whatever you want with it :-)
J Lynn (4 months ago)
luz canchola thank you 💙💙💙
Brittany Zsa (5 months ago)
How do you know they’re doing 5x points on the bras? How long is it lasting? I never get emails that says anything about points!
Yvonne Myers (5 months ago)
u do ur thing. forget what others say. people r always thirsty and trying to down people n what they do. some r so sad how they thirst over other people stuff and what they do.
J Lynn (4 months ago)
Yvonne Myers omg so so so true!
Sofia De Jesus (5 months ago)
Don’t let the hate ever get to u do u girl ignore the hate💗😘😘
J Lynn (4 months ago)
Sofia De Jesus I will thank you 💙💙💙
Jacurlz08 (5 months ago)
Your to nice, it should be no one's business how you spend your money. I get so many hater comments on my YouTube, just rude ignorant people. Hurt my feelings and I would get upset, now I delete the comments and block them. Not worth my time. Thank you for explaining though how it works. 🤗
J Lynn (4 months ago)
Jacurlz08 I’ll learn from you 💙💙 thank you!
Sneha Rawat (5 months ago)
Love you😭😥😍😍😍😍❤❤❤
Alicia (5 months ago)
WAIT. so you can use the rewards TWICE. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS. I always use them online then toss them
J Lynn (4 months ago)
Alicia now ya know 💙💙💙💙
ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia (5 months ago)
23 of march was 100 extra points for pink purchase coz it was national puppy day - I remember that I got 100 points too
J Lynn (4 months ago)
Vlogs from Usa by Gosia oh yeah!! 💙💙💙
I_am_patricia_ g (5 months ago)
I watch all your videos and I see you order a lot of bras how do you store all of them?
Amanda Alger (5 months ago)
As a fellow shopping addict lol forget the haters do you boo 😗😗
Amanda Alger (4 months ago)
J Lynn your welcome 😁😁
J Lynn (4 months ago)
Amanda Alger awe thank you 💙💙
Brittany Thompson (5 months ago)
Don’t let negative people bother you! You’re a delight and I personally look forward to your videos! I’m an angel forever too and I don’t get triple points on every purchase so it’s probably your limited edition card.
J Lynn (4 months ago)
Brittany Thompson omg you are so sweet thank you!!! 💙💙💙 okay good to know 💙💙
Ultrashadeandtea (5 months ago)
When is the next free gift card starting
Chelsea Pitt (5 months ago)
I love your VS Pink hauls and don't listen to other people, it's ur money.
Melisa M. (5 months ago)
How do you know when they are offering bonus points on purchases?
Tivona Julien (5 months ago)
They are just haters
Forever Scher (5 months ago)
I'm sry to hear that ppl have been rude to u. Some ppl r just negative & jealous!! Like u said, u work hard & u can buy what u want! Ignore em hunny!! Tfs
grenia Burd (5 months ago)
Girl keep shopping at vs and pink. And bring me those videos. It's your money F the haters!!!
Brooke Carter (5 months ago)
You should count how many items you have from Victoria’s Secret/pink Just curious 💗💖💗💖💗💖
Amber Davison (5 months ago)
Thank you for explaining. I appreciate it <3
Aminah A (5 months ago)
I think it’s great that u can get free stuff who would hate on that 🙄
Shine Patty (5 months ago)
Hey @jlynn ! I applied for the angel card like a month ago or so and I totally forgot about it , but just now I noticed that I’ve been getting like exclusive angel card holder emails with their angel card holders offers/deals.. so That makes me think I got accepted or whatever . But I cant find the email where they confirmed me and I cant login cause I dont even have the car physically soooo HELP ? ;(
ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia (5 months ago)
they sending letter in few days after acceptance with card too
Cynthia Nicole (5 months ago)
It’s because you have the limited edition card girl ☺️thank you for the video don’t pay Mind to the people that have something negative your videos are bomb keeping shopping smart you’re doing fabulous 😘
Sarai&Stuff (5 months ago)
I’ve never thought your high rewards was a bad thing. I thought it meant you just managed your money really well, especially given your age. I really liked that you broke down how you get so many points in this video! I thought I understood based on watching your other videos but this video made it super clear! But I do have one more question, how often do they ship out the rewards?
J Lynn (4 months ago)
Sarai&Stuff they ship them out once a month 💙💙 thank you so much I really really appreciate your comment 💙💙💙
Katherine McGarvey (5 months ago)
That's awesome thank you!!!!
Mary Ann (5 months ago)
Screw them girl!!!! Do you be the angel you are😙Love ya ❤
J Lynn (4 months ago)
Mary Ann love you 💙💙💙
hotpinkspiderz (5 months ago)
It's the luxe card. You have a year from when you got the card that you will earn triple points on every purchase.
Jessica Blondo (5 months ago)
Forget the haters girl. Your videos are great and I love your tips to save money at Victoria's Secret. I'm obsessed with that place, haha. 😄😄
Sana N (5 months ago)
thanks so much for this video! it was really informative i was curious to learn about the VS rewards system. but you really shouldn’t have to explain/defend yourself . Haters gonna hate. LOVE YA 💙
J Lynn (5 months ago)
Shachi N awe thank you!!! Love you 💙💙💙
Heather W (5 months ago)
I'm only a minute into the video, but it's sad to see people go out of their way to message you rude and hateful things because of what you decide to spend YOUR MONEY on. I don't get it, honestly. Anyway, I enjoy watching your VS hauls <33
heartxinspiredx (5 months ago)
One question when you get bonus points do you see it online or where does it pop up? When I got my bonus points like I said in my first post. I was in store and seen a little placard that said 100 points on that day, that was my first time seeing that. Where’d you see 5x the points on the pink bras is that like online at the bottom, cause I’m super late to seeing that cause I’d definitely shop on those days lol. Thank you so much for everything, you’re truly incredible 💙💙💙 I’m waiting on a reward card right now 😁 With those double and triple points you can become a forever angel super quickly!! I’m at VIP and I only need 217 more points and I’ll hit forever before I know it.
Manar & Malik’s Mommy (5 months ago)
Yesss! I had ppl commenting on my comments negative about you. So i just ignored them. Bc ik you’ve earned them fair & square. So you do whatever you want to get the rewards. Bc you’re making great videos with your hauls from VS 😭😭😭😭
Eraiser Rain (5 months ago)
I’ve seen those comments too you don’t have to give anybody an explanation dove you just do you..☺️
J Lynn (5 months ago)
Eraiser Rain thank you so much you’re amazing 💙💙
heartxinspiredx (5 months ago)
I initially was gonna go off and flash out under the comments but I’m not. 🧘🏾‍♀️ I’m going to kill them with kindness 🌸 DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! It’s your money, your credit card, where you pay your money. Just because we don’t know what people spend their money on doesn’t mean they can judge and be rude. You are TOO nice of a person, you’re TOO sweet for them to try and do that to you! I do appreciate the breakdown was really helpful! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU 💖 I made a purchase last month where it was 100 extra points for that day, and they sure did give it to me. They definitely do that. You explained it perfectly 👌🏾 You’re extremely helpful!!
heartxinspiredx (4 months ago)
J Lynn 💙💙💙
J Lynn (4 months ago)
heartxinspiredx I appreciate you 💙💙💙
heartxinspiredx (5 months ago)
J Lynn You’re so so so welcome! I’m sorry, I won’t tolerate people disrespecting you. You don’t deserve it in the least! They’re not bout to play with you. & it’s no problem!! I appreciate you 💙
J Lynn (5 months ago)
heartxinspiredx omg thank you so so so much!!! Your comment was so helpful and I am so thankful for you 💙💙💙💙💙
Christina Szydlo (5 months ago)
It makes more sense now
J Lynn (5 months ago)
Christina Szydlo good 💙💙💙
Christina Szydlo (5 months ago)
It's not their money I don't see why people are being rude you pay for it all remember people are always going to have something to say I remember I would post pictures of my Victoria's Secret panties and bras or anything that I got from Victoria Secret online before I actually wore them and some people had problems with that my response was I pay my phone bill I post what I want
Christina Szydlo (5 months ago)
J Lynn 💯💅💕
J Lynn (5 months ago)
Christina Szydlo omg yaaaassss 💙💙💙
Samantha 674 (5 months ago)
Don’t think about them kill with kindness 💕❤️❤️
Aurora Rospez (5 months ago)
This @JLynn this was so helpful!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Heidi Tattoodles (5 months ago)
Oh, so how about when you do the buy one get one for instance? I did the bogo for pink bras and one had a snag in it so I shipped that back.. are they going to refund me the full amount or just half since I kept the free one, know what I'm sayin'?
Heidi Tattoodles (5 months ago)
Yeah, you definitely hit the jackpot with that luxe card because that's for sure why you're getting triple points on ALL your purchases. I am SO jealous, omg!!!!! Way to go, girl!!!
Bowzeyyy Love (5 months ago)
Wait lol I don't even understand, why r people being rude about it? Cause u spend too much money or cause u get too much rewards? 😂
Rona Morris Banuel (5 months ago)
Don't pay the haters any mind, it's your money. I love your VS haul videos. :)
JJ Mendez (5 months ago)
You go Girl.... 🤗
Bowzeyyy Love (5 months ago)
Ignore everyone who has something rude to say or like u said, block them!! Just keep buying what u want cause it's YOUR MONEYYY!! 👿 F everyone else. I love your videos!! ❤❤
cat lover cat lover (5 months ago)
millielove153 (5 months ago)
Do you girl ♥
millielove153 (5 months ago)
♥ love your videos
J Lynn (5 months ago)
millielove153 thank you so so much 💙💙
Hillary Pham (5 months ago)
J Lynn (5 months ago)
Hillary Pham 💙💙💙

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