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How To Get Free In-App Purchases On Mac OS X

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In This Tutorial I Will Show You How To Get Free In-App Purchases On Mac OS X. FACEBOOK: http://goo.gl/Xq5Q8 !!! DNS !!! !!! Download First !!! http://adf.ly/bYWzV !!! Download Second !!! http://adf.ly/bYX1u !!! Grim Reciper !!! http://adf.ly/bYX4s Website: http://deisinger.si/
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Text Comments (36)
michaelele (1 year ago)
guys new grim receiper link to download:https://mega.nz/#!H85ABSIT!0G7ksqEfp6N006Ak7YEWuMQPpi3Mmx8udKSxYo_mmoM
TheBlackandwhite Clown (2 years ago)
i can't download the grim thing
Dennis Goldberger jr (3 years ago)
Wow this guy is a genius. this is his way of having you add him to your network to access anything he wants
Žiga Deisinger (3 years ago)
First off yes you can do that if you want but since I dont give a fu*k who you message on facebook I just want to help other people with free items... And second all of the data is (in 21 century) sent over interneu using https and valid certificates (if you don't know what I just sad google it) so no basicly it's almost impossible to "hack" using this way because I don't have access to your MAC address and I even don't own these DNS address and this was recorded 3 years ago so I don't even know if it works on El Capitan.... I wish you a Happy Freaking Out Day
Daniel Tan (3 years ago)
can't download certificate
Roby GamerRoEn (3 years ago)
Roby GamerRoEn (3 years ago)
Andrea Emili (3 years ago)
in-appstore.com is down - please public the certs on another host
Dylan Hoppe (3 years ago)
Just downloaded on El Capitan. Used right DNS, but it said a random Apple ID was incorrect.
hirE - CS:GO And More (4 years ago)
Do the dns after installed the apps
that one guy (4 years ago)
dns failed. add new one
Chemical_Inventory (4 years ago)
yeah, it seems like reaper has a trojan attached to the file OSX/Agent_c.FN .... just a warning
Honoriginal Con10nt (4 years ago)
Is there anything that works on Yosemite?
Sumir Broota (4 years ago)
@Apple Pro User   any idea when it shall come out for yosemite
Jean Peuplusbordel (4 years ago)
Clearly it doesn't work now. ( on version 10.9.3) Thank's but it does really not :( 
Moumen Hamid (4 years ago)
Doesn't work on 10.10 Dev Preview either
Jace'sFunkyFace (4 years ago)
I know, developers are currently working on an update..
MinionGaming (5 years ago)
Leandro Miqueri (5 years ago)
The internet connection fails when I insert the dns. Any help? Thanks!
thelifeofpatricio (5 years ago)
this works with bioshock infinite ?
ElPerron1209 (5 years ago)
This doesn't work for mac os x 10.9
KingG (5 years ago)
It does work but only a small amount of apps. Im just going to spend my own money on red crucible.
Juan Ramallo (5 years ago)
the links are disabled by google.. 
John Swayne (5 years ago)
what is the code that u copy and paste?
Alessia V (5 years ago)
it worked only for a day. then after that the store wouldn’t let me buy it anymore
Yung B (5 years ago)
my antivirus software keeps waring me about installing this
ShotGamez (5 years ago)
it days untrusted credit title SUCK
Mark Atkisson (5 years ago)
Doesn't Work! Be Ware
ayushi patel (6 years ago)
okay so i got through everything, but when i go to purchase something it keeps saying no connection or check settings, even though everything is fine :/ can you please help me ?
ARMYOFGAMRZ (6 years ago)
it says untrusted cert title
Inhale the Ganja (6 years ago)
it doesnt let me type my password? help please!! :(
I'm done.
Actually no, no, no. Better argument. Is that what you have to resort to play on Mac? huehuehue.
> In-app purchases > Not a mobile game Windows doesn't have in-app purchases. Linux either. I prefer Linux.
Lucas Forbes (6 years ago)
this does NOT work. It is a fake

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