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How to use Lucky Patcher | Get In-app purchases for FREE!!! | 100% WORKING

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This is a video tutorial to show how to use the app "lucky patcher" to get the in app purchases for free for most of the apps and games in google play store.
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Text Comments (54)
Anuradha Shiv (4 days ago)
Give shadow fight 2 hack with lucky patcher or hack Pp data.
declan (1 month ago)
Its saying purchase failed
Aarti Rao (1 month ago)
Thanks l installed lucky patcher but they are showing purchase error please help me.
TutsAndWhatsTheFuts (1 month ago)
People say it don’t work for clash of clans. But I just did it and it works
Ainz Ooal Gown (2 months ago)
Niiice voice dude
Dark (22 days ago)
Ainz Ooal Gown right he sounds like every scammer
Thorfey (1 month ago)
アンキングス (3 months ago)
LittleRacoon Gaming (4 months ago)
only offline games!!
Gray Knight (3 months ago)
+32t56754r32167834r32 thanks for the advice man...I owe you one👍
32t56754r32167834r32 (3 months ago)
+Gray Knight its easy but only do it if you don't care about your phone it's I used it on my old phone and it resets your phone then you have to more difficult steps
Gray Knight (3 months ago)
+32t56754r32167834r32 how?✌️
32t56754r32167834r32 (3 months ago)
You have to root your device with kingroot to do online in-app purchases
I Do Stuff Studios (6 months ago)
Does this only work on offline games?
Chubba (2 months ago)
or idccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
Chubba (2 months ago)
Leslie C (6 months ago)
Thanks very helpful
hyper satan (6 months ago)
lucky patcher is almost garunted to work on offline games however online games have a good chance of stoping lucky patchers efforts
LIMIT COMPANY (6 months ago)
When lucky patcher doesn't effect app anymore Halp my lucky patcher is broken!
Modest Tursk (7 months ago)
Does lucky patcher work on bendy in nightmare run
game boy (7 months ago)
game boy (7 months ago)
Lucky patcher he not hack any game he can't hack PVZ2-C.A.T.S -AGAR.IO-MORE
Adblock is good (7 months ago)
My lucky patcher doesnt work for in app perchases when i try to buy something it fails due to a network error or some stuff pls help
Alejandro Gonzalez (2 months ago)
First do backup then do that thing to get stuff for free then press the button that say uninstall and install and boom it should work but check on some websites
Gregory Kamenetski (8 months ago)
PLEASE NOTICE!!! He is right, most of you followed his steps, the only problem is that it wont install, all you need to do is uninstall the original app and keep the one luckypatcher made
Mya Walters (8 months ago)
It says the request was unauthorized what do I do?
meme big boy (9 months ago)
YoungGuzz (9 months ago)
Protonic (3 months ago)
not everyone lives in the United States...
Killenraxel (6 months ago)
Your a fucking idiot it's not illegal because of a bill passed by Congress you cuck
JOLATADZIK Gonera (9 months ago)
clash of clans hack pls
Mom (2 months ago)
It's dosent work its an online game.
basi (8 months ago)
JOLATADZIK Gonera not a thing
xcelent (9 months ago)
it works :D
NUGGET IN A BISCUIT (9 months ago)
do I have to be rooted
Space Fox Animations (5 months ago)
mirko the cat (9 months ago)
YTflicks (9 months ago)
NUGGET IN A BISCUIT No, you don't need root permissions to use this app.
Riuny San (9 months ago)
When i want to do the file it says error unkown and im doing this for gacha world
Billy Joel Franco (10 months ago)
Have try this to a role playing games? Like seal new world?
Yin Yang (10 months ago)
How about lucky patche 7.2.4? Does it work to hack Galactic phantasy prelude?
ErnieKeeps22 (1 year ago)
My app close when i open it after i unistall install
Tanner memes (1 year ago)
When I try to run the apps the apps don't start because something is blocking them from starting and I turned Google play protect off
HMŃXHÚ (4 months ago)
Tanner memes settings < google < settings < google play protect < turn off play protect
ETEᖇᑎITᗩE (1 year ago)
Doesnt work for me says h1, h2, h3, h4 failed. Help?
Celina Le (1 month ago)
+YTflicks does toca world an easy app to hack? If so can u make a video on it?
Tara Barnes (1 month ago)
U press go to file and press delete and install
Xros Heart Federation (5 months ago)
Ofc it will not work on online games that requires account to play.
Xay Software Engineer (9 months ago)
KookieCream ayee
AnKyLoU GT (1 year ago)
Maybe it online game and have policy privacy
NoVa (1 year ago)
This...... *DOESNT WORK ALL THE TIME* but most of the time 🖒

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