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Text Comments (3570)
Coen Wang (10 months ago)
*for all people saying this is a wrong lyrics, well yes bcus it's the easy lyrics that you can read easily so pls take note that this is only a easy lyrics. THANK YOU*
Jasmin Lover (2 days ago)
Coen wang u r the best
Gleyciane Costa (11 days ago)
Oh my God❤
Tes Bayang (13 days ago)
👎😝 your so ugly hahaha
Tes Bayang (13 days ago)
Coen Wang Sarangheyo 😍😍
Queen Potato (15 hours ago)
Actually, there is someone in our school that looks exactly like daoming si 😂
Anton Tuta (2 days ago)
for meteor garden i love you
dewi suryamah (3 days ago)
Aku udh pernah liat di TV rameee banget tapi udh bertahun tahun lupa lagi, begitu liat di instagram aku langsung liat fidio nya sama lagu nya. Aku seneng banget
Wesam Al-Refaei (5 days ago)
*Netflix ? Anyone ?*
John Mariano (5 days ago)
Still watching MG specially if i miss Dd & Yy, Darren, Caesar, Connor h LijaiQi.
Muli Yana (6 days ago)
thiare cabrera rojas (6 days ago)
La puse en todos las velocidades y se escucha bacán 👍👍👍
echo miravite (6 days ago)
Almar Crisostomo (6 days ago)
Dylan wang and darren chen so cute and handsome
dhenise vlog (6 days ago)
I love dao ming si
hannah repollo (6 days ago)
i love u f4 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
hannah repollo (6 days ago)
kapag tumingin ako ng meteor garden hindi ako tumigil mag smile
hannah repollo (6 days ago)
ahhh meteor garden lang na hindi ko na makalimutan omg handsome talaga f4 i like to see f4
hannah repollo (6 days ago)
omg the f4 is so handsome
Dulce Paz (7 days ago)
Dale like si crees k los F4 son hermosos ...😍😍
ugly.kawen (9 days ago)
Can Dylan be mine already?;)) Im in love with him
Barihun Syiemlieh (9 days ago)
Dao Ming si i really lov u 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍
Bailyn Talibh (9 days ago)
WOW ganda ng sung nila ..
Patricia mesina (10 days ago)
😍😍😍😍😍miss you nahh
F4 I loveyou 3000
Akisha Amir De Vera (10 days ago)
daming si
ac and az vlog (11 days ago)
I love u lei and xiemen
Shawnise Bennett (11 days ago)
Dylan Wang looks like a replica of Seokjin Darren Chen looks like Soobin mixed with Jimin
No les pasa que algo les falta en la vida y no sabes que es y te desesperas por saber que es ami si
Razel Minoza (12 days ago)
hi darren
Yen 8 (12 days ago)
Ohhh mga Pilipino Jan!! Haraina kamo?!😅😂😂😂
maganda naman why people dislike
bakit marami dislike
Kim Erica (13 days ago)
awwww i miss them. F4🖤
lolito gamer (13 days ago)
For you for you
Gabriela Vasquez (13 days ago)
Me encanta darren chen !!
Marcela Marrentinha (13 days ago)
Junrey Paas (14 days ago)
Ang gwapo ng F4
Jeffrey Ugaban (14 days ago)
I love you darren chen
Gamingacc28 Com (14 days ago)
8 years old po
Gamingacc28 Com (14 days ago)
ako nga po pala si nicole
Gamingacc28 Com (14 days ago)
hi po kuya Douming su
Gamingacc28 Com (14 days ago)
hi sir Dylan wang
Gamingacc28 Com (14 days ago)
hi sir Dilang wang
Mesiah ARMY (15 days ago)
Miss f4 💟
Zahra Khairunissa (15 days ago)
Farooq Dar (15 days ago)
Meteor garden 2018 my favourite
Amber Wong (16 days ago)
will there be a s2????????!!!!!!!!!
Riyhanna Louise Aquino (17 days ago)
I miss F4
Rhoda Rodrigo (17 days ago)
Nice song ang crush ni dao ming so si marga
Kathreen Ram (18 days ago)
Love the movie. Watch it twice love the songs. I enjoy it alot
Emperatriz Espinosa (18 days ago)
i love dilan wang , darren chen, connor leong y caesar wu😏😘😍
Emperatriz Espinosa (18 days ago)
hi is Perfect music 2019😍
Gacha life (19 days ago)
Gardin de meteoros💖 Meteor Garden💖
Nilo Embew Barber (20 days ago)
Wonderful song ever
Jennifer Dela Cruz (21 days ago)
Dylan Wang so handsome..
Austrea Stemm (22 days ago)
Daoming si, ximen, Huaze Lei
hak dogg (22 days ago)
2019??? Meteor garden forever F4 forever
anime amv (23 days ago)
I miss meteor garden😭😭
LOV YOU Dylan Wang 😍😘😘😘
Rhosa Paragas (13 days ago)
Sana meron pa😔😔
Rosangela silva (25 days ago)
duvali kim (25 days ago)
Alguien 2019 y hablando español????
Danica mae cruz (25 days ago)
Dylan wang 😘😘😘
Aurora Francia (25 days ago)
i like it. hahaha
hua ze lei i like you
the bangtan girls bts (27 days ago)
I love Daomin si Dylan wang
Pamela Texeira (29 days ago)
I have the biggest crush on Dylan, Darren, and Ceaser. I do love Conner too but they my main three
Pamela Texeira (23 days ago)
+Cra xis !. Oh no, why? and can't a girl dream?
Cra xis !. (23 days ago)
You should give up on Darren sweetie.
Idgaf_kms _ (29 days ago)
My babessss ❤️
BLINK Y ARMY (1 month ago)
*I love you Darren Chen* 🔥❤
Jack Comboy (29 days ago)
Rosie Alon (1 month ago)
I love you daylangwon
Rhogelyn Bajo (1 month ago)
2019?who miss them😍like this if u miss them so much 😘am I the one who had memorized this song😁😍
batrisyiashakura (1 month ago)
FV songgggggg !!!
Bts! Blackpink!fan! (1 month ago)
Ilove darren chen ilove hua ze lei!💖
Kent Loregas (1 month ago)
I hope they will make new :(
Gabi Rocha (1 month ago)
Eu amo eles da série METEOR GARDEN ❤️❤️
Chayne marie Lino (1 month ago)
Cris tin (1 month ago)
Makakilig ang song
Zaqueu ss (1 month ago)
Gente estou amando agora descobri que alem de cantar as musicas do bts eu posso cantar as musicas do jardim de meteoros nossa muito obrigada
Riatri Setyowati (1 month ago)
diodos do kpop (1 month ago)
Mano eu choro toda hora quando ouso essa música mds
Khamkhanmung Guite (1 month ago)
I love Dylan Wang:)
Romaric Marie (1 month ago)
My daughter is only 20 mounth old, but she asks everyday for "oh oh ohohoh" and she sings your melody... Thanks!
Winnie Queen (1 month ago)
Omg I’m in love with cast! It’s been months since I finished the drama. I am missing the entire cast, cringe and cliche moments, and humors. In terms of the storyline, it was quite repetitive but the cast just really surprised me with their acting considering their experience. I just really miss them and hope to see them reunite in future work!!
Grhf Vdhd (1 month ago)
Love lei
Ines El ghadi (1 month ago)
mami khiangte (1 month ago)
so nice
Arlene Janiola (1 month ago)
Darren chen❤️❤️❤️
Esmeralda pardo (1 month ago)
Me encantan todos 🤣😃
Othelia Apolinario (1 month ago)
Czayen Capindo (1 month ago)
I miss them😢
Lenny mae Gaud (1 month ago)
Zaynah Chummun (1 month ago)
can I know the singer
Gitaa HD (1 month ago)
Watching 2019??
dany_yess (1 month ago)
Hi y am a fan when are you guys gonna put anoder part of Meteor garden
Alicia Mao (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who think its rythm is similar to Confusing by JuB???
Rinny r Tisdawati (1 month ago)
vincent leopoldo (1 month ago)
who still listening 2019???
Daily Basic AZ (1 month ago)
Dylan Wang
Kala ko si Do ng EXO
LaLa BuLaNaDi (1 month ago)
Dao Ming Siiiiiiiii😬
eliza min (1 month ago)
2019 everyone..???
Jommer Dela cruz (1 month ago)
its so nice we proud of you😘😍🤗

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