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Various WAGO Terminal Blocks and Connectors to join electric wires. Similar to Wire Nuts
Hi, this video shows a wide range of the commonly used WAGO connector terminal blocks in the United Kingdom. You can easily join electric wires together using these great WAGO Connectors. The video shows the WAGO connectors ratings for the UK. If viewing from other countries please check relevant regulations. Wago connectors have revolutionised the way electrical installation is done. The 222 series and the 221 series have screwless connection by simply lifting a small lever, they are fully reuseable. The 773 series and the 2273 series are so simple just strip the end of the wire and push it into the connector. The lighting connectors 224 series allows a solid cable on one side to connect to fine stranded (Flex) on the other which is ideal for low voltage transformers used on down lights. Also shown is some DIN Rail Mounts to house the WAGO connectors All these WAGO Connectors must be housed in a junction box or enclosure. I CANNOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS ON THESE WAGO CONNECTORS , PLEASE SEEK ADVICE FROM A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN. Many thanks Vince
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WAGO 222 under Extreme Conditions
Visit our website for more: http://global.wago.com/en/products/product-catalog/terminal-blocks-connectors/installation-connectors/compact-splicing-connectors-all-conductor-types-222-series/index.jsp
WAGO’s SMD PCB Terminal Blocks
SMD PCB terminal blocks are the optimal solution for LED applications. Easy handling and a compact design are but two of the many advantages of the SMD family. A compact and flat printed circuit board connection is a basic requirement for obtaining the most uniform distribution of light with the fewest shadows. WAGO's SMD PCB terminal blocks, with their combination of flat design and wide range of potential uses, completely cover these functionality demands. Being able to combine 1-, 2- and 3-pole terminal blocks side-by-side without losing the use of any poles also gives you complete flexibility with fewer variants. All SMD PCB terminal blocks come in tape-and-reel packaging to also ensure full integration into an automated production process. http://global.wago.com/en/products/product-catalog/pcb-terminal-blocks-connectors/pcb-terminal-blocks/smd/index.jsp
wago compact connectors - Ultimate Handyman DIY tips
Wago compact connectors can make DIY electrics and professional installation work much easier, this video shows how to use them. Brought to you by http://www.ultimatehandyman.co.uk/
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How To Use The Terminal Block Screwdriver
Using the right tool for the job is very important. In this quick how-to video, Jon shows us the Terminal Block Screwdriver and explains its applications. To learn more about this product, visit http://www.kleintools.com/catalog/terminal-block/terminal-block-screwdriver
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Weidmuller Z-Series Terminal Blocks
Construction * The Weidmuller Z-Series terminal block, moulded from Wemid material, is flexible and resists breakage while being thermally stable up to 120 deg C. The current bars are constructed of tin-plated copper to insure both high conductivity and corrosion resistance . The highlight of the Weidmuller Z-Series Terminal Block product line is a unique, tension-clamp technology that insures a secure, vibration-resistant connection. A stainless-steel spring is used to securely connect the wire to the current bar. A screwdriver is used to open the tension-clamp for the insertion of the wire. Simply push the screwdriver straight down into the terminal block. This opens up the tension clamp. Next, insert the wire straight downward into the terminal block. When the screwdriver is removed a high contact force is supplied by the stainless spring clamp thereby insuring a gas-tight connection to the current bar. The tension-clamp technology makes termination of the system wiring extremely fast. In addition, the wiring entries are generally on the top of the block in this product line. This means that it is easier to see where the wire is being inserted and helps reduce wiring errors. The Z-Series terminal block product line includes feed-thru blocks, fuse blocks, disconnect blocks and much more. This series supports wire sizes from 0.05 sq mm to 35 sq mm. All of these terminal blocks mount on industry standard TS 35 DIN Mounting Rail. Most of these blocks snap easily onto the rail without requiring any tools. A variety of unique marking options is available for the Z-series terminal block product line including hinged carriers. The most common marking option are the standard DEK marking tags. These tags are available in preprinted cards in standard sequential numbers as well as special print marking tags for your project's requirements. SCS can provide marking tags with custom printing for your projects requirements. The Weidmuller Z-Series Terminal Block product line supports Plug-in type jumpers from the ZQV series This type of jumper installs quickly, easily and securely into the cross-connection channel of the terminal block. The feed-thru blocks in the Weidmuller Z-Series Terminal Block product line will usually accept 1 or 2 of the ZQV-Style pluggable jumpers The Z-Series Terminal Block product line is mature and as a result includes a wide variety of special application blocks, marking systems, and accessories to handle your most demanding application.
IDEAL In-Sure® Push-In Wire Connectors
Push-In style wire connectors are becoming more popular with contractors versus the traditional twist on wire connectors that we have used for many years. UL puts these connectors through the exact same tests as traditional twist on wire connectors, so a push-in connector can be used anywhere a traditional twist-on would be used. You know if it’s IDEAL, it’s a quality connector and the In-Sure™ Push-In Wire Connector is no exception. These connectors save time and improve productivity while perfecting electrical connections. The color-coded, clear polycarbonate housing allows for visual verification of every connection. The ergonomic design of the In-Sure is easier to grip which means more comfortable push in connections. They are perfect for OEM lighting manufacturing, prefabricated wiring systems or almost any branch circuit wiring application. The low the insertion force makes it easy to push the solid or stranded wire fully into the connector quickly completing the job. (Connector picture on back of P2854 sales sheet on screen while saying the above) In-Sure Push-In connectors are UL Listed, CSA Certified, and rated to 600 V and 105 degrees Celsius for use on building wire, and 1000 V in signs and lighting fixtures. The connectors fit any combination of number 12 to 18 gauge solid or stranded copper conductors; however, like a standard twist-on connector, push-ins should not be used on aluminum wiring. In-Sure Connectors come in seven different models and colors from a 2-port model all the way up to an 8-port model. There is also a 3-port blue model 39 for 10 gauge solid or stranded wire. Regular Push-ins connectors are rated to 20 amps the model 39 is rated to 30 amps. (Picture of catalog page on screen) To install the In-Sure connector first make sure the wiring you are using complies with all applicable electrical codes and turn off the power. Strip the conductors one half an inch exposing the bare conductors. Grip the wire firmly and fully push the conductor into an open port. Use only one conductor per port. You can verify the conductor is fully inserted to the back of the connector through the clear polycarbonate housing. The connector is reusable on solid wires of the same wire gauge or larger. If you are reusing the connector cut and re-strip the conductors, then reinsert into the connector. In order to remove a wire, pull and twist the wire back and forth until the wire is removed. (Close up shots of stripping conductors and inserting and removing them in connector.) In-Sure Wire connectors should not be reused on stranded wire as strands maybe damaged or break free and become lodged inside the connector. One of the benefits of the In-Sure connector that Electrical contractors like is the fact you can add a conductor to the connection if there is an open port without having to completely remake the connection. Additionally, the convenient check port allows for easy testing of the connection without removing the connector. The 2, 3, and 4 port connectors will also pass through a traditional knockout on the side of an electrical box. #RonKipperDatacomm
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PLC-BSC-24DC/21 Панелька 5PIN, розетка для реле REL-MR- 24DC/21, 2966016 PHOENIX CONTACT
Приглашаем на новый канал: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAwZwwg6zHQVItmfg3UwY_Q Купить: http://www.promelectrica.ru/ Позвонить: 8(495)640-04-53 Почта: [email protected] Мы ставим простую задачу - показать продукцию, создать живую витрину нашего ассортимента. Со временем, научимся рассказывать и показывать особенно полезные продукты. Пишите нам Ваши предложения, и мы сделаем обзоры по самым актуальным из них. http://www.promelectrica.ru/ PLC-BSC-24DC/21 Панелька 5PIN, розетка для реле REL-MR- 24DC/21, колодка на DIN рейку, 2966016 PHOENIX CONTACT Размеры: 6.2х80х94 мм Входное напряжение: 24 Вольт постоянного тока Индикатор состояния: светодиод LED Защитная схема: нулевой диод, диод защиты от переполюсовки Параметры подключения, вход/выход: - тип подключения: винтовые зажимы - длина снятия изоляции: 8 мм - резьба винтов: M3 - сечение жесткого провода 0.14...2.5 мм², гибкого провода 0.14...2.5 мм², проводника AWG 26...14 Температура окружающей среды: - при эксплуатации: -40...+60°C, - при хранении, транспортировке: -40...+85°C PLC-BSC-24DC/21 Колодка для реле предназначена для подключения REL-MR- 24DC/21 Реле 24В =, 250В 6 А,AgSnO, 2961105 PHOENIX CONTACT Узнать более подробную информацию об этом устройстве и сделать заказ Вы сможете на нашем сайте: http://www.promelectrica.ru/catalog/radio_components/plc_bsc_24dc_21/
Solder Seal Wire Connectors 70 PCS Insulated Electrical Heat
Solder Seal Wire Connectors 70 PCS Insulated Electrical Heat Get this item: https://amzn.to/2WZ7vdt MULTIFARIOUS TERMINALS - All application kits include 12-10, 16-14, 22-18, 24-26 AWG butt connectors. Different color tubing provides easy identification. Fits auto, motorcycle, boat, science and home use. EASY OPERATION - No need to crimp, only 1 step, use a heat gun to process solder and seal for all your connections. Transparent sleeve provides precise inspection when strip and insert wires inside. INSULATED AND WATERPROOF– High quality insulated cable splice connectors for wire connection that provides excellent waterproof sealing and protection from mechanical damage. NON SLIP EVER - Heat shrinkable tubing provides high tensile strength when heating. Solder holds the wire tight, make sure our wire will never slip out of these connectors. Durable material serves a long life. OUTSTANDING FUNCTION – High quality solder provides excellent conductivity, increased current flow, and ensures less voltage instability, preventing wiring failures and reducing equipment downtime. wire connectors, wire connectors crimp, electrical wire connectors, push in wire connectors, quick disconnect wire connectors, how to use wire connectors, wire connectors walmart, waterproof wire connectors, quick splice wire connectors, automotive wire connectors, wire terminal block, wire connectors heat shrink, 3 way wire connector, wire connector plugs, types of crimp connectors, wire to wire connectors, molex connector pins, automotive wire terminals, wire crimp sleeves, 2 wire connector plug, push in wire connectors lowes, automotive crimp connectors, molex connector catalog, closed end crimp connectors, wire connectors amazon, ideal push in wire connectors reviews, wago connectors catalog, wire connectors male female, wire connector clips, electrical wire connectors types, wire connector block, how to connect two wires with a connector, hellermanntyton cable ties, 12v connectors 2 pin, electrical cable connectors types, lever wire connectors, push in wire connectors stranded wire, connector charger, inline connectors wire to wire, wago connectors distributors, waterproof cable connector ip68, click flow connectors, wire connectors halfords, are wire nuts legal in uk, wago 221 wire connectors, wago wire connectors how to use, counterfeit wago connectors,
Клеммная колодка Terminal block 2pin
Соединительная 2-проводная клемма с самозажимом Terminal block 2pin. Номинальное напряжение 250 В. Ток - 10 А. Технические характеристики Размеры (Д х Ш х В): 20 х 17,5 х 13 мм Количество жил: 2 Поперечное сечение: 0,08 - 2,5mm Количество разъемов: 1 шт. Измеренное напряжение EN: 250 В Измеренное напряжение разряда: 1,5 кВ Сила тока EN: 10 А Способ монтажа: однопроводной + гибкий Подробности на сайте: http://foton.ua/ Для приобретения товара перейдите по ссылке: https://foton.ua/catalog/klemmniki/terminal-block-2pin.html
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Соединительный кабель JST Connector 2pin 1 jack Father
Соединительный кабель для проводов, 2 контакта, 1 разъем, "Папа". Технические характеристики Размер (Д х Ш х В): 12 х 10 х 6 мм Длинна кабеля: 110 мм Класс защиты: IP20 Количество разъемов: 1 шт. Контактов в разъеме: 2 шт. Тип разъема: папа Совместимость: светодиодная лента на светодиодах SMD3528 Подробности на сайте: http://foton.ua/ Для приобретения товара перейдите по ссылке: https://foton.ua/catalog/konnektory/jst-connector-2pin-(1-jack)-father.html
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Клеммы Wago серии 281
Подписывайтесь на нашу группу Вконтакте — http://vk.com/chipidip, и Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/chipidip * Клеммы Ваго серии 281 предназначены для присоединения одножильных и многожильных проводников из меди и алюминия в электрических цепях переменного тока с частотой 50 Гц напряжением до 400 В с возможностью установки предохранителя.Данные клеммы имеют фронтальное подключение проводников и конструктивно состоят из двух частей. Нижняя часть представляет собой клеммный блок для подключения проводников, а в верхней части находится держатель предохранителя.Для того, чтобы подсоединить проводники к клемме, сначала необходимо зачистить их на длину 10мм. Затем необходимо вставить в квадратное входное отверстие клеммы отвертку под наклоном и протолкнуть ее до упора. При этом открывается зажим в круглом отверстии. В открывшееся отверстие вводим проводник и извлекаем отвертку. Проводник автоматически фиксируется в клемме и при этом становится невозможным самопроизвольное отсоединение проводника от клеммы. Откидной держатель предохранителя позволяет легко заменить его, не отключая провода. Перед заменой предохранителя нужно откинуть держатель в верхнее положение до фиксации. При открытии крышки держателя предохранитель автоматически освобождается из держателя и может быть легко извлечен рукой. Также в верхней части клеммы имеется светодиодный индикатор и в случае перегорания предохранителя он загорается.Данные клеммы предназначены для монтажа на Дин-рейку."Диапазон сечений соединяемых проводников составляет от 0.08 до 4 квадратных миллиметров;Номинальный ток составляет 10 Ампер;Номинальное напряжение 800 Вольт, но в реальной цепи данные параметры будут определяться используемым предохранителем."Основным преимуществом этих клемм является быстрое и надежное соединение проводников без применения профессионального инструмента, а также возможность использования вместо предохранителя закорачивающей перемычки.Данные клеммы применяются при монтаже электропроводки, в распределительных коробках и шкафах и устройствах защиты.
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Обзор клемм WAGO на печатную плату
Визуально продемонстрируем серий клемм WAGO на печатную плату. Заказ клемм на сайте http://wgspb.ru или по тел. (812) 336-60-38
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Weidmuller WTR 2.5 Disconnect Terminal Block- Specialty Control Systems
The Weidmuller WTR 2.5 Disconnect Terminal Block One of most unique and versatile terminal blocks in the Weidmuller W-Series Product line is the WTR 2.5 Disconnect Terminal Block. The basic WTR 2.5 disconnect terminal block, P/N 185561, has the following exceptional features: Matching profile to other W-Series terminal blocks Easy-to-operate, hinged disconnect lever Convenient slot for inserting ZQV jumper And, ample space for terminal block marking This block is available with test sockets. This allows the user to open the circuit and measure the loop current for 4 to 20 mA applications. The test sockets install where the usual clamp-screw is located and accepts the PS 2.3 Test Plug This block is also available as P/N 873170 which is shipped without the disconnect lever. With the lever removed, the block can be used in conjunction with the SIHA-Style Fuse Plug. This space saving plug with its innovative staggered design allows the use of a 5mm fuse in only 5mm of effective rail space! The 5x20mm fuse is installed into the SIHA fuse holder which is then fitted into the WTR 2.5 disconnect terminal block. The fuse holder in the adjacent block is inserted in the opposite direction. The SIHA fuse holder is available with or without LED blown fuse indication. The BEST component holder increases the variety of applications for this block even further. The user can install a variety of electronic components into the BEST holder. The BEST component holder is available as a standard item with a 1N4007 Diode mounted in the holder. For space-conscious designers, the WTR 2.5 disconnect terminal block provides a wide variety of options for constructing an efficient, functional and easy-to-maintain wire termination system. Contact Specialty Control Systems for this terminal block and all of your Weidmuller terminal blocks and accessories.
LED Dryer Curing Lamps Light Fingernail & Toenail Polish
LED Dryer Curing Lamps Light Fingernail & Toenail Polish To get this item: https://amzn.to/2TIPPQZ About the product Professional Salon Lamp: It can cure all UV gel within 30s: UV Nail Gel, LED Nail Gel, Nail Builder Gel, Sculpture Nail Gel, Acrylic Nail art, Gellen Gel Polish, Rhinestone Gems Glue and UV Resin etc, no sticky gel. 24 Lamp Beads: Upgraded UV and LED lamp, fast cure gel but won't hurt or black your skin; long-lasting 50,000hrs lifetime no need to replace. Auto On/off by Infraed Induction: Hands in, lamp on. Hands out, lamp off; It can be started automatically by auto-sensor without pressing any key. LCD Time Setting: 30s/60s of 2 timer settings and max curing 99s at 1/2 low power mode, time depending on the amount of gel polish you have on for a perfect nail art. Big Size: Large enough fit two hands or feet in at the same time, not to worry about bumping sides or messing up polish; also the bottom part is detachable from the top part, which is easily cleaned and sanitized. wire connectors, wire connectors crimp, electrical wire connectors, push in wire connectors, quick disconnect wire connectors, how to use wire connectors, wire connectors walmart, waterproof wire connectors, quick splice wire connectors, automotive wire connectors, wire terminal block, wire connectors heat shrink, 3 way wire connector, wire connector plugs, types of crimp connectors, wire to wire connectors, molex connector pins, automotive wire terminals, wire crimp sleeves, 2 wire connector plug, push in wire connectors lowes, automotive crimp connectors, molex connector catalog, closed end crimp connectors, wire connectors amazon, ideal push in wire connectors reviews, wago connectors catalog, wire connectors male female, wire connector clips, electrical wire connectors types, wire connector block, how to connect two wires with a connector, hellermanntyton cable ties, 12v connectors 2 pin, electrical cable connectors types, lever wire connectors, push in wire connectors stranded wire, connector charger, inline connectors wire to wire, wago connectors distributors, waterproof cable connector ip68, click flow connectors, wire connectors halfords, are wire nuts legal in uk, wago 221 wire connectors, wago wire connectors how to use, counterfeit wago connectors,
WAGO 2273 Series  The COMPACT PUSH WIRE Connector for Junction Boxes
WAGO 2273 Series: Small is Big. How to develop the best socket modules ever? Minimize the space requirements in the socket while ensuring maxim convenience, ease of use, safety and reliability: - Individually combinable cross sections from 0.5 to 2.5 mm² - Clear color coding for quick access - Up to 51% less space required than for the 273 Series that has proven itself in billions of applications - Test slot for all standard test probes - Transparent enclosure allows visual inspection for correct wiring - Sight glass for checking touch-proof protection
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METZ CONNECT Spring clamp terminal block with eccentric lever 3D animation
Our spring clamp terminal blocks are suitable for solid and stranded wires, offer the possibility for tool-less wire connections, and are even customizable with printing and color options!
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Configuration and Parameterization IO-Link Master
IO-Link Master http://www.siemens.de/IO-Link http://support.automation.siemens.com/WW/view/en/84214594 The video clip illustrates the quick, simple configuration and parameterization of the IO-Link Master module in the engineering phase. The demonstrated procedure describes the settings of the SIMATIC IO-Link Master based on the sample application of the chip conveyor.
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ЭЗОИС ЭлектроЩит  НКУ 2х630А на обордудовании Schneider Electric в корпусе Prisma PR  Часть 1
НКУ — это востребованное современное оборудование для распределения электроэнергии. Его используют для управления и защиты потребляющих технических устройств. НКУ широко применяются в газо- и нефтедобывающей сфере, где их монтируют на подстанциях перекачивающих станций. ЗАО “ЭЗОИС ЭлектроЩит” представляет НКУ 2х630А, которые собираются на оборудовании известного бренда Schneider Electric (Франция) — Призма. Такие шкафы и ячейки рассчитываются на токи от 160А до 3200А со степенью защиты от IP 30 до IP 55. Они соответствуют ГОСТ Р51321.1 - 2000(МЭК60439 - 1) и могут иметь различные габариты. Последний параметр подбирается в зависимости от габарита применяемых коммуникационных устройств. К преимуществам шкафов и ячеек Prisma относятся эффективные решения и возможность быстрой модернизации, в зависимости от требований производственного процесса, посредством установки различных видов монтажных плат и фронтальных панелей. Все НКУ 2х630А от “ЭЗОИС ЭлектроЩит” отличаются безопасностью, которая неоднократно проверена и подтверждена в ходе серьезных испытаний. ЗАО «ЭЗОИС-ЭлектроЩит» http://www.ezois-es.ru - это завод, специализирующийся на разработке, изготовлении и поставке электрощитового оборудования любой сложности. Работаем с мировыми брендами и с российскими производителями электротехники. Занимаемся поставками на российский и зарубежный рынок. Наш адрес: 196191, Санкт-Петербург, Ленинский пр., д.168, к.4 Официальный сайт http://www.ezois-es.ru Бесплатная консультация по тел: 8 (800) 7-700-966 Отдел продаж [email protected] Отдел комплексных поставок [email protected] Наши проекты Вконтакте https://vk.com/ezois_es Наши услуги: ✔ Проектирование электроснабжения ✔ Электромонтажные работы ✔ Производство и сборка электрощитов ✔ Производство трансформаторных подстанций ✔ Энергоаудит ✔ Строительно-монтажные работы СМР ✔ Проектно-изыскательные работы ПИР ✔ Энергосбережение ✔ Проектирование вентиляции ✔ Проектирование отопления ✔ Энергетический паспорт ✔ Сборка НКУ ✔ Монтаж НКУ ✔ Производство НКУ ✔ Аренда генераторов Каталог оборудования: ✔ Силовые трансформаторы ✔ Измерительные трансформаторы ✔ Кабельная продукция ✔ Приборы учета электроэнергии ✔ Шинопровод и токопровод ✔ Электротехнические корпуса щитов ✔ Приводная техника ✔ Светотехника
расчетник нку обзор
расчетчик щитового оборудования
How to Wire a Profibus Cable to a Profibus Connector
✅ C'mon over to https://realpars.com where you can learn PLC programming faster and easier than you ever thought possible! ========================== Profibus is a widely used communication protocol for Siemens industrial applications. If you did not purchase a pre-wired Profibus connection or one was not provided for your application, you made need to wire one yourself. In this video, we are going to discuss what tools are needed for wiring the Profibus connector as well as the different steps required. We will talk about what the different layers of the cable are called and how to strip those layers to get to the core wires required for the connector. Go ahead an watch this lesson to learn how to wire a Profibus connection cable. ========================== Below are the links for the Siemens products we mentioned in this video. Profibus Cable: https://mall.industry.siemens.com/mall/en/us/Catalog/Product/6XV18300ET20 Profibus Connector: https://mall.industry.siemens.com/mall/en/ww/Catalog/Product/6ES7972-0BA52-0XA0 Profibus Fast Connect Stripping Tool: https://mall.industry.siemens.com/mall/en/ww/catalog/product/6gk1905-6aa00 ========================== To stay up to date with our last videos and more lessons, make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel: http://goo.gl/Y6DRiN ============================= Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therealpars/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/realpars Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/realpars
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How to use a scotchlok or plier tap connector.
http://www.connectorsupply.com/catalog/ This video will show you how to tap a wire using a scotchlok plier tap connector.
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Connecteurs QUICK-ON de  Phoenix Contact
Démonstration rapide du système de connectique QUICK-ON de la marque PHOENIX CONTACT, http://www.reboul.fr/catalogue/connectique-industriels-connecteurs-cylindriques-divers/768.html
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Cinch ModICE Connector Enclosures | New Product Brief
View full article: https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/industry-articles/cinch-connectors-modice-connector-enclosures-new-product-brief/ Cinch Connectors’ ModICE connector enclosures are a turnkey solution for sealed packaging solutions for control modules in agriculture, heavy equipment, commercial, recreational vehicles, and industrial controls. Headers snap into the enclosures, creating a sealed housing for the module with sealing rated up to IP69K and a high tolerance for shock, vibration, and exposure to the environment. Various enclosure sizes are available for board sizes up to 6.00” x 6.10”, with optional heat sinks and vents. Headers offer up to 60 I/Os with or without integrated ferrites, and blank headers are available for custom applications. The ME-MX series of headers provides a USCAR 1.50 mm interface that mates with standard Molex MX150 connectors and is ideal for vehicle electronics controls and telematics applications. For more information, as well as all the latest All About Circuits projects and articles, visit the official website at http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/ Subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AllAboutCircuitsVideo Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allaboutcircuits Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AllAboutCircuit Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/allaboutcircuits
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Personnalisable : catalogue de convoyeurs de manutention mécanique - MPDS4
Essai gratuit: http://www.cad-schroer.fr/produits/mpds4/version-dessai-gratuite.html Le catalogue de systèmes de convoyage et de manutention mécanique a été entièrement révisé. De nombreux convoyeurs standards et les composants correspondants ont été ajoutés au catalogue. Les dimensions des différents composants ou des marchandises à transporter sont entièrement personnalisables. La planification essentielle des lignes de convoyage dans une usine ou un atelier est extrêmement simplifiée puisque le nouveau catalogue peut contenir davantage de composants venant des fournisseurs.
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A set of 50 two-pin PCB terminal screw blocks from Banggood.com, with a small surprise. Order no: sku159760. http://www.banggood.com/50pcs-2pins-Printed-Circuit-Board-Connector-Block-Screw-Terminals-p-943634.html?p=QU1507181282201305OV
Views: 196 Charles Babbadge
Клеммы Phoenix Contact выдерживают тяжелые испытания
Испытание на вибрацию. Немецкая компания Phoenix Contact (полное название Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG) была создана более восьмидесяти лет назад (1924-й год) и на сегодняшний день является одним из мировых лидеров в сфере производства электрических соединительных устройств и электронного интерфейсного оборудования. Каталог продукции http://www.mege.ru/catalog/products/phoenix_contact/
Wire Terminal Block Relays Without Tools - Phoenix Contact
http://www.phoenixcontact.com/ptrelay http://www.phoenixcontact.com/detention The 6.2 mm wide, terminal block relays; "PLC Relays," from Phoenix Contact now incorporate push-in connection technology; making connections between controllers and field devices even easier. In fact, you can connect wires as small as 22 awg without the use of any tools. Accessories like a cabling adapter make integrating these terminal block relays into any control system nearly seamless.
Views: 8634 Phoenix Contact USA
Блок питания на DIN рейку MEAN WELL DR-15-12
http://ledlamp.com.ua/catalog/napryazhenie-12v/blok-pitaniya-na-din-reyku-mean-well-dr-15-12/ Все виды блоков питания на 12В http://ledlamp.com.ua/catalog/napryazhenie-12v/
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Enclosure Systems, Terminal Block Box, Switch Box, Control Box, Cable Grand by Boxco/박스코
Plastic material and Protection grade of Boxco Features of plastic material of BOXCO ●It has few decolonization and discoloration even used for a long time at outside owing to addition of ultraviolet stabilizer. ●It protects electric/electronic instruments by using the material with addition of static electricity protecting material. ●It is easy to make without breakage in hole and press process and it is very strong against outside impact as it is made of high impact resistant material. ●We can supply optimized products which will be made of ordered material you request considering purpose and area used besides standard specification. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ● Company : Boxco Co., Ltd. / 박스코 ● Address : Boxco Bldg., 577-16, Gwaebeop-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan 617-809 Korea For more information ● e-catalog: http://boxco.en.ec21.com/ ● Inquiry: [email protected] Keywords: Enclosure, terminal block box, switch box, control box, cable grand -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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IODD on Board - PROFINET IO-Link-Master Configuration, MVK Metal 55532
'IODD on Board' is an advanced technology by Murrelektronik: The sensor and actuator data stored in the IODD (IO Device Description) are directly incorporated into the GSDML files of the Murrelektronik MVK Metal (55531/55532) and Impact67 (55132 / 55131) fieldbus modules. If devices (e.g. IO-Link sensors or valve terminals) are connected, you can access this data directly and very conveniently via your PLC software tools, with no need for manual parameter setting or special tools. The procedure shown works for the modules: 55531 55532 55161 55162 'IODD on Board' ist eine innovative Technologie von Murrelektronik: Die in der IODD (IO Device Description) hinterlegten Daten zu Sensoren und Aktoren werden dazu direkt in die GSDML-Dateien der Murrelektronik-Feldbusmodule MVK Metall und Impact67 eingebettet. Werden nun Devices (z.B. IO-Link-Sensoren oder IO-Link-Ventilinseln) angeschlossen, dann kann ohne manuelle Parametrierung oder spezielle Tools direkt auf diese Daten zugegriffen werden, und das – ganz praktisch – mit den ohnehin etablierten SPS-Softwaretools.
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Испытание пламенем! Клеммы от немецкого производителя Phoenix Contact
«МИГ Электро» предлагает широкий ассортимент продукции производства Phoenix Contact http://www.mege.ru/catalog/products/phoenix_contact/
SEE Electrical / Open Data module
Discover New version V8R1 :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYZPJPtNF84&feature=youtu.be More efficient data exchange: export of multiple database lists in one step. Save data entry time: changes can be made in Microsoft Excel® quicker because the content of important lists (document list, product list, terminal list, wire list, cable list, PLC list,…) can be reimported to the SEE Electrical workspace it originated from. This module can be essential in companies where the workflow requires updates to the project data to be handled without the use of the Electrical CAD system.
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EtherCAT Relay Module IO Block - KEB America
The EtherCAT Relay Module is the newest addition to the KEB Automation catalog of products. The Relay I/O module combines a pilot relay with an I/O module, providing the functions of two blocks on a DIN rail in the space of one. At only 25mm wide, the Relay I/O module is a great space-saver in any installation cabinet. #EtherCAT #relaymodule #IOmodule -- Products used in the video -- * http://kebblog.com/relay-module-io-block/ * http://kebblog.com/c6-smart-embedded-ipc/ ► Subscribe to Our Channel Here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=KEBAmericaInc -- Follow KEB America Here -- * Website: http://www.kebblog.com * LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/keb-america-inc * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KEBAmericaInc/ * Twitter: https://twitter.com/kebamerica * Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keb_america
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SOLVED - PLC Modules are Missing in the Hardware of STEP7 V5.6
✅ C'mon over to https://realpars.com where you can learn PLC programming faster and easier than you ever thought possible! ========================== ✅ Check out the full blog post over at https://realpars.com/plc-modules-are-missing-in-the-hardware-of-step7/ ========================== I was beginning a new project in my STEP7 environment and wanted to select the modules that I would be using from the hardware list only to find that I no longer had access to the S7-300 or S7-400 modules. After shutting down the software and restarting it, checking again, restarting my computer, cussing a couple of times, and doing some other gyrations, I found that I needed to do something a little more detailed to get the modules back. In some cases, when software is installed, some of the components may not properly install with the software. That appears to be what happened with my installation of STEP7. This lesson will instruct you on what to do in order to get the needed modules back into your environment. Let’s get started fixing this issue. ========================== Missed our most recent videos? Watch them here: https://realpars.com/father-of-the-plc/ https://realpars.com/what-is-a-legend/ https://realpars.com/what-is-a-pid-diagram/ ============================= To stay up to date with our last videos and more lessons, make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel: http://goo.gl/Y6DRiN ============================= TWEET THIS VIDEO: https://ctt.ec/7Ea1x ============================= Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therealpars/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/realpars Follow us on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/realpars
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MK500 Graver PGA
Гравировка табличек из анодированного алюминия Подробнее: http://absolutsensor.by/catalog/markirovochnaya-produkcziya-partex-marking-systems/markiruyushhie-ustrojstva-partex/gravirovalnyij-nabor-dlya-tablichek,-ustanavlivaemyix-na-plotteryi-mk500-ili-mk100-mk500-graver/
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Terminal Strip Export / Import - AutoCAD Electrical 2015
This video from Autodesk shows you how to create 3D models with terminal data in AutoCAD Electrical 2015. Autodesk® AutoCAD® Electrical features automate common design tasks and facilitate drafting productivity. AutoCAD Electrical includes all the functionality of Autodesk® AutoCAD® software, plus electrical engineering features such as symbol libraries, bill of materials (BOM) reporting, and PLC I/O design that make controls design faster and more efficient. For more information and to keep up to date with the latest Autodesk news please visit: http://www.majentasolutions.com/autodesk/ http://twitter.com/majentauk http://www.facebook.com/majentagroup http://www.linkedin.com/company/majenta-solutions
Views: 2524 Majenta Solutions
Винтовые клеммы ABB SNK
Винтовые клеммы ABB SNK (клеммники или клеммные соединения) полностью исключают ошибку при монтаже неправильной стороной. Клемма имеет усиленный корпус и не меняет форму при сильной затяжке или при использовании жестких проводов. Удобный монтаж по 10 шт из коробки за 1 операцию. Также конструкция силовых клемм АББ SNK позволяет сэкономить место на рейке: клемма, позволяющая подключить проводник сечением 4 кв. мм c номинальным током 32 A в соответствии с последним стандартом МЭК 60947-7-1, занимает 5,2 мм. Смотрите видео про клеммы ABB SNK и делайте правильный выбор. Купить клеммы ABB из каталога по выгодной цене можно на сайте в Красноярске http://gorseti24.ru
SEE Electrical V7R2 - Goto graphical lists
Discover New version V8R1 :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYZPJPtNF84&feature=youtu.be
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Galco Repairs: Siemens Simatic S5 PLC's
Siemens Simatic S5 PLC repaired by experienced technicians. Katie Nyberg presents Galco's repair capabilities. Contact Galco at 800-514-8230 or visit http://www.galco.com/scripts/cgiip.exe/wa/wcat/catalog.htm?searchbox=simatic%20s5&source=YouTubeRepair to get your item repaired. Save -- Repair costs are often a significant savings versus the OEM Cleaned -- Every repair is cleaned and dried when possible Refurbished, Not Just Repaired -- Technicians replace commonly failed components when applicable. Verified Repair -- Most repairs are verified on a simulator to ensure long-term proper working order. Quality -- 3 Levels of quality control to make sure your equipment is repaired correctly. 18-Month 'Bumper-to-Bumper' Warranty -- The entire unit you send to us for service is covered under warranty, not just the portion repaired. Quick Turnaround -- Fast, Faster and Fastest turnaround options, which can be as soon as next business day. Pre-Priced Repair -- In most cases you will know your repair cost before sending us your repair. Otherwise, we offer free evaluations and estimates. To find all of Galco's repair capabilities go to: http://www.galco.com/scripts/cgiip.exe/wa/wcat/r_browse.htm?division=IR&source=YouTubeRepair Galco is a Factory Authorized Stocking Distributor for Over 150 Brands of Industrial Electrical & Electronic Automation, Controls and Component Products; On-Site and Send-In Repair Services for Industrial Control & Automation Products for Over 2,000 Brands; Engineered Systems Integration, Retrofits & Upgrades for Variable Speed Drives, CNC, PLC Systems, Dynamometers & Test Stand Applications. Visit us online at http:// www.galco.com or call us at 800-337-1720. http://www.galco.com/safety With respect to the usage, installation or assembly of any products described in this video, Galco Industrial Electronics, Inc., a Michigan corporation, encourages you to follow the requirements and/or guidelines of: i) the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, Public Law 91-596, as amended, and all laws, rules and regulations implemented in relation thereto; ii) the National Electric Code®; and iii) NFPA 70E®. Any installation, assembly or work described in this video should be performed by a qualified licensed electrician. GTV, Galco, galco.com, Galco Industrial Electronics, and Galco Industrial Electronics, Inc. are registered and/or pending registered trademarks under the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, assumed names, registered domain names, and/or trade names of Galco Industrial Electronics, Inc., a Michigan corporation. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: While we have made every attempt to ensure that the information provided is accurate and has been obtained from reliable sources, Galco is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. All information is provided "as is", with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness or of the results obtained from the use of this information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to warrantees of performance, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. At all times you should defer to the instructions and safety guidelines issued by the manufacturer. In no event will Galco, its agents or employees thereof be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information provided to you or for any consequential, special or similar damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.
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BOSE CoDeSys CASE Program Looping with FESTO CPX CEC
CASE next OF STRUCTURED TEXT Programming Loop investigation using CPX CEC PLC ad CoDeSys IDE. Software DELAY using variable called DELAY1 (incremented) is demonstrated. DELAY is RESET to ZERO, after maximum count is reached.
Views: 846 hilaryclinton2010
Siemens ET200s - how to add or remove modules
Quick video on how to add or remove wiring bases (terminal blocks) or the terminator from a Siemens ET200s distributed IO rack. I use the term "module" a little too loosely, I really mean the wiring base in the video. The module is what plugs into the wiring base.
Views: 30769 natenut
Legrand México
En Neucon S.A. De C.V. Somos distribuidores de la marca Legrand. Ofrecemos gabinetes metalicos, plasticos y en acero inoxidable, Transformadores de control, pulsadores, selectores y luces piloto, canaleta ranurada, clemas, ferrules, señalizadores para cable, regletas de conexión, tomas y clavijas, etc. [email protected] www.neucon.com.mx Tel. (33) 3125.5537 / 3620.9899
Views: 189 Neucon S.A De C.V.
See Electrical V8R1 Export to Weidmuller M-Print PRO
Demonstrating a simple method of transferring component and terminal tags from See Electrical Basic, Standard and Advanced into Weidmüllers M-Print PRO label printing software.
Views: 2310 IGE-XAO UK
SOLIDWORKS Electrical   Create Manufacturer Part
See more at: http://www.goengineer.com/products/solidworks-electrical-schematic-standard-professional/ Learn how to make Electrical manufacturer parts inside of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic. Quick Tip presented by Kate Hedberg of GoEngineer. About GoEngineer: GoEnginneer delivers software, technology and expertise that enable companies to unlock innovation and deliver better products faster. With more than 30 years experience and thousands of customers in high-tech, medical, machine design, energy and other industries, GoEngineer provides best-in-class design solutions from SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys, CAMWorks and Agile PLM. http://www.goengineer.com http://www.facebook.com/goengineer http://www.twitter.com/goengineer http://www.linkedin.com/goengineer https://plus.google.com/+goengineer
Views: 528 GoEngineer
CODESYS and Safety Module (for EL6900) SL First Steps
Using EL6900 Safety Module with CODESYS V3 plc https://store.codesys.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=EL6900
Views: 417 CODESYS Support
Beckhoff TwinCAT Quick Start
A very quick start to downloading, installing, and configuring TwinCAT PLC software.
Views: 208349 AdvancedHMI
Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2014 Tutorial | PLC Module Specifications
Want all of our free AutoCAD videos? Download our free iPhone / iPad app at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/video-training-courses-from/id418130423?mt=8 More details on this AutoCAD Electrical training can be seen at http://www.infiniteskills.com/training/learning-autodesk-autocad-electrical-2014.html This clip is one example from the complete course. For more free CAD tutorials please visit out our main website. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/OreillyMedia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OReilly/?fref=ts Twitter: https://twitter.com/OReillyMedia Website: http://www.oreilly.com/