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VAT for UK small businesses - Tax Tips & Advice for Business
http://www.incauk.biz/ Hi, I'm Graham from Inca Chartered Accountants. In this video I'm going to talk about how you can make money from VAT. VAT is all about your sales. The threshold is £73,000. If you're rolling 12 months sales exceeds that limit you have to register for VAT. The key word in that is rolling. It doesn't operate on 1 financial year to the next basis. It operates on a rolling 12 months. Soon as you tip over, you have to register. What I'm interested in is registering early on a voluntary basis. Before your sales get anywhere near £73000 a year. Why would you want to do that? Well it a lot of cases you can actually make a lot of money from it. If you are selling to other businesses and those businesses are VAT registered then your sales are no more expensive now than they would be if you weren't VAT registered. On the plus side expenses you incur running the business suddenly become cheaper. There are lots of things you may buy which have VAT on them. Mobile phone bills, internet, computer equipment, desks and chairs, even dare I say Accountants bills. All of those things become cheaper if you are VAT registered. Now that can save you around about a sixth of the cost when you add that up over a quarter, over a year that's quite a substantial saving and that's extra profit for you. Money that you don't have to go and generate in sales elsewhere. So when you are in a situation where you are selling to other businesses think carefully about VAT registering nice and early would benefit you and make you some money. Now there is another line to the VAT side. If you happen to be in professional services you may not buy a lot, month on month for your business - a bit of mobile phone, a bit of internet. There is a scheme called the flat rate scheme and its particularly useful for biusinesses who are in professional services who don't have a lot of expenditure. Its also really easy to operate because you are only looking at the VAT on your sales. You can forget about the purchases side. Its all about calculating VAT on your sales and paying over a particular amount that is based on your profession. And that's the important bit, its based upon your profession. The rate you pay across is different from one type of business to another. Getting the right type of business can make you quite a bit of money ever quarter. We have clients who are making £600, £1000, £2000 a quarter through nothing more than having the correct business type and being on flat rate VAT scheme. That's money directly into your pocket care of HMRC. Flat rate VAT isn't for everyone. If you are selling overseas it may not be beneficial to you and if you are making losses it probably isn't with sales particularly low. So you need to think carefully about the ratio of your purchases to your sales and then decide which scheme is best for you. So what is the next step? Well registering for VAT is relatively straight forward. It can be done online or by your accountant. The important thing is record keeping. But then you probably know that about running a business anyway. Keep your receipts whether you are on the flat rate scheme or not, get VAT receipts, VAT invoices, keep a record of your income and expenditure. And from that reporting your VAT should be pretty straight forward. In the next video I'm going to talk about how much tax you have to pay.
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Tax and VAT issues when trading with countries in the European Union
An introduction to the issues involved when trading with other EU countries. Free online help is available from HMRC for businesses. We run live daily one hour help sessions, called Webinars, with time given to let you ask questions. We also have half hour recorded sessions that you can watch ay any time. All you need for access is a name and an email address. Go here to see the times and topics: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/webinars/index.htm Go here to see what topics are in the recorded library: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/webinars/pre-recorded.htm HMRC is the UK’s tax, payments and customs authority. We collect the money that pays for the UK’s public services and help families and individuals with targeted financial support. Why not ask a question or share your experiences on HMRC’s Small Business Forum? You can find it here: https://online.hmrc.gov.uk/webchatprod/community/forums/list.page Follow HMRC on social media: • Twitter: https://twitter.com/HMRCgovuk/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HMRC/ • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hm-revenue-&-customs For help with general queries relating to any of HMRC’s products and services, talk to us on: • Twitter: https://twitter.com/HMRCcustomers/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HMRC/ Sign up for your Personal Tax Account. Join the millions of customers already using their online account to check and update their records and see their state pension details. It takes just 5 minutes at https://www.gov.uk/personal-tax-account
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TALLY accounts only  (purchase And Sales with VAT  )
Accounts Only Company Creation Purchase / Sales Ledgers Tax Ledgers (Input VAT ,Output VAT) Creation Purchase entry Sales Entry Kerala VAT , Input VAT, Output VAT( In MALAYALAM)
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How VAT is applied across internal EU borders - utalk
We're talking tax in this edition of Utalk. Petar in Sofia asks: "I am a small business owner in... euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe for your daily dose of international news, curated and explained:http://eurone.ws/10ZCK4a Euronews is available in 13 other languages: http://eurone.ws/17moBCU http://www.euronews.com/2014/01/31/how-vat-is-applied-across-internal-eu-borders We're talking tax in this edition of Utalk. Petar in Sofia asks: "I am a small business owner in Bulgaria, providing both goods and services to customers. I would like to extend my business abroad in the EU, but I am not sure whether VAT is applicable or not. Could you help me?" Jean-Baptiste Meert, a Senior Communication Officer with Europe Direct responds: "As a European Union-based company, VAT is chargeable on most of your sales and purchases, except exports to countries outside the EU. As a business supplying goods or services you must normally register with the tax authorities in the EU country where your business is established. "When you sell goods or services, add the VAT to the price of the goods or services on your invoice. The customer pays you the full amount of the invoice, including the VAT. You must account for this to the tax authorities. If you sell goods or services to business clients in other Member States, you will not have to charge VAT but your business client is, in most cases, liable to pay the VAT in his own Member State. "Similarly, when you are buying goods or services, you must also pay VAT as a customer. However, you can usually deduct that VAT from the VAT you charge your own customers. This means that you need to pay only the difference to the tax authorities, and report these amounts to them in your periodic VAT return. "Sometimes, the VAT your business has paid exceeds the VAT that you have charged to your customers. If so, the tax authorities will reimburse or credit you with the difference. "There are standard EU rules on VAT, but the detailed application of VAT may be different in each EU country. Although VAT is charged throughout the EU, each member country is responsible for setting its own rates. Within each country, there is a standard rate, which applies to all or most supplies, and there may be one or more reduced rates - lower rates that apply to a limited variety of supplies. "Finally, some important categories of goods or services, for example: educational, healthcare and financial services, are mostly exempt from VAT. For more information on VAT registration and invoicing, as well VAT rates in the various EU countries, call 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11 or check out the website: http://europa.eu/youreurope/business/vat-customs/buy-sell/index_en.htm Find us on: Youtube http://bit.ly/zr3upY Facebook http://www.facebook.com/euronews.fans Twitter http://twitter.com/euronews
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Value Added Tax (VAT) and Taxation in Poland. Investment and Business in Poland
Oruga Group Business and Investment Law ► https://orugagroup.com/en Today's video topic is #VAT - means Value Added Tax. The Polish Value-Added Tax Act of 11 March 2004 is based on European Union Legislation, and in particular, on the provisions of Directive 2006/112/EC on the common system of value added tax so-called the VAT Directive. VAT rates are as follows: 23% is a standard VAT rate. 8% is a reduced VAT rate - applied to supplies of certain food items, medical products, hospitality services and community housing. 5% is also reduced VAT rate - applied to supplies of certain food items, such as bread, dairy products, meats, and selected publications. Entities that wish to conduct activities subject to VAT in Poland must file a registration form before the date of the first taxable activity. Taxpayers who intend to conduct transactions between different EU countries must be EU VAT registered. The annual sales that do not exceed PLN 150,000 are exempt from VAT. However, the taxpayers may choose to pay VAT #tax. It depends on the scope of entity activities and in many cases it is more convenient for the entity to choose being VAT registered. Foreign companies can become a VAT registered companies too, but in order to register for VAT purposes in Poland, entities without a registered office in Poland, permanent place of residence or place of business in the European Union must appoint a tax representative. Tax representatives are responsible for the tax liabilities of the taxpayers they represent. Taxpayers file monthly VAT reports by the 25th of the month following the month in which the tax obligation arose, or quarterly, by the 25th of the month following the quarter in which the tax obligation arose. As a rule, VAT is paid to the tax office at the time of filing an appropriate VAT report. However, in the case of taxpayers paying VAT on a quarterly basis, monthly VAT withholdings must be made if the tax due results from the return filed for the previous quarter. Taxpayers with annual sales of less than EUR 1,200,000 are not required to make monthly withholdings (VAT can be paid quarterly). VAT is deducted, partially deducted or reduced if the criteria are met. As for example the VAT on accommodation and gastronomic services is not subject for deduction. The tax refund is usually paid into the bank account indicated by the taxpayer. As a rule VAT is refunded if requested by the taxpayer in a tax report, within 60 days from the date of filing an appropriate VAT report. The VAT refund period may be shortened to 25 days if additional criteria are met. If no taxable sales are concluded, the taxpayer may apply for a tax refund within 180 days of filing the VAT tax return. #investmentinpoland #businessinpoland Follow us: Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/oruga.group.llc/ Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/orugagroup/ Linkedin ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/oruga-group/?originalSubdomain=pl Twitter ► https://twitter.com/orugagroup Сooperation: [email protected] ORUGA GROUP is a law firm and expert of foreign investments in Poland. We provide complex legal services of company registration in Poland and other EU countries. Our main activities are practicing corporate law, providing investment services, offering legal advisory to investment in Europe. Oruga Group Provides: - legal and migration services to Poland - business registration in Poland - complex legal services - business immigration to Poland and EU - residence permit - real estate purchase and investment in Poland On our channel "Oruga Group - Corporate Law & Investment Services", you will get to know about: investments in Poland, where to invest your money, how to start a company in EU, alternative properties in Poland and some ideas about starting a business.
What is VAT ? | What is CST ? | What is TIN ? Learn about Sales Tax | eCommerce website business
What is VAT ? | What is CST ? | What is TIN ? Learn about Sales Tax | eCommerce website business Sponsored Links: You can support me by buying from the links below ———————————————————————————————————————— My Video Shooting Equipment: My Canon Camera: https://amzn.to/2UohIxP My Nikon Camera: https://amzn.to/2SeKinO My Tripod: https://amzn.to/2RWv2gb Mobile Holder: https://amzn.to/2RSYuU5 My Mic: https://amzn.to/2DEgLvy Jaanie VAT kya hota hai, kaise apply karte hain or ecommerce, online busniess me VAT jruri hai ya nahi VAT is a kind of tax levied on sale of goods and services when these commodities are ultimately sold to the consumer. VAT is an integral part of the GDP of any country. While VAT is levied on sale of goods and services and paid by producers to the government, the actual tax is levied from customers or end users who purchase these. Thus, it is an indirect form of tax which is paid to the government by customers but via producers of goods and services. VAT is a multi-stage tax which is levied at each step of production of goods and services which involves sale/purchase. Any person earning an annual turnover of more than Rs.5 lacs by supplying goods and services is liable to register for VAT payment payment. Value added tax or VAT is levied both on local as well as imported goods. What is TIN number? TIN stands for Taxpayer Identification Number, is unique number allotted by Commercial tax department of respective State. It’s an eleven digit number to be mentioned in all VAT transactions and correspondence. TIN number is used to identify dealers registered under VAT. First two digits of TIN indicate the issued state code. However, Other 9 digit of TIN creation may differs by state governments. TIN is applied for both sales done within a state or between two or more states. Tin is also being used to identify dealers in the same way like PAN, to identification of assesses under income tax act. CST (Central Sales Tax) ) is a form of indirect tax imposed only on goods sold from one state to another state, which particularly takes into account that the buyer and the seller needs to be in two different states. Connect us with: Website/Blog - https://ytadvise.com Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/YTAdvise/
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Malaysia MM2H residency, EU VAT for online business, Brazil tourist visas
http://www.nomadcapitalist.com ----- ABOUT NOMAD CAPITALIST Andrew Henderson travels to nearly 30 countries every year to stay up to date on the latest legal strategies for entrepreneurs and investors to pay less tax, grow their money faster, and build their personal freedom. Andrew started Nomad Capitalist to help people like you follow his five magic words: "go where you're treated best". He has personally started foreign companies, opened offshore bank accounts, and obtained multiple second passports. He also learned the hard way that perpetual information seeking is often the biggest barrier to getting the results you want. Many entrepreneurs spend months and even years constantly researching how to pay less in tax or live overseas, but are afraid to make the jump. As a result, they get stuck and keep paying a fortune in taxes and never get the lifestyle they deserve. Nomad Capitalist's Youtube channel is based on Andrew's vision that focusing on the end result, rather than the latest shiny object, is the best way to actually obtain the benefits of the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle. About Andrew: http://www.nomadcapitalist.com/about/ Our website: http://www.nomadcapitalist.com Our blog: http://www.nomadcapitalist.com/blog/ Work with Andrew: http://www.holanomad.com/
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Can I Claim VAT on Buying or Leasing a Car?
Here’s another VAT tip from Jon Davies Accountants. Am I able to claim anything back when I buy or lease a car? Find out in our latest video whether or not you are eligible to reclaim any VAT from having a company car. We are a firm of Chartered Accountants based in Liverpool. We work with business owners across Liverpool, Merseyside, and the whole of the UK. As well as accounts and tax for businesses and individuals, we specialise in business growth advice to entrepreneurs. If you’d like more business advice from Jon Davies Accountants, please subscribe to our channel. If you’d like a chat, please contact us on [email protected] or by phone on 0151 380 8081. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter for more tips at http://eepurl.com/c4DVpv
How to Create Purchase and Sale Entry With VAT In Tally ERP9 In Hindi
In this video you will learn how to creat purchase & sale entry with VAt in tally erp9 in hindi. And also learn how to adjust vat entry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To File GSTR 1 - GSTR 1 - In Hindi - https://youtu.be/5PQdNFU0GrI GST : GST Return Filing - GSt Return Form - https://youtu.be/GZRagRYpXbM GST Accounting Entries - Intra & Inter State Purchase and Sales Entries In Tally In Hind - https://youtu.be/LgfeIjIsao0 GST Accounting Entries - GST Accounting Entries In Tally In Hind - https://youtu.be/fv-VX3p1SP8 TDS entry in Tally - https://youtu.be/OiqCz_XQ6s0 More Than 100 Abbreviation - https://youtu.be/OSbwX5yIz3E How To Choose ITR Forms – How To Select ITR Form In Hindi - https://youtu.be/OAXtSGoGvyA Golden Rules of Accounting – How to Create Journal Entry in Hindi - https://youtu.be/6h3r74lqmWw ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wish your great success, Sudip Mondal ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- , , , , Tally ERP 9 Tutorial in hindi, Learn , SAP Workflow, Business Workflow, How-to Oracle Training, E-Business Suite, SAP, MRP, Tally, VAT, purchase and sales entry in tally, purchase entry in tally erp 9, sale entry in tally erp 9, vat in ,
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Dynamics NAV: VAT Basics
How does Dynamics NAV handle VAT? I will show you how to set up: VAT Business Posting Groups VAT Product Posting Groups VAT Posting Setup VAT Statements Calc. and Post VAT Settlement Batch Job
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Vat Enabled Business Accounting Software
This is Product Introductory Video. Alignbooks- Vat enabled Business Accounting Software which helps to manage business accounting and many more. Please go to this link to explore more- https://alignbooks.com/home vat accounting software business accounting software uae Vat Enabled Accounting Software smart accounting software accounting software for small business cloud accounting software uae vat ready software uae vat software in uae vat software vat software dubai VAT Enabled ERP Software Solution VAT ERP Software in Dubai best vat software in UAE vat enabled erp software UAE accounting software VAT Compliant software UAE Get ready for vat VAT-ready accounting software UAE Vat Ready
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VAT   Now you are Registered
VAT Now you are Registered - One of the advantages of being registered is the ability to reclaim VAT on your own purchases (e.g. materials) for your business. Disadvantage is arguably that you have to submit VAT returns and you will have to apply VAT to your invoices which make your more expensive than others in case your customers can claim back this VAT. http://callietimothy.com/ More on: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD-fVNHkAoWERcT2SdgifXHu26oSrTFrg
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Tally erp 9 Vat entry and Vat returns with Actual Business Data
learn vat voucher entries in tally erp 9 also learn display vat reports. A complete practical project with live business transaction. This video is created by City Commerce Academy , Chandigarh
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VAT Treatment on Import & Export in UAE- CEO, CA Manu Nair Emiratesca
In this video you will get an insight on how to disclose VAT treatment on Import & Export under VAT Form 201 by CA. Manu Nair, CEO - Emirates Chartered Accountants Group, a leading Auditors and Financial consultants in the UAE. more info call +971 4 250 0290 www.emiratesca.com Emirates Chartered Accountants group is ISO 9001-2008 certified International Chartered Accountants firm in Dubai. Turning back to inception in 2004, Emirates Chartered Accountant and its associate professional firms was a succesful venture of a team of highly skilled Chartered Accountants in dubai. Since then, the group worked towards building their service and empowering themselves among the auditors in dubai. The Group entities comprises of : 1. Emirates Chartered Accountants 2. IEC Emirates Chartered Accountants 3. United Auditing 4. Emirates Accountants services in UK ECA is a member of IEC net on International network of Accountants, Auditors & Taxation professionals. Today, the network has partners in 50 countries and are set to provide the dedicated financial services to the business class in the global market. Company Philosophy Being a talented chartered accountancy firm in Dubai, we have set our philosophy to be consistent in serving our esteemed clients. Dedicated to deliver the excellence in service with high professionalism Customer centric service delivered promptly. Timeliness and discipline followed at every stage. The service always remains worthy of its cost. Follow us Emirates Chartered Accountants Group facebook- https://www.facebook.com/EmiratesCharteredAccountantsGroup/ twitter- https://twitter.com/emiratescagroup
Purchase Book   Reverse Charge Vat HD
Big Red Cloud is a leading supplier of online account’s software to the SME market. Our online account’s software is simple and easy to use and takes only minutes to set up. It is designed to enable smart business people get on with doing what they do best which is to sell their products or services. We believe in giving exceptional value by including multiple users, unlimited transactions, telephone, email, live chat support and free access for your accountant and bookkeeper, all for a low monthly fee. Join over 35,000 businesses that have already made the smart move and get your business up and running with Big Red Cloud’s online accounts. Start your FREE Trial at : http://bigredcloud.com
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Do I need a valid VAT receipt for every purchase through my business
Find out if you need a valid VAT receipt for every purchase through your business from the experts at Meades Contractors. Find more useful resources on our website: www.meadescontractors.co.uk
Accounting Process - The Ledger Accounts for Purchases, Returns & VAT
This video tutorial looks at the how to complete the Purchases, Sales, Returns & VAT day books.
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Determining VAT in the Cash Payments Journal
Entering transactions in the Cash Payments Journal (CPJ), determining the VAT portion of the amounts to entered and the applicable ledger accounts.
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What is VALUE-ADDED TAX (VAT)? What does VALUE-ADDED TAX (vat) mean?
What is VALUE-ADDED TAX (VAT)? What does VALUE-ADDED TAX (VAT) mean? A value-added tax (VAT) or goods and services tax (GST) is a popular way of implementing a consumption tax in Europe, Japan, and many other countries. All OECD countries except United States have a value-added tax. It differs from the sales tax in that taxes are applied to the difference between the seller-purchased price and the resale price. This is accomplished by taking full tax on all sales, but refunding the tax difference to the sellers. The VAT is an alternative to a sales tax and is meant to deal with a specific problem. While with a sales tax, a business selling goods is responsible for making a subjective decision about the intent of a buyer, the business may not be fully competent to make the decision. If buyers intend to consume the goods themselves, then the seller must collect a tax on the purchase price. If instead buyers intend the goods as capital goods, to be resold at a profit after adding value to them, then the seller must not collect the tax. Additionally, sellers have an incentive to claim that a sale is taxable in order to please customers; this slight conflict of interest could, and probably would, result in an under-collection of taxes. The refund portion of a VAT removes that incentive, and incentivizes accurate collection. If the buyer is a businessperson, then the VAT is a temporary payment to the state, based on the purchase price, eventually to be reimbursed by the state for the initial payment when the goods are resold, usually after adding value to them. Hence collecting the tax is a way to get money back. Consumers, with no possible refund, have no reason to inaccurately report their intended use. The term "value added" refers to the sale price a business charges the customer for a product, minus the cost of materials and other taxable inputs. A VAT is like a sales tax in that ultimately only the end consumer is taxed. It differs from the sales tax in that with the sales tax, the tax is collected and remitted to the government only once, at the point of purchase by the end consumer. With the VAT, on the other hand, collections, remittances to the government, and credits for taxes that are already paid occur each time a business in the supply chain purchases products.
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Tax and VAT issues when trading with countries outside the European Union
Tax and VAT issues when trading with countries outside the European Union - If you export goods to countries outside the EU (known as ‘third countries’), you must have the appropriate licences and make export declarations to customs through the National Export System (NES). You must also make sure that VAT, import taxes and duties in the destination country are paid where necessary, and follow transport procedures, though this is normally the responsibility of the importing person or company. There are a number of export procedures, such as duty relief schemes which can benefit businesses. VAT on exports and other taxes When a third country receives your goods, it may charge duty. A third country may also charge their own equivalent of VAT or purchase tax. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/vat/managing/international/exports/goods.htm http://callietimothy.com/ You Can Learn More on: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD-fVNHkAoWERcT2SdgifXHu26oSrTFrg
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VAT in Bahrain - SAP Business One with VAT regimes, impacting all sales and purchase transactions.
Purchase Process in SAP Business One with VAT regimes, impacting all sales and purchase transactions. Get SAP ready for VAT is to tune the ERP system to comply with the VAT regimes.
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VAT Guidance for Consumers : UAE VAT
VAT Guidance for Consumers in UAE VAT System Insight ERP is a cloud-based VAT compliant accounting software. Complete Solution for Your Entire Business - Insight ERP connects every function across your business - Sales - Purchase - Receivables and Payables - PDC Management - Financial Accounting - Profit analysis, and more Make a difference in your business with Insight ERP. To know more, visit our website: www.econceptme.com To know more about VAT in UAE, please subscribe
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Webinar on Supply of Goods and Services under VAT for the UAE | Zoho Books
Value Added Tax (VAT) is just around the corner, and the UAE government has come up with rules and regulations for the supply of goods and services. These new laws will change the way business transactions are handled. By tuning into this webinar, business owners understand the components of supply, they can claim their input credit accurately and ensure error-free VAT return reports. https://www.zoho.com/ae/books/vat/ to learn more about VAT.
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How to Pass Expense Entry in VAT Scenario in Tally ERP
Click on the below link for downloading the Microsoft Excel Short Cut Keys and Formula List in a PDF File http://j.gs/20537633/microsoft-excel-e-book Click here for subscribing the youtube channel for more videos https://goo.gl/bnW6i4 In this Video, we are explaining "How to Pass the Expense Entry for Claiming VAT Input Credit"in Middle East. For learning TAlly Erp 9 in Detailed visit our Website : www.excelskillcorner.com About Tally ERP-9 Tally. ERP 9 is your perfect business management solution and GST software. With an ideal combination of function, control and customizability built in, Tally. ERP 9 permits business owners and their associates to do more. It is a complete product that retains its original simplicity yet offers comprehensive business functionalities such as Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Point of Sales, Manufacturing, Costing, Job Costing, Payroll and Branch Management along with compliance capabilities for VAT, Excise, TDS, TCS, and now GST tool Tally has been designed to fit into your scheme of things. Be it handling exceptions that you may face in your day to day operations or adapting to your way of working, the software handles everything with the required flexibility. Tally empowers you to focus on running and growing your business while it takes care of all complexities. Features in Tally Accounting Management Interest Calculation Cost Centres and Profit Centres Multi-currency Balance Sheet and P&L Cash and Fund Flow Bank Accounting Cheque Management Bank Reconciliation e-Payments Licensing and User Management Defining Security Levels Data Backup and Restore TallyVault Split Financial Year Data Migration from Earlier Versions of Tally Tally Audit Set Budgets and Track Variances Scenario Management Credit Limits and Periods Group Companies Multi-company Multi-lingual Remote Access E-mailing / Uploading Documents Data Synchronisation Help and Support Data Import and Export Tally ODBC Customisation with TDL TallyShop Stock Management Stock Journal Physical Stock Entry Multiple Stock Valuations Inventory Reporting Managing Inventory for Manufacturing Bill of Materials Manufacturing Journal Job Work Job Order Processing Job Work Reports Employee Details Payroll Accounting and Salary Processing Payroll Statutory Purchase Invoicing Purchase Order Receipt Note Purchase Return Purchase Bills Pending and Payment Management Sales Invoicing Sales Order Processing Delivery Note Sales Return Price List and Discount Management Receivables Management and Bill Settlement GST VAT Central Sales Tax Service Tax TDS TCS Excise
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UAE Vat implementation in tally erp9
#tallyvideotutorial #tallytutorials #uaevat #vatimplementation In this video i have described how to create a company and ledgers , vouchers for vat implementation as per UAE vat rules Also the following topics will covers in this videos what are all the ledgers required to create in sales and purchase vouchers how to create sales and purchase ledger, how to create input and output ledger, vat configurations, vat setup in tally erp9, uae vat setup in tally erp 9, vat computation for uae, vat ledger creation in tally erp 9, how to calculate UAE vat in tally erp9, how to generate vat return in tally erp9, #tallyvideotutorial #tallyerp9 #subramani
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VAT Implementation in the GCC: Is your business ready
Webinar: November 8, 2017 11 A.M. (UAE). VAT Implementation in the GCC. Learn the functional and technical impact of VAT on your business
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VAT Bookkeeping Tutorial - Small Business - Invoice Tracker - Part 1
This is a free VAT Booking Keeping Tutorial for small businesses. In this 1st tutorial we will focus on Invoice Tracking and calculating VAT. For more tutorials visit http://www.dcpweb.co.uk/blog or http://www.youtube.com/user/dcpwebdesigners/videos
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Sage Business Cloud Accounting - Submit your MTD VAT Return
It's quick and easy to submit your MTD VAT Return to HMRC using Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Accounting Start.
Doing Business in Europe: tax and VAT issues
Erik de Bie, Global Trade, Customs and VAT attorney at Greenberg Traurig, explains how to deal succesfully with tax, customs, VAT and other regulatory issues when considering to export to Europe. For more assistance and slides contact Erik de Bie: [email protected] Or check: www.doingbusinessineurope.eu.
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How the VAT rate increase will affect your business
The current business environment poses a challenge for small business owners even more so now that an increase in value added tax came into effect in last month. Rich Preece, Quickbooks Global Leader joins CNBC Africa to look at the potential effects of that increase on the business beyond consumer demand. https://www.cnbcafrica.com/
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UAE VAT Invoice  Format
If you run an existing business in UAE you need to use an accounting software that can handle the UAE VAT structure so that your business is ready for VAT before 31st Dec 2017. Tally.ERP 9 is your perfect business management solution and VAT compliance software for businesses in UAE. Tally.ERP 9 offers comprehensive business functionalities such as Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Point of Sales, Manufacturing, Costing, Job Costing, Payroll and Branch Management along with compliance capabilities for VAT.
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VAT Registered and Wanting To Purchase an Investment Property? | Green and Peter | 020 8446 8100
http://www.greenandpeter.co.uk/blog/blog Are you a VAT registered business and contemplating purchasing an investment property? Are you aware of the pitfalls this may cause? I recently saw two clients who run a partnership, which is VAT registered, who were also considering purchasing an investment property together. I explained to them that if they did this, the rental income would be deemed as part of their VAT-able income and added on to that of the partnership. This meant that they would lose approximately 17 percent of their rental income to the VAT man. This would therefore have a major impact on their investment yield. We found a way around this to avoid the rental income being attached to the VAT income. If you are a VAT registered business and considering purchasing an investment property, call Green and Peter before it is too late on 020 8446 8100. http://www.greenandpeter.co.uk/blog/blog
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Change VAT % in SAP Business One
Quick guide on how to change the VAT % in SAP Business One ERP. To download the free quick guide: https://www.mrcloud.tv/blog/2018/5/14/how-to-change-vat-in-sap-business-one For more help contact EOH: e-mail: [email protected] Contact Centre +27 (0)10 595 4981
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How To Create A Company & Do Purchase/Sales Entry In Tally.ERP 9 For GST Purpose In Hindi - Lesson 3
In This Hindi Tutorial Of Tally.ERP 9 For Beginners You Will Learn How To Create A Company In Tally.ERP 9 For GST Purpose ? How To Do Sales And Purchase Entries In Tally.ERP 9 For GST Purpose ? Tally.ERP 9 Ke Iss Tutorial Me Aap Janenge Tally.ERP 9 Me GST Ke Purpose Se Company Banana. Tally.ERP 9 Me GST Ke Purpose Se Sales Aur Purchase Ki Entries Karna. Tally.ERP 9 के इस Tutorial में आप जानेंगे Tally.ERP 9 में GST के Purpose से Company बनाना | Tally.ERP 9 में GST के Purpose से Sales और Purchase की एंट्रीज़ करना | Quiz: https://goo.gl/forms/GOiuJommpoLqdcCy1 Exercise: https://goo.gl/yqm2pi Tally ERP 9 - Basic Level Playlist - https://goo.gl/A6HKEK Tally ERP 9 - Intermediate Level Playlist - https://goo.gl/xSJvYe Tally ERP 9 - Advance Level Playlist - https://goo.gl/kzBDqq Tally ERP 9 For GST - https://goo.gl/feazX6 Subscribe : https://goo.gl/tm11cl All Playlist : https://goo.gl/Y6wlrR Website :http://www.gyanyagya.info/
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How to get a refund VAT? Reporting on the value-added tax. 18+
Oruga Group Business and Investment Law ► https://orugagroup.com/en Hi everyone In today’s video I am going to talk about reporting and refunds of Value Added Tax. the default tax period for VAT in Poland is one calendar month. However, the VAT reporting period, quarterly or monthly, can be selected by a business owner or management board when registering to #VAT . Polish monthly or quarterly VAT returns are due on the 25th of the month following the reporting period end. Any Polish VAT due must be paid at the same time. In the case where a #business has opted to file quarterly returns but is required to make monthly prepayments. If there is more VAT incurred than charged then a Polish VAT credit arises this is due back to the VAT registered business from the tax authorities. This credit can be refunded or carried forward to offset any tax due in the next period. A business applying for a VAT refund in #poland will be subject to time limits depending on the nature of the transactions involved. The current rules set a time limit of 60 days for the Polish authorities to pay back a VAT refund. This limit will be reduced to 25 days when a number of conditions are met. Where the conditions are not met, the 60 days limit will remain applicable. Also if there were no sales during the reporting period time limit can be prolonged to 180 days. The Polish VAT law also allows direct refunds when input VAT (available for deduction) exceeds output VAT. A Polish business may also be entitled to the VAT refund owed by another country under certain circumstances. Likewise, a foreign business having seat or fixed place of business for VAT purposes outside of Poland may be, in most cases, entitled to the refund of Polish VAT. If the respective countries belong to the European Union, the procedure is substantially simplified due to the EU Directive, which provides favourable rules for businesses based in EU countries that are seeking VAT refunds in other EU countries - so called electronic VAT refunds are possible. Those are the main rules on VAT reporting and refund. Hope you found this video useful. See you next time. #investmentinpoland #businessinpoland #valueaddedtax Follow us: Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/oruga.group.llc/ Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/orugagroup/ Linkedin ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/oruga-group/?originalSubdomain=pl Twitter ► https://twitter.com/orugagroup Сooperation: [email protected] ORUGA GROUP is a law firm and expert of foreign investments in Poland. We provide complex legal services of company registration in Poland and other EU countries. Our main activities are practicing corporate law, providing investment services, offering legal advisory to investment in Europe. Oruga Group Provides: - legal and migration services to Poland - business registration in Poland - complex legal services - business immigration to Poland and EU - residence permit - real estate purchase and investment in Poland On our channel "Oruga Group - Corporate Law & Investment Services", you will get to know about: investments in Poland, where to invest your money, how to start a company in EU, alternative properties in Poland and some ideas about starting a business.
VAT Registration Proprietorship I What do you need to do VAT Registration?
Online Vat Registration System Bangladesh Contact Just for Order - VAT Registration: 01779130117 Creator: Saifur Rahman Azim Vocal: Saifur Rahman Azim Thanks To: Bangladesh Prime Minister "Sheikh Hasina" (For giving us online vat registration system) What do you need to do VAT Registration For Bangladesh - Saifur Rahman Azim demonstrates and explains What do you need to do VAT Registration (Bangla) Tutorial, any reason that you may need to Registration VAT Online Value Added Tax Certificate Application your owns. What is VAT? Value Added Tax or VAT is such an indirect tax which is paid by the consumer through a registered person. Value Added Tax or VAT on a particular goods or service is determined on the basis of adding actual level of value of the said goods or service adjusting input tax payable against the supplied goods or service. − Who pays VAT? Procedure of Value Added Tax or VAT is an automatic taxing procedure based on input tax credit against supply or sale. The supplier accepts the paid up VAT on the purchase tax of the goods or service during the purchase as credit as against the VAT included in the price during supply of such goods or service and he pays the net amount of VAT. Therefore, the seller realizes the VAT from within the price obtained from the buyer and deposits the net amount of VAT to the Government treasury after taking credit on VAT at purchase level. As VAT is considered to be a consumer tax, the consumer shall pay the whole amount of VAT as applicable on goods or service. As an intermediary procedure, the producer, the supplier, all, at every levels of sale, shall realize VAT on behalf of the Government and deposit to the Government treasury. ►Necessary Documents, information & For Proprietorship Company VAT Making Details: 1. Tin Certificate 2. NID Card of Proprietor 3. Company Name, Address 4. Phone/Mobile Number 5. Bank Account Name, Number, Name of the Bank 6. Annual Turnover 7. Email Address and password (Personal/Company) 8. Type of Business Activity 9. Proprietor Name & Date of Birth 10. Mother's Name if you will chose recovery question type mothers name. Related Videos:- ►Online Vat Registration System BD I নিজেই করে নিন ভ্যাট রেজিষ্ট্রেশন I Vat Registration Form Fill-up https://youtu.be/9ewUEJALff8 ►E TIN registration Tutorial 2017 https://youtu.be/Lt39A-AEJVA ~Let's Follow~ http://facebook.com/techunlimitedbd http://facebook.com/srazimofficial http://facebook.com/azimkalarab http://instagram.com/azimkalarab http://twitter.com/azimkalarab ~Also Subscribe to my other channel~ http://youtube.com/srazimofficial #TechUnlimited #SaifurRahmanAzim VAT Registration BD Online New System VAT Certificate BIN Certificate BD New BIN Number Bangladesh ভ্যাট রেজিষ্ট্রেশন বিন নাম্বার বিন সার্টিফিকেট Value Added Tax Certificate Online VAT VAT Registration for Proprietorship Company Vat Online Bin Online
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Purchase a company in Latvia in 24 hours
Purchase a company in Latvia in 24 hours. With the history; With active VAT number; With active Bank account; With the opportunity to work in any business activity; With licenses. Without debts and hidden obligations.
QuickBooks VAT On Purchases تطبيق ضريبة القيمة المضافة على المشتريات
QuickBooks implement VAT or Sales Tax on Purchases تطبيق ضريبة القيمة المضافة على المشتريات فى الكويك بوكس
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GCC VAT - Purchase from an Unregistered Dealer for GCC VAT in Tally ERP 9
Purchases from unregistered dealers are exempt. You need to identify the party as an unregistered dealer. Update the party ledger to identify unregistered dealers 1. Go to Gateway of Tally - Accounts Info. - Ledgers - Alter - select the ledger. 2. Set the Registration type as Unregistered. 3. Press Ctrl+A to save. Record purchases from an unregistered dealer 1. Go to Gateway of Tally - Accounting Vouchers - F9: Purchase. 2. In Party's A/c Name, select the ledger of the unregistered dealer. 3. Select the purchase ledger created with Domestic Exempt Purchases as the Nature of transaction. 4. Select the stock item, and enter the quantity and rate. If you are using a common purchase ledger, then based on the party ledger, the nature of transaction is inferred as Domestic Taxable Purchases - Unregistered. To change the nature: ● Click F12: Configure in the purchase invoice and set the option Allow modification of tax details for VAT? to Yes. ● Select the Nature as Domestic Exempt Purchases in the VAT Details screen (displayed on pressing Enter from the Amount column of the invoice). ● While saving the invoice, press O to override the invoice with the new nature of transaction. 5. Press Ctrl+A to accept.
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UAE Federal Law on Tax Procedures | Consumer Business
The GCC VAT Framework is imperative for all organisations to understand and implement the VAT system. To help organisations build and demonstrate tax capability and to ensure that their employees have a detailed understanding of GCC VAT Legislation and its application, Berkeley Middle East Training is pleased to offer the VAT Training Program. We offer the VAT Training Program in UAE as a public program and this can be customized for in-house requirements. To know more & next training session contact us: Tel: +971552005756 / +971552005636 Email: [email protected]
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George Daniels - The business of watches (40/85)
To listen to more of George Daniels’s stories, go to the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVV0r6CmEsFzkr4WCsqrhvkOpA-pLIGmS English watch-maker George Daniels (1926-2011) was most famous for creating the co-axial escarpment and could make a complete watch by hand. In his lifetime, he received many awards, including the rarely-given Gold Medal of the Clockmakers' Company of London. [Listener: Roger Smith] TRANSCRIPT: It would take something like 2,000 hours to make such a watch, and so of course one could only make one each year because there are other things that need attending to. If one runs a business there are all the administrative problems to deal with and the Inland Revenue and VAT all had to be dealt with. And interesting that when I built the first watch, we didn't have VAT, we had purchase tax and it was quite a lot of money. I can't remember exactly, but I think it was about 25% or something on the cost of the thing. And so on the advice of the Queenman, the Jeweler in London, I got my solicitor, who was an expert on tax, and I explained to him that I didn't really want to charge my customers this... what did I call the tax, the purchase tax, I didn't want to charge them purchase tax and what could he do about it. Well, we went along to see the purchase tax people and we had a long discussion there and we were asked to come back again the following week and we went back and they looked at the watch and they agreed with me that I didn't make these watches as a business, I made them because it amused me to do so, and if there was a customer, I was perfectly entitled to sell it. And so delighted with this ruling I didn't have to charge my customers the purchase tax. All that changed when we got round to VAT and everything had to be charged VAT, but those lucky early customers, although they were not only early on that score, they were doubly lucky because I think they paid on average about £5,000 for their watches and they're selling now at £150,000, £200,000, £300,000. So, they were good investments from their point of view.
SAP Business One  5 % VAT Impact on Sales Process
Overview On SAP Business One 5% VAT Impact on Sales Process www.thevatguru.ae
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Investment in real estate. All about taxes on civil law. Real estate transactions. 18+
Oruga Group Business and Investment Law ► https://orugagroup.com/en Hi everyone, Today’s video topic Tax on civil law transactions (also called PCC) which is applicable to #realestate deals: In the case of an asset deal ( the direct purchase of an interest in real estate by a company or individual), where the seller is not an entity carrying on a #business , a 2% tax on civil law transactions (PCC) is applicable, based on the market value. This is normally the purchase price but can sometimes be assessed at a higher level by the tax authorities using an authorized expert's opinion, which happens very rare in practice. The obligation to pay PCC rests with the buyer and is pai at the notary. If the seller is an entity carrying on a business, value added tax (VAT) is usually payable. Generally, the standard rate of 23% applies. With respect to subsidized housing – a rate of 8% applies. In principle, VAT charged by the seller can be recovered by the buyer as input VAT (if the purchaser is a VAT taxpayer carrying out transactions which are subject to VAT). If a sale is subject to VAT, PCC is not applied. But the sale of agricultural land is exempt from VAT and but in such cases 2% PCC is paid. If a sale is exempt from VAT, it is subject to tax on civil law transactions (PCC) at a rate of 2%. In the case of a share deal for example the purchase of shares in a company being an owner of the real estate, PCC at 1%, calculated on the basis of the market value of the shares, is payable by the acquiring party. Similarly, if an interest in a partnership is purchased and #partnership is an owner of a real estate, PCC at 1% is also applicable, and is calculated on the basis of the market value of the interest. That’s all for today, if you want to receive more information about real estate investment in #poland , subscribe to our YouTube channel, or contact us from down below to receive the best #investment advisory. see you soon. #investmentinpoland #businessinpoland #realestateinpoland Follow us: Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/oruga.group.llc/ Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/orugagroup/ Linkedin ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/oruga-group/?originalSubdomain=pl Twitter ► https://twitter.com/orugagroup Сooperation: [email protected] ORUGA GROUP is a law firm and expert of foreign investments in Poland. We provide complex legal services of company registration in Poland and other EU countries. Our main activities are practicing corporate law, providing investment services, offering legal advisory to investment in Europe. Oruga Group Provides: - legal and migration services to Poland - business registration in Poland - complex legal services - business immigration to Poland and EU - residence permit - real estate purchase and investment in Poland On our channel "Oruga Group - Corporate Law & Investment Services", you will get to know about: investments in Poland, where to invest your money, how to start a company in EU, alternative properties in Poland and some ideas about starting a business.
VAT in QuickBooks (UK)
Learn how QuickBooks can help you save time and manage your VAT with confidence. In this video we'll take you through the entire VAT process from set up through to filing. QuickBooks support is available from https://community.intuit.com/quickbooks-online-uk Ask a VAT question or get help from the QuickBooks Community https://quickbooks.intuit.com/community/VAT/bd-p/VAT Cash or Accrual guide: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/r/bookkeeping/cash-vs-accrual-accounting-whats-best-small-business/ Sign up for a free trial at www.quickbooks.co.uk Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuickBooksUK Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quickbooksuk/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuickBooksUK Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/qui... Subscribe to our Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/IntuitUK QuickBooks support is available from https://community.intuit.com/quickboo...
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VAT Business Training
The VAT implementation office and the Saint Lucia employers federation is stepping up its educational campaign ahead of the implementation date for the new tax. A key workshop was held this week to apprise the private sector in the south of the nuts and bolts of the consumption base tax.
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