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Giantess Growth Hot Stuff
Thanks for 300 subs! Here's my GTS music video of giant growing women and their love/hate relationship with their tiny men playthings. Enjoy. I do not own the footage or music featured in the video. This work is intended as a parody and is protected under Fair Use.
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Giantess infinity Goddess and the tiny man! (Gentle short comic)
Giantess Infinity roleplaying discord server = https://discord.gg/AFmUcEp Support me on Patreon = https://patreon.com/krieginax Hope you like it! And sure, it's short, but someone won a contest and the prize was only 7 pages :P
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Giantess: Tiny Torments Preview
THIS WILL BECOME A SERIES WITH DIFFERENT ACTRESSES. https://www.fetishlands.net/pages/video/1047
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Giantess and Tiny (Episode 2)
You can help me create videos like this more often and more consistently. Consider becoming a Patreon sponsor today. https://www.patreon.com/microstudio Episode 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXg3Z5d19Oo Jake survived his girlfriends workout at home but will her survive her jog while he hangs on for deal life?
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Giantess woman and small men
Giantess woman shrink men
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giantess JENA SIMS destroys tiny men
for entertainment purpose only. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Giantess Comic - Who killed the tiny? Part 1
If you liked the video don't forget to subscribe =) Support me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/Krieginax DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/krieginax Discord giantess infinity roleplaying server https://discord.gg/MyGWNhv Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/krieginax PayPal Donation https://www.paypal.me/krieginax --------- If you wish to see more comics about the Infinity, make sure to check my other videos!
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eat you ! Giantess
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Giantess Feet Shruken Tiny Man
PREVIW OF MY VIDEO Full video is on my twitter link Follow me on twitter @CFootgoddessx And click the link in my twitter for the full video ❤
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Shrinking Man Comic - Because your size shouldn't matter Part 2 (Giantess)
If you liked the video don't forget to subscribe =) Support me on Patreon for more free comics: https://www.patreon.com/Krieginax This is the sequel of "Because your Size shouldn't matter" (A comic I've uploaded almost a year ago, link below). While some details slightly changed, the essence is basically the same. TInies being taken care of, respected, and loved =) Discord RP server, Giantess Infinity= https://discord.gg/MyGWNhv https://www.patreon.com/Wrenzk First part = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACCLJ9muC5E Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/krieginax
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Giantess woman shrink a man
Woman shrink a man!
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Giantess Story - Deadly Screening
This Work is of: https://mshrinker.deviantart.com !!! Support on Patreon : www.patreon.com/mastershrinker Subscribe me and Like the video for more :)
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Giantess Story - Shrinking Man
I own nothing of this, this is just fan posting. Please Subscribe me and like this video for more :)
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French Canadian Giantess Trailer
It's a very well done parody trailer done for a French Canadian show. Called Cherie J'ai Reduis Notre Rencard, it's a homage to Honey We Shrunk the Kids. The only part worth watching is when the shrunken people are between the busty woman's breasts.
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Giantess and Tiny (Episode 1)
You can help me create videos like this more often and more consistently. Consider becoming a Patreon sponsor today. https://www.patreon.com/microstudio Giantess and Tiny Episode 1 You wake up in the bathroom shrunk and confused. Your girlfriend comes home and you need to get her attention.
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My Little Lover Giantess
From episode 6. Please sub for more videos! The song is by Hideki Saijo and it's called かぎりなき夏. I don't know the English translation.
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Giantess Vore
When your wife cheats on you and doesn't want you anymore
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A woman shrink a man and take him home play with
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[MMD Giantess] Little Man in Girls' Classroom
Inspired by acesces' "Small man visits school girls' classroom", this 2-minute long video involves a little man visiting a girls' school classroom. ► Twitter : https://twitter.com/m87124 ► DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/m87124
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Tiny Man
Lets Hit 1000 subscribers
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10 FT Tall Women's Team VS Tiny French Men's Team FIFA 19 Experiment
Tiny Men's World Cup Winners France vs Giant US Women's Team FIFA 19 Experiment Subscribe: http://bit.ly/Sub2BMOnus Watch my other videos! http://bit.ly/LatestVideosBMOnus   In this FIFA 19 Experiment, we take current mens World Cup Champions France and put them up against the current Womens World Cup Champions in the US Womens Team. Two of the greatest teams of all time go head to head. Let Professor BMOnus take you through another FIFA experiment!   Follow BMOnus: Twitter: https://bit.ly/2UU1CR4 Instagram: https://bit.ly/2GAM62S Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bmonus   #BMOnus #FIFA19Experiment #WomensWorldCup
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Giantess Photo Shoot With The Tiny Photographer EP 1
Adventures of the tiny photographer: Giantess photoshoot vlog #1 the tiny photographer words gets him in a lil trouble with the giantess model. Giantess model: Katelyn Inquiries: [email protected]l.com
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TALL STRONG GIRL KENY AND TINY MAN | TALL WOMEN STORIES #TallWomenStories #TallGirls #TallWomenComic Tall Women Stories, Tall woman comic, tall girl, tall girls, black female bodybuilders, bodybuilding girl, bodybuilding women, building muscle for women, female bodybuilding, female muscle, female muscle growth, gain muscle women, girlswithmuscle, ladies bodybuilder, muscle womens, muscular women, tall woman animation, tall gir animation, semok, bohai, bohay, montok, padat berisi, cewek, toket, gede, pantat, besar, tinggi,
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Fairy Tail - Brandish Giantess/Shrunken Man
From episode 290
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Giantess Story - Exam Cheating
This Work is of: https://mshrinker.deviantart.com !!! Subscribe me and like the video for more :)
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Giantess woman shrinks man
Woman shrinks a man
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Not Tiny.... Teeny Tiny Men!
An update on the Space Marine Epic Army and this weeks Pre Season 2 Musty Wargamers stream. Music by Incompetech
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Giantess woman tiny man
Tiny man and giant woman. Like and subscribe for more videos!
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Giantess Worship: Chloe Sleepover
I'm back (GTS Videos new account) After being banned on my GTS Videos Account I'm back on here!
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Giantess crushes tiny man
Crushed a tiny man in his car lol tights for sale below https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/698770329/vintage-style-sheer-nude-tights I also sell CBD Oil 20% Strength £15 plus p&p.. ..email: [email protected]
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Honey, Don't Crush Me! (Unaware Giantess) [FR]
Please, read the description if you want to know the sources of the used videos. An edit of a famous scene of Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves! (1997). [FR] : Alors que leurs femmes sont sur le point de partir en week-end, Wayne et son frère Gordon se retrouvent soudain rétrécis dans le grenier. Avant leur départ, Diane et Patti décident de monter au grenier pour voir ce que leurs maris fabriquent. Les deux hommes vont alors voir, à leur grande frayeur, leurs femmes géantes s'approcher d'eux. [EN] : While their wives are about to leave for the weekend, Wayne and his brother Gordon suddenly find themselves shrunken in the attic. Before they leave, Diane and Patti decide to go up to the attic to see what their husbands are doing. The two men will then see, to their great fright, their giantess wives approaching them. More videos on Metacafe : http://www.metacafe.com/channels/nick-szalinski/ And for more giantess stories in the universe of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids!, go see my fanfics here: https://www.deviantart.com/nickszalinski
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I hate Tiny Men  Giantess Vore
Watch Full Video : https://goo.gl/IfqQ9P Tags (ignore it ) : crush giantess vore butt crush bug crush giantess crush ciara crush crush fetish crushing woman crushing grapes high heel crushing feet crushing crushing video high heels crushin crush feet crush feet foot crush giantess crush foot worship giant foot crush giantess vore giant foot giantess foot crush snail crush giantess car crush high heel crush giantess buttcrush giantess feet crush giantess squish crash by venus barefoot giantess crush giantess boot crush giantess sneaker crush socks crush flip flop crush giantess shoes giantess city crush giantess toy crush giantess eats giantess sock crush hot giantess heels crush cartoon giantess cartoon butt crush giantess nails giantess unaware crush giantess crush videos giantess barefoot giantess cruel crush giant woman boobcrush giantess boobcrush buttcrush and facesit farting buttcrush food buttcrush buttcrush shrunk squishing tv buttcrush pov foot crushing unaware giantess unaware sat on giantess unaware crushing giantess unaware tinies shrinking shrunk shrinking shrink shrunk me shrunk men giantess feet shrinking videos im shrunk shrunk and squashed i got shrunk goddess shrink pov humiliation shrunk mans pov giantess pov pov poser shrink pov shrunk shrunk down shrink pov shrinks you shrunken shrunk pov shrunk shrunken pov shrinking man shrunk man little shrunken shrunken boss shrunken cartoon shrunken man squished ltttle schrunken buttcrush shrunk men shirnking pov giantess shrink feet pov shrunk mans pov giantess pov gts pov pov poser shrink pov shrunk shrink pov pov crush shrunk pov shrunken pov giantess pov shrink watch me shrink pov shrink 4 gts shrink pov shrink feet pov pov shrink poser pov shrink shoe shrink grow pov foot pov feet pov pov giantess pov shrinking crushing pov men shirnking pov giant feet pov pov foot crushing giantess foottoy pov pov vore vore gts pov vore vore swallow pov swallowed alive pov giantess vore pov pov crush vore pov vore giantess vore vore giantess vore girl vore vore cartoon gts vore woman vore vore animation vore giantess women vore mouth vore female vore vore swallow vore giantess
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Giantess Loryelle's Hostile Takeover SFX - Free Preview (short version)
Full clip available in the following stores: My website: https://domme.cc/vqU7 (see also full length trailer and screenshots) C4S: https://domme.cc/CCdv IWC: https://domme.cc/xRLp Plot: Mini Giantess, don’t mess with Giantess Loryelle A local construction company has the order to refurbish my attic. When the half work is done, the female boss of the company tells me, it will cost about 50% more, or they won’t finish the work. What she doesn’t know, I’ve already expected such a trick, as I’ve heared rumours about this company before. I have an own construction company and I don’t want her to harm the good reputation of the local industry any longer. So it is time to shrink the boss and all of her employees for a hostile takeover Loryelle style. ;-) Part ONE – Intense Foot Worshipping of my Giantess’ Smelly Feet I put the boss and her employees on the table. She is still 2.5 inches tall, while I’ve shrunken her employees down to 1/2 inch of size. So she is a mini giantess to them but a tiny woman compared to me. I advice the tiny boss and her emplyees to worship my giant sweaty and smelly feet for punishment. I give them commands of how I want them to pamper my feet and demand them to climb my massive sole and crawl between my toes to clean them. So a tiny man has to polish my toenail and another one has to remove all the dirt from under the tonail of my big toe. The poor guys have to clean my gigantic heel and the toejam and socklints from in between my sweaty toes. Meanwhile I squish some of them for my pleasure. A few gets eaten alive. A few tiny men managed to escape to the floor, where they get squished mostly unnoticed under my dirty, stinky toes. What will happen to the tiny big boss? Find out in part one. Part TWO – Many Foot Crushes on the Floor After the excessive foot worship, there are still some survivors left, which I blow down from the table. They are now on my carpet, which I call my “hostile takeover arena”. The poor tiny guys have the choice to either join my construction company or fight for their tiny lives against me. If they manage to overwhelm me, I promise to let them free. The half inch men obviously have no chance against my mountain sized feet, so I squish one after another and twist them out with my giant sweaty feet. It makes me so hot, that I can crush those shrunken men so easily, that I can’t stop. So I step on almost every single one of them for my personal enjoyment. Only two of them have the honor to get devoured by me for curiosity. A lot of Feet and a bit of Vore – Which Version should I get? The full story is 40 minutes long, so I’ve split it up into two parts. Now you can decide, if one part is enough entertainment for one evening or if you want to enjoy the full story for a lower price per minute. Part ONE on and below the table. You will enjoy it, if you like to see intense foot worshipping performed by tiny guys and a mini giantss. Some tiny guys worshipping my heels, climbing my wrinkled soles, crawling around my toes, some barefoot squishes, a finger crush and two vore scenes, plus a mini giantess. Part TWO on the floor. You will enjoy it, if you like to see many barefoot squishes, stomping and twisting out tiny men. It also contains some POV shots of my giant feet coming down on your little face and two vore scenes. Complete Edition is Part ONE and Part TWO combined. It has all the good stuff in it. ;-) Get your preferred version now!
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A Christmas Shrinking Preview - Giantess Comic
A Christmas Shrinking is a free set for all to enjoy for the holidays. Many images can't be shown here due to explicit content. Find the free download on my gumroad page This is a giantess and shrinking man story, if that is not your thing please do not flame, just click another video. Intended for viewers 18 and up. To find the comic in high definition check out my gumroad page: https://gumroad.com/aaabbbzzz Check out my galleries and other comics on my deviantart page: https://aaabbbzzz.deviantart.com If you wish to additionally support my work you can subscribe to my patreon page where you can see the comics early: http://patreon.com/aaabbbzzz Subscribe to my youtube channel for more giantess videos in the future.
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Giantess vore in swimsuit
hi guys,long time,well here we have a giantess in a desert who vore some guys and one girl, enjoy it ;)
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Tiny Husband: Larger Than Life Couple Shows Love Knows No Bounds
Tiny Husband: Larger Than Life Couple Shows Love Knows No Bounds SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj We upload a new incredible video every weekday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out! Mindie Kniss reveals she and her husband live a normal life despite the fact that he is 2ft 8in tall. Mindie, 36, received unwelcome questions and comments regarding her relationship and sex life with Sean Stephenson, 35 who was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bone Disorder. At 35, he is just 33.6 inches tall with shorter than average legs because it affects bone growth. Mindie received an email from a woman who asked if Sean allowed her to cheat on him to satisfy her needs or if she was with him for his money. She responded publicly and revealed that they have a great sex-life. Videographer / Director: Matt Corbisiero Producer: Daniel Howlett Editor: Sonia Estal / Kyle Waters For more compelling footage of the amazing side of life: FACEBOOK: Like Barcroft TV - https://www.Facebook.com/BarcroftTV TWITTER: Follow @Barcroft_TV - https://www.Twitter.com/Barcroft_TV WEBSITE: For licensing & business enquiries, visit the Barcroft Media site - https://www.Barcroftmedia.com
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Thank you to Hot Pockets for Sponsoring this video! Bite Hunger back with new Hot Pockets Snack Bites – Learn More here ►► http://bit.ly/1FZv4Yr When Ian is accidentally shrunken down to the size of an ant, he must fight back before Anthony sells off his most prized possessions. SUBSCRIBE for more Smosh ►► http://smo.sh/SmoshSub BEHIND THE SCENES & MORE! ►► http://smo.sh/SexyStunts EVERY PARTY EVER! ►► http://smo.sh/EveryPartyEver Cast: Anthony Padilla Ian Hecox Olivia Sui Director: Ryan Todd Written by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Ryan Finnerty Produced by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, & Ryan Todd Creative Director: Joe Bereta Director of Photography: John Jimenez Edited by: Michael Barryte Assistant Editor: Katie Reed Post Supervision by: Ryan Finnerty Coordinating Producer: Mayra Diaz Camera: Brennan Iketani AC: Kyle Haubert Sound: Ivan Harder Pre-production Designer: Odin Abbott On-set Production Designer: Joshua Garner Grips: Patrick Egan & Lee Eisenhower Wardrobe: Felicia Cowley | Makeup: Paula Barkley Wardrobe PA: Chelsea Halperin PA: Ryan Sweeney | DIT/Media Mgmt: Gabe Laguer BTS: Phil Mohr Color: Mike Burton ------------------------------------ Hey it's our very own website: http://smosh.com Oh and our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/smosh Want to know when we're filming and/or pooping? Now you can: http://twitter.com/smosh Guess we should have a Google+ Page, too: http://google.com/+smosh Play with us on Smosh Games! http://smo.sh/SmoshGamesYT Watch our Cartoons! http://smo.sh/ShutUpCartoonsYT SMOSH EN FRANÇAIS: http://youtube.com/TheFrenchSmosh
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Giantess 3D
DeviantArt - http://mazewithhaze.deviantart.com/gallery/
I hate Tiny Men  Giantess Vore
Watch Full Video : https://goo.gl/IfqQ9P
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Giantess finds a tiny person
What happens if a giantess found a tiny person? ask Giantess Kody Evans subscribe & like for more, thanks! want a custom giantess video done email [email protected] #giantess
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Bill J eaten alive tiny man
Little man sweet eaten alive by my giant mouth
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Goddess Gomorahh Catches a Tiny man up to no good. Giantess ASMR
Tiny men whom disobey get crushed....Devilish Grin This is an example taken from a custom Giantess Clip to have a Custom Giantess Clip made Click here https://gomorahh.com/collections/mistress-gomorahhs-services-grin/products/custom-giantess-fetish-clips-25-minutes Follow and message me here https://www.facebook.com/MistressGomorahhsShow