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NGK Spark Plugs - how to decode the letter & numbering system #1453
Ever wondered what the number & letter code means on the side of an NGK spark plug? Well, finally, they caught my attention after all these years so I did a little research to find out more... In this video I run through how to decipher the Spark Plug code - for example, a BPR8ES? What does it mean? Well, you may be surprised to know that each of the characters has a specific meaning & here's how to decode it... I have really only brushed the surface on the NGK coding but I'm hoping this video helps give you the basics so you'll know how to decode your own spark plugs. Here's the link to NGK's 2015 Motorcycle Spark Plug catalogue - lots of really useful info & it includes the decoding table I used in the video: https://www.ngkntk.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/2015-Motorcycle-catalogue.pdf Andy Mechanic
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Spark Plug Gap - NGK Spark Plugs - Tech Video
Correct way to check, set and adjust your spark plug gap. NGK Spark Plugs USA.
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10 Best Spark Plugs 2017
CLICK FOR WIKI ►► https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-spark-plugs Please Note: Our choices for this wiki may have changed since we published this review video. Our most recent set of reviews in this category is exclusively available on Ezvid Wiki. Spark plugs included in this wiki include the ngk standard, denso sk20hr11, motorcraft sp-479, ngk ifr5l-11, ngk v-power, denso pk20tt, bosch platinum ir fusion, autolite app104, bosch hr7dpp30v, and champion j19lm copper plus. Most Recent Picks: https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-spark-plugs
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Installing Spark Plugs - NGK Spark Plugs - Tech Video
Correct way to install spark plugs. NGK Spark Plugs USA.
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Saab SEM NGK DIC and NGK spark plugs
Well, I learned the hard way of the importance in keeping some vital things OEM. In the past 2.5 years, I've gone through 3 Direct Ignition Cassettes (DIC) and 2 Catalytic Converters due to the DIC's failing in the most spectacular way. Well, Rock auto sells the NGK DIC for less than you'll pay for the official DIC. Now here's the kicker, the NGK DIC is the exact same as the OEM. They are both made by SEM (Sweden Electro Mechanical). The only difference is (in my opinion) from a business point of view. SEM is a direct to manufacturer supplier and since Saab is no longer a manufacturer, the market for SEM Saab DIC's is pretty slim. So, why not license your product to a company that already caters to the aftermarket? Hence, after NGk's acquisition of the Wells division of AIrtex/Wells (who was the aftermarket supplier for SEM), NGK is now the aftermarket supplier for SEM regarding our ignition cassettes. Don't believe it? Watch the video where I reveal that the NGK DIC is in fact SEM. Saab 9-5 DIC: https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/saab,2005,9-5,2.3l+l4+turbocharged,1431411,ignition,ignition+coil,7060 Saab 9000: https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/saab,1998,9000,2.3l+l4+turbocharged,1317253,ignition,ignition+coil,7060 OG Saab 9-3 (Hatchback): https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/saab,2002,9-3,2.3l+l4+turbocharged,1388437,ignition,ignition+coil,7060
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Spark Plug Types - NGK Spark Plugs - Tech Video
NGK Spark Plug product lines explained. Plus features and benefits of each.
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Toyota/Lexus Laser Iridium Spark Plugs SK20R11 Genuine Part (Toyota Alphard 3.0)
WWW.MARTFAME.COM sells Genuine Toyota / Lexus Spark Plugs SK2OR11 90919-01210 cheap prices of genuine toyota spark plugs Denso Iridium Long Life Spark Plugs https://www.martfame.com/en-US/martfame-store/catalog/toyota/lexus_laser_iridium_spark_plugs_sk20r11_genuine_part_toyota_alphard_30_-item-43
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VW 2.0T TSI Spark Plug DIY (How To) Install
This video will show you how to replace the VW 2.0T TSI engine spark plugs. We also briefly discuss which spark plug is the best choice for VW and Audi 2.0T TSI engines. Disclaimer: Please note all DIY are intended for basic information. Deutsche Auto Parts is not liable for any damage incurred during any attempt to follow the information shown in the video above. In this video we installed NGK BKR7EIX spark plugs https://deutscheautoparts.com/catalog/product/view/id/584295/s/bkr7eix/category/38117/ This video is on a 2013 CC but the models listed below would have a very similar spark plug installation or replacement process. Volkswagen Beetle 2012-2015 w 2.0T TSI Engine CC 2009-2015 w 2.0T TSI Engine Eos 2008-2015 w 2.0T TSI Engine GTI MK5 2008-2009 w 2.0T TSI Engine GTI MK6 2010-2014 w 2.0T TSI Engine Jetta MK5 2008-2010 w 2.0T TSI Engine Passat B6 2008-2010 w 2.0T TSI Engine Tiguan 2009-2015 w 2.0T TSI Engine Audi A3 8P 2008-2010 w 2.0T TSI Engine TT MK2 2008-2015 w 2.0T TSI Engine This video was filmed at our facility Deutsche Auto Parts 18525 Statesville Rd Unit D4 Cornelius NC 28031 Transcript VW 2.0T TSI Spark Plug DIY (How To) Today, in Auto Parts, we’re going to be replacing spark plugs at 2.0 TSI engine on this particular model -2013 CC, and most current 2.0 TSI engine to service in a row recommended by Volkswagen is 60,000 miles. We recommend, as history has always been, 40,000 miles for replacing spark plugs that it is a replacement or at least checked or cleaned to make sure that they are all in good shape. For the CIY, we’re going to be using rare few tools – 3-inch Ratchet, 10-inch extension and a 5/8ths spark plug socket which is going to be used for most Volkswagen and Audi engines. On this 2.0T Engine, we’re going to replace spark plugs with NGK BKR7EIX plugs. We found it to be the most economical choice and they do come pre gapped, ready for installation. Once we go through our install, we start much like our Coil video if you’d seen that. You just remove the engine cover by just pulling up at each corner and move this to the side. We then go through and remove the harness from each coil and push that out of the way. We can then go through and remove each ignition coil. Now, we’re ready to remove the spark plugs. We can go ahead through with our ratchet and go into the cylinder, and loosen its spark plugs. This particular plug has around 30 to 4,000 miles on it. You can take a look if it is a little bit warm. Now, we can go through and remove the other ones. Now, we’ve removed all the spark plugs. As mentioned earlier, we’re going to be replacing our original spark plugs with this BKR7EIX plugs. Here, you can see a comparison versus a brand new BKR7EIX plugs and the original NGK version of the Volkswagen plug. They’re obviously is somewhere on your electro here. We also offer the Volkswagen version, if you’re also interested in those, as well as the Basher for 2.0T Engine. We, generally prefer, recommend engine NGK plug because it’s the most economical choice, but if you have a preference, there isn’t really going to be a major differences between the NGK version and the Volkswagen version and the Bosch version. They’re all going to be really similar. It really boils down to preference. So, when we’re going to be installing these spark plugs on this engine? They’re already are pre-gapped as we talked about that before, even installing your spark plugs socket, and pop it in place. When you have these spark plugs socket, they have a rubber piece inside that retains the spark plug so you can turn it upside down and it doesn’t fall out. When installing this in our engine, you set them in place and you kind of throw them in by hand and wait for them to bottom out. Now, we’re going to go ahead tighten down all our spark plugs. As mentioned in the NGK box, you tighten them down by hand and then you go half to 2/3 of the turn. The intention of this is just to crush the crush washer at the end of the spark plugs. Just keep in mind, we don’t wanna go crazy tightening these we really don’t wanna do any damage at the engine; just enough to where you’re getting the spark plug all in and tight. Once we’re done tightening down all these spark plugs, we can now re-install all the ignition coils. You wanna make sure that they’re all the way seated down; otherwise, you could have some misfire issues. Reinstall all the spark plug connectors – get them all kinda lined up, and start tightening them. Get them snapped on. Make sure you hear them locked in place. We can put our engine cover back on and just pop down at each corner and we’re all set. That’s how we install NGK BKR7EIX spark plugs on a 2.0T TSI engine. Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DeutscheAutoParts Check us out on Instagram http://instagram.com/deutscheauto
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NGK Spark Plug Caps
Find more information about the "NGK - Spark Plug Caps" on the Dennis Kirk product page: http://bit.ly/yl9Sqr • NGK plug caps feature rubber waterproof covers and positive attachment mechanisms on both ends for shake-proof grip • Accept up to 8mm plug wire • Has 5K ohms of resistance, when used with resistor plugs this combination provides best suppression of radio frequency interference • 90° elbow type • Fits 14mm threads • For terminal nut • Sold each
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Свеча зажигания NGK PFR7S8EG 1675
NGK PFR7S8EG 1675 - платиновая свеча зажигания, характеризуются отличным устойчивым искрообразованием, высокой сопротивляемостью к возникновению химических отложений и надежной работой в условиях высокого напряжения. Более подробную информацию, аналоги и применимость можно узнать у нас на сайте: https://cardone.org/market/catalog/svechi/NGK/Svecha-zazhiganiya-PFR7S8EG-NGK-1675
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NGK Spark Plug Europe's Technical Center
NGK Spark Plug Europe's Technical Center in Ratingen, Germany // Covers an area of 2,200 m² // Comprises three high-tech engine testing stands and two chassis dynos // Includes two climate chambers with integrated wind speed // fan for temperatures from - 30 °C up to + 30 °C // Offers comprehensive systems for complete exhaust gas analyses
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Spark plug NGK R bpr6es after 3 year use
Enriching - tests nad opinions uszlachetniacze.blogspot.com
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Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vtaSuperCoil #vtaSuperCoil HONDA K24A Horsepower increased +13.4hp 0-100km/h -5sec Mileage + 50-100km/barrel Full time carbon deposits clear https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202664299564986&set=a.2021706518634.56206.1723094595&type=3 Electronic Fuel Injection Engine (Motorcycle) Horsepower increased +188% 0-400m -1Second Mileage + 30-100km/barrel Full time carbon deposits clear https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202689414872853&set=a.2021706518634.56206.1723094595&type=3 E-Mail [email protected]
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Brisk Premium Multi-Spark vs Standard spark plug video 3D demonstration
Brisk Open-fire technology spark plugs produce 3 Plasma sparks for each single spark on conventional spark plug. Proven by multiple wins at Daytona Speedway. SPARK PLUG PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION - BRISK MULTI-SPARK PLUG Brisk Premium Multi-spark plugs are an entirely new and patented type of high performance spark plug. The spark plug name describes exactly what the spark plug is all about: multiple sparks. The spark plug have no traditional so called "J-gap" ground electrode, instead, there are two auxilary ring shape electrodes bonded to the surface of the ceramic insulator. Since the ring shape electrodes are conductive, they split one very large gap into 3 smaller gaps for the sparks to occur. Since the Multi-spark plug 3 gaps are in series, the spark has to jump three times in order to get from the center electrode to the ground (the spark plug shell), as this is the path of the least resistance. This means that if your vehicle is equipped with a multi-spark ignition system such as Accel, Crane, Mallory or MSD, you will have 3 times as many sparks on the tip of the sprak plug than your ignition system generate. For example with MSD multi-spark ignition system you will get 9 sparks per every single primary ignition pulse until abut 3,000 RPM when the multi-spark ignition system switch into a single spark mode. But even than you will still get 3 sparks with the Brisk Premium Multi-spark plug, just as you will with a standard OE (original equipment) ignition system in ordinary cars, motorcycles and such. Please do not mistake this unique high performance Brisk Multi-spark technology with an ordinary multi-ground electrode spark plugs, which produce only one spark per secondary ignition impulse, regardless of the spark plug multiple ground electrodes- the spark will occur only between one of the spark plug ground electrode as they are configured in parallel. ADVANTAGES OF HIGH PERFORMANCE BRISK MULTI-SPARK PLUG Owning to their unique design, Brisk Premium Multi-spark plugs do not have to be indexed as they do not have traditional "J-gap" ground electrode, and produce 3 sparks per each impulse of the ignition system. Each spark is not confined to a single place and can occur anywhere in the spark plug 360 degree perimeter. As each spark naturally occurs at the place of least resistance (lower pressure and optimal A/F mixture) sparks happen at the place most favorable for the ignition. More than one simultaneous point of ignition (3 sparks at same time in different locations) results in better, and more spontaneous ignition of the air-fuel mixture. Sparks are not shielded by the ground electrode; therefore it provides faster, unrestricted expansion of the flame front. The mixture burns more uniformly and more quickly. The result of better utilization of available combustion energy is more power, better acceleration, lower harmful exhaust emission and reduction in fuel consumption. Brisk Premium Multi-spark plugs are prooven by multiple wins at DAYTONA SPEEDWAY and available in multiple heat ranges from stock applications to a full blown race cars. Brisk Premium ZC is a spark plug that has no grounding electrode and provides three simultaneous sparks per one ignition impulse. Each spark occurs at the point of the biggest fuel concentration. Individual sparks are sufficiently distanced from one another, thereby ensuring perfect ignition of the air and fuel mixture. The mixture burns more uniformly and more quickly. This spark plug is suitable for clean burning engines with modern ignition systems.
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MX5 NA Miata - How to replace your spark plugs and wires
The car sounds like it's running on three cylinders and I think it has something to do with my ignition so in this video I'm going to replace my spark plugs and spark plug wires. I've added 9 useful tips at the end of the video! Denso spark plug information: » http://www.globaldenso.com/en/products/aftermarket/plug/spec/ » http://www.globaldenso.com/en/products/aftermarket/plug/basic_knowledge/installation/index.html MX5 NA Miata - How to build your own Cold Air Intake and heat shield: » https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsfL9M1pmIE Things you will need: » Socket wrench » Big socket extension » 16mm spark plug socket » Needle nose pliers (optional) » Old rag (optional) » 4 spark plugs » Spark plug gap tool » Anti-seize (optional) » Dielectric grease (https://www.kroon-oil.com/en/catalogue/product/394/ceramic-grease/939/) » Q-tips » Torque wrench set to 15 lbf-ft / 20 Nm » 4 spark plug wires Music I used: » Chuki Beats - Nujabes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WENSgKN5r1Q) » Instrumental produced by Chuki (http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic) Follow me: » Website: https://www.MiataMods.net » YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/MiataMods » Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/MiataModsNL » Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiataMods » Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/MiataMods » Google+: https://plus.google.com/+MiataMods ★ If you liked this video please like and subscribe guys! ★
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Свеча зажигания NGK IFR6J11 7658
NGK IFR6J11 7658 - иридиевая свеча зажигания, характеризуются отличным устойчивым искрообразованием, высокой сопротивляемостью к возникновению химических отложений и надежной работой в условиях высокого напряжения. Более подробную информацию, аналоги и применимость можно узнать у нас на сайте: https://cardone.org/market/catalog/svechi/NGK/Svecha-zazhiganiya-IFR6J11-NGK-7658
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Wrench Hit - Spark Plug Install  - NGK Spark Plugs
NGK Spark Plugs explains the importance of proper spark plug installation and result if incorrectly installed. Wrench Hit can occur under improper Spark Plug installation.
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Свеча зажигания NGK BKR6E-11 2756
NGK BKR6E-11 2756 - никелевая свеча зажигания, характеризуются отличным устойчивым искрообразованием, высокой сопротивляемостью к возникновению химических отложений и надежной работой в условиях высокого напряжения. Более подробную информацию, аналоги и применимость можно узнать у нас на сайте: https://cardone.org/market/catalog/svechi/NGK/Svecha-zazhiganiya-BKR6E-11-NGK-2756
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Distributor and Spark Plug Wires Replacement on a '93-'97 Corolla
This video is made as a guideline to show you how to change the distributor and spark plug wires on a 1993-1997 (and many other cars and years) Toyota Corolla. I hope it was helpful! Other related videos: - Spark Plug Replacement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGejnTrjAqk - Transmission Replacement Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3urq17M9BFg&list=PL-CJZXfrURuPRU5YN34yOlVhfjBGP8IG0 Tools used in this video: - Basic Wrench Set: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_xo_1_14?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=metric+wrench+set&sprefix=metric+wrench+%2Cfashion%2C185&crid=Q8D8EY4F4LPC - Socket Set: https://www.amazon.com/Stanley-89-339-12-Point-Professional-15-Piece/dp/B000NJ63Q8/ref=sr_1_2?s=power-hand-tools&ie=UTF8&qid=1476931741&sr=1-2&keywords=metric+socket+set - Ratchet: https://www.amazon.com/Stanley-91-930-2-Inch-Release-Ratchet/dp/B000NJ7U1U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485907577&sr=8-1&keywords=1%2F2+inch+drive+ratchet - Wire Brush Set: https://www.harborfreight.com/6-piece-detail-brush-set-93610.html Parts used in this video (I didn’t replace any parts but if I had to, these are the ones I would buy): - Distributor (WORLD POWER SYSTEMS DST77435): http://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/toyota,1995,corolla,1.8l+l4,1275588,ignition,distributor,7108 - Spark Plug Wires (NGK 8128): http://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/toyota,1995,corolla,1.8l+l4,1275588,ignition,spark+plug+wire+set,7224 Music: - It´s True - Dj Quads (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tiypb60fRFU) - Missing Someone - Dj Quads (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-c-gGRYKUs) - Soul - Dj Quads (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0UBmJLv208) - Those Nights - Dj Quads (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anp_exOmsgc) Please note that I am not a professional mechanic, nor am I saying that you have to do exactly what I say in this video. Perform these repairs at your own risk! Safety first ;)
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2006 - 2011 8th Generation Honda Civic Spark Plug Replacement DIY
In this video we show you in detail how to change your own spark plugs on your 2006 - 2011 8th generation Honda Civic. This video can also be used as a generic installation DIY for many cars. Remember that http://TorontoHondaParts.com is Canada's only complete online parts catalogue. We offer many shipping options along with local pickup. Save the duties - shop Canadian!
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How to check for Spark Plug Fire (in any engine)
Quick video on how to check for spark plug fire in any small engine or any engine for that matter! thanks for watching!!!
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Dyno Testing Pulstar Plugs to See if They Make Power
Dyno testing Pulstar's new spark plug design to see if it really can produce more horsepower versus a conventional plug as the company claims. This is a video I originally shot back in 2011, moving it over to YouTube from another video service. We're constantly uploading great new videos. Please subscribe so you won't miss out! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TheHorsepowerMonster MORE INTERNET GOODNESS: Website: http://www.horsepowermonster.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HorsepowerMonster Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/hpmonster/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HpowerMonster Google+: https://plus.google.com/+TheHorsepowerMonster/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/horsepowermonster
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4 stroke വണ്ടികളുടെ spark plug ന്റെ നിറം നോക്കി Engine performance മനസിലാക്കാം.spark plug colour.
Audio Library is a Website dedicated to search, catalog, sort and publish royalty free music for content creators · https://www.audiolibrary.com.co ––– • Track Info: Title: Curtains by Artificial.Music Genre and Mood: Dance & Electronic · Calm Free Download: http://bit.ly/2In2uIe ––– • License: YOU’RE FREE TO USE THIS SONG IN ANY OF YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS, BUT YOU MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING IN YOUR VIDEO DESCRIPTION (COPY & PAST4 4 stroke engine vehicles spark plug colour changing identification to spark plug colour changing. How to identification spark plug colour and engine performance engine complaints identification..4 stroke engine vehicles video. Engine complaints identification malayalam video.Spark plug video malayalam.Malayalam spark plug video.
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MSD Iridium Spark Plugs
MSD introduces a new line of iridium spark plugs! With over 40 years of high output ignition experience packed into each plug, they're sure to pack a serious punch. Make sure to go to MSDinYourHead.com on August 1st to get the scoop on MSD Spark Plugs!
VMP Performance | Brisk Spark Plugs Review
Be sure to subscribe to our channel for new episodes weekly. In this video, Joe Goodnough, with VMP Performance, reviews Brisk Spark Plugs and explains why they're a top choice for the vehicles here at VMP Performance . ------ Have you seen our new shows? Tune each week for: Tuning Tuesday | Tuesday's at 1:30 PM EST for live Q&A with VMP Tuners Joe & Alex. Burnout Box | Thursday's at 6 PM EST for live commentary from VMP's Justin Starkey and Donny Duffey. ------------------------------------------- Subscribe & Follow: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VMPTuning Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/VMPPerformance Website: http://vmpperformance.com
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Spark Plugs: The Secret Behind The Spark | ACDelco Be Certain
What does a massive Tesla Coil have in common with our small but strong spark plugs? Check out the electrifying comparison. And find out the secret behind the spark with Adam Genei. Learn more about ACDelco spark plugs — http://bit.ly/2hCQZ2X
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Pulstar Spark Plugs - Pulse Plugs Demonstration • Shop J&P Cycles
Pulstar plugs increase horsepower, improve fuel economy, improve torque and throttle response, improve cold starts and reduce CO2. Energy from the coil is stored in the patented capacitor and at the exact moment needed the energy is released in a high energy pulse increasing cylinder pressure by as much as 10% producing more torque. Pulstar Spark Plugs available at J&P Cycles: http://www.jpcycles.com/search/search?Ntt=pulstar J&P Cycles Shop the World's Largest Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Superstore! http://www.jpcycles.com
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How to Gap a Spark Plug
How to correctly gap a spark plug. This is a fast and easy video on how to gap a spark plug and spark plug gap adjustment. All plugs have to be checked and a gap tool is $1. Incorrect plug gap can lead to poor performance and poor fuel economy. Platinum plugs have a recommended replacement every 50-100k miles depending on your vehicle and use... Copper plugs have a recommended replacement every 30k miles or so. **If the video was helpful, remember to give it a "thumbs up" and consider subscribing. New videos every Thursday** -Website: https://www.ChrisFixed.com -Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chrisfix8 -Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisFixed -Instagram: https://instagram.com/chrisfixit -Subscribe Here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=paintballoo7 -YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/ChrisFix Disclaimer: Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFix, I cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information. ChrisFix assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk. ChrisFix recommends safe practices when working on vehicles and or with tools seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFix, no information contained in this video shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or from the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not ChrisFix.
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E3 High Performance Spark Plugs
E3 High Performance Spark Plugs Purchase this product or get more information: http://jo.my/4wde3sparkplugs E3 Spark Plugs are a high-tech, yet inexepensive way to gain fuel burning efficiency for a better than stock performance on your rig. E3 Spark Plugs help engines operate more efficiently by burning fuel more completely and their patented design gets the flame (or combustion process) started earlier in the combustion chamber before gas is vented off when the exhaust valves open. This allows for increased combustion efficiency and a faster burn, allowing E3 equipped engines to minimize the venting of unburned (wasted) fuel. Request Your Free Jeep Parts Catalog from 4WD: http://jo.my/4wd_jeep_parts_catalog THIS PRODUCT WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BUY: E3 Spark Plugs CHECK OUT OTHER FINE PRODUCTS BY THIS MANUFACTURER http://jo.my/4wde3landingpage ABOUT 4WD 4Wheel Drive Hardware (4WD) is the leading mail order and Internet distributor of Jeep parts and accessories. As a division of Transamerican Auto Parts, 4WD is headquartered in Columbiana, Ohio. Visit 4WD online: http://www.4wd.com Team4WheelParts Blog: http://www.team4wheelparts.com/ 4WD Youtube Channel: http://jot.my/4wdyt Follow 4WD on Twitter: http://jot.my/4wdyt Like 4WD on Facebook: http://jot.my/4wdfb Call 4WD toll free: 800-913-8594
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How Pulstar Spark Plugs Work
Pulstar Spark Plugs use innovative plasma-assisted combustion technology to increase horsepower, torque and improve fuel efficiency. Plasma-assisted combustion is already used to improve engine performance for racing, but requires complex control systems and costs nearly $2,000 per cylinder. Pulstar Spark Plugs, manufactured by Enerpulse Technologies (Ticker: ENPT), brings plasma-assisted combustion to consumers with a simple spark plug upgrade for less than $18 a cylinder. Pulstar uses a patented internal capacitor, developed with the help of a US Department of Energy laboratory, to create a high-intensity electrical pulse that ionizes the air-fuel mixture and saturates it with combustion-enhancing plasma. With its plasma-assisted combustion, Pulstar ignites fuel instantly and burns it rapidly; gaining up to 7 horsepower, 9 ft.-lbs. of torque ... and, delivering wicked throttle response. Pulstar Spark Plugs are available for purchase from most major automotive retailers such as AutoZone, JEGs, PepBoys etc…and online today at Amazon.com. You can learn more at the Pulstar website: https://www.pulstar.com/ Video: https://vimeo.com/shahnamhaider Voice over: http://thrivecreations.com/ Copyright 2015 Enerpulse Technologies For permission to use contact [email protected]
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Cbr600 Spark Plug Change Project 2001 Honda Cbr600 F4i Episode 10
Short video detailing me changing the spark plugs on this 2001 Honda cbr600. A few things to remember is always use antiseize on the spark plugs when installing, make sure the engine is cold when you do this, Dont try to gap the iridium plugs there pregapped dont touch the tip, also please take your time. This is a easy task once you get everything removed. Below are links to disassemble airbox and remove airbox. Thanks for watching hope to hit 300 subs soon. Iridium Spark plug number: Ngk box number 6966/Spark plug number IMR9A-9H Air box removal video: https://youtu.be/8gsTV6l1ekw Air filter change video shows how to take airbox apart: https://youtu.be/RvHNQKcRkTk Dont forget to check the shirts out in the merch shop link: Merch shop---- https://shop.spreadshirt.com/torrentperformance Facebook ---- http://www.facebook.com/torrentperformance/ Instagram ---- https://www.instagram.com/torrentperformance Youtube ---- http://www.youtube.com/c/TorrentPerformance Amsoil ---- https://www.amsoil.com/?zo=5541460 Save up to 25% off your purchase and Free Shipping on $100 purchase by signing up as a Amsoil Preferred Customer (Dealer Number 5541460) when checking out. http://www.amsoil.com/offers/pc.aspx?zo=5541460 Amsoil will send you a free catalog in the mail just click the link and fill in the information in the forms from the link and receive a free catalog in the mail. Any purchase go directly to me with link. https://www.amsoil.com/InformationRequest.aspx?type=catalog?zo=5541460 Amsoil Limited Warranty Bulletins: https://www.amsoil.com/warranty.aspx?zo=5541460 Amsoil Vehicle Lookup links below, if you purchase from these links I will get a small commission to help me keep mototrcycles in the garage thanks for supporting the channel. Amsoil Auto & Light Truck Lookup: https://www.amsoil.com/lookup/auto-and-light-truck/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Motorcycle Lookup: https://www.amsoil.com/lookup/motorcycle/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Atv Lookup: https://www.amsoil.com/lookup/atv/?zo=5541460 Amsoil UTV Lookup: https://www.amsoil.com/lookup/utv/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Snowmobile Lookup: https://www.amsoil.com/lookup/snowmobile/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Outboard Lookup: https://www.amsoil.com/lookup/outboard/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Personal Watercraft Lookup: https://www.amsoil.com/lookup/pwc/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Heavy Duty Truck Semi Lookup: https://www.amsoil.com/lookup/heavy-duty/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Links for All Amsoil Products below, please take a look you might find something you need for any equipment that you might have. Amsoil Motor Oil Link For All Motor Oils: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/motor-oil/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Hydraulic Oil Link: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/hydraulic-oil/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Compressor Oil Link: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/compressor-oil/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Fuel Additvies Link: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/fuel-additives/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Transmission Fluid Link: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/transmission-fluid/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Gear Lube Link: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/gear-lube/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Grease Links: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/grease/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Filters And Bypass Systems Link: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/filters-and-by-pass-systems/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Brake Fluid Link: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/other-products/brake-fluid/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Power Steering Link: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/other-products/power-steering-fluid/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Suspension Fluid Link: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/other-products/suspension-fluid/?zo=5541460 Amsoil AntiFreeze Link: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/other-products/antifreeze/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Cleaners And Protectors Link: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/other-products/cleaners-and-protectants/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Firearm Products: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/other-products/firearms-products/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Oil Analysis Services: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/other-products/oil-analysis-services/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Synthetic Air Tool Oil: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/other-products/air-tool-oil/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Clothing And Merchandise: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/clothing-and-merchandise/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Garage Accessories: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/garage-accessories/?zo=5541460 Amsoil Dealer And Preferred Customer Link: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/buy-wholesale/?zo=5541460
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Свеча зажигания NGK LFR5A11 6376
NGK LFR5A-11 6376 - никелевая свеча зажигания, характеризуются отличным устойчивым искрообразованием, высокой сопротивляемостью к возникновению химических отложений и надежной работой в условиях высокого напряжения. Более подробную информацию, аналоги и применимость можно узнать у нас на сайте: https://cardone.org/market/catalog/svechi/NGK/Svecha-zazhiganiya-LFR5A-11-NGK-6376
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Show and Tell  4 - Some Antique Sparkplugs
Just a look at a few random antique sparkplugs from France and America
Spark plug gap, setting the spark plug electrode gap
here is a quick clip on how i set the electrode gap on spark plugs, there is many deferent methods, i just happen to have good results this way hope it helps, please subscribe
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Mercury Outboard Spark Plug Replacement | 20HP 4-Stroke Spark Plug Change
Get your Mercury outboard spark plugs here: http://bit.ly/mercury-spark-plug See how to change the spark plugs in a Mercury 20HP 4-stroke outboard in this video from Boats.net. This is a simple procedure that is an important element of your Mercury outboard maintenance. We’ll start by removing the cowling on the motor, which will reveal the spark plug wires. When changing the spark plugs on a 20HP Mercury four stroke, it’s crucial that you keep the correct plug wires running to each of the two spark plugs. To make sure, we’ll remove the plug wire and replace one plug at a time. The Mercury outboard spark plug socket size is a 5/8ths inch socket, and when you thread in and tighten the new spark plugs they should be torqued to 15 foot-pounds. You should check or change the spark plugs on your Mercury outboard every 500 hours of run time. If the tips of the plugs are black, the engine is running too rich and may be getting too much fuel. If the tips are white, your engine may be starved for fuel. VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Removing the cowling - 1:00 Replacing the spark plugs - 1:15 Find Mercury 20 HP outboard parts here: https://www.boats.net/catalog/mercury/outboard-by-hp/20hp?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=description_btf_BDN In the video we’re working with a 2016 Mercury 20HP 4-stroke outboard motor, but you may have similar steps for your Mercury outboard. If you’re not sure whether these steps apply to your motor, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.
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Свеча зажигания NGK ITR6F13 4477
NGK ITR6F13 4477 - иридиевая свеча зажигания, характеризуются отличным устойчивым искрообразованием, высокой сопротивляемостью к возникновению химических отложений и надежной работой в условиях высокого напряжения. Более подробную информацию, аналоги и применимость можно узнать у нас на сайте: https://cardone.org/market/catalog/raznoe/NGK/4477-svecha-zazhiganiya-NGK-ITR6F13
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BEWARE BUYERS DON'T BUY DENSO SPARK PLUGS FROM CHINESE SUPPLIERS IS TOTALLY FAKE. SEE MY VIDEO AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN REAL DENSO AND FAKE DENSO. SEE THE VIDEO 1080p At pictures you will see the fake spark plug is broken. I broke the spark plug to prove to the seller, that is not useful for me and to refund my money.
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How to Replace Outboard Spark Plugs | Mercury 115 Outboard  | Boats.net
Get your Mercury outboard spark plugs here: http://bit.ly/mercury-115-spark-plug-change Learn how to replace the spark plugs on your Mercury 115 outboard in this video from Boats.net. This is an easy job and when you remove the plugs, you can gain a little insight into how your motor is running. You should change or inspect the spark plugs in a Mercury outboard every 100 hours. If the tips are black, the engine is running rich, and if they’re white, the engine isn’t getting enough fuel and is running lean. In the video, we’ll show you how to remove the spark plug cover and change the spark plugs on your outboard engine. It simplifies the job to replace them one at a time so you do not cross up the spark plug wires. When you replace the spark plugs on your Mercury 115 outboard, torque them to 18 foot-pounds. VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Removing the cowling - 1:00 Removing the spark plug cover - 1:50 Replacing spark plugs - 2:30 Replacing spark plug cover - 5:45 Find Mercury outboard parts here: Find OEM Mercury marine parts at Boats.net: https://www.boats.net/catalog/mercury?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=card_BDN In the video we’re working with a 2006 Mercury 115 4-stroke EFI outboard motor, but you may have similar steps for your Mercury outboard. If you’re not sure whether these steps apply to your motor, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.
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Ignition Coil Symptoms, Problems, Diagnosis and Replacement  - EASY DIY!
Direct ignition coils are a common failure item in a vehicle's ignition system. But how do you truly know if your vehicle's misfire is due to ignition coils? Shop for ignition coils at FCP Euro: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products?utf8=%E2%9C%93&keywords=ignition+coils An engine misfire can be...so many things. Ignition, electrical, mechanical, the list goes on and on. In this video Gareth Foley, our BMW Catalog Manager, shows how to diagnose an engine misfire that's related to the ignition coils. The first way is via a scan tool, which is super helpful if you have one. But we realize a lot of people don't, and that's why we've added a second troubleshooting method—mechanical. By removing a coil and swapping it with another, you can troubleshoot the problem through process of elimination. More on that in the video. We’ll show you how to do both. Read more here: https://blog.fcpeuro.com/how-to-diagnose-and-replace-bad-ignition-coils- Get free parts from FCP Euro: https://www.fcpeuro.com/page/lifetime-guarantee Follow FCP Euro on: https://www.facebook.com/fcpeuro https://www.instagram.com/fcpeuro/ https://twitter.com/fcpeuro https://www.fcpeuro.com/
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2015 Jeep Cherokee V6 Spark Plug Change
After about 93,000 miles on my 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk I figured it was time for a spark plug change. Below is a link from rock auto for a great price on what I think are some of the best spark plugs out there. They fired right up and now the engine is noticeably quieter and smoother. Feels like a brand new car. I would definitely recommend them (though I am not endorsed by rock auto or ngk). NGK 9723 Laser Iridium https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/jeep,2015,cherokee,3.2l+v6,3308799,ignition,spark+plug,7212 Also special shout out to gpfreak1 for his initial spark plug tutorial, as I made this as a follow up to his video.
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Denso  Svjećice TT
http://www.puric.hr Uvoznik i distributer auto dijelova Denso, Bosch, TRW, Delphi, VDO, Stanadyne.
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IPD Volvo - Spark Plug End Cap Differentiation
Depending on which spark plug wires you use, fitting them to the spark plugs can cause a bit of confusion. Cameron demonstrates a simple remedy to make sure installation and fitment go smoothly. -------------------------- For more IPD Tech Tips visit: https://www.ipdusa.com/techtips.asp For the very latest and best products shop at: https://www.ipdusa.com Call Us Directly for More Information: 1-800-444-6473 IPD is the Volvo Parts, Accessories and Performance Specialists Since 1963. We offer high-quality replacement car parts, custom kit builder solutions, heavy duty parts, all with an unmatchable 50+ year reputation and customer service team committed to our clients. Our custom-built online parts catalog features Genuine, OE, OEM, and IPD branded replacement parts for Volvo vehicles. We are truly unique with a reputation that spans over 50 years. Not many others can match our knowledge, dedication to high-quality products and providing the very best customer service in the market. We have a physical location, live customer service agents you can call and inventory to ship products to you quickly. Our customer and vehicle first approach means that your experience is our first priority. We have truly hassle-free returns and provide do-it-yourself (DIY) guides and videos for many of our products. We carry quality parts in a wide range of OES and Aftermarket brands including Akebono, Behr, Bilstein, Bosch, Mahle, Mann, Elring, Corteco, Hella, Sachs, Denso, Behr, Bendix, Brembo, Centric, Girling, Meyle, SKF, Koni, Lemförder, TYC, Nissens, Genuine Volvo and many more. Through our other website WPD, we also offer replacement parts for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Saab, Scion, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen and More from a large number of manufacturers. Follow us on social media: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ipdusa/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ipdVolvo/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/ipdvolvo/ Snapchat: ipdvolvo Google+ : https://plus.google.com/116453085796992349062 For Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Saab, Scion, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, and other vehicle manufacturer products, you can visit our other website https://www.wpdusa.com All trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective trademark holders. IPD is not affiliated with Volvo Car Corporation or any of its' subsidiaries. All trademark references are for identification purposes only under the fair-use and descriptive use.
Spark / Glow Plug for Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire
See all Spark / Glow Plug for Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire with prices here https://boodmo.com/catalog/3630-spark_glow_plug/m11290-maruti-swift_dzire/
[YamahaT135.Com] Denso Iridium Power MotoGP
a great video about Denso Iridium Power spark plugs for motogp motorcycles.
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Свечи зажигания Denso TT - лучшие для авто
drive2 - https://www.drive2.ru/r/lada/1227771/ ВКонтакте - https://vk.com/t_strannik Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/tstrannik * Свечи зажигания Denso TT w16tt. Уникальная свеча Denso Twin Tip знаменует собой прорыв в технологиях свечей зажигания. Это первая в мире свеча зажигания w20tt с тонкими электродами, которые не содержат драгоценных металлов. Более тонкие боковой и центральный электроды обеспечивают лучшие технические характеристики и ощутимую прибавку в мощности со снижением расхода топлива. Обзор свечей последнего поколения Denso TT w20tt. Как отличить от подделки: 1. Цоколь гладкий без пузырей 2. Зазор 1 мм (в этой модели свечей) 3. Явно выражены иридиевые вставки с явными местами сварки. 4. Колечко не слетает, краска ногтями не слазит 6. Сопротивление 4,2-5,5 КОм 7. Размер центрального электрода 0,4 мм. Бокового - 0,7 мм (допуск +0,05)
Свечи зажигания. Свечи зажигания для газа, свечи NGK. Обзор avtozvuk.ua
Свечи зажигания http://avtozvuk.ua/catalog/440?utm_source=azyoutube&utm_medium=cpc Аксессуары и дополнительное оборудование http://avtozvuk.ua/accessories?utm_source=azyoutube&utm_medium=cpc Автоэлектроника http://avtozvuk.ua/elektro?utm_source=azyoutube&utm_medium=cpc Официальный сайт http://avtozvuk.ua/ Подписаться на Базу Автозвука: http://goo.gl/dPHsW3 Наш второй канал "Распаковка Автотоваров" https://goo.gl/lnUUDW Самый крупный магазин автомобильных товаров База Автозвука. На нашем канале Вы сможете следить за новинками автотоваров. Электроника, автохимия, аккумуляторы и многое многое другое. Подробные обзоры, сравнительные тесты все это будет доступно у нас на канале. Приятного просмотра.)
Замена свечей. Замена катушки зажигания 1.6 TU5JP4
Replacing Spark Plugs. Replacing Ignition Coils. Citroen C4 C3 C2 Berlingo 1.6 TU5JP4 Замена свечей зажигания на двигателе 1.6 TU5JP4. Замена катушки зажигания. Инструменты: ключ Torx T20; ключ свечной 16мм. Комплектующие: Свечи зажигания: BOSCH 1.6 16V 81 -TU5JP4(NFU) 11/04 стандарт FR8SE0 (установлен на конвейере) NGK 1.4 16V 65 ET3J4(KFU) - L4 11/04 - 01/11 стандарт LZKAR7A Межэлектродный зазор:0,9 mm 1.6 16V 81 -TU5JP4~(NFU) 11/04 стандарт LFR6B Межэлектродный зазор:0,9 mm/ серия iridium LPG 7 Denso 1.4 16V 65 ET3J4(KFU) - L4 11/04 - 01/11 стандартные XE20HR-U9 Межэлектродный зазор 0.9 VFXEH20 1.6 16V 80 TU5JP4(NFU) - L4, 11/04 - 07/08 стандартные K20HR-U11 Межэлектродный зазор 1.1 /серия tt KH20TT/ серия iridium IKH20 VKH20 TU5JP4(NFU-110) - L5 1.6 16V 80 TU5JP4(NFU-110) - L5 04/08 - 12/10 стандартные K20HR-U11 Межэлектродный зазор 1.1 /серия tt KH20TT / серия iridium IKH20 I44 VKH20 Серия " iridium" используется в двигателях работающих на газе. Инженеры NGK считают использование свечей с иридиевым наконечником на двигателях работающих на бензине неоправданной тратой средств. Работать будут, но никакого преимущества перед обычными свечами не дадут. Информация предоставлена отделом технической поддержки. Спасибо сотрудникам NGK за быстрый ответ и предоставленную информацию. Подбор свечей по маркам и моделям автомобилей: NGK www.ngk.de/nc/ru/podbor-produkcii/ Denso www.denso.ru/sparkPlugs.asp правый столбец "скачать каталог продукции" Представленная здесь информация дана для ознакомления и не является рекламой. Я не ставил перед собой цели проводить анализ рынка свечей зажигания и выявления лучших или худших. По моему мнению любая подобная оценка будет субъективной и подходящей к конкретному случаю и конкретному двигателю. Всем удачи на дорогах.)
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Свечи в японских автомобилях: маркировка свечей Denso, NGK
В видео даётся объяснение значения маркировки свечей японского производства производителей NGK и Denso. Рассказывается про параметры свечей и даются общие рекомендации
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