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INSTAGRAM TOP 10 MALE MODELS 0:10 WILLY CARTIER https://instagram.com/willycartier/ 0:30 LANDON FALGOUST https://instagram.com/landocommando0/?hl=en 0:50 RIVER VIIPERI https://instagram.com/riverviiperi/?hl=en 1:10 MARLON TEIXEIRA https://instagram.com/marlontx/?hl=en 1:30 DAVID GANDY https://instagram.com/davidgandy_official/?hl=en 1:50 SEAN O'PRY https://instagram.com/seanopry55/?hl=en 2:10 JON KORTAJARENA https://instagram.com/kortajarenajon/?hl=en 2:30 JOHANNES HUEBL https://instagram.com/johanneshuebl/?hl=en 2:50 ANDRE HAMANN https://instagram.com/andrehamann/ 3:10 FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI https://instagram.com/chico_lachowski/?hl=en
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Top 5-Handsome Instagram Models Of India | 2017
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Top 10 Most Handsome Men in The World ✔
Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in The World - Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in The World 2017 - 2018 Check out Top 100 Most Handsome Man in The World 2016 =► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE8HAtFaa1s Let’s see some of the Top 10 Most handsome boys in the world in 2016-2017: Number 10. Tom Hiddleston Tom Hiddleston was born on 9th February 1981, in United Kingdom. He is a model and actor. He is a good looking guy who is really appreciated for his handsome looks. He was successful in winning the award for Best Newcomer in a Play Olivier Award. He has also given some of the successful movies like The Deep Blue Sea (2011), Midnight in Paris (2011), and Only Lovers Left Alive (2013). He is asuccessful actor from United Kingdom. Number 9. Omar Borkan Al Gala Omar Borkan Al Gala was born on 23rd September1989, in Iraq. He is really a handsome boy who has very deep and piercing eyes. He can really catch attention of most of the ladies with his romantic styles. He is a very good model. He has done his schooling in Dubai from Abu Obaida Ahjarah School. He also has a story of being expelled from a festival event as he was looking very handsome and ladies were getting attracted towards him at an event. Number 8. Niall Horan Niall Horan was born on 13th September 1993, in Ireland. He is well known guitarist and singer. He is very cute and attractive boy. He has very heart touching blue eyes which can easily attract the girls. He really has one of the perfect styles and really knows a good dressing style. Number 7. Godfrey Gao Godfrey Gao was born on 22nd September 1984, in Taiwan. He is model and actor from Canada. He is very handsome guy with very good personality. He has a very pleasant smile. Many of the girls are really a huge fan of this good looking boy. He has studied in North Vancouver from Capilano University. Number 6. Chris Evans; Chris Evans was born on 13th June 1981, in United States. He is an actor from America. He is an extremely good looking handsome boy who has very attractive blue eyes. He has very nice cheeks and has a large number of girl fans. Before working in films, he was working in television series named “Opposite Sex”. He has worked also in various films like Caption America : Civil War, The Paper Boy, Fierce People, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, etc. His different hairstyle has always been a center of attraction. Number 5. Hrithik Roshan Hrithik Roshan was born on 10th January 1974, in India. He is a very famous film actor from India. Hrithik is really a cutest and hottest boy, who has a very nice body. He has very attractive eyes and smile. Many girls went crazy for this handsome guy when he first appeared on screen in his first movie in India named “Kaha naa Pyar Hai”. Number 4. Prince William Prince William was born on 21st June 1982, in United Kingdom. He is a very good looking person with very innocent smile. He has a very good personality which really attracts many of the women. He has also served in the Royal Air Force Service for some time. At Royal Air force Service he was graduated from Defense Helicopter Flying School. He is really a very charming person. Number 3. Noah Mills Noah Mills was born on 26th April 1983, in Canada. He is very good model and actor. He has a very handsome guy with a very cute smile on his face. His gentle attitude is really liked my many girls. He has one of the good of dressing. He started modeling when he was studying in University. Number 2. Ian Somerhalder Ian Somerhalder was born on 8th December 1978, in United States. He is model, actor and director. He is a very good looking person with amazing blue eyes and perfect hairstyle. He has many of the women fans who never miss his movies. He started his modeling career from very small age of 12 to 14 years. Number 1. Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson was born on 13th May 1986, in United Kingdom. He is a model, most handsome actor and musician. He is a very handsome boy who has really rocked the film world. His descent look and mesmerizing eyes have really made girls crazy. He started his modeling career at a small age of 12 years. LET'S CONNECT with TOP x BEST: Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+TopxBest Facebook ► https://facebook.com/TOPxBEST Twitter ► https://twitter.com/TOPxBEST Pinterest ► https://www.pinterest.com/TOPxBEST/
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My Morning Routine [2016] + Mens Lifestyle Tips
Here is my Morning Routine as requested! Hope it Inspires you in some way. :) Follow me on Insta http://instagram.com/dredrexler ▶ Buy "Ocean Clay" Here: https://goo.gl/7HxkQR ▶ Buy "Activating Oil Cleanser" Here: https://goo.gl/pdkAeT "Dre Drexler" Wide Tooth Comb: http://www.dredrexler.com/product/carbon-fiber-comb/ Thanks for the love & support everyone! Truly means the world to me! Mad love to each & everyone of you! I feel crazy blessed to have you by my side! -Dre Drexler • I T E M S - I N - V I D E O • Harry’s Shaving: http://harrys.com Banish Skin care: http://tinyurl.com/jlenzws Argan Oil Mousse: http://tinyurl.com/goo5rvs Wide Tooth Comb: http://tinyurl.com/zelmwks Hanz De Fuko Hair Wax: http://tinyurl.com/2c8lmn5 Dove Deodorant: http://tinyurl.com/zs7aefv Jack Black Lotion: http://tinyurl.com/n5kyec9 ASOS Clothing: http://tinyurl.com/h8j6fes Jord Wood Watch: http://tinyurl.com/zus9rpz Unnown Sneakers: http://unnown.com/ Living Courageously Book: http://tinyurl.com/z3q8t8v S O N G : T o r - d a y s g o n e Be sure to follow me on social media: Snapchat - DreDrexler Instagram @DreDrexler Facebook @DreDrexler Twitter @DreDrexler Tumblr @DreDrexler Vine @DreDrexler Pinterest @DreDrexler
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We faked a model to the top of London fashion week
Insta - https://www.instagram.com/zacandjay/ Zac: https://www.instagram.com/zacalsop/ Jamie - https://www.instagram.com/jamie_rawsthorne/ Check out Max's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb31gOY6OD8ES0zP8M0GhAw Twitter: Zac: https://twitter.com/zacalsopp/ Jamie: https://twitter.com/jamierawsthorne Model in the thumbnail: https://www.instagram.com/phoebebutterworth/ MUSIC: Cinematic - https://soundcloud.com/kota-dosa/x-4-5 outro - https://soundcloud.com/chipsmakesbeats/hood-antics-chips-remix Animations: https://www.instagram.com/finn.hitchcock/ We created a fake model and got him to the top of london fashion week 2019. His name is Max Fosh and welcome to streetsmart. This year for Womens London Fashion week 2019 we decided to turn our unfashionable friend into the hottest model that nobody had heard of. Lets see how skin deep the world of fashion really is.
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Top 10 Most Popular Hottest Male Models in The World ★ Net Worth ★ And Life Style !!
Top 10 most popular hottest male models male models, instagram models,And Thy Are Also hot models Right Now,The teen male models,young male models,model boys,guy models in 2017 Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls In India 2017 !! https://youtu.be/vFv15_9Ms6o Top 10 Most Beautiful Pakistani Women In The World !! https://youtu.be/V0-h7gKAa9o Top 10 Hottest Female Tennis Players in The World !! https://youtu.be/EQU4G76hUB4 Top 10 Hottest Women Figure Skaters !! https://youtu.be/oUVNxbUKZX0 Top 10 Most Beautiful Russian Girls !! https://youtu.be/tw7tJdVN8ec Top 10 Most Beautiful Asian Girls In The World 2017 !! https://youtu.be/XvtqdaDnrT0 10 Most Beautiful Women That Are Smart and Awesome in World !! https://youtu.be/zqouNo2WYeU Top 10 Most Famous Scottish Actors in Hollywood !! https://youtu.be/S7iTRIy8vVI Top 10 Most Hottest Gym Bunnies of Hollywood 2017 !! https://youtu.be/BwTjjGZlJeI 10. Tobias Sorensen: ($265,000) Tobias Sorensen, World's Most Popular Hottest Male Models 2017 Tobias Sorensen is one of the most popular models who appeared in various ad campaigns such as D&G, Diesel, zara and the like. 9. Jon Kortajarena: ($290,000) He is a Spanish model and of 29years of age. What many people don’t about John is that he is an actor too. Well! That’s not surprising because he has all qualities of an actor. Moreover, modeling also needs a little bit of acting skill. 8. Ollie Edwards: ($410,000) Finally, you get a British model who is truly a handsome guy with great physique. Most people know him from the Ralph Lauren advertisement. He is the face of that brand. He was greatly involved in some major high profile campaigns such as Armani sunglasses/glasses, DKNY and Brioni. 7. Tyson Ballou: ($425,000) At the age of 15, Tyson started believing on his dreams and started his career as a model. And in just few years, it seems, his dream is worth his effort. He is 37years of age and a successful model. He appeared in various ads D&G, H&M, Calvin Klein, 6. Ryan Burns: ($610,000) Ryan did not get much popularity as a model but after signing the deal with Zegna, he earned around $600k in the year 2013-14. His tie up with Zegna is probably the best thing to show in his profile and this brings to him much popularity as a model. He earns much more than other popular models. 5. Noah Mills: ($740,000) Yes! We all know Noah from the sex and the City 2 movie. He has earned enough fame from his modeling career and work. After that he signed a movie that bags around $740,000 million. 4. Arthur Kulkov: ($905,000) He first got popularity as soccer player. This 31years old Russian model got to see the face of success immediate after joining the modeling industry. He signed many popular brands for campaigns such as Sisley, Barneys, Bromley and Russell. His success is just an instant. He did not need to much hard work to get fame. 3. Simon Nessman: ($1.1 Million) He is in the no third position for the highest earning male model. He is a Canadian by origin. This 24yrs old model is a native of British Columbia. He is a former high-school basket ball player who worked for Calvin Kein and Versace. He is no doubt a successful model both on print campaigns and on the runway. 2. David Gandy: ($1.4 Million) You might have seen him in Gabbana and Dolce ads because he is the face of these two brands. He is the native of the UK and 33 yrs of age. He is also the brand ambassador of the Whey hey ice cream. 1. Sean O’Pry: ($1.5 Million) Don’t be surprised to see the name of Sean in this list because he truly deserves this position. Isn’t it? He is the highest paid model in the industry. He first gained fame in the MySpace at the age of 17. Sean has signed some major brands like H&M, Salvatore, Verace, Hugo Boss and the like. #hottestmen #blackmodelsmale #italianmalemodel #hottestinstagrammodels #topmalemodels #hotguysoninstagram #hottestguys #hottestmodels #hotfamousguys #hotmale #hotteenmodels Thanks For watching Please Subscribe For new Vidos And Stray with us with ___ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Top-Tube-1665086733713915/ Twitter https://twitter.com/TopTube5 tumblr http://top--tube.tumblr.com/ Reddit https://www.reddit.com/user/Top_Tube/ instagram models hot models male models top male models hot famous guys hottest guys teen male models hot teen models guy models italian male models hottest men hot guys on instagram model boys young male models cute guys on instagram hottest instagram models men models hot male model man hot male models indian male models black male models famous male models male supermodels hottest guy in the world calvin klein male models hottest models hot male models 2016 gorgeous male models images of male models
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The girls get distracted casting male models - The Apprentice 2017: Episode 10 Preview - BBC One
SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/2IXqEIn LAUNCH BBC iPlayer to access Live TV and Box Sets: https://bbc.in/2J18jYJ Programme website: http://bbc.in/2AHMtI6 Elizabeth and Michaela have a hard time concentrating on Lord Sugar's latest task.
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Maddie Ziegler and More IMG Models Talk First Gigs, 'Being Genuine' and 'Smart With Your Money
Ashley Graham, Hailey Baldwin, Maddie Ziegler and More IMG Models Talk First Gigs, 'Being Genuine' and 'Smart With Your Money First, Best, Last, Worst More Information : http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/top-modeling-agencies-moving-la-as-hollywood-adjacent-talent-flock-fashion-1010396?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral · Follow me On Instragram: @maddiezieglernova Maddie Updates daily https://goo.gl/EbIYg3 - Maddie News -Other channels: · Maddie Ziegler DM : https://goo.gl/fvVagp (Maddie Dances On Dance Moms) · Maddie Ziegler SM : https://goo.gl/osIlZD (Maddie Performance)
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11 SIMPLE Things Any Man Can Do To LOOK BETTER
Check out MVMT watches here: http://mvmt.7eer.net/c/318636/436202/3856 Use code tmfashion for 10% off your order! Check out QUALITY T-shirts here: https://www.esntls.co/ Pick one up and let me know what you think! Subscribe to our 2nd channel: http://bit.ly/2aOthqV Thank you to for sponsoring this video! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Website: http://teachingmensfashion.com/ Snapchat: Joseczuniga Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ejnsFf Email: [email protected] Facebook: http://bit.ly/2hiqMS4 Twitter: http://bit.ly/2hirC19 Our Address is: 10380 SW Village Center Dr., 240 Port St. Lucie, FL 34987 Music by: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired & https://soundcloud.com/dyallas
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JELLY GUMMY BEAR ► https://goo.gl/TmjSDa You have probably met people that are so beautiful that you want to ask them which model agency they work ащк. Simply because they are astoundingly beautiful! But, in reality, this guy doesn't do photoshoots for glossy magazines, but instead he builds houses for a living, and this attractive girl doesn't even know how to pose, and instead she saves cute little animals in a veterinary clinic. You know, it's almost impossible to tell what a person does just by looking at their face. So, today we are gonna show you ten people whose occupations are not related to the modeling business, but nevertheless they look like they could appear on the covers of VOGUE, COSMOPOLITAN or GQ.
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How To Dress Like An Italian Male Models
this is the Link to buy the most fashionable clothes for men: https://styleetfashionbybassem.wordpress.com/top-tendances-mode-pour-hommes/
Guys Learn To Pose Like Instagram Models
Turns out, it's really awkward trying to walk and pose at the same time. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeed.com https://www.buzzfeed.com/videos https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet https://www.youtube.com/perolike BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (https://www.audioblocks.com) STILLS Ryan Gosling Richard Wear/Getty Images Grizzly Bear Tree Richard Wear/Getty Images Handsome man RossHelen/Getty Images Successful aleksle/Getty Images Grizzly Bear Bob Gurr/Getty Images All city, all swag PeopleImages/Getty Images Grooming tdubphoto/Getty Images VIDEO Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc. Used by Permission Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/11253 + Hair & Makeup By: Yukina Mitsuhashi https://www.instagram.com/makeupbyyukina/ + The Black Tux https://www.instagram.com/theblacktux/ + Five Four https://www.fivefourclub.com/ + Yukina Mitsuhashi https://www.instagram.com/makeupbyyukina/ + Bryan Michael Nuñez https://www.instagram.com/brynunez/
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Enjoy the top 10 best men's hairstyles tutorials compilations for 2018. Visit for more cool images of men's haircuts: https://menhairdos.com/new-hairstyles-mens-2018/ Follow us on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/menhairdos/ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shabiikhan/ Shop below best Hair Waxes for Men's" Inkach Hair Dye Wax, Unisex DIY Hair Color Clay Mud Temporary Hairstyle Molding Coloring Hair cream: https://goo.gl/opm4fF Strong Hold Hair Wax Clay for Men - Best Hair Paste for a Stylish Matte Finish, 2.1 ounce: https://goo.gl/nTTUwV Paul Mitchell Matterial Strong Hold Ultra Matte Styling Clay, 3 oz: https://goo.gl/GyzRVJ AG Hair Stucco Matte Clay Paste, Vanilla, 2.5 fl. oz: https://goo.gl/ALxqpC Every Man Jack Styling, Clay, 2.65 Ounce: https://goo.gl/XDBoFJ Keywords: mens hair, hair mens styles , mens hairstyles 2018, latest hairstyle for men, mens new hairstyles 2018, best mens hairstyles,top 10 hairstyles, best mens hairstyles,mens hairstyles tutorials, hair mens styles, hairstyles clips, hairstyles videos, DIY hairstyles for men, Mens hairstyles at home, MARINO DI VAIO inspired hairstyles,kapoofk inspired hairstyles, Instagram hairstyles videos, hairstyles for mens, Instagram videos, pompadour, quiff, all hairstyles,hair styles mens videos, mens hairstyles compilations , men's hairstyles new 2018.
These 7 Pkistani Male Models Should Definitely Have An International Career
These 7 Pkistani Male Models Should Definitely Have An International career Handsome and smart male models of pkistan
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Top 10 Hottest Pakistani Men (Actors/Models) - 2017
Girls (and guys) fasten your seat belts! Here's a list of the top most hot Pakistani men! The list includes some of our all-time favorites: Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar, Ahsan Khan as well as Arshad Khan Chai Wala, Pakistan's sensational find this year! Like, Share and Subscribe!
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INDIA 's Top 10 Male MODELS // with Good personality and good looking mans in India // Actor +Models
Hi here the Top 10 INDIAN MALE MODELS with their occupation,Carrer, Biography, Films done , etc .
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Style Advice for Men from Victoria's Secret Models - The Women of GQ
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 Backstage at the Victoria's Secret fashion show, the sexiest women in the world tell guys what not to wear
 Look Sharp. Live Smart.
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 Style Advice for Men from Victoria's Secret Models - The Women of GQ
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Top 10 Popular Haircuts For Men's 2018 - Men's Hairstyle Trends
Check out the most popular men's haircuts and men's hairstyles for 2018. From tapers to fades, crops to pomps and short haircuts to longer looks, we have all the best cuts and styles for guys. Please DM for Any Copyright Issue: [email protected] Visit for more cool Images of Mens Haircuts: https://menhairdos.com/category/men/ Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/menhairdos/ Subscribe for One-Minute Crafts Channel: https://goo.gl/omqXed Shop below best hair care products: Baxter of California Clay Pomade, 2 fl. oz: https://goo.gl/u26EV7 Pete and Pedro Clay - Matte Finish Medium Hold Hair Clay for Men: https://goo.gl/1E2PWs New! Rodante Texture Paste Hair Styling Clay Pomade for Men. Medium to Strong Hold.: https://goo.gl/Lo5wCg Tigi Bed Head Hair Stick, 2.7 Ounce: https://goo.gl/6of6Lj LURE BeesWax and Water Based Pomade for Men - Medium Hold with Natural Beeswax - Perfect For All Hair Types (Single: https://goo.gl/SyAGTW
Models are Dumb | Is It True?
We put models to the test to see if they have more to offer than their pretty looks. Do they have brains and beauty? Let's find out in this episode of "Is It True?" @iamnadib @nizhonicooley @ayona_theartist @ceedaphne @serenaxmarie @megscoop Subscribe today! http://www.youtube.com/user/alldefdigital?sub_confirmation=1 → CONNECT WITH ADD ← https://twitter.com/AllDefDigital http://instagram.com/AllDefDigital http://bit.ly/ADDfacebook http://bit.ly/ADDgoogleplus [CREDITS] Starring: Ayona Clemons, Nizhoni Cooley, Nadia Beddini, Meg Scoop, Christine Sanchez, and Serena Powell Directed By: Travis Brown Produced By:Travis Brown Cinematographer: Herbie Wei Cam Op: Carlos Medina Sound Mixer: Cameron Selan Production Assistant: Casandra Epps VFX: Arthur Castillo Editor: Amy Glickman Brown Assistant Editor: Bryan Nam
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Top Asian Male Super Models X TVR504 !
Fab Five Top Asian Male Super Models X TVR504 ! Looking #classic #Chic #Smart! GQ Taiwan October issue #fashioneditorial #collectorsedition #musthave! www.tvroptus.com
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8 GROOMING Secrets only Male-Models Know | Explained in tamil | Mens fashion tamil
Muuchstac Skin Lightening Oil and Face Wash: Flipkart:- http://fkrt.it/vjRep2NNNN Amazon:- https://amzn.to/2IfKQ95 (Official Website) Muuchstac.com:- https://bit.ly/2BbOtXM Muuchstac Skin lightening oil - Flipkart :http://fkrt.it/Nkx4~LuuuN Amazon: https://amzn.to/2T5QtHJ Official website: https://bit.ly/2T3iX4K Muuchstac Beard Growth Oil + Face Wash Flipkart:- http://fkrt.it/8Exk7LuuuN SIMPLE & BEST Men's SkinCare Routine Video link -) https://youtu.be/CDHeysIR5ZE Best Tweezers Link-) https://amzn.to/2RywLDD How to shape EYEBROWS -) https://youtu.be/6co82CZXuiI #muuchstac #beardgrowth #beardcare #GrowItwithcare #keepItwithPride #muuch #beardoil #beardgrowthoil #beard #groomed
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smart boys models
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Controversy Over Super Thin Male Models
While weight has always been an issue when it comes to the runway, criticism usually is drawn to female models. But at the Yves Saint Laurent show at Paris Fashion Week, the male models are at the center of the controversy, being called "dangerously thin." Kristina Behr has the details. Buzz60 is designed for the way we live now. Short, quirky video snacks that are a little sassy, and always smart. Buzz 60 -- and the Buzz60 channel on YouTube - produces all kinds of newsy video clips for web viewers who want more than just repurposed content. Our team is a diverse group of video journalists with dozens of Emmy awards, an authentic sense of humor, and a mandate to connect with viewers every day. Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/buzz60 Like us Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/buzz60 Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Buzz60 Pin with us on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/buzz60/
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How to Pose People who are NOT Models
This video is so highly requested by you guys so I'm really excited to be able to share it with you all today! A big thank you to my sister for being our model, you can find her on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/georginatrotti All photos edited with my New York Lightroom Preset: https://www.digitalfilmactions.com/lightroom-presets/#/new-york-lightroom-preset/ Go to https://www.squarespace.com/juliatrotti to get 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain on Squarespace 💛 -- FIND ME ON // Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliatrotti Lightroom Presets: https://www.digitalfilmactions.com Blog: https://blog.juliatrotti.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/juliatrotti Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliatrottiphotography Dan @ I Make Films Website // https://www.imakefilms.com.au Instagram // https://www.instagram.com/danpodbierezki -- VLOG CAMERA SETUP // Sony a7s mkii + Sigma 24mm f1.4 PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA SETUP // Canon 5dmkiii Sigma 24mm f1.4 Canon 35mm f1.4 Canon 50mm f1.2 Canon 85mm f1.2 Canon 135mm f2 -- Thank you so much for watching! xx
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Top 10 Extremely Hot Male Models
10. Simon Nessman: The chocolatey Canadian model Simon Nessman’s favorite activities are watching Seinfeld, playing basketball, surfing and camping. Agencies: Soul Artist Management (New York), Premium Models (Paris), Kult Model Agency (Hamburg), I LOVE Models Management (Milan), Storm Model Management (London), nest model management (Berlin), IMM Bruxelles (Brussels). 9. Serge Rigvava: The 16-year old new comer Serge Rigvava was the winner of Elite Model Look Austria 2014 and has entered the league of top male models in a short time. Agencies: Elite (Paris, Stockholm, Milan, London, Barcelona and Copenhagen) 8. Sean O’Pry: Sean O’Pry was Forbes Most Successful Model in 2009. Mother Agency: VNY Model Management (New York). 7. Rob Evans: One of the hottest male models, Rob Evans walked exclusively for Givenchy Men’s S/S in 2010 and was selected to be a judge on America’s Next Top Model. Agencies: Storm Model Management (London), Major Model Management (New York, Milan), New Madison (Paris), Sight Management Studio (Barcelona), Way Model Management (Sao Paulo), Next Models (Los Angeles), IMM Bruxelles (Brussels). 6. Nick Bateman: Nick Bateman, a Canadian model and actor, is Instagram’s number one hottie! He is more into acting and production with few modeling assignments. Agencies: Wilhelmina Models (New York, Los Angeles). 5. Matthew Terry: Matthew Terry, the most famous face of Calvin Klein underwear and jeans. Mother Agency: Ford Models (New York). 4. Marlon Teixeira: One of the top male models Marlon Teixeira is a favorite of several big brands. Agencies: Way Model Management (Sao Paulo), Wilhelmina Models (New York, Los Angeles), MgM (Paris), Sight Management Studio (Barcelona), Elite L’Uomo (Milan), Nest Model Management (Berlin), Scoop Models (Copenhagen), MODELWERK (Hamburg), Next London (London). 3. Jon Kortajarena: Spanish model and actor Jon Kortajarena likes photography and indie films. Agencies: View Management (Barcelona), IMG (New York), Success Models (Paris), Select Model Management (London), IMM Bruxelles, Why Not Model Management (Milan). 2. Chad White: Extremely charming Chad White has walked for Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared, Versace and more. Agencies: Soul Artist Management (New York), MGM (Paris), Elite Models (Toronto, Barcelona, Stockholm), DT Model Mgmt (Los Angeles), I LOVE Models Mgmt (Milan), Supa Model Management (London), PMA Hamburg, Priscilla’s Model Management (Sydney). 1. David Gandy: 35 years old David Gandy is one of the hottest male models in the industry. Agencies: Select Model Management (London), Ford Models (New York), Why Not Model Management (Milan), View Management (Barcelona), New Madison (Paris), IMM Bruxelles (Brussels). IMAGE SOURCE: "GOOGLE SEARCH" SOURCE: http://www.wonderslist.com/top-male-models/
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Men's Standards Of Beauty Around The World
An international cast of gorgeous male models shows just how drastically the physical attributes of the "ideal man" vary across 12 different countries. Make sure to read the full article, with more in-depth research and analysis, on BuzzFeed - http://www.buzzfeed.com/eugeneyang/mens-standards-of-beauty-around-the-world#.rxD29awlw Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo Wardrobe provided by Publish Brand IG, Twitter, and Facebook @PublishBrand http://publishbrand.com/ MUSIC What So Not – “Jaguar” https://soundcloud.com/whatsonot/jaguar-original-mix http://bit.ly/WSNjagu http://bit.ly/WSNmerch http://bit.ly/FBsio ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Cathleen Cher http://strita.co https://www.soundcloud.com/cathleencher WARDROBE STYLIST Esther Yoon @estheryyoon www.stritadtla.com HAIR & MAKEUP T. Justine Reilly @Tjustine http://tjustine.com/ MODELS Rustin Cole Sailors (USA) IG @Rustin Sailors / Twitter @RustinColeMusic Evan Gomez (Mexico) IG @evanfgomez / Twitter @Mr_Gomezz Rafael Melo (Brazil) IG @Rafam1313 Tyler Lough (South Africa) @TylerLough / TylerLough.com Danté Marshall (Nigeria) @dmars624 Joseph Almani (Turkey) @Josephalmani Ajdin Sefer (Italy) @ajdinsefer Ryan O’Leary (UK) @ryandoleary Sahil Shroff (India) IG @sahilshroff1 / Twitter @sahilshroff Joseph Song (South Korea) IG @s0ng-seong / Twitter @joesong1015 Jonathan Stanton (Philippines) IG @Jonathan_stantonla /Twitter @jonstantonla / thejonathanstanton.com Steven Dehler (Australia) IG @TheOnlySteven / Twitter @StevenDehler Keenan Allen (The Future) @keenan_allen GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed is the world's first true social news organization. Featuring tasty, short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed. /BuzzFeedVideo is BuzzFeed's original YouTube Channel, with a focus on producing great short-form BuzzFeed videos for YouTube (and the world!). BuzzFeed Video will entertain, educate, spark conversation, inspire and delight. Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today and check us out at http://buzzfeed.com
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Zayn Malik Signature Hair Tutorial | Mens Summer Hairstyle Inspiration 2017
- BluMaan Hair Products | https://blumaan.com -- We Ship World Wide - Zayn Malik's Signature Quiff Tutorial takes the stage today. - The WORST HAIRSTYLE Of All Time! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NznsNMaxfz4&t=104s Book an appointment at David Rozman if you're in the Manchester area! - https://www.davidrozman.co.uk/cut-and-finish-men/ Check out Jorge's instagram @jorgee.lt Product Used: - Cavalier Clay by BluMaan: https://blumaan.com/products/cavalier-clay ---------- Check out my Instagram: @BluMaan Follow me on Twitter: @BluMaan My Facebook Page: /joeisblu (search for BluMaan on Facebook) My SnapChat: @BluMaan ---------- BluMaan COMMUNITY STUFF: The FaceBook BluMaan Community Group - /BluMaanCommunity (search "BluMaan Community" on Facebook Your pictures featured on Instagram - @byBluMaan The BluMaan Community YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmA2Ob4FLO1WZweUV2DOGhw ---------- Song Used: J.Lisk - Hold Me (feat. Hannah Young)
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Top 5 Young Aesthetic Athletes |  Young Male Fitness Models
✭ New generation of Bodybuilders. Here are the TOP 5✭ Train Hard and Train Smart ✭ You Can Do It✭ In this video i hope you find the drive and determination to get to gym and train hard. You Can Do It. So Go Do It!! Top Fitness Motivation Best Workout Motivation Songs: Top 20 Non Copyright Rap Hip Hop 2017 https://youtu.be/a2FJzdyi7aI ► Credits : 1-Andrei Deiu : https://www.instagram.com/andreideiu_/ 2-Dominick Nicolai : https://www.instagram.com/dominicolai/ 3-Nicolas Iong : https://www.instagram.com/nicolasiong/ 4-STEVEN CAO : https://www.instagram.com/stevencao_/ 5-Alexander Myrvold : https://www.instagram.com/alex_ifbbpro/ Live Fit Apparel : https://www.youtube.com/user/livefita... Jeremy Buendia : https://www.instagram.com/jeremy_buen... Thanks for watching. Have a great day and hit that 🆂🆄🅱🆂🅲🆁🅸🅱🅴 Button If you support the channel and want more videos. And For 🅼🅾🆁🅴 Great Stuff You Will 🅻🅾🆅🅴♥ ♥ Copyright Free 🅼🆄🆂🅸🅲 ♥ Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFtMOii9D4sAJAuWM69iWZrGM-LEQ9S9Z 🅵🅰🅸🅻 Videos Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFtMOii9D4sCBLop3mTp-eaFpsLLERckH New 🅶🅰🅼🅸🅽🅶 Vids Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFtMOii9D4sCQnt7E2MyyxhbTrEcQCxtn 🅵🅸🆃🅽🅴🆂🆂 Motivation Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFtMOii9D4sC2v78Dt35grVrizvTK-q83 🆃🆁🅰🆅🅴🅻 Videos Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFtMOii9D4sBR0UlU8kGjxZyj_95055CV 🅰🅽🅸🅼🅴 Clips https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFtMOii9D4sCvvQ9m8K-d6mydV7Jb8ihW
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Victoria's Secret models launch new collection
SHOTLIST AP Television New York 28 February 2007 1. Wide of Victoria's Secret models tilt down and up 2. Close-up models pull out to medium 3. Wide bras pan to models 4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Karolina Kurkova, model: "It's a revolutionary technology. It has no seems, no tags and no stitching so it is super comfortable. It (is)actually one of my favourite bras. I am actually wearing it right now, I give you a little sneak peak. It is the very sexy one. It is a secret embrace. It gives you the perfect little cleavage." 5. Wide of models 6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Karolina Kurkova, Victoria's Secret model: "What makes a man sexy? He has got to have a good sense of humour and he has to be a gentleman. I think that is very sexy." 7. Wide of Izabel Goulart, Victoria's Secret model 8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Izabel Goulart, Victoria's Secret model: "My advice is feel confident first of all. Once you are a woman who is confident, you have everything. You are going to wake-up and be feeling confident about where you are going to dress, where you are going to go, what you are going to do, what you are going to speak. What's going to be your day. My advice is to try to be always confident. That is my advice." 9. Wide of Izabel Goulart, Victoria's Secret model 10. SOUNDBITE: (English) Izabel Goulart, Victoria's Secret model "He's being smart. A man that is smart and knows how to talk to a woman, he can win my heart very easy. It's true because if you have a smart man, he knows how to treat you in every kind of situation. When he must be fun he is going to be fun. When he must be serious he knows he's got to be serious and that is a smart man and I love that." 11. Close-up Alessandra Ambrosio, Victoria's Secret model 12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Alessandra Ambrosio, Victoria Secret model: (Q: What is your beauty secret?) Alessandra Ambrosio: "I think I love to drink coconut water. That is one of my beauty secrets. I don't really like water. Coconut water is really good for you. It has a lot of minerals and it's one thing that I drink every day." (Q: What do you find sexy in a man?) Alessandra Ambrosio: "What do I find sexy in a man? Wow, I think everything: attitude, body, eyes, face, the way that they do everything." 12. Wide Selita Ebanks, Victoria's Secret model 13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Selita Ebanks, Victoria Secret model (Q: What makes a man sexy?) Selita Ebanks: "Confidence. A great smile and the ability to, how can I put this nicely? The ability to be sexy without trying." (Q: Did you get married?) Selita Ebanks: "There is no ring. Thank you. Everyone has been so nice, but no I am not married." 14. Wide of bras pan to models VICTORIA'S SECRET Victoria's Secret Angels Karolina Kurkova, Alessandra Ambrosio, Izabel Goulart and Selita Ebanks made an appearance at the Victoria's Secret flagship store in New York to celebrate the new secret embrace bra collection. "It's a revolutionary technology," Kurkova explained to AP Television. "It has no seems, no tags and no stitching so it is super comfortable. It actually one of my favourite bras. I am actually wearing it right now, I give you a little sneak peak. It is the very sexy one. It is a secret embrace. It gives you the perfect little cleavage." Not only was Kurkova celebrating the launch of the new bra, but she was also celebrating her birthday (28 February). Many men consider Kurkova and her fellow angels to be among the most beautiful women in the world, but the ladies say looks are not the most important thing in finding an ideal man. "A man that is smart and knows how to talk to a woman, he can win my heart very easy," Izabel Goulart says. Selita Ebanks dismissed rumours that she married actor Nick Cannon in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/78b67c92388fcc14bae29203d00a3f08 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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HOW TO POSE MALE MODELS - 5 Simple Photo Posing Tips For Men
HOW TO POSE MALE MODELS - 5 Simple Photo Posing Tips For Men ADVANCED SELFIE UNIVERSITY: https://bit.ly/2BJ4V4B MY PRESETS: https://sellfy.com/sorelleamore MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) - https://bit.ly/2IwOW8C MY GEAR: https://kit.com/sorelleamore Posing for males, dudes, boys seems to be a giant mystery. SO many people are stumped when it comes to providing techniques for male models (beginning or advanced). The poses for females seem to be endless, but do not fret men...I'm here to save the day and provide you with 5 amazing and simple photo posing tips for men to help you slay in front of the camera. Knowing how to pose will help you look your best in photos and feel your best in life. There's nothing more crushing than leaving the home, feeling amazing, only to have your photo taken when you're out and thinking you must have been crazy thinking you looked good because the photo is horrible! Yes...it's crushing even if you're a dude. You want those perfect instagram photos to impress yourself AND the ladies or other dudes. But it's not that you're ugly...it's most likely just because you don't know how to pose and bring the best out of your features. Knowing how to pose means knowing how to position your body, position your head and using specific facial expressions, as well as knowing what not to do in posing, what you should do and how to pose in group photos so you don't stand out as that 'ugly friend' (again, you're not ugly, it's just your lack of skills in posing). This video has amazing techniques that will help you pose in photographs better. I hope you enjoyed this video! Lots of love always, Sorelle Amore Stalk my other channels: INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/sorelleamore TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/sorelleamore FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/sorelleamore WEBSITE: http://www.sorelleamore.com Here is the link of equipment I use: MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) - https://bit.ly/2IwOW8C MY GEAR: https://kit.com/sorelleamore Big Vlogging Camera: http://amzn.to/2vKnLEw Main Big Camera: http://amzn.to/2vKPKUu Big Sigma Lens: http://amzn.to/2wDzsJv Converter for Sigma Lens To Sony: http://amzn.to/2vKE18v Gorilla Tripod: http://amzn.to/2uC71u3 Small Vlogging camera: http://amzn.to/2wpNhfh Lots of love to you always. Sorelle Amore PS. Subscribe!
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Modelling Career | Special Discussion on Indian Male Models | Fashion World | V6News
Watch V6 Special Discussion on Indian Male Models and Opportunities in Modelling Career for Men in Fashion World. Hyderabad Men Models are Creating their Way into Modelling Career. Subscribe us at http://goo.gl/t2pFrq Download V6 Android App ► http://bit.ly/V6NewsAPP Visit our Website ► http://V6news.tv Twitter ► https://twitter.com/V6News Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/V6News.tv Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/109903438943940210337 Watch first ever a 24/7 Telangana news Channel V6 News, a Journalist - driven channel that covers news updates, politics, sports, entertainment and cinema. The channel telecast special Telangana programs in complete Telangana dialect. The channel airs programs like 'Teenmaar News,Telangana Yatra,Telangana Shakam,Rangeela,Top News,Taara,Cinema Talkies, 70MM, Mangli Adda,Janapadam etc'. Sports, Movies, Politics Controversies, Current Affairs, Technology.. you name it and you find it at the click of a button.
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Hello friends, This is #Siddheshwar shelke @siddheshwar shelke OFFICIAL channel I hope you like this video This video is for promotional use only its all rights are reserved to its owner. If you have any question and querys then contact to me @ [email protected] otherwise simply leave the comment. I will alway free to help you . Thank you for watching. Like Share And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE. press the bell icon. Song: Jarico - Landscape (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/EwRdKJURDHw male model photoshoot poses, male model poses for photo shoots, male model poses for beginners, male modeling tips for beginners, male model tips for beginners, male model poses, male model poses for photoshoots, male poses for photo shoots, best modeling poses 2018, photo shoot tips, male model photoshoot tips, poses for photo shoots men, modeling tips for men, photo shoot tips boys, best posing tips for beginners, modeling poses, model photoshoot, modeling tips Photo pose, New styles photo pose, 2018 photo pose, Latest photo pose, Meet photographer, Keny edits, Photography poses, Photo pose for man, Photo pose for Model, How to pose like model, Model pose photography sorelle amore, HOW TO TAKE YOUR OWN TRAVEL PHOTOS, how to take beautiful photos of yourself, you don't need a photographer. take your own photos, how to avoid posing in front of others, how to pose perfectly for photos, how to pose for photos, travel hacks, 7 Posing Techniques for Non-Models, How To Pose For Photos, 10 easy poses for instagram, HOW TO POSE IN PICTURES, 11 Ways to Never Look Bad in a Photo Again, how to not look ugly in photos, why i look ugly in photos sorelle amore, HOW TO TAKE YOUR OWN TRAVEL PHOTOS, how to take beautiful photos of yourself, you don't need a photographer. take your own photos, how to avoid posing in front of others, how to pose perfectly for photos, how to pose for photos, travel hacks, 7 Posing Techniques for Non-Models, How To Pose For Photos, 10 easy poses for instagram, HOW TO POSE IN PICTURES, 11 Ways to Never Look Bad in a Photo Again, how to not look ugly in photos, why i look ugly in photos 12 Best Dp Pose for Girls 2017, 12 best dp pose for girl's, 12 best dp pose, best dp pose for girl, dp pose, dps poses for girls, afrin sadia, cute girl dps poses PicsArt Editing, New Creative Photo Editing, Manipulation Editing, PicsArt, PicsArt Photo Editing, new Manipulation Editing Tutorial in PicsArt, energy boy photo Editing, PicsArt Cb Editing, jb, jb Editing, jb editz, PicsArt Tutorial, new hd photo editing 2018, viral photo editing of 2018, instagram Trending Photo Editing, neon glowing photo editing, facebook viral photo editing, new concept photo editing photoshop, photoshop tutorial, photoshop cc, adobe photoshop, photoshop cc 2019, photoshop tutorials, fotoshop, curso de photoshop, photoshop cc tutorial, photoshop cs6 tutorial, photoshop manipulation, photoshop cs3, photoshop sky, photoshop 7.0, photoshop cs6, photoshop fail, fake photoshop, tuto photoshop, photoshop 2019, photoshop fails, how to photoshop, funny photoshop, học photoshop, video photoshop, curso photoshop, 2.5d in photoshop Photo pose, New styles photo pose, 2018 photo pose, Latest photo pose, Meet photographer, Keny edits, Photography poses, Photo pose for man, Photo pose for Model, How to pose like model, Model pose photography
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4 Secrets To Keeping Your Shirt Tucked In ALL DAY | How To Tuck Your Shirts So They STAY
http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/ways-tuck-dress-shirt/ - Click here to read the article - 4 ways to tuck your dress shirts Video Summary: 0:29 - 3 Housekeeping Tips 1:04 - The Basic Tuck 1:22 - The Military Tuck 1:51 - The Underwear Tuck 2:09 - Shirt Stays Shirt Stay Links http://www.kkandjay.com/ - KK & Jay https://www.sharpanddapper.com/ - Sharp & Dapper Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet! https://www.thestylesystem.com https://www.pinterest.com/rmrstyle/ - Follow Us On Pinterest http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/free-products/ - Click Here To Download ALL of my FREE Products http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/free-consultation/ - Click Here For a FREE Style Consultation http://rmrsapp.com/ - Click Here To Download Our FREE App for iPhone and Android http://www.stylepodcaster.com/ - Click Here To Listen To The Real Men Real Style Podcast Click Below to download any of my other FREE eBooks: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/free-ebook/ - 7 Deadly Style Sins (47 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/beard-guide-free-ebook/ - Ultimate Beard Guide (39 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/7-mistakes-free-ebook/ - 7 Custom Clothier Mistakes (17 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/how-buy-sunglasses-ebook/ - How To Buy The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Face (21 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/watch-guide-free-ebook/ - Ultimate Guide To Men's Watches (65 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/shoe-guide-free-ebook/ - Ultimate Guide To Dress Shoes (85 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/male-skincare-free-ebook/ - Ultimate Guide To Men's Skincare (58 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/mans-hair-guide-ebook/ - Man's Guide To Hair (58 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/wardrobe-maintenance-ebook/ - Wardrobe Maintenance Guide (81 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/shaving-ebook/ - Wet Shave Like A Professional (23 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/shave-maps-infographic-ebook/ - Shave Map Infographics (14 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/casual-style-guide-ebook/ - Ultimate Guide To Men's Casual Style (26 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/wearing-jewelry-ebook/ - A Man's Guide To Wearing Jewelry (77 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/dress-sharp-no-burning-up-ebook/ - Dressing Sharp In The Heat (68 Pages) http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/wearing-hats-guide-ebook/ - Man's Guide To Wearing Hats (16 Pages)
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Talk About Life: Going Between Tribes, Leading, Male Role Models, Minimalism, Attraction
I bring in smart man Jordan to talk about life. In this talk we explore comfortable minimalism, going between tribes, the importance of a male role model for boys, how to build community and be a leader, attraction and body language, and Jordan's love for engineering. We also discuss living in LA and why Jordan will take a trip and hike the entire Appalachian trail. Enjoy this talk and give Jordan some love. More conversation to come! Leave your comments below and let us know what topics and what types of people you want us to bring on next! Pledge on Patreon if you want to see more videos per week: https://www.patreon.com/jerryliu/memberships; Or, please tip on Paypal if you dislike Patreon: https://www.paypal.me/jerryyueliu Random channel to check out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEYjYRk-oQ6G6m3Rw8prF5w ---------------------------- Shoutout to Patreon Sponsors: Lily, Radioactive Snake, Jessica, British Tony, Lisa, Monkeypatcher Christopher Greeley, Emile, Jeffrey Gu, Nechama Gluck, Jerry (yes, another one), and others (who pledged an amount that didn't want a public mention). My other channels to subscribe to that has Jerry doing other fun analysis: Jerry Sings (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_jShlRMqjcD7z2rAchPPgg) Fight commentary (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAzXqFoW1Y7KDqwZ1x5m9EA) Product Reviews (https://www.youtube.com/user/JerryLiuFilms) Jerry ASMR (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPx_eqJ2XZvyPyjltnFwGJA) Let me know if you submit any captions to my videos. I will give you a shoutout! To get equipment for yourself if you want to start YouTubing or making visual content: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-bbbbd7c6?listId=1ACBB6YDF6W8H&ref=idea_share_inf Products to use to make life easier: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-bbbbd7c6?listId=QV4MJ0TH2T4I&ref=idea_share_inf Shoutout to all my viewers and fans, whether past or present. #think #debate #learn
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Top 10 Indian Male Models
Top 10 Indian Male Models
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Lakme Fashion Week Models Auditions | Lakme Fashion Week | Smart Bollywood
Smart Bollywood Is A Common Platform To Bring The Independent Film makers, Producers And Actors Under One Roof By Giving Them, Opportunities To Be Able To Create, Promote And Distribute Their Own work And We Also Ensure That They Are Watched And Appreciated. So If your dream is related to Bollywood like being a singer, an actor, director, model, producer, musician, and music director. Moreover, you really want to fulfil your dreams; we offer a special platform for your dreams. This Platform Will Provide Power And Courage. Auditions open for Indian & International Models Registrations open: 10am - 11am Registrations on the spot No fee for registration Minimum Height Requirement: 5'7 Requirements: Pictures: Carry 2 sets of pictures/composite cards, with name, height, vital stats & telephone number written behind. Dress Code: Uppers: Short Singlet/Sleeveless or Tube Top Lowers: Tight fit hot shorts or skirt (Please do not wear jeans) Please carry stilletos/heels Please do not wear dresses ** We will NOT be conducting MALE MODEL auditions this season -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "bareilly ki barfi movie review | latest film | Bollywood Jockey | Smart Bollywood" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUORZlOcOPs -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Why is EVERYONE Buying this TV??
Buy TCL 55S405 on Amazon: http://geni.us/yhD9U Buy TCL 55S405 on Newegg: http://geni.us/vkT2d Get an unrestricted 30-day free trial of FreshBooks at https://www.freshbooks.com/techtips Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/linus-tech-tips/linus1 What’s the best 4K TV for the money? 2,500 Amazon reviews can’t be wrong: this 55” flat screen TV from TCL is only $400 and comes with Roku built in! https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/932838-why-is-everyone-buying-this-tv/ Our Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/75969-linus-tech-tips-affiliates-referral-programs-and-sponsors Linus Tech Tips merchandise at http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/LinusTechTips/ Linus Tech Tips posters at http://crowdmade.com/linustechtips Our Test Benches on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/linustechtips Our production gear: http://geni.us/cvOS Get LTX 2018 tickets at https://www.ltxexpo.com/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/linustech Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/LinusTech Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/linustech Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/linustech Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxmFU3lWY iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712 Artist Link: https://soundcloud.com/laszlomusic Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana Sound effects provided by http://www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/
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Catwalk Hair: Smart but playful hair at What We Wear London Fashion Week Men's AW18
The TONI&GUY Session Team backstage at What We Wear for London Fashion Week Men's AW18. The look: Smart yet playful, enhancing the models natural look Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... See more Catwalk Hair here: http://www.youtube.com/toni-guy-catwa... Credits: Head of Team - Dexter Johnson Products used: label.m Fashion Edition Wax Spray: https://store.toniandguy.com/product/2210/label.m-wax-spray-150ml label.m Powder to Wax: https://store.toniandguy.com/product/2401/label.m-powder-to-wax- label.m Weightless Hairspray: https://store.toniandguy.com/product/2207/label.m-weightless-hairspray Connect with us: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/toniandguywo... Twitter - https://twitter.com/toniandguyworld Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/toniandguyw... Find out more about Catwalk Hair here: http://toniandguy.com/fashion-week
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Instagram models on insta vs real life (Loren Gray, Alissa violet, Danielle Cohn etc)
Instagram models on insta vs real life (Loren Gray, Alissa violet, Danielle Cohn etc) Instagram models on insta vs real life (Loren Gray, Alissa violet, Danielle Cohn etc) Instagram models on insta vs real life (Loren Gray, Alissa violet, Danielle Cohn etc) - ► HIT THE LIKE BUTTON MINOR FAM !! 😝 - ► COMMENT WHAT REACTION YOU WANT TO SEE NEXT!!! ✌🏻 FOLLOW MY SOCIALS FOR MORE! ✅INSTAGRAM ► http://bit.ly/2tTgtMt ✅SNAPCHAT ► @ayypatrick or click here: ► http://bit.ly/2tcCqYv
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Why men need female role models | Gesu Antonio Baez | TEDxDeiraWomen
International Humanitarian Gesu Antonio Báez goes into the controversy that is role models, particularly for men, and how it's time that men confess to having a female role model. All too often, a women's greatness is blocked because of her gender and Báez argues how it's time that men look beyond the woman and discover the person instead to inspire them, as he clearly explains through the example of his own role model. Gesu Antonio Baez is a Humanitarian and Development Professional, with an interest in diplomacy and human rights for women. Currently, he serves as the International Development Coordinator for the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ISUOG), overseeing a multi-regional development program and working with key governments and partners on an aim to improve women’s health via medical training. In 2014, he was named by UN Women Empower Women as Champion Rep for Women’s Economic Empowerment, which led him to co-found and create with his team the year long “I am (Wo)Man” campaign. Originally from New York City but of Italian and Dominican origin, he's currently based in London, United Kingdom. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Best hairstyel men 2017 By indian models
Best hairstyel by indian men 2018 letest hair styel Insta veer.__ Thankyou Like Commemt
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I Tried Being A GQ Model For A Day (here’s what happened)
See My GQ Feature ⇨ http://bit.ly/DODxGQ ● FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM ‣ http://bit.ly/Dev-IG ● SUBSCRIBE TO DEVANONDECK ‣ http://bit.ly/Dev-YT ● Twitter ‣ @devanondeck ● Facebook ‣ @devanondeck ------------------------------- Video Topic: How Did I Get Into GQ and What Was It Like? In today’s mens style video I give you guys a behind the scenes look at me GQ shoot that was featured in the print magazine twice this year and once online! Since I have a Dad Bod and I’m not a celebrity I never thought I would get in there at this point of my career, but it worked! Watch he video and let me know your thoughts in the comments. HOW TO GET BRAND DEALS ⇨ http://bit.ly/2XzQgQ4 STYLE TIPS FOR DAD BODS ⇨ http://bit.ly/DadBodStyle MY ENTIRE SNEAKER COLLECTION ⇨ http://bit.ly/2XPeqWX ------------------------------- SNEAKER OF THE DAY Oliver Cabell GAT ⇨ http://bit.ly/2CoSVTT #GQ #GQMagazine #LosAngeles ------------------------------- | FILMED & EDITED BY DEVANONDECK | intro music by Duckwrth ⇨ http://bit.ly/duckwrth1 other music by Ashton McCreight ⇨ http://bit.ly/ashtonm intro/outro animation by Nathan Hadden ⇨ http://bit.ly/btstpro ------------------------------- FTC ‣ This is NOT a sponsored video
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Meet the Models Jason Justin Libor Luke CLEVER DICK - SMART ARSE Campaign
Exclusive behind the scenes footage from the CHAPS Clever Dick Smart Arse campaign. Meet the guys - Jason Justin Libor and Luke as they tell us a bit about themselves and why they got involved with the campaign. Video production: Director and Editor - Andy Johnson [AndyTmomo(at)mac.com] Camera - Jamie Korn [JamieMichaelKorn(at)gmail.com]
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SNEAKERS Ko APNE Outfits Ke SAATH Kaise Match Kare | Sneakers and Outfits Combinations in Hindi
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Introducing Apple Watch Series 4 — Apple
The largest Apple Watch display yet. A new electrical heart sensor. A Digital Crown with haptic feedback. New workouts. Advanced running features. And enhanced cellular connectivity. Introducing Apple Watch Series 4. Fundamentally redesigned and re-engineered to help you stay even more active, healthy, and connected. Learn more at https://apple.co/2NAP4d3
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Complete workout to GET SIX Pack ABS | Explained in Tamil | MFT Science Based Fitness Series
Buy at amazon link for fish oil-) https://amzn.to/2CqX8X8 Buy Healthvit Omega-3 Fish Oil -) https://bit.ly/2HqrCf1 GUYZZ Please do check my other Fitness Videos Complete Shoulder Workout-) https://youtu.be/d53IMIxbeV8 Complete Bicep Workout-) https://youtu.be/sVnUTsQ7j8g Complete tricep Workout-)https://youtu.be/XgmmLyPUHkc Complete forearm Workout-)https://youtu.be/1UttG56P5jQ complete trap workout-)https://youtu.be/Akjm4bD1Bc8 COMPLETE CHEST WORKOUT -)https://youtu.be/uKMS1CcL76E Follow me on Instagram-)https://www.instagram.com/sanju_jaidev/ #abs #fitness #exercise #workout #Tamil #mensfashiontamil #mftfitness
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10 Rare Diseases That Turn People Into Superheroes
People tend to associate an illness with something unpleasant and often dangerous, and they have their reasons to think so. But there are some diseases which, unlike a common cold, look like superpowers. At least at first sight. In this video, you will get acquainted with some of them. These rare diseases not only leave scientists confused but also make their carriers similar to superheroes! Have you caught a cold? Oh, how unlucky! All these nasty symptoms again: a runny nose, non-stop coughing, and also, it hurts to eat! But you know what? Quit nagging! Your illness will pass in (about) a week. But imagine the life of those who suffer from chronic diseases! TIMESTAMPS Super memory 1:06 Insensibility to pain 2:28 Abilities to literally anything 3:47 Insensitivity to cold 5:01 The complete absence of fear 5:58 The Vampire disorder 7:03 Octopus people 8:38 Stone Man Syndrome 9:38 Werewolf Syndrome 10:20 Foreign accent syndrome 11:21 SUMMARY - This condition is called hyperthymesia - a disruption of memory which causes a person to remember all the events of their life down to every last detail. There are just about 60 people in the world who have been diagnosed with such a unique disease. - In-born analgesia - that's a scientific name of the condition when a person doesn't feel pain. Like, at all. There is a surprising fact to think about: despite the rareness of this disease, as many as 40 cases of it have been registered in one of the villages in Sweden. - Savant syndrome is a rare condition which might be typical for people with developmental disorders, such as autism or Asperger's syndrome. Patients with such condition are extremely talented in music, drawing and painting, calculations, cartography, and constructing 3D models. - Besides people who don't react to pain, there are those who are indifferent to cold. A vivid example is Wim Hof - a man from the Netherlands who brought doctors to their wit's end. The thing is Wim is able to stand very low temperatures. He managed to spend 120 minutes in a pipe with freezing water and ice, has climbed to the top of Mont Blanc wearing shorts (and his pen), and even swims under the ice of frozen lakes and rivers. - Urbach-Wiethe disease is a rare genetic disorder which leads to the complete lack of fear. Only 300 cases are known, and a quarter of them have been registered in South Africa. - Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. People suffering from this condition frequently have eerily pointed teeth, therefore, looking similar to the legendary blood-feeding creatures from horror films. People with more prominent symptoms of this illness are extremely thin and pale; their eyes are outlined with dark circles. - Polymelia is a strange disorder. People suffering from it are born with an unusual number of limbs. In some cases, these limbs are pretty useful, in others they are non-functioning. - This syndrome is genetic, what is more, it progresses throughout life. People with such a disease have the soft tissues of their bodies turning into bone. The mutation of the ACVR1 gene responsible for the development of different tissues of the human body leads to terrible consequences. - The hair growth of such people is abnormal. All their bodies are covered with thick hair, it grows, long and lush, even on their faces. The reason for this condition which has gained the nickname "werewolf syndrome" is most likely to be the genetic mutation. - Foreign accent syndrome. The most common reason for this condition is a head injury or a stroke. The person with this condition changes the way they place their tongue during speaking. The most effective treatment, in this case, is the speech therapy. Which disease have you found the most shocking? Have you ever met anybody with the conditions described in the video? Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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How to Pose Friends Who Aren't Models (Portrait Photography)
Check out Part 2 of this series: https://youtu.be/siXciriEuCo In this video, we'll show you how we pose single subjects, so you can get the most out of your friends and clients who aren't models. Thanks to Megan Gulotta for being our non-model model. OUR NEW PHOTO PRESETS: ► http://bit.ly/mangopresets2018 SHOOT AT OUR STUDIO | CO-WORK WITH US ◉ http://bit.ly/thehauntla Download our free Lightroom preset: http://geni.us/mangofreebies Get yourself some Mango Merch: http://bit.ly/mangostmerch Our Kit: http://bit.ly/mslgear Video graded with Mango Street LUTs ► bit.ly/MangoLuts Where we get our music: ► http://geni.us/mangostreetmusic Our gear: Our Camera Body: http://geni.us/LPO0Oa Our Favorite Lens: http://geni.us/fHToAX Not Favorite, But Still Sweet Lens: http://geni.us/a8ZR Our Widest Lens: hhttp://geni.us/3B0Bj Our Stabilizer: http://geni.us/m7Aal Our Video Light: http://geni.us/PqtUTBP (The above are affiliate links, meaning Amazon will kick a small percentage back to us if you purchase something! It helps us keep this channel going.) We shoot weddings and elopements around the world: ► http://rachelgulotta.com FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: ► http://twitter.com/mangostreetlab FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM ► http://instagram.com/rachelgulotta ► http://instagram.com/danielinskeep ► http://instagram.com/frenchcarlton ► http://instagram.com/megangulotta ► http://instagram.com/mangostreetlab
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