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BDC R&D Product Development and Engineering Services.
BDC R&D Product Development and Engineering Services. We are a unique company, providing research, design, engineering and prototyping services in multidisciplinary projects. Our agile project teams excel innovative approach in designing new products, integrated solutions, rapid prototype development and manufacturing.
Product Development Services and Solutions by Gateway TechnoLabs
Effective product development and commercialization is a central driver of business growth. Our expert product engineering and development team designs and develops new products for your organizations. We have developed customized products across a broad range of sectors including healthcare, communications, consumer products and defence. We provide a one-stop product development services and solutions for your business to take your product to market, from advising on business cases and creating initial concepts through to design and development; from manufacture and supply chain set-up to ongoing support for lasting success. Any interested business owners or executives and consultants send email to [email protected] to discuss about their product development needs. For free technical consultation of your product development needs, please submit your details here https://goo.gl/n1wwFC
Product Development Solutions Corporate Video
http://www.pdsol.com, PD Solutions is the leading value-added reseller for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software and hardware products, training and consulting services in Singapore and Malaysia. Our clients range from small and medium enterprises to global brands such as Motorola, Phillips and Creative Technology.
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EAC Product Development Solutions Partner Story Americas
EAC Product Development Solutions (EAC) provides innovative solutions to transform the way companies design, manufacture, connect to, and service their products. We help optimize our customer's product development systems to ensure they're ready to win in the marketplace. This video will show how the partnership between EAC and PTC has evolved from offering CAD and PLM systems to offering service and IOT solutions in order to provide customers with a single technology platform. Learn more about our Partner Program here: http://ptc.co/pa4030gjv66
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Product Design and Engineering Services
CCE's product design and engineering services provide a comprehensive solution that includes taking product ideas all the way from design to manufacturing. Customers can accelerate their product development process and reduce costs by leveraging CCE’s onsite/offshore services model. To know more about our product development services, visit http://www.cadcam-e.com/engineering-design-services.aspx
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Product Development, 3D printing and MORE - EAC Product Development Services
If you need to design, engineer, connect, document or just be sure that you are making your product efficient using the best technology, then look to EAC. EAC Product Development Serivecs is a featured supplier at a Design-2-Part show https://www.d2p.com. 3D printing- As a formlabs partner they can help you with all of your 3D printing needs. Transforming design can be as simple as changing the way you think about and structure your engineering team or maybe it revolves around equipping your team with the tools to design for a smart connected future. Or maybe the transformation starts with adding affordable in-house prototyping capabilities that reduce development time and expense. Or maybe it hinges on expanding the design footprint to involve your entire organization; from quote-to-cash. Successful companies are transforming the flow of information into and out of manufacturing. The best-in- class are leveraging new technology to provide real-time visibility into design data and status, automate the reconciliation of the EBoM and MBoM, integrating both departments with purchasing and ERP, and implementing closed-loop digital change management. The future is smart and connected. Whether you choose to build connected solutions into existing products, enter new markets, change your business model, or connect your manufacturing floor; you need to be ready. Transforming the way you connect with your products, organization, and customers all starts with smart connected design and the right Internet of Things (IoT) platform to connect and scale your business. 14501 Judicial Road #10 Burnsville, MN 55306 1-888-225-7579 https://eacpds.com
Product and Service Development
Subscribe to CUSTOMER ACCELERATOR: http://www.smallbusinesselite.co.uk/customer-accelerator/ Video transcript: Have you ever watched Dragons Den on the television? Now what you have to remember is that the people who are on the panel are successful business owners and entrepreneurs in their own right so have seen it, done it, and have a good idea what makes a good product or service. That is why they are often amazed by some of the people who pitch on the show. How often do we see a pitch about a product or service for which there will never be a demand! And sadly, more often than not, these same people have invested everything they own to 'create' this product that will never find a buyer. It's as simple as this ... if you want to make money to have to sell your goods or services to other people, your target audience. But they can only be your target audience if your goods or services match their needs or wants. Every selling proposition moves a potential customer either closer to desire or further away from pain so your products or solutions have to be tailored to their needs or wants. You should be looking at your products or services and seeing have they fit in with what your clients want and not with what you want, or your family wants, or even what your employees want. Let's have a look at some examples to illustrate the point I'm trying to make .... 1. You're a self-employed plumber who insists that your customers pay cash and there's no paper work ... your customers actually want a receipt and written guarantee with the option to pay with a debit card 2. You're a self-employed plumber who doesn't take cash, provides a receipt for all of your work, and gives a guarantee ... your customers want the cheapest possible price and want to pay cash 3. You design a rain proof coat from a special material meaning that it is dry again within minutes no matter how wet it is. Comes with a hefty price tag ... your customers are happy with an inexpensive fold away coat These aren't particularly great examples but what I'm trying to do is illustrate the fact that you can't sell what your audience doesn't want or need. So in practical terms what do your products or services do to meet the needs or wants of your target market? Are there things you could add to your service that would increase the positive experience of your customer? Actions Take a look at the products or services you offer to your customers and check ... Are you providing the ideal service or product for your customers ... for example, if you sold wood flooring do you provide a delivery service? 1. Could you improve your customers experience ... for example if you sold wood flooring could you provide videos on your website or from the manufacturer on how to fit it correctly? Could you happily recommend tradesmen who would enhance or compliment your local brand to ensure it is fitted properly thereby giving them the floor they dreamed about? 2. If you do provide 'free' delivery do you offer a discount if they take it away themselves for customers who want the keenest prices? 3. Could you create sample packs of your flooring with a deposit (to encourage them to return to your business) so that they can go home with the samples and choose the exact colour or finish they wanted? 4. Take that one step further ... could you send someone to their house (by appointment) to show them a selected range and receive advice on which way the floor could be laid to reduce costs or achieve a better finish? Final Note Don't forget, as a local business owner, the greatest source of information for all of these types of questions are your current customers. As them what they thought of your service, your products etc. What would they have been willing t pay more for and what would did they not like paying for? Answering these questions will enable you to provide a range of products or services. Again, as an example using the flooring we were discussing earlier ... Product A - discounted price on your flooring, take it away today Product A - regular price with free delivery Product A - premium price with free delivery and free fitting by guaranteed tradesman It doesn't matter what you sell or do, every product or service can have various price points and packages. Take the time to look at your business if you are providing the goods or services your customers are looking for or are they going elsewhere, to your competitors because you don't meet their needs? Further Resources: Membership site: http://www.smallbusinesselite.co.uk Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/smallbusinesselite Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/109944232888714697316/
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Boston Engineering – Product Development Services
Boston Engineering provides product design and engineering consulting solutions that change the way that people work and live. Find out more about our product development services in medical devices, defense & security, industrial & commercial, consumer products, and product lifecycle management (PLM) / PTC solutions. In addition to our industrial design and product engineering teams, you can also see our product development labs for prototyping, testing, verifying, validating, and supporting transfer to manufacturing.
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Product and Service Design Part I
Presentation of power point notes from Heizer and Render, Principles of Operations Management 10e.
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How to avoid the pitfalls of Product Development | Philips Innovation Services
Philips Innovation Services can help you uncover the three main pitfalls of Product Development, and build a more successful product. Find out how now: https://www.innovationservices.philips.com/startup-ventures/ Building a successful product means dodging the unknown dangers of product development. Philips Innovation Services can help uncover the three main pitfalls that could stunt your product’s growth. ____ Pitfall #1 – Thinking you know your market well enough Hoping your product has potential is different to knowing its value to your customers. Even if your product could help customers, certain regulations may stop you selling it to them. Solution – Understand your market, not just your product. Focus on the value of your product, and understand the risks of the regulatory system it will be part of. ____ Pitfall #2 – Taking short cuts Imagine exploring a corridor full of doors that slowly narrows. The doors are the different decisions you could take. Don’t rush ahead and ignore important decisions – you can hit a dead end, and it can be expensive to go back. Solution – Seek out and face your potential challenges head on. Thinking you can solve problems later is risky. Address potential issues early, while you have time and money. _____ Pitfall #3 – Getting too attached to your prototype Your first idea won’t be your best idea. Don’t fall in love with it, as your end product will look very different. Solution – Have an open and explorative mind. By the time something gets to market (which could take years) demand may have changed. Develop a prototype that offers flexibility, while you discover what the market wants. Together, we won’t just get your product to market – we’ll make sure you develop the best possible product for your customers. Don’t be scared of uncertainty. Embrace it, as soon as possible. Good luck!
Innovation - Students of Product Design Episode1
This series 'Students of Product Design' is aimed at anyone interested in the product design process. This first episode looks at innovation, how to innovate and how simply changing the structure of the brief can impact on how innovative you can be. This series won't just talk about stuff, the plan is to share with you as many of the things I have learnt in the last 15 years (or so..) as possible through each stage of the design process to help you become far better designers than I can ever be. I'll be looking at research, sketching, model making, portfolios and a whole load of other things. I often think of youtube as a speed learning tool. Have you ever seen the Matrix films where Neo first learns martial arts by uploading a programme to his head or Trinity learns to fly a helicopter in minutes, that's how I see Youtube, Youtube is our version of the Matrix. So this series which is primarily aimed at students studying industrial design, product design or design engineering in university is designed to do just that, give you a knowledge boost to hopefully make your projects, designs, presentations and portfolio a lot better to improve your chances of getting a position as a designer, or your projects if you want to start your own company, anything related to design. I also hope with the content, that everyone will be able to take something away from it as many of the tips I'll give over the course of this series will be applicable to lots of areas of life. There's just isn't enough out there on product design, compared to say cookery shows it's very under provisioned and so I'm trying to redress the balance. I have a lot more planned, so please be patient, stay tuned and follow me, so that you can be alerted to when the next video is launched. www.producttank.co.uk
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Applus IDIADA Product Development
Applus IDIADA is a global partner to the automotive industry, supporting its clients in their product development activities by providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services. The company counts with more than 2,000 engineers drawn from over 28 different countries, as well as an international network of subsidiaries and branch offices in 24 countries which ensures that their clients are given fast and customized services. As a result of continual development and expansion, Applus IDIADA is now ranked in 14th position in the ranking of the top 25 engineering companies around the world published by the German Automobilwoche magazine. The company has been climbing since it was first listed in 2008 and aims to be in the top 10 within the next 5 years. ------ Discover more about Applus IDIADA: on https://www.facebook.com/Applusidiada/ on https://twitter.com/applusidiada on http://www.linkedin.com/company/applus-idiada on http://applusidiada.tumblr.com/ or write us at: http://www.applusidiada.com/en/contactus/form
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TelecomeWireless ProductDevelopment Testing Services OdiTek
OdiTek is a leading Telecom Wireless Product Development and Testing Service Provider in India, catering to development and test automation of telecom wireless Simulators and Analyzer products.
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Coherent Solutions - Custom Software Development
More Than Custom Software, We Build Value for Our Clients At Coherent Solutions tech expertise comes standard, and trusted partnership makes it truly valuable. A custom software product development and consulting company, we specialize in solving complex technological challenges for our clients, while building relationships that last. https://www.coherentsolutions.com/services/custom-software-development/
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SignalGeneriX- Electronic Product Development Services
With an aptitude for innovation and by investigating your needs to inspire great product ideas, together we can develop innovative electronic products and contribute to your business success. SignalGeneriX is creatively using its expertise in Digital Signal Processing, Communications and Microelectronics to develop state-of-the-art solutions and add value to your products and processes through the development of strong Intellectual Property.
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Melkor & Co. Corporate Video - Your Solution to Development
www.melkorco.com Contact us: Email: [email protected] Phone: +1(818)381-9856 Melkor & Co. serves companies and individuals that require Research and Development (R&D), Product Design & Development, and Engineering & Simulation testing. Melkor & Co. consults businesses on developing ideas into products by services of design, engineering and packaging optimization of new products. From upgrading existing products to innovating new designs, Melkor & Co. designs and develops products by providing alternative solutions. Moreover, computer aided 3D and 2D designs, along with photorealistic images, and actual prototypes are generated to enable substantial visualization of products. We make sure we understand our customers’ needs and transform their ideas into reality. Engineering analysis and computerized testing is also provided to offer functionality and performance results of the products being designed. Melkor & Co. provides services to test designs and make the decisions to improve product quality. We test product performance against real life motion and forces with our rich computerized simulation capabilities. Component materials, connections, and relationships defined during design development are fully understood for simulation. Products can be tested for strength and safety, and the kinematics fully analyzed. Further, we support a wide variety of geometry types, so we can simulate the real world performance of solid, thin-walled, and structural featured products. We are very proud to say that our customers have always been satisfied with the level of confidentiality in our Business to Business, or Business to Individual relationships. With that in mind, Melkor & Co. also provides patenting services. Our patent lawyers provide the best service to make sure your inventions, ideas, and designs are patented locally, or even internationally. Market research could be executed by our marketing team at a later stage, which will offer solutions on commercializing, costing & preparation of BOM (Bill of Materials), and pricing your particular projects and products, in specified local and international markets. Whether you are an individual with an idea in mind, or a company with product design and engineering development requirements, we are ready to serve you.
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Experion Technologies Product Development Service
Experion Technologies is a 10+-year-old software product and application services company. In a short span of time, our products and custom applications have served over 200 customers across 26 countries worldwide. Our customers include some of the world’s largest corporations as well as some of the fastest growing early stage companies. We have offices/ direct presence in the United States, India, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands. Experion taps into the power of Mobile, Web, Analytics, IoT, Social & Cloud technologies to develop custom software applications and products for industry domains such as Retail, Transportation & Supply Chain, Healthcare, Education and Financial Services. Our customers include globally recognisable names such as Bacardi, Aegon, Johnson & Johnson, Merck Group, Aditya Birla Group, NCI, AstraZeneca, Regus, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Mars, Dr.Oetkar's, Tyson Foods, TopGolf, among several others, apart from over 60 early stage companies across the United States. Experion’s leadership team is comprised of seasoned professionals with experience in executive leadership, global business management, sales & marketing, software technologies, delivery management, product management and consulting. The company has been lauded for three continuous years as one among the “Top 100 fastest growing companies” by Red Herring.
How Deutsche Börse Utilizes Trifacta’s Data Cleansing Solutions to Drive Product Development
Learn more about Data Cleansing solutions with Trifacta: https://www.trifacta.com/data-cleansing/ Deutsche Börse, Europe’s largest financial market infrastructure house, generates petabytes worth of stock exchange data annually that must be cleaned and prepared before any advanced analytics can be performed. See how Deutsche Börse utilizes Trifacta’s data cleansing solutions to wrangle stock exchange data and drive product development. Watch our video to learn more.
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Gill Incorporated Design Solutions - Product Development Process Explained
Product Development Process in general for our clients for quickest time to market Work with us for your product design and development needs. Full Product Licecycle Development from cradle to grave (concept to end of life). Gill Incorporated Design Solutions 9708 Callabridge Ct. Charlotte, NC 28216 980-292-1348 Engineering Services, Product Design and Development, CADCAMECAE North Carolina We'll show you how to turn an idea into a consumer product through product development and product engineering expertise from over a decade within many industries. Website: https://sites.google.com/site/gillincdesignsolutions/ Connect with us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/GILLINCDESIGNEDSOLUTIONS/ We transform ideas into successful products through smart innovation and creativity. Developing products that change people’s lives and define the market is our goal. Integrating exceptional functionality with a meticulous attention to detail we design optimized products users can’t wait to buy. Utilizing a wide variety of specialized services our highly experienced teams deliver accelerated product development from user research and conceptualization to prototype testing and production launch. Our aim is to create the best possible solutions for our clients; to include saving our clients costs. We realize that we can achieve this by quickly and accurately ascertaining customer and company requirements and delivering solutions on time and on budget. We also realize the importance of embracing projects with the same enthusiasm and dedication as the client. Our role does not have to end when the project has been built. We provide product and manufacturing support for the entire life-cycle of your product.
Inspiration: Product Development Services by JET BI
Your idea could become successful product helping customers worldwide and core of your business. JET BI is helping companies to build successful products and solutions on Salesforce and SAP technologies.
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Prevas Presentation, a technical IT company that offers solutions, services and products.
With leading expertise in high-tech product development, embedded systems and industrial IT & Automation, Prevas contributes by providing innovative solutions and services that create growth.
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Product Design and Development Company - Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS)
Discover how IPS takes your product design and development to the next level by maximizing its speed to market with a multi-disciplinary team and great collaboration. IPS, a subsidiary of Forward Industries (FORD), is an award-winning global product design and development company that is headquartered in New York, with an office in London. IPS offers expert product design and engineering services, including Internet of Things and wearable technology solutions. Its clients are among the leading brands in consumer electronics, medical devices, enterprise and security solution providers, and Internet of Things (IoT) connected solutions. To learn more about IPS, visit www.intelligentproduct.solutions or contact [email protected] or follow us on Twitter @IPSdesigners.
Product Development and Prototyping - Beartown
Beartown, LLC. is another preferred American supplier of contract manufacturing services you will find only at a Design-2-Part trade show at http://www.d2p.com. Beartown is a true product development company. Beartown produces more than just prototypes and their "tools" are more than just CAD systems! They are a true Product Development Company -- from your ideas to functional prototypes, using their CAD design services -- with the highest quality and the quickest turn-around in the business. They are designers, engineers, artists and machinists; on-demand to help you with new product development or redesign of existing products. Located in central New York, their global customers span the world, from Buffalo to Brazil and from Los Angeles to London! In a competitive global market, efficient and cost-effective product development is tantamount to the success of your business. At Beartown, they've built a reputation around helping customers like you exceed your own product expectations.
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METRIC mobility solutions AG - Ticketing of the Future and Product Development
More about METRIC: http://www.metric-group.com/ The METRIC Group formerly Hoeft & Wessel Group is a leading solution and service partner in the field of systems for recording, validating and processing data. As a member of the Droege Group, the technology company automates processes and ensures enhanced efficiency of transporting passengers, goods and services in the sectors of trade & logistics, railway & cargo and parking & public transport. In doing so, METRIC focuses on the global megatrend of mobility. The company has its headquarters in Hannover/Germany with a further head office in Swindon, west of London. In the field of research and development, the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard rates METRIC as one of the leading European enterprises. The company is a well-known manufacturer of ticketing systems, mobile data capture systems, and car park terminals. During its corporate history extending over more than 35 years, METRIC has developed into an international SME employing a workforce of over 400.
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Customer vs Product Development - How to Build a Startup
This video is part of an online course, How to Build a Startup. Check out the course here: https://www.udacity.com/course/ep245.
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√ Operations Strategies: Product design and development | Busines Studies
#iitutor #BusinessStudies #ProductDesign https://www.iitutor.com Product design and development. It is important that businesses are looking forward. Although their core product may be popular with customers at the moment, this may not always be the case. Businesses must constantly upgrade their designs and products. During the product design and development steps, the following needs to be considered: Quality, Supply chain management, Capacity management and Cost. Product utility: The usefulness and value that a product has according to the consumer. The consumers perception of a product is very important at all stages. Service design and development: Services are very different from goods! How? They are intangible. Production and consumption occurs at the same time. When designing new or improved services the following needs to be considered: Explicit service? Implicit service? Will goods be required? Cost? Sometimes, services require goods. For example: Doctors need bandages. Cooks need food, Teachers need stationary. Often new technology can improve the service provided. Example: Robotic doctor.
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Interview with Paul Geyen of Product Development Solutions on GMSP Business
Product Development Solutions in Blaine makes parts for the demanding medical, aerospace and semi-conductor industries – staying ahead of the curve with advanced materials, new production techniques, and technology.
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MD WebWare LTD. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS | E-commerce | Web Development | Optimization | SEO
MD WebWare is a leading European DIGITAL SOLUTIONS company: http://mdwebware.com/ OUR SERVICES Digital Products Development Real Estate and Travel Expertise Product Building and Custom Software Search Engine Optimization (SEO) CONTACT [email protected] SOCIAL LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/md-webware Twitter https://twitter.com/MdWebware xing https://www.xing.com/profile/md_webware2/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/md.webware/ G+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/107228459684465141064 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mdwebware.company/
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Internet of Things Plaforms & Design Solutions
Argus Embedded Systems Pvt Ltd is Electronic product Design Services firm providing end-to-end Integrated Electronic design and Product Development Services.
Reduce Product Development Costs by 50%: MSC's CAE Solutions for Heavy Machinery Industry
Heavy industry segments such as mining, agricultural and construction equipment, continue to face challenges to improve performance, reduce warranty costs, and achieve cost effective design and manufacturing. This webinar will discuss how MSC has been helping customers address these technological challenges to impact the business issues and their bottom-line. Many companies, worldwide, have been using MSC's CAE technology for 'virtual testing' for structural strength and fatigue life of various components of heavy machinery such as 'Electric Rope Shovel' and 'Rotary Cutter' etc. In addition to design issues regarding loads and durability, MSC has also helped customers in designing to comply with OSHA regulations for acoustics and Roll Over and Impact Safety. This presentation will also highlight case studies of manufacturing simulation applications for reducing scrap and die design iterations that impact efficiency and cost of a manufacturing operation.
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On Demand Home Services And Handyman App Solution - Service Pulse (2018)
Check out the complete on-demand home services and handyman app development solution and contact us for a free demo here - https://mobisoftinfotech.com/products/home-services-app-development Service Pulse offers a one-stop technology solution to launch on-demand local service and handyman apps. Whether you are a startup looking to find the right technology partner to build your service marketplace app platform like UrbanClap or TaskRabbit or an existing local services provider thinking about making your services available to your customers at the push of a button, Mobisoft’s Service Pulse is an excellent choice for you. Service Pulse is fully customizable to support a broad range of home services like laundry, plumbing, repairing, carpentering, cleaning, pest control, etc. You can leverage it to build a professional hire app marketplace for photographers, event planners, teachers and others as well. Here is the full feature list offered by Service Pulse - Your Branded Home Services And Handyman App Solution. Service Seeker App Features - Native Apps Easy Onboarding OTP Verification Intuitive UI Browse Services Smart Search Request Services Schedule Services Notification Alerts Task Updates Manage Profile Easy Payments Ratings & Feedback Service Provider App Features - Quick Registration OTP Verification Upload ID Proof Add Services Set Service Location Real-Time Requests Review Requirements Send Quotes Current Tasks Account Settings Set Availability Customer Feedback App Support Add Payment Details Reporting & Analytics Admin Panel Features - Powerful Dashboard Manage Services Manage Requests Manage Providers Assign Providers Track Bookings Status Map View Tracking Manage Customers Manual Bookings Manage Notifications Upload Media Access Control Reporting & Analytics App Settings Contact us now for a free Home Services App Development Solution demo. https://mobisoftinfotech.com/products/home-services-app-development Visit Us - Twitter - https://twitter.com/MobisoftInfo Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Mobisoft-Infotech Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/+Mobisoftinfotechplus LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/mobisoft-infotech
Product Development Solutions from SunMan Engineering, Inc.
Established in 1990, SunMan Engineering has engaged and assisted over 250 leading technology companies in successfully completing over 1250 product development projects to date. http://www.sunmantechnology.com
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Product Development in the Cloud
Learn more about Enterprise Cloud Computing on AWS at - https://amzn.to/2M5ekUW. Enterprise Video Series The journey to the cloud is an opportunity to transform outdated operations and development practices. DevOps, Agile software development, and Design Thinking are some of the popular methodologies used today to successfully speed delivery of new products and features and create a more customer-centric mindset. In this video, we highlight some of the differences in developing in the cloud rather than with legacy IT solutions, what it means to experiment with AWS and how it works, and what makes AWS a great partner for organizations who are looking to develop new products in the cloud.
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VTT Powder Piloting Service: Material solutions from powder to product
We are material experts specialized on powder based materials. With Powder Piloting Service we can boost up your development needs and adoption of resource efficient manufacturing and alternative materials for substitution. For more information please visit our website: www.vtt.fi/powder
Accelerating Product Development with a Tormach PCNC 1100
Denver-based design firm, Link Product Development, helps their clients develop and prototype their products quickly with the help of their Tormach PCNC 1100. As a team of engineers, Link Product Development helps their clients with everything from initial product design to solutions development for specific problems. Learn more about Link Product Development: https://www.linkpd.com/ Read the full story: http://torma.ch/40 About Tormach: At Tormach, we are dedicated to providing exceptionally engineered products, technical support, and customer service at the lowest possible cost. Our focus is to help our customers realize goals in CNC by providing tools and resources to help transform concepts into real products. Connect with Tormach Inc. online: Visit Tormach’s Website: https://www.tormach.com Like Tormach’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Tormach Follow Tormach on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tormach/ Follow Tormach on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tormach
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Automotive IT Consulting and Solutions, Automotive Product Development from Idea to Launch
Tremendous feats of development in technology has impacted the automotive sector too. Manufacturers today have to juggle with core competencies and exploit digital technology to disrupt manufacturing, marketing and sales to cater to a global supply chain. Gateway TechnoLabs helps you gain the upper hand through the best delivery processes, consulting expertise and technical know‑how. Our services add value to the automotive sector and we specialize in: - Product development - Aftermarket solutions - Manufacturing and Sales - Services Our services focus on improving profitability, business agility and efficiency. Transform your business with the latest in technology trends, reduced costs, improved processes, streamlined supply chain and many other benefits to build long lasting client relationships. Our Achievements under Automotive IT consulting and solutions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 35% Increase in revenue achieved through our in-Vehicle networking and diagnostic solutions - 30% Reduction in Vehicle Turnaround Time(VTT) using our Enterprise Garage Management Solutions - 40% Cost optimization achieved with effective workplace scheduling - 70% Faster parts delivery within countries such as Belgium, France, UK and Netherlands - 3 million Orders processed every year through our Enterprise fleet and transportation solutions in 12 languages - Developed Europe's First mobile tire health check solution Any interested business owners or executives and consultants send email to [email protected] or visit : http://www.gatewaytechnolabs.com/automotive-it-solutions
Excellence in New Product Development
Alexander Dennis excels in New Product Development to deliver bus and coach solutions that satisfy the needs of transport authorities and operators around the world. Innovation is clustered in four core areas: Energy Efficiency & Zero Emissions, Passenger Experience, Customer Responsiveness, and Autonomy & Connectivity.
Tom | Product Development Engineer | Dale Power Solutions
To help you make a decision whether an apprenticeship is right for you we’ve interviewed some of our apprentices, past and present, along with their managers. They’ll tell you about their apprenticeships and why they believe apprenticeships are important.
MT Series Slide Gate - Kevin Guay, New Product Development Manager
Kevin Guay, New Product Development Manager, explains the options for customers interested in converting to a Plattco MT-Series Slide Gate. Learn More: http://bit.ly/plattco-MT-series Plattco Corporation is proud to be a US Based Manufacturer with over 120 years of metallurgical and foundry experience. We specialize in supplying airlock valves, slide gates, and custom solutions for bulk, dry material handling needs. We are the leader in industrial valves with solutions for a wide variety of industries. A majority of Plattco’s business has come from customer’s conscious decisions to upgrade technology from inferior alternatives like fabricated gates and valves, rotary airlocks and off the shelf-solutions. Plattco understands the critical role our industrial valves play in your process. We have invested a significant amount of engineering, manufacturing, quality assurances, and r & d resources into developing industrial valve solutions. With services like our rebuild program, free trial program, and design services, Plattco brings together a multitude of factors, contributing to system performance for every customer’s needs. Plattco is synonymous with quality and has a reputation that cannot be beat. Plattco specializes in Double Flap Airlock® Valves and associated multi-purpose slide gates and custom castings. Thousands of customers have chosen Plattco Double Flap Airlock® Valves to reduce maintenance time, increase efficiency, and lower costs.
Electronic Product Design at Newbury Innovation
Find out about our electronic product design solutions: http://www.newburyinnovation.co.uk/ The electronics design and development division of Newbury Electronics Ltd, Newbury Innovation has been providing integrated services across product design, development and manufacture for over 60 years. In this video our Technical Director Jon Hawkins guides you through the design process from concept through to market covering everything from budget, cost considerations, time to market and product support. We provide professional electronics services in all areas of product design and development including: - Electronics - Firmware - Software - Apps - Enclosures
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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Product Development
Product Development at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is featured in this video. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions: https://www.tss.trelleborg.com Download Our Brochure: https://www.tss.trelleborg.com/-/media/tss-media-repository/tss_website/pdf-and-other-literature/catalogs/product_range_en.pdf Worldwide Contacts: https://www.tss.trelleborg.com/en/contact/contact-form
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3 Things You Should NEVER Do When Selling IT Services
Robin Robins of Technology Marketing Toolkit discusses 3 things you should NEVER do when selling managed IT services or any type of professional IT services and support. I can practically guarantee you’re making one of these big mistakes and it’s crushing your chances of closing a sale and INVITING objections.
PTC - Product & Service Advantage
As one of the world's largest and fastest-growing technology companies, PTC helps manufacturing leaders address the biggest business challenges they face today. Our solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) let you aggregate, analyze, and deploy product information to drive the strategy and dynamic decision-making processes on which your success depends. Our solutions help you optimize the activities within individual functions of your organization, and aligned across your entire enterprise: from engineering to supply chain and manufacturing, and sales and service. Today, PTC works with more than 27,000 businesses around the world to help them design and service products in rapidly-evolving, globally distributed manufacturing industries, including industrial equipment, automotive, high tech and electronics, aerospace and defense, retail, consumer, and medical devices. By partnering with PTC, you can cultivate and exploit your best product ideas from concept and engineering through delivery and service. As our customers evolve, and their challenges increase in complexity, our goal is unchanged - to deliver technology solutions that help you achieve, and sustain, a product and service advantage. Learn more at http://www.ptc.com
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Engineering service firm Sunrise Labs specializes complete product development
Laurin Noel with Sunrise Labs discusses its offerings at AdvaMed 2015. The engineering service firm specializes in complete product development including design and development, Project Rescue, support and more. Sunrise Labs’ portfolio also includes therapeutic as well as diagnostic products for mHealth and wearables.
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Plastic Injection Molding Service - Product Development - Prototyping - BMI
Plastic Injection Molding, Product Development and Secondary Operations from BMI Injection Molding & Assembly. http://www.bmi-corp.com BMI is a TS 16949 certified place injection molding company for Automotive, Industrial, Medical, and Consumer Goods Industries product applications. We make your non-core activities our core business, enhancing both precision and competency. BMI offers cost-effective outsourcing at its finest. Plastic Injection Molding - Prototypes, Short Run, or Volume Production. Our 100 to 600 ton Plastic Injection Molding capability, provided by state of the art molding machines and process controls, will meet your project requirements. BMI Injection Molding & Assembly will review your Plastic Molded product application: We’ll recommend Thermoplastic Resins utilizing our network of resin professionals. We’ll make Design suggestions to insure product performance that exceeds requirements. And we’ll review the design to insure maximum manufacturability for Plastic Injection Molding, and Assembly Processes. Product Development BMI can provide services that start with plastic product design and development ideas, patent searches, rapid prototype services, all the way through to production manufacturing. We can design products, build your mold, and provide production quantities and packaging services. Secondary Operations For all your volume contract packaging needs. We can assemble, hand sort, bundle, bag and box according to your exact requirements. Product Assembly. Product Decorating, Adhesive Bonding, Repackaging, Parts Kitting, and Part Rework. Effective solutions to maximize productivity, reduce costs, and hasten delivery times. Innovative. Quality Assured. Cost Effective. BMI plastic injection molding, plastic injection molded parts, custom plastic injection molding, plastic injection mold design, plastic injection molding manufacturers, plastic product development companies, plastic injection molding design, plastic injection molding services, automotive plastic injection molding medical plastic injection molding, parts plastic injection molding, injection molding outsourcing, new plastic part development, plastic prototypes BMI Injection Molding & Assembly 52100 Sierra Dr. Chesterfield, MI 48047 (Metro Detroit adjacent to Ontario Canada) http://www.bmi-corp.com Phone : 1-586-598-4100 Fax : 1-586-598-4110
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Product Development
Labx7 is a Global technology provides Product Development & Design for Manufacturing and IOT Solutions & Service Providers headquartered in Shenzhen. Visit http://www.labx7.com/
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Service Management @ Capgemini: From Products to Services
http://www.capgemini.com/services-and-solutions/by-industry/manufacturing/ In this new service-driven world results can come from many sources, such as uptime of machines; running kilometres of a train or truck; optimized usage and recharging of a car battery; produced units like printed slides or completed DNA analysis on your machines. These are not future scenarios but existing service management use cases of clients with whom we have worked to make the transformation from products to services.
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People10 Technologies - Full stack lean product development company
Introduction to People10's expertise and customer testimonials
Reverse engineering services. 3D scanning & CAD redesign
3D Scan-to-CAD Solution for Product Development. 3D Scanning solutions, providing fast, affordable 3D Scanning service by Thinkscan Solutions. For more information: http://www.thinkscan.co.uk http://www.thinkscan.it 3D Scanning for: Aerospace – reverse engineering and measurement Art – digital copies for replication Automotive – reverse engineering and measurement Design – capturing surfaces for simplified CAD modelling Heritage – scanning artifacts for digital catalogue
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