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EAC Product Development Solutions Partner Story Americas
EAC Product Development Solutions (EAC) provides innovative solutions to transform the way companies design, manufacture, connect to, and service their products. We help optimize our customer's product development systems to ensure they're ready to win in the marketplace. This video will show how the partnership between EAC and PTC has evolved from offering CAD and PLM systems to offering service and IOT solutions in order to provide customers with a single technology platform. Learn more about our Partner Program here: http://ptc.co/pa4030gjv66
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Rabbit Product Design
We are a full service Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Marketing Firm. Every Product design begins with a problem in need of a solution. At Rabbit Product Design we are dedicated to patentability of product ideas, product research, user experience exploration, industrial design, mechanical and electronics engineering, firmware and software, APP development, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing services to launch your product idea. We were founded to help our clients bring products all the way to the market, and not just the fuzzy front end services or stopping at prototyping. And we have the experience to do this as all designers and engineers are all senior level with a large number of products they each have taken to the market. Wouldn’t you want the best talent working on your product?
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Product Development Solutions Corporate Video
http://www.pdsol.com, PD Solutions is the leading value-added reseller for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software and hardware products, training and consulting services in Singapore and Malaysia. Our clients range from small and medium enterprises to global brands such as Motorola, Phillips and Creative Technology.
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All-In-One Product Development Platform
Arena’s all-in-one product development platform embeds product lifecycle management, supply chain collaboration, application lifecycle management and quality management all into a single solution. PLM, ALM and QMS are combined, from the ground up — not bandaged together like disparate solutions which invite interoperability challenges. In today’s modern product development world, innovative product companies need better supply chain wide visibility to lower costs, reduce risk and maximize business success. Arena is the only one to create this unified solution in a 100% SaaS based multi-tenant architecture. This provides a single instance of software for superior scalability and makes upgrades effortless for the user. Analysts like IDC, CIMdata and Tech Clarity agree that a single product development platform, or a product innovation platform — one that covers PLM, ALM and QM — is the best approach to deal with complexities and quality demands. Quality and PLM historically had been owned by different departments, which has led to compromised processes. Now with this unified approach, all the people know all the stuff—all the time—both upstream and downstream. NPD and NPI just got a whole lot easier—and affordable.
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Product and Service Development
Subscribe to CUSTOMER ACCELERATOR: http://www.smallbusinesselite.co.uk/customer-accelerator/ Video transcript: Have you ever watched Dragons Den on the television? Now what you have to remember is that the people who are on the panel are successful business owners and entrepreneurs in their own right so have seen it, done it, and have a good idea what makes a good product or service. That is why they are often amazed by some of the people who pitch on the show. How often do we see a pitch about a product or service for which there will never be a demand! And sadly, more often than not, these same people have invested everything they own to 'create' this product that will never find a buyer. It's as simple as this ... if you want to make money to have to sell your goods or services to other people, your target audience. But they can only be your target audience if your goods or services match their needs or wants. Every selling proposition moves a potential customer either closer to desire or further away from pain so your products or solutions have to be tailored to their needs or wants. You should be looking at your products or services and seeing have they fit in with what your clients want and not with what you want, or your family wants, or even what your employees want. Let's have a look at some examples to illustrate the point I'm trying to make .... 1. You're a self-employed plumber who insists that your customers pay cash and there's no paper work ... your customers actually want a receipt and written guarantee with the option to pay with a debit card 2. You're a self-employed plumber who doesn't take cash, provides a receipt for all of your work, and gives a guarantee ... your customers want the cheapest possible price and want to pay cash 3. You design a rain proof coat from a special material meaning that it is dry again within minutes no matter how wet it is. Comes with a hefty price tag ... your customers are happy with an inexpensive fold away coat These aren't particularly great examples but what I'm trying to do is illustrate the fact that you can't sell what your audience doesn't want or need. So in practical terms what do your products or services do to meet the needs or wants of your target market? Are there things you could add to your service that would increase the positive experience of your customer? Actions Take a look at the products or services you offer to your customers and check ... Are you providing the ideal service or product for your customers ... for example, if you sold wood flooring do you provide a delivery service? 1. Could you improve your customers experience ... for example if you sold wood flooring could you provide videos on your website or from the manufacturer on how to fit it correctly? Could you happily recommend tradesmen who would enhance or compliment your local brand to ensure it is fitted properly thereby giving them the floor they dreamed about? 2. If you do provide 'free' delivery do you offer a discount if they take it away themselves for customers who want the keenest prices? 3. Could you create sample packs of your flooring with a deposit (to encourage them to return to your business) so that they can go home with the samples and choose the exact colour or finish they wanted? 4. Take that one step further ... could you send someone to their house (by appointment) to show them a selected range and receive advice on which way the floor could be laid to reduce costs or achieve a better finish? Final Note Don't forget, as a local business owner, the greatest source of information for all of these types of questions are your current customers. As them what they thought of your service, your products etc. What would they have been willing t pay more for and what would did they not like paying for? Answering these questions will enable you to provide a range of products or services. Again, as an example using the flooring we were discussing earlier ... Product A - discounted price on your flooring, take it away today Product A - regular price with free delivery Product A - premium price with free delivery and free fitting by guaranteed tradesman It doesn't matter what you sell or do, every product or service can have various price points and packages. Take the time to look at your business if you are providing the goods or services your customers are looking for or are they going elsewhere, to your competitors because you don't meet their needs? Further Resources: Membership site: http://www.smallbusinesselite.co.uk Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/smallbusinesselite Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/109944232888714697316/
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Legal Product Development and Marketing: The difference between products, services and solutions
Productizing of legal services tips video series: Video 1 (Series of 6 videos) - Product: Build once, sell to many - Service: Build once for one - Solution: Take lots of pieces you (and others) have built and package it once Produced by Rob Kates, http://katesmedia.com/, https://www.youtube.com/user/katesmedia
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Product Development Services and Solutions by Gateway TechnoLabs
Effective product development and commercialization is a central driver of business growth. Our expert product engineering and development team designs and develops new products for your organizations. We have developed customized products across a broad range of sectors including healthcare, communications, consumer products and defence. We provide a one-stop product development services and solutions for your business to take your product to market, from advising on business cases and creating initial concepts through to design and development; from manufacture and supply chain set-up to ongoing support for lasting success. Any interested business owners or executives and consultants send email to [email protected] to discuss about their product development needs. For free technical consultation of your product development needs, please submit your details here https://goo.gl/n1wwFC
√ Operations Strategies: Product design and development | Busines Studies
#iitutor #BusinessStudies #ProductDesign https://www.iitutor.com Product design and development. It is important that businesses are looking forward. Although their core product may be popular with customers at the moment, this may not always be the case. Businesses must constantly upgrade their designs and products. During the product design and development steps, the following needs to be considered: Quality, Supply chain management, Capacity management and Cost. Product utility: The usefulness and value that a product has according to the consumer. The consumers perception of a product is very important at all stages. Service design and development: Services are very different from goods! How? They are intangible. Production and consumption occurs at the same time. When designing new or improved services the following needs to be considered: Explicit service? Implicit service? Will goods be required? Cost? Sometimes, services require goods. For example: Doctors need bandages. Cooks need food, Teachers need stationary. Often new technology can improve the service provided. Example: Robotic doctor.
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This clip show the development of the multiple award winning design of the PopSome candy & nut dispenser by VacuVin / International Innovation Company. Showing the strategy and concept development, engineering, validation, tooling, production and distribution phase. This process is supported by Design Solutions delivering software hardware and consultancy products and services that facilitate an innovative product development environment: SolidWorks 3D CAD, SolidWorks Simulation, 3dconnexion 3D-mice, etc. http://www.designsolutions.nl/ http://www.iic.nl/
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Coherent Solutions - Custom Software Development
More Than Custom Software, We Build Value for Our Clients At Coherent Solutions tech expertise comes standard, and trusted partnership makes it truly valuable. A custom software product development and consulting company, we specialize in solving complex technological challenges for our clients, while building relationships that last. https://www.coherentsolutions.com/services/custom-software-development/
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TelecomeWireless ProductDevelopment Testing Services OdiTek
OdiTek is a leading Telecom Wireless Product Development and Testing Service Provider in India, catering to development and test automation of telecom wireless Simulators and Analyzer products.
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Gill Incorporated Design Solutions - Product Development Process Explained
Product Development Process in general for our clients for quickest time to market Work with us for your product design and development needs. Full Product Licecycle Development from cradle to grave (concept to end of life). Gill Incorporated Design Solutions 9708 Callabridge Ct. Charlotte, NC 28216 980-292-1348 Engineering Services, Product Design and Development, CADCAMECAE North Carolina We'll show you how to turn an idea into a consumer product through product development and product engineering expertise from over a decade within many industries. Website: https://sites.google.com/site/gillincdesignsolutions/ Connect with us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/GILLINCDESIGNEDSOLUTIONS/ We transform ideas into successful products through smart innovation and creativity. Developing products that change people’s lives and define the market is our goal. Integrating exceptional functionality with a meticulous attention to detail we design optimized products users can’t wait to buy. Utilizing a wide variety of specialized services our highly experienced teams deliver accelerated product development from user research and conceptualization to prototype testing and production launch. Our aim is to create the best possible solutions for our clients; to include saving our clients costs. We realize that we can achieve this by quickly and accurately ascertaining customer and company requirements and delivering solutions on time and on budget. We also realize the importance of embracing projects with the same enthusiasm and dedication as the client. Our role does not have to end when the project has been built. We provide product and manufacturing support for the entire life-cycle of your product.
Product and Service Design Part I
Presentation of power point notes from Heizer and Render, Principles of Operations Management 10e.
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3 Things You Should NEVER Do When Selling IT Services
Robin Robins of Technology Marketing Toolkit discusses 3 things you should NEVER do when selling managed IT services or any type of professional IT services and support. I can practically guarantee you’re making one of these big mistakes and it’s crushing your chances of closing a sale and INVITING objections.
On Demand Home Services And Handyman App Solution - Service Pulse (2018)
Check out the complete on-demand home services and handyman app development solution and contact us for a free demo here - https://mobisoftinfotech.com/products/home-services-app-development Service Pulse offers a one-stop technology solution to launch on-demand local service and handyman apps. Whether you are a startup looking to find the right technology partner to build your service marketplace app platform like UrbanClap or TaskRabbit or an existing local services provider thinking about making your services available to your customers at the push of a button, Mobisoft’s Service Pulse is an excellent choice for you. Service Pulse is fully customizable to support a broad range of home services like laundry, plumbing, repairing, carpentering, cleaning, pest control, etc. You can leverage it to build a professional hire app marketplace for photographers, event planners, teachers and others as well. Here is the full feature list offered by Service Pulse - Your Branded Home Services And Handyman App Solution. Service Seeker App Features - Native Apps Easy Onboarding OTP Verification Intuitive UI Browse Services Smart Search Request Services Schedule Services Notification Alerts Task Updates Manage Profile Easy Payments Ratings & Feedback Service Provider App Features - Quick Registration OTP Verification Upload ID Proof Add Services Set Service Location Real-Time Requests Review Requirements Send Quotes Current Tasks Account Settings Set Availability Customer Feedback App Support Add Payment Details Reporting & Analytics Admin Panel Features - Powerful Dashboard Manage Services Manage Requests Manage Providers Assign Providers Track Bookings Status Map View Tracking Manage Customers Manual Bookings Manage Notifications Upload Media Access Control Reporting & Analytics App Settings Contact us now for a free Home Services App Development Solution demo. https://mobisoftinfotech.com/products/home-services-app-development Visit Us - Twitter - https://twitter.com/MobisoftInfo Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Mobisoft-Infotech Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/+Mobisoftinfotechplus LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/mobisoft-infotech
How to retrieve a PTC license file - EAC Product Development Solutions
This video addresses a common question - "How do I retrieve or get a new license file for my PTC software?" Contact EAC for help managing your PTC software. We offer remote admin services to help you stay productive while we make sure your PTC software experience is a smooth one. https://eacpds.com
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Product Design and Engineering Services
CCE's product design and engineering services provide a comprehensive solution that includes taking product ideas all the way from design to manufacturing. Customers can accelerate their product development process and reduce costs by leveraging CCE’s onsite/offshore services model. To know more about our product development services, visit http://www.cadcam-e.com/engineering-design-services.aspx
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Boston Engineering – Product Development Services
Boston Engineering provides product design and engineering consulting solutions that change the way that people work and live. Find out more about our product development services in medical devices, defense & security, industrial & commercial, consumer products, and product lifecycle management (PLM) / PTC solutions. In addition to our industrial design and product engineering teams, you can also see our product development labs for prototyping, testing, verifying, validating, and supporting transfer to manufacturing.
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Automotive IT Consulting and Solutions, Automotive Product Development from Idea to Launch
Tremendous feats of development in technology has impacted the automotive sector too. Manufacturers today have to juggle with core competencies and exploit digital technology to disrupt manufacturing, marketing and sales to cater to a global supply chain. Gateway TechnoLabs helps you gain the upper hand through the best delivery processes, consulting expertise and technical know‑how. Our services add value to the automotive sector and we specialize in: - Product development - Aftermarket solutions - Manufacturing and Sales - Services Our services focus on improving profitability, business agility and efficiency. Transform your business with the latest in technology trends, reduced costs, improved processes, streamlined supply chain and many other benefits to build long lasting client relationships. Our Achievements under Automotive IT consulting and solutions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 35% Increase in revenue achieved through our in-Vehicle networking and diagnostic solutions - 30% Reduction in Vehicle Turnaround Time(VTT) using our Enterprise Garage Management Solutions - 40% Cost optimization achieved with effective workplace scheduling - 70% Faster parts delivery within countries such as Belgium, France, UK and Netherlands - 3 million Orders processed every year through our Enterprise fleet and transportation solutions in 12 languages - Developed Europe's First mobile tire health check solution Any interested business owners or executives and consultants send email to [email protected] or visit : http://www.gatewaytechnolabs.com/automotive-it-solutions
SignalGeneriX- Electronic Product Development Services
With an aptitude for innovation and by investigating your needs to inspire great product ideas, together we can develop innovative electronic products and contribute to your business success. SignalGeneriX is creatively using its expertise in Digital Signal Processing, Communications and Microelectronics to develop state-of-the-art solutions and add value to your products and processes through the development of strong Intellectual Property.
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Prototyping Services for New Product Development
Prototypes are essential when developing physical products. With our in-house modeling and fabrication capabilities, and our established network of reliable prototype suppliers, we have built thousands of models and prototypes for all kinds of physical products and demonstration units. Prototyping is often one of the largest costs in a design budget. Our experience reduces your risk. Watch the video above for a quick overview for the processes and techniques we use to build visual and functional pre-production prototypes. Learn more: www.design1st.com
Introduction of Product Development
Product Development is the main stem of the protechhub. It stands for Production Technology Hub. Our Product Development offering includes solutions, services and product development lifecycle, from ideation through architecture to build and production implementation across various business stages. Market structure is changing with fastly way and competitive business demands high integrity software product to beat the competition. A perfect product help to enhance your business in marketplace, provide quality services to customers and maintain your superiority in the race of competitors. Ruby on Rails Angular js node js HTML5 SaSS / Less / CSS 3.0
How to avoid the pitfalls of Product Development | Philips Innovation Services
Philips Innovation Services can help you uncover the three main pitfalls of Product Development, and build a more successful product. Find out how now: https://www.innovationservices.philips.com/startup-ventures/ Building a successful product means dodging the unknown dangers of product development. Philips Innovation Services can help uncover the three main pitfalls that could stunt your product’s growth. ____ Pitfall #1 – Thinking you know your market well enough Hoping your product has potential is different to knowing its value to your customers. Even if your product could help customers, certain regulations may stop you selling it to them. Solution – Understand your market, not just your product. Focus on the value of your product, and understand the risks of the regulatory system it will be part of. ____ Pitfall #2 – Taking short cuts Imagine exploring a corridor full of doors that slowly narrows. The doors are the different decisions you could take. Don’t rush ahead and ignore important decisions – you can hit a dead end, and it can be expensive to go back. Solution – Seek out and face your potential challenges head on. Thinking you can solve problems later is risky. Address potential issues early, while you have time and money. _____ Pitfall #3 – Getting too attached to your prototype Your first idea won’t be your best idea. Don’t fall in love with it, as your end product will look very different. Solution – Have an open and explorative mind. By the time something gets to market (which could take years) demand may have changed. Develop a prototype that offers flexibility, while you discover what the market wants. Together, we won’t just get your product to market – we’ll make sure you develop the best possible product for your customers. Don’t be scared of uncertainty. Embrace it, as soon as possible. Good luck!
Introducing Social Product Development - PTC
Robin Saitz, SVP, Solutions Marketing & Communications, discusses the thinking behind social product development.
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Seapine's Solutions for Life Sciences Product Development
Most product development teams today work in individual silos with no visibility across disciplines. This creates 3 key challenges to delivering a competitive product to market, within time and budget constraints. 1. Complicated Transfers 2. Weak Traceability 3. Lack of Visibility Seapine provides an integrated platform to manage product design, requirements, risk, issues, and testing assets in a shared environment. With a single source of truth, for all of your product development artifacts, it's possible to improve visibility into project progress and streamline processes, all in a compliant manner.
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METRIC mobility solutions AG - Ticketing of the Future and Product Development
More about METRIC: http://www.metric-group.com/ The METRIC Group formerly Hoeft & Wessel Group is a leading solution and service partner in the field of systems for recording, validating and processing data. As a member of the Droege Group, the technology company automates processes and ensures enhanced efficiency of transporting passengers, goods and services in the sectors of trade & logistics, railway & cargo and parking & public transport. In doing so, METRIC focuses on the global megatrend of mobility. The company has its headquarters in Hannover/Germany with a further head office in Swindon, west of London. In the field of research and development, the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard rates METRIC as one of the leading European enterprises. The company is a well-known manufacturer of ticketing systems, mobile data capture systems, and car park terminals. During its corporate history extending over more than 35 years, METRIC has developed into an international SME employing a workforce of over 400.
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Tom | Product Development Engineer | Dale Power Solutions
To help you make a decision whether an apprenticeship is right for you we’ve interviewed some of our apprentices, past and present, along with their managers. They’ll tell you about their apprenticeships and why they believe apprenticeships are important.
Product Development Solutions from SunMan Engineering, Inc.
Established in 1990, SunMan Engineering has engaged and assisted over 250 leading technology companies in successfully completing over 1250 product development projects to date. http://www.sunmantechnology.com
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What is Lean Process and Product Development ( LPPD)?
In this pithy animation and description, author and former product development executive Jim Morgan explains what an LPPD system is and how it consistently delivers profitable value streams and great products that customers love. After you watch it, make plans for you and your team to join early adopters of LPPD from industrial and service companies at the 2nd annual Designing the Future Summit, June 27- 28, 2019, in Traverse City, MI: https://www.lean.org/designfuture2019 MI: https://www.lean.org/designfuture2019 Like last year’s inaugural conference, the 2019 summit will go beyond broad generalizations “to be innovative” and dig into concrete LPPD practices that are creating new products and services with speed, precision, and exceptional quality. Plenary speakers include: • Tyler Schilling, president of TechnipFMC Schilling Robotics, and Andy Houk, vice president of product development; • Frank Paluch, executive vice president of Honda’s North American manufacturing operation, who spent five years as president of Honda’s R&D facilities in North America; • David Crawley, a founder of startup Ubiquity Robotics and former head of strategic initiatives at Cypress semiconductor; • Susan DeSandre, a former senior executive at Apple and Ford. • Steve Shoemaker, general manager of engineering for Caterpillar’s Earthmoving Division; • Andi Plantenberg, principle, FutureTight and a mentor to Silicon Valley startups, will give you the trade-craft for knowing when it’s time to kill an idea – and when to keep it going for a prosperous future. • Jim Morgan, senior advisor and founder of Lean Product and Process Development at the nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) and co-author of Designing the Future, and The Toyota Product Development System will explain why product development is a natural and powerful leverage point for transforming the entire organization. Previously, he was a global engineering director at Ford during the product-led revitalization under CEO, Alan Mulally. • Jim Womack, LEI’s founding CEO, co-author of Lean Thinking and Machine That Changed the World, and author of Gemba Walks, will explore “Re-Thinking Value Creation in Product and Process Development” for a world in which customers often seek a solution to a complex problem involving many products rather than a single product. Breakout sessions and workshops include: • Giving Users a Voice in UX Design; • Industry Revolution Pulled by Lean Product and Process Development; • Managing Product Development in Healthcare with Visual Management (Obeya); • Set-Based Concurrent Engineering; • Visible Knowledge; • Craft Beer Game: Leading the Innovation Pipeline; • How to Develop New Value with the A3 Process; • Lean Process Creation: Why Developing a Product that Customers Actually; Want Requires a Great Process to Produce and Deliver It. For the complete agenda and to register go to https://www.lean.org/designfuture2019 Lean Product and Process Development is a powerful system based on lean management principles for developing new products or services concurrently with the processes needed to make and deliver them profitably. The LPPD Learning Group is a unique co-learning partnership of design and product development leaders from diverse companies that want to dramatically improve how they develop products and services. This select group has demonstrated executive commitment to lean transformations, an enthusiasm for collaborative learning, and a willingness to share the results with the global lean community. Learn more about the group at lean.org/leanpd/ Get practical insights from Jim Morgan every month when you sign up for his free eletter (subscriber info is never shared, sold, or swapped) -- https://www.lean.org/leanpd/subscribe/ About LEI Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit training, publishing, and research organization based in Boston, MA, with a mission to makes things better through lean thinking and practice to create more value and prosperity while consuming the fewest possible resources. Founded in 1997 by management expert James P. Womack, PhD, LEI conducts research, teaches educational workshops, publishes books and ebooks, runs conferences, and shares practical information about lean thinking and practice. Visit LEI at lean.org to learn more.
Product Development and Prototyping - Beartown
Beartown, LLC. is another preferred American supplier of contract manufacturing services you will find only at a Design-2-Part trade show at http://www.d2p.com. Beartown is a true product development company. Beartown produces more than just prototypes and their "tools" are more than just CAD systems! They are a true Product Development Company -- from your ideas to functional prototypes, using their CAD design services -- with the highest quality and the quickest turn-around in the business. They are designers, engineers, artists and machinists; on-demand to help you with new product development or redesign of existing products. Located in central New York, their global customers span the world, from Buffalo to Brazil and from Los Angeles to London! In a competitive global market, efficient and cost-effective product development is tantamount to the success of your business. At Beartown, they've built a reputation around helping customers like you exceed your own product expectations.
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Product design and Manufacturing Solution - Total CAD Solution
Welcome to total CAD solution a professional company for your complete product design and manufacturing solutions From ideation to final product our expert engineers are ready to guide you to the right path of manufacturing for your desired product by our cost effective and quality design services and support We are specialized in- Injection molding feasible design with proper draft angle, thickness, and strength Blow molding feasible designed with uniform wall thickness, sharp less corners Machine designed with precision and efficiency Product design with cost-effectiveness specialize in plastic metal and glass products Structural member design with accurate joint and durability Sheet metal design with proper bending and cut-list Complex surface designed with accuracy 3d printing feasible design according to printer type and material Check out some of our customer feedback. We offer value for money and aim for your ultimate success with our expertise and effort So whether you're looking for- 3D modeling or 2D drafting including BOM, cut-list, flat pattern, bend table, hole table or Simulation like FEA or Photorealistic rendering and animation to visualize your idea or maybe A 3D printed or CNC prototype to take your future product for real Total CAD solution is ready to take care of your every need. So contact us today or visit us at www.totalcadsolution.com to check our quality work and hire us to experience the best and let us take care of the rest.
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How Simplexity Product Development Can Bring Your Product to Market
Learn how Simplexity can drive costs out of high-volume manufacturing resulting in a successful product. Visit us at http://www.simplexitypd.com/next-steps Find us online: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/simplexity-product-development-inc-?trk=top_nav_home Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SimplexityPD Twitter: https://twitter.com/SimplexityPD Engineers are problem solvers, that’s what they want to do, they want to figure out how to make it work. A mechatronic product, it’s a complex machine, you’ve got electrical systems, mechanical systems, computers controlling it all. If you’re going to make a high-volume product, you have to drive all the cost out of the system that you can. And getting that wrong can mean the difference between success and failure in a product. What we do at Simplexity is we solve problems for customers. We understand how to bring those different pieces together. We make the complex simple so our customers can bring great product to market. Simplexity provides engineering design services across a range of industries. Our "simpler is better" engineering approach reduces costs while improving the lifecycle of your product, saving you money in development, manufacturing and product sustainability. We understand the most important challenges which is why we have mastered cost reduction while maintaining the most innovative industrial, consumer, and biotech engineering solutions.
Product and Platform Engineering Services
Today, platform business models are driving the most profound change since the Industrial Revolution, and Accenture is helping clients develop new products and platforms to power their businesses into the future. As growing R&D and maintenance costs pinch development budgets, we accelerate your pace of innovation through our service offerings: Core Platform Engineering, Platform Enablement-Software Product Engineering and Device Engineering. Accenture’s end-to-end product and platform engineering services meet your challenges head-on, delivering faster time-to-market, cost reductions, increased operational efficiencies, and stronger revenue streams. To learn more, visit https://www.accenture.com/PPES.
FEAC Outsourcing Engineering & Consulting Company. Simulation Driven Product Development done right.
FEAC ( www.feacomp.com) is an engineering company specialized in providing consulting services from product concept and Computer Aided Design (CAD) drafting to advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and design optimization by using state-of-the-art CAE tools. Based in a strategic position between East and West, FEAC is committed to innovation, R&D, support and total customer satisfaction. Our professional engineers have experience in the most advanced scientific centers and companies worldwide. That guarantees accurate analysis results of our engineering consulting services. Our mission is to offer the possibility to all companies, research centers and universities to take advantage of the great possibilities CAD and FEA tools offer, through our specialized and top quality services. We can ensure an adventurous trip through tons of innovative concepts and ideas to the final optimized solution. The increasing demand in CAD drafting and FE modeling, due to the numerous advantages they offer over traditional designs, force many companies to re-evaluate the way they design their products. Many companies, especially small to medium sized ones, face difficulties adopting this new methodology often due to shortages in manpower, budget, knowledge, experience and deadlines set by their clients. They still require drawings, models, simulation, optimized results and presentations at top professional levels but since they can't run an in-house CAD and FEA department, they have to outsource. FEAC provides the perfect solution for such situations, with no need to expand your offices or recruit more staff. You can now easily outsource your projects to be accomplished with the highest of standards. Our wide range of services can be beneficial to almost any industry that needs any kind of product development or analysis. Collaborating with us reduces your expenses, increases your profit and helps you gain more marketshare over your competitors.
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Product Design @ INTEGRATED SOLUTION website:- www.integratedsol.co.in facebook :- linkedin:- https://www.linkedin.com/company/integrated-solutions1/?viewAsMember=true
Engineering service firm Sunrise Labs specializes complete product development
Laurin Noel with Sunrise Labs discusses its offerings at AdvaMed 2015. The engineering service firm specializes in complete product development including design and development, Project Rescue, support and more. Sunrise Labs’ portfolio also includes therapeutic as well as diagnostic products for mHealth and wearables.
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Lectra's 3D Fashion Product development solution - Zannier customer story
http://www.lectra.com/fr Lectra’s 3D virtual prototyping has allowed designers and pattern makers to communicate in a new way, which means the creative process has been enhanced as team collaboration has been streamlined. “Lectra’s 3D product development solution is the central vector in Zannier’s communication between departments,” says Pascale Bouyeure, head of the product development office... http://www.lectra.com/en/fashion-apparel/product-development-modaris
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SnS Design industrial design firm | turning industrial design products into success
WEBSITE: http://snsdesign.com/ We help companies and individuals bring ideas into existence. SnS offers clients innovative product designs that set new standards of excellence, by identifying market trends, and promoting brand strategies that increase profits. Our blueprint of innovation co-joined with a process of connecting the consumer with the product, allows us to validate and identify new approaches to generating the perfect product development solution. SnS Design, Inc is a full service Product Design firm specializing in product design and product management from concept through development. Our service model is simple; create products that are the envy of competitors and engaging to consumers. Our talented team has provided clients in a variety of industries with premier design solutions focused on market dominance We have developed a wide array of products since incorporating as a “Minority owned women’s business” in 2003. We strive to understand our client’s needs, enhance the product development process, and bring a level of connection that bigger companies simply are unable to provide. We are experienced in designing a broad range of products that include home appliances, consumer electronics, medical products, furniture, and children's product. SnS Design, Inc specializes in the development of home appliances, housewares, consumer electronics, furniture and life style products. Our design expertise includes - Conceptual Design, Invention, Product Development, Product Innovation, Prototype, Patent, Branding, Packaging, Graphics, Point of Purchase, 3d Renderings, Investor Presentation, Mechanical Design and Engineering, Design Electronics, Product Testing, Product Compliance, Manufacturing and Retail Placement.
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Kohlex Mechanical Engineering Services
Kohlex is an Engineering company with mechanical engineers who can work for you full time for 50% less than industry standard. Our virtual engineers will work from our India Design Center (IDC) and report directly to you. Our unique outsourcing solution includes Workstations, Solidworks, ePDM and other fully licensed software at no additional cost. You can achieve more than 50% savings in your product design and engineering cost. Your data is safe with us. We operate a high security network from a Tier-1 data center in America. We establish VPN connections with 2-factor authentication to connect our customers and engineers around the globe.
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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Product Development
Product Development at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is featured in this video. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions: https://www.tss.trelleborg.com Download Our Brochure: https://www.tss.trelleborg.com/-/media/tss-media-repository/tss_website/pdf-and-other-literature/catalogs/product_range_en.pdf Worldwide Contacts: https://www.tss.trelleborg.com/en/contact/contact-form
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Metal Toad and Simplexity Product Development, Inc. | Your End-To-End Innovation Partner!
What happens when you bring together world-changing software solutions and product development? Innovation, simplification, a little bit of magic? Announcing a software and hardware partnership between Metal Toad and Simplexity Product Development, Inc. | Your End-To-End Innovation Partner! Simplexity is an engineering services firm that excels in the design of complex electro-mechanical products. Metal Toad is a digital transformation agency that builds world-changing software solutions—from concept to code. Learn more at: https://www.simplexitypd.com/ https://www.metaltoad.com/ #Technology #Solutions #Partnership #Collaboration #Innovation #Software #Hardware
15: Product Development
5.2 of 10 Created for : Marketing in the 21st Century - ESP Marketing for Professionals by David Stig Hansen see it here free : bit.ly/1nn9uVr Play all marketing videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxCa95pKNYUNOcUG_PeXbTYEFSCZ6qV_r 101 A/B AIDA API Acquisition Ad Advertising Agreement Analysis Analytics Application Automation B2B B2C Business Business-to-Business Business-to-Consumer C2C CAC CAN-SPAM CASL CEO CMS COS CPL CRM CRO CSR CSS CTR Calendar Code Content Context Conversion Corporate Cost Cost-per-Lead Crowdsourced Customer Design Digital Ebook Editorial Email Engagement Engine Evergreen Experience Facebook Feed Five Forces Form Friction Funnel Google+ HTML Hashtag Identity Inbound Indicator Industry Infographic Infomercial Instagram Interface Investment JavaScript KPI Key Keyword LTV LTV:CAC Landing Lead Level Lifecycle Lifetime Link LinkedIn Long-Tail MICE MRR Management Marcom Marketing Media Metrics Microsite Middle Mobile Monthly NPS Native Net News No-Follow Nurturing Off-Page Offer On-Page Optimization PEST PPC PR Page Path Pay-per-Click Performance Pinterest Porter’s Programming Promoter Proof Ps QR Qualified ROI Rate Recurring Relationship Responsive Results Return Retweet Revenue SEO SLA SMB SWOT SaaS Score Search Sender Service Sitemap Small-to-Medium Smarketing Snapchat Social Software-as-a-Service Stages Strategy System TV Testing Top Twitter UI URL UX Unique User VP Value View Viral Visitor WOM Website Word-of-Mouth Workflow XML YouTube a accommodations acquisition acronym activities ad adopters ads advertising agencies agency agent agreement analysis analyze and answers appeal appearance approve associate attend audience awareness banner beating benchmarking billboards blogging booth bottom bounce brainstorming brand branded branding budget bulk bundles business buyer buyers buzz call-to-action calls campaign cash catalogue cause-related celebrity chain change channel channels charge charities charity children choose churn click clicked click-through climate closed-loop cold collection color commercial commercialization commission company competition competitor competitors concept conference consumer consumers contacts content contract convenience convention corporate coverage cow creation cross cruise current customer customers cycle data define deliverables demand demographics design desired determine development differentiate differentiation direct discount discounts distribution dogs domestic donation donations dynamic early economic economies economy editorial email emails emotional employee endorsement entry environment establish ethics event events exclusivity exhibition existing expectations export exposition facilities fair feasible findings flier focus for forecasting four franchises free from full funnel generate generation generic giveaways global goals grass green group growth guide high high-street home hospitality hypermarkets idea image impact implementation in individual industry innovators insights international interview introduce introduction investment is join joint key keywords laggards last late launch letters levels licensing life likelihood line local lodging logos loyalty magazine magazines mags mail mailing maintaining maintenance majority manufacturer manufacturing market marketing maturity media merchandise message mining mission mix mtg model moderator modes mouth movable new news newsletters newspapers niche objectives operations optimization order outdoor outlet oversees packaging page parks penetration perceptions performance persona place planning position positioning posters prelaunch press price pricing primary print printing problem product products professional profile profit profitable promotion promotional proposition protection psychographics public publications publicity purchasing qualitative quality quantitative questionnaire quotes radio rate rational rebrand rebranding reception reinforce relations release remarketing reports representatives research respondent response responsibility responsible restaurants results retail retailers retention revenue reward risk rivalry roots sales scale screening seasonal secondary segment segmentation sellers served service share sheet sheets ships shops show signage signs situation social spamming special sponsoring spot stages stakeholders stands stars stereotypes stores strategies strategy street stunt success supervises suppliers supply survey surveys tactics target targeting technically telegraph telemarketing telephone television test testing the theme through tolerance tour tourism trade traditional transportation travel type types universal value values venture viable vision warehouse webpage website websites wholesalers word year
Reverse engineering services. 3D scanning & CAD redesign
3D Scan-to-CAD Solution for Product Development. 3D Scanning solutions, providing fast, affordable 3D Scanning service by Thinkscan Solutions. For more information: http://www.thinkscan.co.uk http://www.thinkscan.it 3D Scanning for: Aerospace – reverse engineering and measurement Art – digital copies for replication Automotive – reverse engineering and measurement Design – capturing surfaces for simplified CAD modelling Heritage – scanning artifacts for digital catalogue
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Explore Oracle Product Development Cloud: Xavor Corporation
As a PLM solution designed for the cloud, Oracle Product Development Cloud and Xavor help life science, semiconductor and high-tech organizations get a complete configuration management, change management and quality system, including environmental governance and compliance, up and running in weeks. Learn how Oracle’s cloud-based solution along with Xavor’s eXpedite packages can help companies achieve the following in weeks: - Full QMS including ISO based Quality Manual, SOPs, and Forms - CAPA, Audit and Nonconformance support - Life Science, Semiconductor and High-Tech Configurations - Environmental Governance & Compliance - OQ & PQ documents to aid in Validations - Training (Super User, Admin, End User) - Integrations with on-prem applications …..and more! To learn more visit: xavor.com
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Product Development in the Cloud
Learn more about Enterprise Cloud Computing on AWS at - https://amzn.to/2M5ekUW. Enterprise Video Series The journey to the cloud is an opportunity to transform outdated operations and development practices. DevOps, Agile software development, and Design Thinking are some of the popular methodologies used today to successfully speed delivery of new products and features and create a more customer-centric mindset. In this video, we highlight some of the differences in developing in the cloud rather than with legacy IT solutions, what it means to experiment with AWS and how it works, and what makes AWS a great partner for organizations who are looking to develop new products in the cloud.
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Technosphere - IOT Solutions, Product Engineering Services, Industrial IOT and Smart City Solutions
Technosphere provides end to end product engineering services and Enterprise IOT solutions, Industrial IOT Solutions and Smart City solutions. We help clients by designing IOT Devices & Solutions, Smart Digital Products and Wearable, with multiple sensors, embedded firmware and hardware and communication capabilities to connect to the cloud. Our WhizBlox, a multi-sensor, multi-protocol IOT Hub, can enable very rapid end-to-end IOT Solutions and helps to deploy IOT Pilots in just 4-6 weeks. Core strength of Technosphere is the experience in various Wireless Technologies like Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, LoRa, Zigbee and Protocols such as CANBUS, MODBUS, BACNET, LONWORKS, 6LOWPAN. We execute projects from concept to mass-production, including Architecture, Hardware, Firmware design, Prototype Development, HMI Miniature Design and Compliance.IoT solutions have been integrated into major IoT platforms such as Amazon IoT, Azure and Bluemix. Technosphere has deep domain expertise in board designs, product feasibility advisory and product sustenance. Technosphere has delivered successful IOT solutions in Wearable, Agritech, Smart Waste Management, Smart Street Lighting and Smart Retail applications. We are a Microchip Design and Training Partner and also recognized by Semtech Corporation as a LoRa Design Partner. Incorporated in April 2013, Technosphere is located in Bangalore, India and Dallas, USA and promoted by industry leaders with significant experience in Electronic Product Development and Engineering.
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Product development for fleet management
India’s last mile delivery network is on a rapid rise in the last decade. With the boom in e-commerce being replicated across verticals of food, grocery and pharmacy, last-mile logistics has become a massive scale phenomena. Fast deliveries and high NPS are the keywords that everyone focuses on. In this talk, we will focus on what goes under the hood to enable a pleasant experience to the end customer. We will focus on the engineering as well as product challenges and our learning in the process of solving them. We will also have a closer look on the lives and priorities of the delivery partners and their close resemblance to the Bharat we know. The audience will get an exposure on topics ranging from MQTT protocol to gamification techniques to fraud detection. A lot of these learnings can be applied across multiple domains as well. The talk will be structured in two parts - a) Engineering Challenges and Learnings, b) Product and Operational Challenges and Learnings. Following topics will be covered in the first part - 1) Location capture with optimised battery drain 2) Open Source Solutions for Routing Engines Following topics will be covered in the second part - 1) Importance of Gamification for fleet management 2) Building trust among partners with transparent payouts 3) Discussions on impact of in-app training methodologies 4) Fraud Detection for effective fleet management Vaibhav is the Co-founder and CTO at Shadowfax
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Investing in the UK: QuEST Global Engineering
In this video, Paul Perera, Vice President Strategic Initiatives, talks about global engineering services provider, QuEST's reason for investing in the UK including the UK business environment, workforce talent and skills, opportunities for further expansion both in the UK and springboarding into export markets, as well as the support and assistance that UKTI has and continues to provide the company. QuEST Global Engineering (Quality Engineering Services & Technologies), is a diversified Product Development Solutions company, employing over 3400 professionals across 9 countries with delivery centres across thr globe. The company caters to multiple high technology verticals such as Aero Engines, Aerospace and Defence, Industrial Products, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Nuclear Engineering, Our portfolio of services and solutions covers all aspects of the product development and engineering process such as Product Design, Product Development, Prototyping, Testing, Certification, Manufacturing Support, Product Support (sustenance, repair, documentation etc) Product re-engineering as well Consulting Services. QuEST opened their new UK head office in March 2012 on the Brabazon Office Park and which will support QuEST's growing local customer base that includes major players such as Airbus, GKN Aerospace, BAE SYSTEMS, Thales and Rolls Royce. QuEST are based in Bristol, the West of England, which is seen as a hub of advanced engineering activity. It has become a focus for aerospace engineering organisations and now boasts 9 major UK aerospace companies with a strategic presence supported by a supply chain of over 700 companies employing around 18,000 people. There is a range of support industries and companies in a variety of specialisms and sizes. In addition, the industry benefits from close links to the university sector with 4 local universities offering world-class research which is directly supporting innovation, and teaching which contributes to the employment base though providing graduates from a range of accredited courses and on-going continuous professional development. For more information about setting up your business in the UK please visit - http://www.ukti.gov.uk/invest.html Visit the QuEST website for more information about the company - http://www.quest-global.com/
Exertis Supply Chain Services - Med Tech Industry Solutions
By managing your med tech materials supply chain, Exertis Supply Chain Services can free up your time, money and resources to allow you to focus on new product development, innovation and business growth. Visit http://www.exertissupplychain.com/industries/medical-devices/ for more information.
SunMan Engineering, Inc. Product Development Services - What Clients Say
"I would like to thank you and commend you for the excellent performance to date on the 5 analog/digital boards you have done for us. ...every single board worked the first time and allowed us to characterize our new products in a timely fashion." "We look forward to a continued relationship that will be beneficial to both of us. Thank you for your great efforts." V.B. National Semiconductor for more information on SunMan Engineering visit http://www.sunmantechnology.com
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