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The 5 rules of yacht design
Jonny Horsfield, Owner and Creative Director of H2 yacht design, says the first rule of yacht design is that you must prepare a good brief. This means the owner needs to sit down with his captain and his crew and with his designer and establish exactly what he wants for this yacht. “I enjoy the process of listening to the client and trying to give him or her what they want,” he says. “The important thing is to never say no to a client. I think there’s always a solution – it might not be exactly what they’re really wanting, but you can never say no because anything, really, is possible with yachts.” Watch the video below to see Jonny explain why it’s important to start with a GA and talk through his other rules for yacht design.
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Basic Boat Design Principles
Video tutorial capturing Basic Design Principles to assist high school student teams with their boat design entries for the Apprentice School SNAME (Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers) Boat Design Compeition.
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SV Delos - Brilliance of my Hull Design
A brief discussion on my hull design after SV Delos interviews Barrett- Racoupeau, Designer of the Amel 55 and many other yachts.
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Displacement vs  Planing Hulls
Displacement vs Planing Hulls; what is the definition? What are the properties? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/puffinsv1/ PUFFIN is a deep draft sailing ketch with a Dutch steel hull. My wife and I live aboard PUFFIN and are currently slipped in Charleston South Carolina.
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In conversation with employed Yacht Design graduates
Benoit Mancini, Gareth Fowler and Rocio Gandarias studied on the Yacht Design Programme at Southampton Solent University. They are now working full time at X-Yachts, yacht design and construction specialists based in Hampshire. We caught up with them and asked them a few questions regarding the course they studied and their transition from University to the workplace. Find out more about the course here: http://www.solent.ac.uk/courses/2015/undergraduate/course-categories/yacht-design-degree-courses.aspx
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The Landing School Yacht Design Program
Yacht Design is all about creating a fluid, dynamic, artful watercraft with nothing more than a computer. In this program, you'll obtain the knowledge and skills that will enable you to craft some of the finest boats in the world. The Landing School is a full-time, post-secondary school that provides education in modern yacht design, boat building and marine systems technology. For high school graduates, veterans, adult learners, second career seekers and international students. The Landing School offers diplomas and Associate's degrees.
Orca3D Marine Design Software Overview
Quick demonstration of the capabilities of Orca3D, the marine plug-in for Rhino.
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The Science of Ship Design
Professor Fred Stern of the University of Iowa College of Engineering describes the new $4.9 million wave basin facility at the University of Iowa's research campus. This wave basin will be used by Stern and his colleagues in UI's Ship Hydrodynamics Research Group to further develop the simulation software called CFDSHIP-IOWA that they have developed for the United States Office of Naval Research to aid in the ship design process. The UI Ship Hydrodynamics Research Group is a program of IIHR- Hydroscience & Engineering, one of the nation's preeminent institutes for the study of fluid mechanics, air and water resources, and environmental hydraulics. to learn more: http://iihr.uiowa.edu
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North Sails Design Video
North Sails has become the world leader in sailmaking through an ongoing commitment to making racing or cruising sails that are faster, lighter and longer lasting than any other sails.
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Understanding the basics of boat hull strength.  WARNING - contains extremely nerdy content :-)
A Brief Review of the many aspects of hull strength for a boat. As I build my 54 foot cruising sailboat.
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Salboat Hulls Design
In this video we talk all about sailboats, and their hull design. Hull design is a very important thing to consider when choosing your dream sailboat. This is the forth in a series of videos where we'll try to give the best advice and ideas on how and where to look for your dream sailboat For more information please visit: http://www.mydreamsailboat.com/boating-suggestions/dream-sailboat/
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The Physics of Sailing - KQED QUEST
Northern California has a storied, 500-year history of sailing. But despite this rich heritage, scientists and boat designers continue to learn more each day about what makes a sail boat move. Contrary to what you might expect, the physics of sailing still present some mysteries to modern sailors.
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Yacht design process
This video describe the Dassault système solutions for Yacht design process, from initial hull design and analysis, to structural analysis, to detail design and drawings, as well as accomodation space reservation
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Boat Layout & Design
Lets talk about layout and design
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YD-41 trials
YD-41 Designed for Principles of Yacht Design book Built by FORSATIO Yachts
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In questa lezione parliamo della stabilità totale dell'imbarcazione e quindi della curva dei momenti raddrizzanti
"Designing for Water" -- Stephens Waring Yacht Design
The video and stills I shot for Stephens Waring Yacht Design in 2010 were used for promotional pieces that aired in 2011. David Berez of Post Office Editorial edited and directed the films. This is one of a series of films that David cut for them.
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"The Challenge of Boat Design" -- Stephens Waring Yacht Design
The video and stills I shot for Stephens Waring Yacht Design in 2010 were used for promotional pieces that aired in 2011. David Berez of Post Office Editorial edited and directed the films. This is one of a series of films that David cut for them.
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Humphreys Yacht Design
A recent collection of yacht designs, both on and off the drawing board. See http://www.humphreysdesign.com for more information.
WaveScalpel catamaran CAD
18m cuising catamaran WaveScalpel CAD animation SolidWorks hull shapes and outside view Title: Senbazuru & Laid Back Guitars Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Yacht Design
Interdisciplinary project including Product and Interior design students. CCS-Detroit (USA) www.collegeforcreativestudies.edu
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You've never seen a boat sail like this - Detours: S. 2 Ep. 3
Sailing is 7,000 years old, but you've never seen a sail like this. It's designed to reduce our fuel usage and help save the earth. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theverge
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An Introduction to the Physics of Sailing
The goal of this lesson is to explain how sailboats work by exploring basic physics principles. At the end of this lesson, students will be able to identify the forces acting on a sailboat and explain how the combination of these forces results in the forward motion of a sailboat. Students should be familiar with vectors and be able to use them to represent forces and moments, and also should be familiar with using free body diagrams to represent forces and moments. A basic understanding of fluid flow and/or resistance might be helpful, but not necessary. This lesson and the follow-on assessment will each take about one hour to complete. Students only need pen/pencil and paper to complete the activities in the lesson, although an optional activity where students make their own sailboats would require additional materials. The classroom activity challenges are centered around small-group discussions based on the questions posed before each break. Free body diagrams, or another conceptual representation of his or her answer, should support each student’s solution to the questions posed in the video. Instructions for the option of having students design their own sailboats as part of this lesson can be found with the Teacher Resources. For more information: http://blossoms.mit.edu/videos/lessons/introduction_physics_sailing
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Episode #33 Sailboat Design
We all want full keel heavy sailboats for ocean passages. Why? Is there any science that supports the opposite...that lighter weigh fin keel sailboats have safety features that heavier boats can't beat? In this video we explore the issues related to displacement (weight) of our sailboats as well as sail area. Why? Because conventional wisdom tells us heavy full keel boats are safer....but are they really? We report...you decide! Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=993142&ty=h Be Our Friend on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009070181700 Stock media provided by Retroklips/Pond5.com item # II350013 'Sailors scrambling...' licensed under Pond5 Royalty-free license Music provided by royalty-free Youtube Music
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Design Company Unveils Island Like Boat That Folds
An Austrian design company recently released plans for a new water craft which has been accurately described as a floating island. Some boats are very creative. An Austrian design company recently released plans for a new water craft which has been accurately described as a floating island. The boat can accommodate anywhere from 4 to six people. As an added bonus the boat has numerous hulls and it is foldable. The aspect that sets it apart is the added space. The deck is not only beautiful but it also offers freedom for sea goers allowing them to move around. The hull is classified as a "three section trunk". When it's closed, the three hull portions are basically folded into one another, making the overall boat size drastically decrease in size. That makes it easier to tow the boat or squeeze it into any marina spot. However when the floating island reaches a desired spot on the water, the hull can be opened up creating a huge, sprawling deck for relaxing. A built-in grill along with integrated storage spaces are a few additional highlights about the unfolded boat. What do you think? Would you like to own this boat?
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Yacht Designer Valerio Rivellini talks about the Evo 43
Designed by Studio Tecnico RIVELLINI in Naples and built by Blu Emme yachts, the EVO 43 is true to its Italian pedigree with exacting attention to detail and clean, angular lines. The sexy EVO 43, a crossover yacht/performance boat, features an expanded aft deck and swim platform, creating a cruising beach club
S/Y Mondango Tour with Yacht Naval Architect & Yacht Designer, Ed Dubois
http://yachtingtoday.tv - Monaco Yacht Show 2009 YachtingToday.TV tours S/Y Mondango with yacht naval architect and yacht designer, Ed Dubois. S/Y Mondango was designed by Ed Dubois and the Dubois Naval Architects ...For more on Dubois Yachts, visit: http://www.duboisyachts.com Host: Norma Trease Find more yachting videos, please find us at http://yachtingtoday.tv
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Boat Hull Design Concepts
Key concepts of boat hull design include: The supporting force of the water or "buoyancy" must be greater than the weight of the boat. The thrust from the propulsion system has to overcome the "drag" of the water. Also, the weight has to be evenly distributed around the "center of buoyancy". Making the most of Concurrent Engineering - http://www.ptc.com/go/ce-tips
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Hull Types and Characteristics
Material for LSSU's Boat Handling and Navigation Course. Content provided by Inland Seas Education Association and Captain Ben Hale.
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Future concept yacht - YULONG
Private floating membership club - YULONG (Jade dragon) This is my final graduation conceptual project at Coventry University. Abstract// Increase of wealth, cruise-ship market explosion, demand and growing investment in private membership clubs in China creates an opportunity for a new market sector. Using TOI, super-yacht design principles and shared travelable space spectacularization a new type of mega-yacht evolves. Project addresses new design meaning for ultra-wealthy people to improve work-life balance from business to entertainment on one floating platform. // Full Project on: https://www.behance.net/gallery/36465305/Yulong-private-floating-membership-club
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presentazione_MYD_Master in Yacht Design.wmv
Presentazione su Sailing Channel del Master in Yacht Design del Politecnico di Milano
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The Insane Tech That Make America's Cup Yachts Fly on Water
The America's Cup racing series is not a boat race, it's an air race. The boats are airplanes that rise up on foils, using the same principles of lift as an aircraft—with none of the safeguards, and much of the risk. More at The Drive: http://www.thedrive.com/watch-this/11055/americas-cup-sailboats-are-actually-airplanes
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G-Force 1700 CAD Rendering - Schionning Design - Kit Catamaran
This is the new G-Force 1700 design from renowned yacht designer Jeff Schionning, and Schionning Designs in Australia. These kits can be cut and shipped direct from Australia or Germany. For more information see http://www.schionningdesigns.com.au
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Tad Roberts Yacht Design and Naval Architecture
Boat design by Tad Roberts. Initial found as a linked picture on a forum. Unable to recover the place where it was found we started to search the web for equal drawing structures, and so, after some time, we found the designer of the Douglas Fir. Tad Roberts is a naval architect with great class for seaworthy hull design. The difference with other boat designers and Tad roberts is that others design women, and Tad Roberts designs beautifull women. This movie shows that good naval engineering and the right data, together with well designed simulator software will give the exact views on future live performance of a design. Due to the fact that naval, software and 3D engineers also have to pay their bills, this boat, ready for VS and VSF will only be available trough turbosquid, for a fair price. If you are interested in a model for Virtual Sailor and Vehicle Simulator you can contact Tad Roberts or mail for information zilverenmist's channel. And for all those who think I steal music, this music was composed with licenced magix musicmaker v17 software.
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Dick Zaal explains a revolutionairy mono hull sail yacht design he developed
Yacht Designer Dick Zaal explains a special yacht design of the "New Magic Breeze". The yacht has water tanks on each side to improve its stability. Interview by Kees Tilet , 1987 Ship was specially designed for OSTAR single handed race almost w/o any concessions. website of this design: http://www.dickzaalyachtdesign.nl/yachts/2511/ocean_vamp.html
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Southampton_Humphreys Yacht Design and Wolfson Unit.mov
FutureStory Southampton - Humphreys Yacht Design and Wolfson Unit
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Day 2 | MIT 2.993 The Art and Science of Boat Design, IAP 2007
Day 2: Model Building Instructor: Christopher Dewart, Kurt Hasselbalch, Prof. Nicholas Patrikalakis, Reuben Smith, Antonio Dias View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/2-993IAP07 License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms More courses at http://ocw.mit.edu
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un modello 3D creato da me... è solo una fase preliminare, nulla di definito...
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This imagefilm allows a short view into the office and the work of Klaus and carpe diem yacht design located south of munich, germany with international cusomers all over the world.
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High Performance Catamarans for Marine Operations: Pros, Cons and Design Aspects
Albert Nazarov, Ph.D. Albatross Marine Design Catamaran concept provides certain advantages for pleasure, small commercial and special craft in terms of ride quality, usable deck space and safety. Meanwhile, those advantages are not always fully understood by special craft operators, also taking into account known weak points such as higher costs and lower load carrying capacity. The presentation will include discussion of catamaran design features and some catamaran designs samples.
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Yachts | Prize winning and customized yachts design | Tailor made design yachts
For customized yachts design you need plenty of patience. It takes between six and 12 months to complete a yacht. Design yachts a company only builds about 10 a year. Dominator from Italy builds prize winning, customized luxury yachts for clients who get to have a say on everything from layout to fittings. For more information on European design, architecture and lifestyle go to http://dw.com/lifestyle
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New boat hull design
Views: 19731 Airboats crw
Yacht Composite design and calculation.wmv
Yacht design with composites. Ply layout, stacking, FEM, production data
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Boat Design - AM 40 'Prestige' Sailing Yacht
Video showcasing the design of the AM 40 ' Prestige' sailing yacht which was designed by Andrew Mooney for a module at Coventry Unversity.
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Yacht Design- 'GOLD CASCADE'
'Gold Cascade' is a 60 meter yacht design concept with features that make it the ultimate ocean oasis. The design is driven by the dynamic flow of the elements and circulation which is also the integration of the platform levels. This form allows users to navigate 'organically' on the vessel and also avoids the use of stairs on the main living areas. The boat also sports a open platform atop which becomes the ultimate vantage point, giving breathtaking views all around and above.
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