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PHP Security: Magic Quotes
WEBSITE: http://betterphp.co.uk/ In this video I not-so-briefly explain what magic quotes do.
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06 PHP magic quotes gpc
الاقتباس السحري magic quotes gpc
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How to Disable Magic Quotes in php on GoDaddy
To disable magic quotes in php on GoDaddy follow this simple video tutorial. Magic quotes may be disabled in the php.ini file simply by changing the value of the magic_quotes_gpc to Off. http://www.avoiderrors.net/?p=16708
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PHP Security : PHP: Why Avoiding  Magic Quotes in PHP
Configuring magic quotes PHP Security : PHP: Why avoiding use Magic Quotes? magic quotes gpc magic quotes gpc off php stripslashes magic_quotes_gpc php addslashes get_magic_quotes_gpc RISING magic quotes gpc off php stripslashes magic_quotes_gpc php addslashes get_magic_quotes_gpc magic quotes gpc
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07 PHP Kill magic quotes gpc
قتل الاقتباس السحري Kill magic quotes gpc
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How to enable / disable PHP Magic Quotes
How To Enable : magic_quotes_gpc On your server Open your ssh through your putty software then Type: nano /usr/local/lib/php.ini and press enter Then type on th window and search about: magic_quotes_gpc or type onle magic Then enter ctrl + x to save your work Type here " Y " to confirm saving your work then make it: magic_quotes_gpc = On If you want to enable it put ( on ) if you want to disable it put ( off ) Then restart your http service with: service httpd restart That's all !! If you want hosting, reseller hosting, vps servers, dedicated servers or ssl certificates you can buy it through our web hosting company: https://www.combozo.com/ We have also Big reseller packages like vps's you can buy master reseller hosting from here: https://www.combozo.com/hosting/master-reseller-hosting/ If you like our tutorial please press like + subscribe on this video Thanks For Watching : )
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Difference between Single Quotes vs Double Quotes in PHP in Hindi
Welcome all, we will see the Difference between Single Quotes and Double Quotes in PHP in Hindi. "Honestly, I have no idea how to ask, but if you donate using PAYTM to support me, It's gonna help me a lot." PAYTM NUMBER: 9518369954 Both kinds of enclosed characters are strings. One type of quote is conveniently used to enclose the other type of quote. "'" and '"'. The biggest difference between the types of quotes is that enclosed identifier references are substituted for inside double quotes, but not inside single quotes. Single quoted The simplest way to specify a string is to enclose it in single quotes. Single quote is generally faster, and everything quoted inside treated as plain string. Example: echo 'Start with a simple string'; echo 'String\'s apostrophe'; echo 'String with a php variable'.$name; Double quoted Use double quotes in PHP to avoid having to use the period to separate code (Note: Use curly braces {} to include variables if you do not want to use concatenation (.) operator) in string. Example: echo "Start with a simple string"; echo "String's apostrophe"; echo "String with a php variable {$name}"; Is there a performance benefit single quote vs double quote in PHP? Yes. It is slightly faster to use single quotes. PHP won't use additional processing to interpret what is inside the single quote. when you use double quotes PHP has to parse to check if there is any variables in there. Guys, Please support my channel by SUBSCRIBE to my channel and share my videos in your Social Network TimeLines. Don't Forget to Follow me on all Social Network, website Link: https://www.thapatechnical.com Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/vinodthapa55 Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/vinodthapa55 Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/vb55thapa Facebook ThapaTechnical Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/vinodbahadurthapa Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwfaAHy4zQUb2APNOGXUCCA
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解決Magic Quotes GPC
教學網址 http://dwteaching.weebly.com/
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Lesson 11 Php & Mysql Database Website from Scratch   MVC Magic quotes pagination
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PHP Tutorial - Single, Double Quotes and Concatenation (PHP For Beginners)
In this tutorial you will learn the use of single and double quotes in echo statement also how to concatenate a string in php. 1. Double quote strings will display a host of escaped characters, and variables in the strings will be evaluated. <?php $name = "tut.julfi.com"; echo "I love $name<br>"; ?> 2. to display a back slash, you can escape it with another backslash \\ . <?php echo "C:\\wamp\\www\\test"; ?> List Of escape sequences for special characters : \$ dollar sign. \" double-quote. \n linefeed. \r carriage return. \t horizontal tab. \v vertical tab. \e escape. \f form feed. 3. An important point here is that you can use curly braces {} to isolate the name of the variable you want evaluated.For example <?php $name = "tut.julfi.com"; echo "I love $name<br>"; echo "I love {$name}"; ?> 4. Single quoted strings will display things almost completely as is. <?php $name = "tut.julfi.com"; echo "I love $name<br>"; echo 'I love $name'; ?> 5. To solve this problem what you have to do is put a full stop between the variable name and the printable text associated with it. <?php $name = "tut.julfi.com"; echo 'I love ' . $name; $name1 = "julfi.com"; echo 'I love ' . $name . ' and ' . $name1; ?> 6. If you to add a link using <a> tag you will need to use single quotes. <?php echo "<a href="tut.julfi.com">Tutorials</a>"; // It will show an error. echo '<a href="tut.julfi.com">Tutorials</a>'; //It works. ?> <?php $name = "Tutorials"; echo '<a href="tut.julfi.com">' . $name . '</a>'; ?> 7. In single quotes variables and most escape sequences will not be interpreted. The exception is that to display a literal single quote, you can escape it with a back slash \' . <?php echo 'It's raining'; //It will show am error. echo 'It\'s raining'; // It works. ?> For more information, check out the website: http://tut.julfi.com/category/php/ You can follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Julfi-Tutorials/360969907396820 Follow us on google+: https://plus.google.com/107219477749933510339 Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/julfitut
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How to enable or disable PHP Magic Quotes
This video will show how to enable or disable the magic_quotes settings in the php.ini file of your account with ntchosting.com.
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как избавится от ошибки 500 или редактируем php.ini
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Positive Quotes from a famous psychologist - Who is it?
http://www.wealthvibes.com/quotes9.php Click the link to discover the famous psychologist who uttered these motivating quotations. If you love famous success quotes, sayings or phrases you'll love this Quotations Quiz - Guess Who Said it video series. You'll find motivating inspirational success quotes sayings, covering growing up, true love, sales, wisdom, business, money, adversity, willpower, weight loss, inspirational featuring famous people like Bill Cosby, Jim Rohn, James Allen, sports stars, tv personalities, athletes, enthusiastic speakers, religious figures like the Dalai Lama, Swami Vivekenanda, ralph waldo emerson, vince lombardi, aristotle, and more.. These quotations cover failure, being sad, best friend quotes, friends, cute, funny, witty, positive, heartbreak, music, 1001 motivational, free, daily, and leadership. Sometimes those looking for inspiring quotes spell it like: qotes, qutoes, quates, quote, insparational, and famouse. Ideas from this author may sometimes include intention power, love, sharing, metaphysics, new age, belief, no excuses and more. If you are looking for a great inspirational website, one of the best, please visit http://www.wealthvibes.com. For the Free Daily Affirmations Challenge visit http://www.wealthvibes.com/40. And, to get a free motivational video ecourse featuring the secret of millionaires visit http://www.p2pwealth.com
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пример php addslashes
Как узнать свой ip адрес http://xtrimal10.narod.ru/ Разом - соціальна мережа http://razom.in реєструйся !!!
forms: magic quotes, array_map
PHP's magic quotes; "map"ping a function in PHP.
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Learn PHP: Quotes, Escape Characters, and Operators (Part 1/2)
Learning HTML/CSS? Read Design and Build Websites: https://amzn.to/2FcOy1Y Learning JavaScript? Read Eloquent JavaScript: https://amzn.to/2RL5Qoh In this video: (Part 1): - Single/Double Quotes - Escape Characters - PHP Comments - Using heredoc - PHP operators: -- Arithmetic operators (Part 2): -- Comparison operators -- Shorthand notation operators -- Increment and Decrement operators (prefix and postfix notation) Things to Remember: * In PHP, using double quotes will usually substitute values. That is, if you reference values within double quotes, their value will be substituted. In addition, escape characters only work within double quotes. * In PHP, using single quotes will display the values as they are, without any kind of substitution. For instance, variable names will NOT get substituted nor will escape characters be escaped. Moreover, you can freely apply double quotes within a single-quote block whereas when using strings within double-quotes, you have to escape the double quote character in order to use it. * Comments in PHP are C-style: single line comments start with a double-slash: // This is a comment; multi-line comments are contained within a /* blablabla */ block. Anything within these two comment-delimiting characters will be taken as comments by PHP. * You can have multi-line strings in PHP using heredoc. Place the block of text after the triple less-than-sign followed by an IDENTIFIER name. After typing all the lines you want, type the name of the IDENTIFIER again in a newline, followed by semicolon to end the heredoc statement. * PHP has arithmetic operators for basic math: plus, minus, star (multiplication), division, modulo (represented by the percent sign) * Modulo operator will give you the remainder of the division between two operands * PHP has comparison operators to test two operands for equality or inequality: equal, not equal, less than, greater than, less-than-or-equal-to, greater-than-or-equal-to * PHP also has the triple comparison operators === and !== * The identical operator, ===, checks for BOTH value and type * The not-identical operator, !==, checks for unequal value OR unequal type * You can use shorthand notation operators to type less: += -= *= /= %= .= * Increment/decrement operators increase/decrease the value of variables by one * There are prefix and postfix notations for the increment operator. * In prefix notation, FIRST the variable is increment, THEN its value is used in the expression/statement. * In postfix notation, FIRST the variable VALUE is used, THEN the variable is incremented after the expression/statement has been executed. Let's connect! Follow me on: Twitter - https://twitter.com/nbkhope GitHub - https://github.com/nbkhope
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Add Light & Magic Into Someone's Life: Quick Quotes with Wolfgang Riebe
Add Light & Magic Into Someone's Life: Quick Quotes with Wolfgang Riebe https://youtu.be/ePk3ehJEKik Mind shift master, Wolfgang Riebe shares an original quote on adding light and magic into the lives of those around you. He is an international Keynote Speaker who holds a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation awarded to less than 10% of professional speakers globally (by the National Speakers Association of America) and has inspired millions of people during the last 27 years. He has also appeared in over 150 countries live and is a multi and best selling author. Wolfgang speaks, moderates and creates magic at Meetings & Events throughout the world. For more information and bookings, visit: www.wolfgangriebe.com www.wolfgang-riebe.com For Books & Publications visit https://www.amazon.com/Wolfgang-Riebe/e/B003VNZEXQ or www.mindpowerpublications.com
3 Magic Quotes that Could Change your Life
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Building a CMS with PHP part 53 - Magic Quotes
FREE Educational tutorials http://villageparksource.com/build-cms/
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Joomla 3.x. How To Turn Off Magic Quotes
This tutorial will show you how to turn off magic quotes in Joomla 3.x. Enjoy Premium Joomla Templates at Our Website: http://www.templatemonster.com/joomla-templates.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=jootuts174
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PHP Tutorial - Difference between single quote and double quote in php
Difference between single quote and double quote in php :- One of the eternal debates in PHP is whether is best to use single quotes or double quotes to define a string.You can insert variables directly within the text of the string. The PHP parser will automatically detect such variables, convert their values into readable text, and place them in their proper places,this is called concatenating. Single quotes are much stricter than double quotes. When you enclose a string with single quotes, PHP ignores all your variables. Plus, you are able to write double quotes inside the text without the need of the escape slash.
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Tárhely.Eu - Magic quotes kapcsolása
Tárhely:EU - magic_quotes_gpc ki-,és bekapcsolása php.ini fájlban.
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Joomla 3 Magic Quotes Off on GoDaddy
Joomla 3 Disable Magic Quotes. Turning Magic Quotes Off on GoDaddy's Hosting Account. For Written Instructions Visit http://www.golfomedia.com/tutorials/free-joomla-tutorials/item/19-turning-magic-quotes-off-on-godaddy by Golfo Media - Chicago Web Design and Development
How to Solve Magic Quotes/ Disabling Magic Quotes  error on your  Host
Download the php.ini file and upload to your host : public_ html/administrator DOWNLOAD php.ini HERE: http://nimbleinity.com/42qE SUBSCRIBE LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb2enuvIuGBvgwA8tQzgjMA?sub_confirmation=1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FACEBOOK :https://www.facebook.com/Easyork-296570667386965/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWITTWER : https://twitter.com/easyork ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GOOGLE + : https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/115634001587377804788/115634001587377804788 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Configurando Magic Quotes clase 8
Curso PHP Aplicaciones Seguras Parte 1
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Single quotes vs double quotes in PHP - Tutorials in Hindi
In this hindi video tutorial we will learn when we can use single quotes and when we can use double quotes in PHP. For more information: http://codegupshup.com/2017/05/06/single-quotes-vs-double-quotes-in-php/
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Building a CMS with PHP part 52 - Single Quotes
Educational tutorials http://villageparksource.com/build-cms/
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How to Fix the Wordpress Magic Quotes Error
Getting a set_magic_quotes_runtime is deprecated error? Here's how to fix it.
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PHP development began in 1994 when the Danish/Greenlandic/Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf initially created a set of Perl scripts he called "Personal Home Page Tools" to maintain his personal homepage. The scripts performed tasks such as displaying his résumé and recording his web-page traffic. Lerdorf initially announced the release of PHP on the comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi Usenet discussion group on June 8, 1995. He rewrote these scripts as Common Gateway Interface (CGI) binaries in C, extending them to add the ability to work with Web forms and to communicate with databases and called this implementation "Personal Home Page/Forms Interpreter" or PHP/FI. PHP/FI could be used to build simple, dynamic Web applications. Lerdorf released PHP/FI as "Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools) version 1.0" publicly on June 8, 1995, to accelerate bug location and improve the code.This release already had the basic functionality that PHP has today. This included Perl-like variables, form handling, and the ability to embed HTML. The syntax was similar to Perl but was more limited and simpler, although less consistent. A development team began to form and, after months of work and beta testing, officially released PHP/FI 2 in November 1997. Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans, two Israeli developers at the Technion IIT, rewrote the parser in 1997 and formed the base of PHP 3, changing the language's name to the recursive initialism PHP: Hypertext Pre processor.Afterward, public testing of PHP 3 began, and the official launch came in June 1998. Suraski and Gutmans then started a new rewrite of PHP's core, producing the Zend Engine in 1999. They also founded Zend Technologies in Ramat Gan, Israel. On May 22, 2000, PHP 4, powered by the Zend Engine 1.0, was released.As of August 2008 this branch is up to version 4.4.9. PHP 4 is no longer under development nor will any security updates be released. On July 13, 2004, PHP 5 was released, powered by the new Zend Engine II.PHP 5 included new features such as improved support for object-oriented programming, the PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension (which defines a lightweight and consistent interface for accessing databases), and numerous performance enhancements. In 2008 PHP 5 became the only stable version under development. Late static binding had been missing from PHP and was added in version 5.3. A new major version has been under development alongside PHP 5 for several years. This version was originally planned to be released as PHP 6 as a result of its significant changes, which included plans for full Unicode support. However, Unicode support took developers much longer to implement than originally thought, and the decision was made in March 2010 to move the project to a branch, with features still under development moved to trunk. Changes in the new code include the removal of global,magic quotes, and safe mode. The reason for the removals was that register_globals had opened security holes by intentionally allowing runtime data injection, and the use of magic quotes had an unpredictable nature. Instead, to escape characters, magic quotes may be replaced with the add slashes() function, or more appropriately an escape mechanism specific to the database vendor itself like mysql_real_escape_string() for MySQL. Functions that will be removed in future versions and have been deprecated in PHP 5.3 will produce a warning if used. Many high-profile open-source projects ceased to support PHP 4 in new code as of February 5, 2008, because of the GoPHP5 initiative, provided by a consortium of PHP developers promoting the transition from PHP 4 to PHP 5. Since version 5.4, PHP has native support for Unicode or multibyte strings, allowing strings as well as class-, method-, and function-names to contain non-ASCII characters. PHP interpreters are available on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, but on Microsoft Windows the only official distribution is a 32-bit implementation, requiring Windows 32-bit compatibility mode while using Internet Information Services (IIS) on a 64-bit Windows platform. Experimental 64-bit versions of PHP 5.3.0 were briefly available for MS Windows, but have since been removed. Licensing PHP is free software released under the PHP License, which insists that: Products derived from this software may not be called "PHP", nor may "PHP" appear in their name, without prior written permission from [email protected] You may indicate that your software works in conjunction with PHP by saying "Foo for PHP" instead of calling it "PHP Foo" or "phpfoo". This restriction on use of the name PHP makes it incompatible with the GNU General Public License (GPL). FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PHP MY SQL VISIT US AT http://www.seocertification.org.in/
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magic quote gpc off
Read More Quotes on http://www.quotablequotesz.com/
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How to turn off magic quotes gpc for Joomla 3  | Casharka waa Af-Soomaali
Casharka waa Af-Soomaali We're Somalis, We're Editors, Productions and Directors Mustaf Khan / Maxamed Tubbac / Rashid Jiijiil your host needs to disable magic quotes to run this version of joomla Our Official Website. http://www.somaliyouthtv.com ↓ Like Our Pages and Become a Fan↓ ********************************************* Somali Youth Television↓ https://www.facebook.com/SomaliYouthTelevision ********************************************* all software and pc helper. ↓ https://www.facebook.com/waxbarasho ********************************************* Mustaf Khan Facebook's Profile https://www.facebook.com/mustafqaan Maxamed Tubbac Facebook's Profile | v https://www.facebook.com/mahamed614 Rashid Jiijiil Facebook's Profile | v https://www.facebook.com/coolrashiid You can tweet us here https://twitter.com/MustafAbdullahi ******************************************* → our other channel Tutorials, http://www.youtube.com/MustafQaan http://www.youtube.com/QaanProduction
05 PHP ini Configuration File
ملف اعدادات اللغة php.ini
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kaip isjungti magic quotes gpc
kaip ieskoti ctrl+f? get_magic_quotes_gpc
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Magic Quotes
http://OwnItLand.com Investments Magic Quotes: "Believe in magic and it will happen." - Sonny Bono "Big dreams create the magic that stir men's souls to greatness." - Bill McCartney "And where does magic come from? I think that magic's in the learning." - Dar Williams Quotes also by: Thomas Carlyle Stan Brakhage Steven Spielberg Ruth St. Denis Carol Moseley Braun [ Magic Quotes ]
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The Magic of Believing Revisited (Audiobook) → Claude Bristol
Download→ The Magic of Believing - PDF (329 Pages) http://www.mediafire.com/download/i5olyukk5fewe36/TheMagicOfBelieving.pdf Born 1891, Claude M. Bristol served as a soldier in WW1 in France and Germany. He worked on the army newspaper, Stars and Stripes until 1919. His best known book is The Magic of Believing, published in 1948, which has sold well over a million copies, and is widely regarded as a prosperity classic. The Magic of Believing was written, he says, for ex-service men and women who would have to adjust to civilian life and try to prosper in it. It was published when he was in his 50s and followed the success of a small book he published in 1932 entitled T.N.T.— It Rocks The Earth. Claude Bristol was a hard-headed journalist for several years, including stints as a police reporter and as church editor of a large city newspaper. In this post he met people from every denomination and sect, and later read hundreds of books on psychology, religion, science, metaphysics and ancient magic. Gradually, Bristol began to see the 'golden thread' which runs through all religions and esoteric teachings: that belief itself has amazing powers. http://claudebristol.wwwhubs.com/ The Magic of Believing Quotes https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/952906-the-magic-of-believing Famous Quotes by Claude M. Bristol (16 Quotations) http://www.famous-quotes.com/author.php?aid=989 35 Quotes from the movie "THE SECRET" - on the Law of Attraction: 1. We all work with one infinite power 2. The Secret is the Law of Attraction (LOA) 3. Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting 4. We are like magnets - like attract like. You become AND attract what you think 5. Every thought has a frequency. Thoughts send out a magnetic energy 6. People think about what they don't want and attract more of the same 7. Thought = creation. If these thoughts are attached to powerful emotions (good or bad) that speeds the creation 8. You attract your dominant thoughts 9. Those who speak most of illness have illness, those who speak most of prosperity have it..etc.. 10. It's not "wishful" thinking. 11. You can't have a universe without the mind entering into it 12. Choose your thoughts carefully .. you are a masterpiece of your life 13. It's OK that thoughts don't manifest into reality immediately (if we saw a picture of an elephant and it instantly appeared, that would be too soon) 14. EVERYTHING in your life you have attracted .. accept that fact .. it's true. 15. Your thoughts cause your feelings 16. We don't need to complicate all the "reasons" behind our emotions. It's much simpler than that. Two categories .. good feelings, bad feelings. 17. Thoughts that bring about good feelings mean you are on the right track. Thoughts that bring about bad feelings means you are not on the right track. 18. Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming 19. You get exactly what you are FEELING 20. Happy feelings will attract more happy circumstances 21. You can begin feeling whatever you want (even if it's not there).. the universe will correspond to the nature of your song 22. What you focus on with your thought and feeling is what you attract into your experience 23. What you think and what you feel and what actually manifests is ALWAYS a match - no exception 24. Shift your awareness 25. "You create your own universe as you go along" Winston Churchill 26. It's important to feel good ( ( ( (((good))) ) ) ) 27. You can change your emotion immediately .. by thinking of something joyful, or singing a song, or remembering a happy experience 28. When you get the hang of this, before you know it you will KNOW you are the creator 29. Life can and should be phenomenal .. and it will be when you consciously apply the Law of Attraction 30. Universe will re-arrange itself accordingly 31. Start by using this sentence for all of your wants: "I'm so happy and grateful now that.... " 32. You don't need to know HOW the universe is going to rearrange itself 33. LOA is simply figuring out for yourself what will generate the positive feelings of having it NOW 34. You might get an inspired thought or idea to help you move towards what you want faster 35. The universe likes SPEED. Don't delay, don't second-guess, don't doubt.. Source Page for the movie "THE SECRET" Quotes (100 Quotes): http://howtoraiseyourvibration.blogspot.com/2011/08/100-quotes-from-secret-on-law-of.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joseph Murphy Quotes http://www.azquotes.com/author/19461-Joseph_Murphy James Allen Quotes http://www.azquotes.com/author/268-Ja... Napoleon Hill Quotes http://www.azquotes.com/author/6711-Napoleon_Hill.. Andrew Carnegie Quotes http://www.azquotes.com/author/2499-Andrew_Carnegie
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27 Magic Quotes and addslashes stripslashes
دورة تدريبية رائعة في تعلم لغة php حقوق الملكية محفوظة لمدرسة كليبرز لتعليم البرمجة وشكر خاص للمبدع يوسف إسماعيل علي هذا المجهود الرائع
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magic quotes 2
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SQL Injection Without Quotes(', ")
Share your Love Test it here = https://hack2learn.pw/mysql/login.php
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Instalar y configurar prestashop
Para desactivar php magic quotes, verifica que tienes un archivo en la raíz de tu hosting que se llama php5.ini, o php.ini si no lo tienes crea uno, (clica derecho en tu escritorio, nuevo documento de texto, y pega esto: magic_quotes_gpc = Off; magic_quotes_runtime = Off; magic_quotes_sybase = Off; allow_url_fopen = On; Eligir en el menu del archivo de texto - Guardar como, le das el nombre php5.ini y lo subes a la raíz de tu servidor. Si has podido localizar en tu servidor cualquiera de los archivos arriba mencionados, no tienes que crear nada más, pero tendrás que editar el archivo existente, y pegar lo indicado. Para saber si las Php magic quotes están desactivadas, haz lo siguiente crea un archivo con el nombre phpinfo.php créalo de la manera indicada anteriormente. Luego súbelo a la raíz de tu servidor /
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MIRACLE MANTRA - NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO This Mantra describes the essence of Buddhism - the conviction that we have within us at each moment the ability to overcome any problem or difficulty that we may encounter in life; a capacity to transform any suffering. SUBSCRIBE and JOIN 350000+ Meditative Minds : http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TheMeditativeMind A PLAYLIST of our MANTRA MEDITATIONS : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsuCfYXzi5DLClGaZ0R9hsZPRpG4FtkMp POPULAR MANTRAS on MEDITATIVE MIND PLATFORM Ajai Alai : https://www.youtu.be/ps43KwRm6pQ OM : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8fHV0vNEJ8 Peace Mantras : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwTGyO3MdP4 Kundalini Mantras : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEZAIVA970Y
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Desactivar Magic Quotes o "Comillas mágicas GPC" para Joomla
¿Tienes problemas y no puedes instalar la última versión de Joomla? Te enseñamos a arreglarlo en minutos para (casi) cualquier hosting. Recuerda que esto no es necesario en nuestro hosting Joomla 100%. En nuestro artículo del blog encontrarás más detalle sobre esto: http://www.webexpertia.es/blog-joomla-25/item/320-acaba-con-tu-problema-de-comillas-magicas-gpc-desactivadas-on-en-joomla Puedes mantenerte al día de nuestras novedades suscribiéndote en nuestra web sobre Joomla en http://www.webexpertia.es o siguiéndonos en las redes sociales: -Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Webexpe... -Twitter: http://twitter.com/webexpertiaes -Google+: http://plus.google.com/11785738353123...
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Star trek magic quotes
Magical words that will make you listen with much interest to what some famous people see about life, the world and everything that surrounds us. The past, the present and probably the future will be better understood when we read out special things. Thanks for your interest!
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