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Legend of Poseidon - God of the Sea - Greek Mythology
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The Little Mermaid II: Down To The Sea Greek version with english subs and trans
The song is in greek with greek lyrics ,english subs and trans I try to make my translations closer to Greek dubb, although they may be some mistakes. I tried to made it understandable To be specific : ''Y'' is readen like the Y in Yellow ''H'' is readen like the H in Home Don`t judge me very strictly ,but I`ll wait your comments! I hope that you like it!
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Mermaid Melody-Return to the Sea-Full Greek Version
(HD) (ελληνικά) Return to the Sea/Γυρίζοντας στην Θάλασσα (Sara Version/Η Έκδοση της Σάρας) Lyrics/Στίχοι: Ιστορία βυθού θλιβερού παραμυθιού με ένα τέλος πικρό σε ενα κόσμο υγρό να προσπαθώ να ξεχάσω για πάντα αυτόν που αγαπώ κι απορώ αν μπορώ να άλλον πια να εμπιστευτώ. Η αγάπη σαν πύργος σε κάποια αμμουδιά προσπαθεί να σωθεί, απ'τα κύματα που έρχονται σκάνε με ορμή και κομματιάζουν σαν άμμο τη ψυχή... Η δική σου φωνή σαν φωτιά δυνατή μια γλυκιά απειλεί συνεχώς μ'ακολουθάει τρυφερή μουσική δεν μπορεί να κρυφτεί αντηχεί, μ'ενοχλει κι ένα δάκρυ δεν αρκεί προσπαθώ να σωθώ σε ένα φως να πιαστώ κι αν μπορέσω να βγω προς την θάλασσα που μόνο εκεί θα αναστηθώ κι απ'τα δεσμά μου θα' απελευθερωθώ... Τώρα ξέρω ΝΑΙ, γνωρίζω πως, με την αγάπη θα νικήσω και βλέπω πια πιο καθαρά το παρελθόν μπορώ να σβήσω. Νιώθω και την καρδιά να λαχταρά με προκαλεί και εγώ ζωή να ζητώ. Ιστορία βυθού θλιβερού παραμυθιού με ένα τέλος πικρό σε ενα κόσμο υγρό να προσπαθώ να ξεχάσω για πάντα αυτόν που αγαπώ κι απορώ αν μπορώ να άλλον πια να εμπιστευτώ. Η αγάπη σαν πύργος σε κάποια αμμουδιά προσπαθεί να σωθεί, απ'τα κύματα που έρχονται σκάνε με ορμή και κομματιάζουν σαν άμμο τη ψυχή... Τώρα ξέρω ΝΑΙ, γνωρίζω πως, με την αγάπη θα νικήσω και βλέπω πια πιο καθαρά το παρελθόν μπορώ να σβήσω. Νιώθω και την καρδιά να λαχταρά με προκαλεί και εγώ ζωή να ζητώ. Ενα πρωινο καλοκαιρινο αλλαξε η ζωη στον ωκεανο τα κυμματα μου εδειξαν πως να αναστηθω ηλιε μου καυτε σε παρακαλω μες την θαλασσα παλι να βρεθω και ζωντανεψε την ελπιδα μου για να ελευθερωθω. Και ολα γιναν μαγικα και ολη πια η θαλασσα φωτιστηκε ξαφνικα απ'την λαμπερη μορφη σου την αγαπη ξαναζω με ενα πλασμα που αγαπω και θα αγαπω εισαι εσυ ολη μου η ζωη ξαναγεννησε με ενα σου φιλι γλυκο.
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Greek & Egyptian Army - Joint Exercise ''MEDUSA 8'' On East.Med Sea 2019
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Oceanus The TItan God Of The Ocean - (Greek Mythology Explained)
Today we take another look at the titans of Greek mythology, this time it is Oceanus the titan of the ocean. #Mythology #GreekMythology #MythologyExplained If you have enjoyed this video, please leave a like as it helps a lot. ►SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! ►►► https://goo.gl/j5qJPy FOR MORE VIDEOS CHECK OUT MY PLAYLISTS! ►COMPLETE PLAYLIST! ►► ►https://goo.gl/PNtLZT ►GREEK MYTHOLOGY PLAYLIST! ►►►https://goo.gl/mkT3Qk ►NORSE MYTHOLOGY PLAYLIST! ►►►https://goo.gl/cj4MUs For those wanting to support the channel - https://www.patreon.com/MythologyExplained If any of your artwork has been used in a video of mine please don't hesitate to contact me and the appropriate credit can be given. Music by Adrian Von Ziegler - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRH7cbWk50U
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Greek gods - Poseidon God of the Sea
Poseidon was one of the twelve Olympian deities of the pantheon in Greek mythology. His main domain was the ocean, and he is called the "God of the Sea". Additionally, he is referred to as "Earth-Shaker" due to his role in causing earthquakes, and has been called the "tamer of horses". He is usually depicted as an older male with curly hair and beard. Please click to subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG7H3SJn2Il8wl42TgROCXA?sub_confirmation=1
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Η Mικρή Γοργόνα - 1989 -UNDER THE SEA GREEK 1989 HD
Η Mικρή Γοργόνα - Φώς θαλασσί Μπλε σμαραγδί bajo el mar griego de 1989
Mermaid Melody-Return to the Sea Part 2-Greek Version (Official)
(HD) (ελληνικά) (From ep. 51/Επ. 51: Η Αναγέννηση της Αλήθειας) Return to the Sea Part 2 (Sara Version/Η Έκδοση της Σάρα)
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So enough of the xenomorphs for a while, in this video we will explore the TOP 10 MONSTERS FROM GREEK MYTHOLOGY. Check out the STORE: http://www.viralkiller.one SO these creatures may have actually existed…probably not… Number 10. The Cyclops. The cyclops were primordial giants, that were said to have been born from Gaia, the Earth... They were said to possess great strength and ferocity. Fearing their power, the cyclops were thrown into the pits of Tartarus, by their father Uranus... The monsters remained in prison when the titan Cronus overthrew Uranus, and became the ruler of the universe. It was only when the Olympians came to power, did the cyclops find freedom... Zeus released three Cyclops from the dark pit of Tartarus, who in turn would craft thunderbolts for him...
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Greek Island Ferry Flawlessly Executes Heavy Seas Med Moor AGAIN!)
This is the roro passenger ferry Adamantios Korahs performing a mediterranean mooring procedure (stern-to-dock) at the Greek Island of Sikinos in the Aegean Sea.
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Greek Seas | Drone Video | AK_VideoProductions
Part of the footage was filmed by other producers.
Mermaid Melody - Return to the Sea (With Greek Lyrics)
mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch sara's song
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29 Unknown Ancient Greek Water Gods and Deities (Unknown to most people)
Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCofsVOdnxp7QJxzYlr2_qOQ/featured These deities or gods had the power to control the elements of water and presided over all the fresh and salt water of the earth. They are associated with seas, sea-storms, waves, currents, sea-creatures, lakes, springs, rivers, fountains, marshes and ground waters. 29 Unknown Ancient Greek Water Gods and Deities presented in this video are: Aegaeon (or Briareus), Achelous, Amphitrite, Benthesikyme, Brizo, Keto (or Ceto), Cymopoleia (or Kymopoleia), Delphin, Eidothea, Glaucus, Hydrus (or Hydros), Leucothea (or Leukothea), Naiads Nymphs, Nereids, Nereus, Nerites, Oceanids (or Oceanides), Palaemon, Phorcys, Pontus (or Pontos), Potamoi, Proteus, Sirens, Telchines, Thalassa (or Thalatta), Thaumas, Thoosa, Triteia, Triton. Enjoy! Support us by subscribing to our channel and by liking our video… thank you guys! Visit Us at: Website: http://www.ancientgreecereloaded.com/ Forum: http://www.ancientgreecereloaded.com/files/ancient_greece_reloaded_website/forum/index.php Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AncientGreeceReloaded/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AncientGreece_R Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/105173552324185450192/+Ancientgreecereloaded Pinterest: https://gr.pinterest.com/niksap1/ancient-greece-reloaded/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/10945892/ Music Playing on the background of the video, from: www.purple-planet.com (Royalty Free Music Tracks)
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Assassin's Creed Odyssey - All Sea Shanties (Greek)
Game: Assassin's Creed Odyssey Composer(s): Giannis Georgantelis, English by Emma Rohan, Adaptation to Ancient Greek by Spiros Cholevas and Eleni Antzoulatou, Further Music Production by Chroma Musika, Maria Diamantis, Dimitris Ilias and Kalia Lyraki Buy and Support: https://amzn.to/2yjPk6K Here we have the sea shanties featured in Assassin's Creed Odyssey during the naval sailing, sung in both English and Greek. SUBSCRIBE! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Synthesia: http://www.synthesiagame.com/ Piano for Beginners: http://amzn.to/2qj1hDK MIDI Keyboard: http://amzn.to/2rQjPvI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In partnership with Amazon, we present you with a dedicated music store, curated by us, for you, as eager soundtrack and music fans. Click here for personal access to a music store dedicated to you: - https://goo.gl/8BpH12 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- We provide high quality videos of music, through uploading and archiving soundtracks and ost, mainly for video games. We also upload song cover renditions of midi sound files through the Synthesia program. We cover such mediums as; video games, movies, television, anime and more mainstream genres. Feel free to request a song for us to transcribe, or a soundtrack to upload, though be specific on the details please! #assassinscreed | #odyssey | #ost CONTACT INFO - See Channel - we do not tolerate spam, but welcome business opportunities, or if you, or your company, has an issue with one or more of our videos. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! All rights and ownership remains with its rightful owners. Regards, The Team
Nana Mouskouri - Lullaby Of The Sea (Greek Song)
Music by Stefanos Korkolis - Lyrics by Anda Douka From the Greek album "Moni Perpato" 2006 http://www.nana-mouskouri.net/ "Της Θάλασσας Νανούρισμα" (Κορκολής/Δούκα), από το άλμπουμ "Μόνη Περπατώ" (2006)
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Greek sea explorers
Reckless explorers like Pytheas, Scylax of Caryanda, Nearchus and Euthymenes set the foundation of the sea exploration. The Greeks were also the first in the underwater exploration.
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Greek Mythology Fantasy Music ~ Call Of The Sea
Greek Mythology Fantasy Music ~ follow me and my music here: https://www.facebook.com/Ekaterinas.Fantasy.Fluff About this song: I read that the music of the Sirens was said to be as sad as it was beautiful. Living by the sea, sometimes I think I hear it calling me too. Everything played by on my keyboard including cello, violin, viola, piano, choir and sparkly chime thingies! Video Design: Copyright © dreamscene.org http://www.dreamscene.org Music Copyright © Ekaterina all rights reserved You can now purchase this track from Bandcamp by following the link below: http://ekaterinasfluff.com/track/call-of-the-sea
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Royal Caribbean - Vision of the Seas - Greek Isles Cruise 2016
Royal Caribbean - Vision of the Seas Greek Isles Cruise June 2016 Destinations: Day 1: Venice, Italy Day 2: Kotor, Montenegro Day 3: Corfu, Greece Day 4: Athens/Acropolis, Greece Day 5: Mykonos, Greece Day 6: Argostoli, Greece Song: Sail into the Sun (RAC Remix) - Gentlemen Hall
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Greek F-4 Phantom ( HAF ), extremely low flight over the Aegean sea!
Greek pilot with F-4 Phantom...amazing skills! The pilot almost touch the waves of the Aegean sea by passing near a Greek warship! The crew of the ship filmed the aircraft flying about 5 feet over the sea...See what Hellenic Air Force can do! Maybe the definition of "low pass" This video is a tribute to Greek pilots who gave their lifes for Greece... For more informations about HAF and generally aviation visit http://www.aviationlive.org
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Cardiff By The Sea Greek Festival ~ 2014, Greek Folk Dance Group Performance!
Armonia Dance Group Performance!! Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church sponsored their Annual Greek festival in Cardiff-By-The-Sea (San Diego), California on September 6 and 7, 2014. Event provided Greek dancing for the public to enjoy by an Outstanding Greek band “The Olympians”, also special performances were provided by an Awesome group of entertainers “Dromia” and Kompania. In addition they were Church tours, boutiques of various Greek and International merchants, including an Agora (Greek Deli Market), kids games, Greek dancing performances by various church groups of various ages, delicious Greek gourmet foods and pastries were served throughout the day and were Absolutely Superb. Guests were invited to participate in learning various steps of Greek dancing by an instructor making it a fun event for an entire family to enjoy. OPA!!! Video captured on Saturday, September 6, 2014 in HD.
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Splendour of the Seas, 7 Nights Greek Isles & Turkey Cruise
In 2016 Splendour will be renamed Thomson Discovery. A short video touring RCCl Vision Class, Splendour of the Seas, at the Greek Isles & Turkey Cruise November, 7 to 14 November 2015. Splendour of the Seas is a Vision-class cruise ship. She was commenced on March 31, 1996. In March 2015, Royal Caribbean agreed to sell Splendour of the Seas to TUI Cruises, which planned to lease the vessel to Thomson Cruises. Now Marella Cruises The final sailing for Royal Caribbean departing on April 4, 2016 for a 16 Night Suez Canal Cruise from Dubai to Venice. She'll be renamed Thomson Discovery and be based in Palma starting in June 2016.
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Game name: Sea of Thieves Watch the VOD for better experience: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/230157577 Don't forget to like, comment with "GIMME GIMME" or "GGX" and subscribe BOIS!💙 ►Please follow me on: ►Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/greekgodx/ ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/greekgodx/ ►Join my Discord - https://discord.gg/mfq6f4b Credits to the editor @FireDran for making this video. Twitter: https://twitter.com/FireDran Songs used in the video: Old RuneScape Soundtrack: Sea Shanty2 Vincenzo Salvia - Extreme Pizza Power
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WATCH IN HD Over the summer (June 14-28, 2017) my family and I flew into Rome, Italy. We then left from Civitavecchia, Italy on the Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas and visited Greek islands, including Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, and Katakolon. We departed the ship 7 days later and spent our last few days doing day trips. Here's a video montage of all that we did... Don't forget to comment, subscribe, and give it a thumbs up. Thanks for watching!! Songs: Ultralife by Oh Wonder Lose it (Jerry Folk Remix) by Oh Wonder Stay by Kygo ft. Maty Noyes Rome, Italy (6/14-17): ate lots of good food, visited the Pantheon, St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican City, Roman ruins, the Colosseum, and much more. Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas (6/18-25): -Santorini, Greece: My mom and I visited the Akrotiri Ruins and the village of Oia. My dad and brother hiked up the volcano and swam in the hot springs. We joined up later for a sunset dinner and took the cable cars back down the mountain. -Mykonos, Greece: We took a taxi to Paradise Beach and just hung out! -Athens, Greece: We toured a lot of Athens spots from a charter bus and visited Olympia. -Katakolon, Greece: Shopping day! Didn't really do much. Fiumicino, Italy (6/25-27): This is where we were staying our last couple days. It was near the airport and the beach. We had some good dinners and sunsets on the water! From here we took day trips! -Genzano, Italy: Small little medieval town about an hour away. Very pretty and quiet. -Anzio, Italy: Site of WW2 battle along the beach/water. We also ate really good sandwiches and walked around a lot. -Tuscania (not Tuscany), Italy: Another very pretty medieval town with the original St. Peter's Basilica and St. Maria Maggiore Basilica. Many castle ruins. We also visited a very extravagant graveyard. Instagram: mckennamjohnson Twitter: mckennajohnsono Soundcloud: sheneversleeps Spotify: mckennamjohnson
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Scylla: The Story Behind Greek Mythology's Deadliest Sea Monster - (Greek Mythology Explained)
Support My Channel! Download Free ⚔️ Vikings War Of Clans Here ➤ IOS: https://bit.ly/2zaDDQW ➤ Android: https://bit.ly/2qJqI3I And Get 200 💰 Gold, And a 🏥 Protective Shield for FREE If you have enjoyed this video, please leave a like as it helps a lot. Today we take a look at one of Greek mythology's deadliest creatures, Scylla. We examine how she became a monster and the stories that made an appearance in. #Mythology #GreekMythology #MythologyExplained ►PREORDER OUR NOVEL HERE►https://www.amazon.com/Greek-Mythology-Explained-Deeper-Classical/dp/1633538966/ ►SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! ►►► https://goo.gl/j5qJPy ►CHECK OUT THE CHANNEL MERCH! ►► https://goo.gl/mcdDhJ FOR MORE VIDEOS CHECK OUT MY PLAYLISTS! ►COMPLETE PLAYLIST! ►► ►https://goo.gl/PNtLZT ►GREEK MYTHOLOGY PLAYLIST! ►►►https://goo.gl/mkT3Qk ►NORSE MYTHOLOGY PLAYLIST! ►►►https://goo.gl/cj4MUs For those wanting to support the channel - https://www.patreon.com/MythologyExplained Artwork/Artists featured - Robert Crescenzio https://www.artstation.com/robertcrescenzio Markus Stadlober Thumbnail - https://www.artstation.com/elderscroller If any of your artwork has been used in a video of mine please don't hesitate to contact me and the appropriate credit can be given.
HUGE Seafood Platter in Crete, Greek Islands!
Amazing seafood platter in Crete! Subscribe! ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOL6xgEltz1CLDyihWvVTQQ T-shirts ► https://migrationology.com/store/ Chania, Crete - We just arrived in Chania, Crete, and didn't really have a plan. So we decided to head out to walk around and explore. We discovered a farmers market, and then made our way over to a restaurant to eat a huge seafood platter! Farmers Market: Grapes and bananas - 3.50 EUR Thyme honey - 5 EUR Mikio Taverna - This amazing little restaurant in Old Chania, Crete, serves a great selection of Cretan and Greek food. I saw the huge seafood platter for 2 on the menu, and had to order it. It was a massive plate covered in all sorts of seafood and fries. And it was incredibly delicious. Total price - 37.90 EUR Nea Chora Beach - In the evening on this great day in Chania, Crete, we headed to the beach to take a quick swim and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. Thank you for watching this Greek Islands travel vlog, and huge seafood platter in Chania, Crete! -- MUSIC: I Will Let You In - https://goo.gl/HwVjdo SOCIAL MEDIA: My main channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/migrationology Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/migrationology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migrationology -- CAMERA GEAR used to make this video (these are affiliate links): GH5: http://amzn.to/2sV0XQO Main lens: http://amzn.to/2szLZNf Microphone: http://amzn.to/2rBKD3z Tripod: http://amzn.to/2rBFkkI Thank you for watching!
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Cardiff By-the-Sea Greek Festival ~ 2016, Superb Folk Dancing Performance!!
NO COPYRIGHT OF MUSIC INTENDED!! Greek folk dancing performance by Armonia ~ Superb Group!! Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church sponsored their Annual Greek festival at Cardiff-By-the-Sea in San Diego, California on September 10 and 11, 2016. Event provided Greek music and dancing for the public to enjoy by a Superb Greek band “The Olympians”, also special performances were provided by a group of entertainers “Dromia and Kompania". In addition, they were Church tours, boutiques of various Greek and International merchants, including an Agora (Greek Deli Market), kids’ games, Greek dancing performances by various church groups of various ages, delicious Greek gourmet foods and pastries were served throughout the day and were Absolutely Superb. Guests were invited to participate in learning various steps of Greek dancing by an instructor making it a fun event for an entire family to enjoy!! Video captured on Saturday, September 10, 2016 in HD.
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Empire Earth, Greek campaign: Warriors From The Sea part 1 of 5
Empire Earth part 6 Mission 2
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Music of Authentic Greek Fish Tavern
Music of Authentic Greek Fish Tavern | Audio Release HQ © FM Records S.A. ----------------------------------------¬------------------------ 01▶ Piraeus Syrtaki - Michalis Koumbios, Dimitris Margiolas 02▶ Zorba Dance - Mikis Theodorakis 03▶ Sirtaki Love - Mimis Plessas 04▶ Ryeta - Michalis Koumbios 05▶ Erinaki - Manolis Pappos 06▶ Zeibekiko Tourna - Pericles Papapetropoulos 07▶ Anastasia - Stelios Katsianis 08▶ Liaskos - Christos Zotos 09▶ Syrtos Haniotikos the Fire Inside - Mikis Theodorakis 10▶ Nymos - Michalis Koumbios 11▶ The Ship Has Sailed - Mimis Plessas 12▶ Plethora - Spanomarkou 13▶ Figoura - Georgia Kombou 14▶ Hitzaz Dance - Giorgos Patrelis 15▶ Syrto Kiourdi - Nikos Papachristou 16▶ Water Dance - Michalis Nikoloudis, Nicos 17▶ Ionian Sea - Michalis Koumbios, Nicos 18▶ Sousta (Dance of Rhodes) - Kyriakos Gouventas 19▶ Boniatiki Sousta - Giannis Kladakis 20▶ Artemonas - Vangelis Konitopoulos 21▶ Ballos - Kyriakos Gouventas 22▶ Thalassaki - Nasia Konitopoulou 23▶ Koniali - Kaiti Koulia, Christos Tsiamoulis ----------------------------------------¬------------------------ Subscribe HERE!: http://bit.ly/SubscribeFMRecords ----------------------------------------¬------------------------ FM RECORDS ▶Facebook: http://bit.ly/FMRecordsFacebook ▶Official Website: http://fmrecords.net ▶Twitter: http://bit.ly/FMRecordsTwitter ▶Google+: http://bit.ly/FMRecordsGooglePlus
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Το Κάλεσμα του Megalodon !!! | Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep | Greek
Επιτέλους βρήκαμε όλα τα στοιχεία για το κάλεσμα του Megalodon και ήρθε η ώρα για την επική μάχη! Τα like, share και comment σας βοηθάνε στην ανάπτυξη του καναλιού! Ακολουθήστε μας στα social media : Facebook: https://tinyurl.com/IAATG-FB Instagram: https://tinyurl.com/IAATG-INSTA Twitter: https://tinyurl.com/IAATG-TWITTER Subscribe: https://tinyurl.com/IAATG-SUB It's All About The Game | Greek Gaming Channel Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep Greek Gameplay Moments Greek ( Greece ) ( GR ) - Ελληνικα ( Ellinika ) - Ελλαδα ( Ellada ) - Music - http://epidemicsound.com
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Charybdis: The Gigantic Whirlpool Monster of Greek Mythology - (Greek Mythology Explained)
Today we take a look at enormous whirlpool monster of Greek mythology, Charybdis. We discuss how she featured in Greek mythology and how she was related to Scylla. #Mythology #GreekMythology #MythologyExplained If you have enjoyed this video, please leave a like as it helps a lot. ►SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! ►►► https://goo.gl/j5qJPy FOR MORE VIDEOS CHECK OUT MY PLAYLISTS! ►COMPLETE PLAYLIST! ►► ►https://goo.gl/PNtLZT ►GREEK MYTHOLOGY PLAYLIST! ►►►https://goo.gl/mkT3Qk ►NORSE MYTHOLOGY PLAYLIST! ►►►https://goo.gl/cj4MUs For those wanting to support the channel - https://www.patreon.com/MythologyExplained If any of your artwork has been used in a video of mine please don't hesitate to contact me and the appropriate credit can be given. Music by Adrian Von Ziegler - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRH7cbWk50U
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Dozens flee to the sea to escape Greek wildfires
Residents in Mati, east of Athens, were at the epicenter of the deadly fires with 83 people killed so far according to authorities. Video has emerged of dozens of people who fled into the sea to escape the flames of the fires. The footage, shot by a survivor on Monday July 23, showed people huddled together in the sea to save themselves from the flames. Frightened people can be seen embracing one another in the water as smoke fills the air around them. Original Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6004485/Shocking-footage-shows-people-sea-avoid-deadly-Greek-wildfires.html Original Video: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1735462/Video-Dozens-flee-sea-escape-Greek-wildfires.html Daily Mail Facebook: http://facebook.com/dailymail Daily Mail IG: http://instagram.com/dailymail Daily Mail Snap: https://www.snapchat.com/discover/Daily-Mail/8392137033 Daily Mail Twitter: http://twitter.com/MailOnline Daily Mail Pinterest: http://pinterest.co.uk/dailymail Daily Mail Google+: https://plus.google.com/+DailyMail Get the free Daily Mail mobile app: http://dailymail.co.uk/mobile
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Return to the Sea - Versione in Greco (Greek Version)
Versione Greca di Return to the Sea Greek Version of Return to the Sea Lyrics by me: Istoria vythou, thliverou paramythiou m' ena telos pikro s'enan kosmo ygro, na prospathó na xechaso gia panta afton pou agapó ki aporó an boró allon pia na empisteftó. i agapi san pyrgos se kapoia ammoudia, prospathei na sothei ap ta kymata pou erchontai, skane me ormi kai kommatiasoun san ammo tin psychi. I dikia sou foni , san fotia dinati, mia glykia apeili, apeilei synechós, m' akolouthei tryferi mousiki, den mporei na kryftei, antichei, m' enochlei ki ena dakry den arkei. Prospathó na sothó, s' ena fos na piastó, na boreso na vgo pros ti thalassa pou mono ekei th' anastithó ki apta desma mou th' apeleftherothó ... Tóra xero, nai, gnorizo pos me tin agapi tha nikiso kai vlepo pia pio kathara, to parelthon boró na sviso. Niotho kai tin kardia na lachtara, me prokalei ki egó zoi na ziso. Corrected by Misa Pangya
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Ancient Greek and Roman Shipwrecks in the Black Sea?
Link: 'The Roman Empire and the Silk Routes' - https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/The-Roman-Empire-and-the-Silk-Routes-ePub/p/12885
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Poptropica Worlds: Greek Sea Odyssey
Set sail on the newest adventure in Poptropica Worlds: Greek Sea Odyssey! Travel through Ancient Greece and beyond in search of the items that will allow you to topple Zeus once and for all!
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Royal Caribbean cruise around the Greek Islands for a week with family. Visited Rome, Santorini, Mykonos, Athens and Katakolon. - Megan Megan's instagram: https://www.instagram.com/megg_hill/ Filmed with Gopro Hero 4. Music: Rivers // Thomas Jack
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2,400 year old Greek trading vessel discovered | ITV News
The world's oldest intact shipwreck known to man has been discovered at the bottom of the Black Sea. A team of maritime archaeologists and scientists carbon dated the Greek trading vessel to 400BC - making it around 2,400 years old. The only problem is: it is more than one mile down. • Subscribe to ITV News on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2lOHmNj • Get breaking news and more stories at http://www.itv.com/news Follow ITV News on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itvnews/ Follow ITV News on Twitter: https://twitter.com/itvnews Follow ITV News on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itvnews/
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The Black Sea & Greek Islands May 2019
This brand-new cruise for 2019 begins with two-nights in the Greek capital of Athens, for its many wonders, including the majestic Parthenon. Then experience the breathtaking Byzantine Monasteries of Meteora, as well the untouched islands of Patmos, Skiathos and Lemnos. Cruise through the beautiful Dardanelles strait, legendary site of ancient Troy and written about by Byron, to Marmara, the smallest sea in the world. Pass through the meeting point of continents, the Bosphorus, to enter the crossroads of the ancient world, the legendary Black Sea. Overnight in Odessa, the “Pearl of the Black Sea”, where sights include the breathtaking Potemkin Steps, immortalised by the legendary filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein. Tour the incredible architectural marvels of Constanza in Romania and the historic Roman port of Varna in Bulgaria, at the site of an ancient Thracian civilisation, before returning to Athens in the Mediterranean.
Aegean sea - Snow on Greek Islands - Greece 2014-2015
Λεύκωμα από την πρόσφατη κακοκαιρία στα νησιά του Αιγαίου πελάγους από τις 30 Δεκ 2014 εως και το πρώτο δεκαήμερο του Γενάρη του 2015. Greek Islands see snowfall - December 2014-January 2015 original music theme: "love in disguise"(greek title: "Στη δίνη της Σιωπής") by Thanos Chasiotis feat. Calliope © Copyright 2013,ΘΑΝΟΣ XAΣΙΩΤΗΣ,Thanos Chasiotis,ΚΑΛΛΙΟΠΗ ΗΛΙΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ( Calliope) All rights reserved.
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Greek pirates - the bones of the mermaid (sea spinning)
Follow me on... INSTAGRAM -- https://goo.gl/NsU3bC FACEBOOK -- https://goo.gl/7AXM6F Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Източник: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100410 Изпълнител: http://incompetech.com/
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Poseidon Greek God of the Sea (Mythology)
Poseidon Greek God of Sea (Mythology) Greek God of the Sea Poseidon was god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses and is considered one of the most bad-tempered, moody and greedy Olympian gods. He was known to be vengeful when insulted. He is the son of Cronus and Rhea and was swallowed by his father along with HADES, DEMETER, HESTIA and HERA. However, in some folklore stories it is believed that Poseidon, like ZEUS, was not swallowed by Cronus because his mother Rhea who concealed him among a flock of lambs and pretended to have given birth to a colt, which was devoured by CRONUS instead. After the gods defeated the Titans, the world was divided into three and Zeus, Hades and Poseidon drew straws to decide which they would rule. Zeus drew the skies, Hades the underworld, and Poseidon the seas. There is only one reference to this divide, by Homer in the Iliad. Facts about Poseidon Poseidon was most notably the God of the sea and the protector of all waters; sailors relied upon him for safe passage. Poseidon was allotted his dominion after the fall of the Titans. Zeus and Hades were his brothers. It stands to reason that, because of his influence on the waters, he was worshipped in connection with navigation. Poseidon was worshipped as a fertility god. His name is Greek for “husband.” He wielded the trident or three-pronged spear, and this image of him is reflected in art. Poseidon could strike the ground with his trident to produce an earthquake. This earned him the nickname “Earth-shaker.” Poseidon possessed a palace, made of gems and coral, located on the ocean floor. He was at Mount Olympus more often than his palace. Poseidon was moody by nature: his temperament was unstable at best, and his emotional fluctuations often resulted in violence. He was similar to Zeus in that he liked to exert power over women and flaunt his rugged masculinity. At times, however, his efforts were appreciated. Poseidon saved Amymone from a satyr. His primary means of transportation was a chariot pulled by horses. Poseidon assisted the Greeks in the Trojan war. However, Zeus commanded him to withdraw from the battlefield, and he reluctantly obeyed. His grudge against Odysseus is one theme in the Odyssey. Poseidon was the husband of Amphitrite, a Nereid. Their union produced TRITON, who was half-human, half-fish. He and Medusa conceived the FLYING HORSE, PEGASUS – one of many MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES. He was also the biological father of Orion, Polyphemus, Pelias, and many others. One of his most notable dalliances involved his sister Demeter. She refused his advances by turning herself into a mare. He then transformed into a stallion and pursued her. Their relations produced a horse, Arion. He and Athena competed for possession of the city of Athens. To sway the people in his favor, Poseidon made it spring at the Acropolis. Athena, on the other hand, gave them the olive tree. With it, she won the contest. Despite Poseidon’s connection to chariots and ships, Athena was the first to make one of each.
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Top Sea Creatures from Ancient Greek Mythology
Classical Wisdom's Anya Leonard takes a look at the best and weirdest sea creatures in Ancient Greek Mythology. Enjoy this video? Check out our FREE newsletter and get FREE E-books: http://classicalwisdom.com/free-signup
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End of the Greek adventure Sailing Ocean Fox #17
We made the first attempt to cross to Italy, but the weather was terrible and we had to go back to Pilos. So we decided to go up to Corfu to get better winds and cross from Othonoi to Leuca, successfully this time with great winds to take us all the way to Italy. Changing flags on the way putting up the Italian flag we arrive at our first port, Leuca. Would you like to become our Patron and support us on this adventure? https://www.patreon.com/sailingoceanfox Follow our blog with our daily adventures on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sailingoceanfox/ Check the photos on Instagram https://instagram.com/sailingoceanfox/ Visit our website https://www.sailingoceanfox.com/ Have a look at the food we eat on board of Ocean Fox https://www.facebook.com/healthyonboard/ Please like and share all of that to help us going on this adventure. We are really enjoying this life and share everything with you it's been wonderful . Thank you very much, you guys are amazing. Much love Carla & Simon
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