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Keypress event in WPF to validate integer input in C# - PreviewTextInput
In WPF we don't have keypress event, generally people used keypress event in windows forms application to validate text input. Now in this example I have showed how you can validate input from textbox using PreviewTextInput event. In this example I validated input to accept float values, you can use this to validate integer or any other number type validation. For code follow link below: http://www.techsapphire.in/news/keypress_event_in_wpf_to_validate_integer_input_is_replaced_by_previewtextinput_in_c/2016-03-06-67
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alphorm.com | Formation WPF avec Visual Studio 2013 (70-511) Commandes routées
Cette vidéo/tutorial fait partie de la Formation WPF avec Visual Studio 2013 (70-511),réalisée par Emmanuel DURIN pour alphorm.com Vous trouverez la formation complète ici: http://www.alphorm.com/formation/formation-wpf-visual-studio-2013-70-511 Voici le plan de cette vidéo/tutorial: RoutedCommands CommandBindings InputBindings Bonne formation!
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