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Heineken - Men With Talent
Vote for your favorite talent at http://bit.ly/9WUdJN
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Heineken - Der einsame Hirte (Men With Talent)
Heineken - Der einsame Hirte (Men With Talent)
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Men With Talent - Heineken Commercial - beer
Vier Frauen sitzen auf einer Couch und gucken sich eine Sendung an "Topmodels singing on Ice" Nach der Sendung fängt die nächste Show an. Diese mal aber für die Männer, die zuvor im Hintergrund gesessen haben. Die Show scheint interessant zu sein. Männer zeigen, was man alles mit Heineken Bier und deren Flaschen machen. Sehr lustig aufgemacht. Typisch dür Heineken Werbung ist das geschreie der Männer bzw. Frauen
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Heineken - The Odyssey
Following their highly successful 'Dance More, Drink Slow' promotional movement, world-renowned beer moguls Heineken return with their new motivating campaign, 'The Odyssey' which in its essence is telling males the world over that they are and can be legendary at something! No matter how trivial or minor you may think your skill or ability is. Take a look at this wild character having an adventure on a cruise ship below! The advert adheres to the brand's relatively new 'Legends' manifesto in which the viewer witnesses and takes a look into the lives of many men across the land being put to the test and overcoming any obstacles and hurdles. However this new advertisement differs from the rest because it will mark the first time that Heineken has hired people who aren't necessarily famous, or even actors for that matter. Nonetheless, it goes a long way to reinforce their notion and prove that indeed 'Everyone Is Legendary At Something' -- and this is no matter your status or social class and rank.
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Heineken - Man With Talent
Heineken Commercial - Man With Talent de Heineken versie! Meer weten over TvReclameNu? Like TvReclameNu op Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TvReclameNu Volg TvReclameNu op Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/TvReclameNu
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Heineken Beer Commercial - Men With Talent
Heineken Beer Commercial - Men With Talent
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Heineken   Men With Talent
Beer Bottles Collection's choice of The Best Beer Commercials Heineken – Men With Talent Netherlands Check out my FB Beer Bottles Collection: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beer-Bottles-Collection/600060100032767
NEW Heineken Commercial - verry funny
It's a men's dream to have it at home...
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Beer-soaked talent academy
A 2010 Dutch commercial for Heineken. Ladies or men's night ? Pick your show ! More commercials : http://www.youtube.com/CulturePub
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Heineken   Men With Talent
TV advertisement
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Heineken - Der einsame Hirte (Men With Talent)
Haineken - Der einsame Hirte (Men With Talent)
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Heineken Commercial Soundtrack; men With talent..wmv
Heineken Commercial Soundtrack; Men With Talent. Muziek is van immediate music - Semper Fide. Niet mijn soort muziek, maar voor de mensen die er naar scheeuwde omdat ze het zochten. Enjoy!
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Heineken Men With Talent Interactive Experience Bitmove
In the summer of 2010 Heineken was on tour with 'the Heineken Star Club' to several outdoor dance events in the Netherlands. In a designated Heineken area, visitors can watch performances from comedians and musicians and play a part in the newest Heineken 'Men with Talent'- TV commercial. In a mobile TV studio that is completely decorated in style with the Heineken TV commercial, 5 people can appear in a 'Men with Talent' act: playing the famous 'zamfir' panpipe song on beer bottles. This act is recorded in front of a green screen and then edited into the original TV commercial. The result is a hilarious video starring 5 friends with clear Heineken branding. On the Heineken website, the friends can download their movie and share the fun with others.
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heineken - men with talent - eu - ingles - very funny commercial.mp4
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Heineken - The Candidate
Heineken has come up with an interesting way to find the right talent for its job offer. Called 'The Candidate', the video shows different interview clips of potential candidates. The reality video then highlighted three candidates who went through the usual question and answer round of the interview; however, they were also given something a little more challenging to test their wit. After a series of 'additional tasks', The Heineken marketing community had a chance to vote for the most deserving candidate for the job offer. The winning candidate was announced during a live Champions League match for the whole world to see.
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Heineken Ad - Walk In Fridge. Men & Women HD - English
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Heineken - How Men Cry -S0s-
Funny/Cool/Amazing Commercials
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Walk-in fridge full of beer: men's dream come true
Clothes and shoes turn women crazy. For men it's a lot simpler. Beer has fueled advertising creativity like nothing else in the US and Europe. Another demonstration by Heineken in the Netherlands.
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Funny Heineken ad - Men vs Women
Funny ad - Heineken - Men vs Women
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Heineken Show Your Talent - PUSH UP KING
ติดตามคลิปความพิเศษเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ https://apps.facebook.com/heitalent/
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The Power Of Employer Brand ft. Heineken | Talent on Tap
One of the world’s most storied brands, The HEINEKEN Company, used its culture and creativity to build the award-winning “Go Places” campaign. Hear Alfonso Auñón García discuss how they built interactive interview to hire the best talent for Heineken.
La Gran Fuga de la Navidad
Commercial for Heineken 12/2011. All the men are Talent from Actors in Motion, Agency: JWT Production: Latitude18films. No animals were harmed during the filming of this commercial.
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Heineken unleashes the talents of a chosen few in an unexpected way #StageFright
Heineken were looking for an Irish legend. So they asked several unsuspecting people to come and record their hidden talents. So up-stepped the iceman sculptor, the hula hoop girl, the legendary Mr. Spoon, The keepy upper, The blind Rubix, The human robot…to name a few. They thought they were coming to the Mill Theatre in Dundrum to perform in front of a camera …alone. They were in for a fright.
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Heineken Commercial : Men vs women
A fully loaded closet makes the women go crazy. A fully loaded Heineken bar does the same to the men. An ad with loads of craziness and fun!
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Heineken pub
questque la biere cause
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Heineken barbecue
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Men Will Be Men | How Men Cries | Heineken Beer
The Intense Emotion of Long Distance Love
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Heineken Show Your Talent - PING PONG MASTER
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pub Heineken
pub Heineken
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Anuncio de Heineken
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Heineken-funny commercial
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Heineken Commercial - Ooops!
Heineken Commercial - Ooops!
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pub heineken walking fridge
Frigo du futur
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The walking fridge: a technology developed by Heineken
The Walking Fridge, for the pleasure of all beer fans. Not long after the famous Walk in Fridge, Heineken did it again with a single letter variation... More commercials : http://www.youtube.com/CulturePub
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HEINEKEN DROPPED | Morocco | Complete Video
What are men truly made of when taken out of their daily lives and dropped into the great unknown? To find out, Heineken dropped New York biker William in the bustling medina of Marrakech. But time is ticking and melting away. Legends aren't born, they're dropped.
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**Funny Heineken Commercial**
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Funny Heineken Beer Closet Commercial
a woman shows off her closet while a guy shows off his closet to the guys
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Heineken Gorgeous Girl
Heineken's latest TV ad 'Gorgeous'
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Heineken / Trailblazers (Italy)
Heineken's new global campaign encourages men to expand their horizons by portraying their familiar urban environment as a cinematic playground. The ad features a group of friends heading out for the night, and deciding, rather than going to their usual haunt, to try somewhere new. The gang steps into a cloud of smoke and emerges on a Roman battlefield, dressed as centurions. They are later transported to the high seas, snow-capped mountains, and outer space, before rolling into a trendy rooftop bar. The ads will be bookended by establishing shots of a city relevant to each market in which the campaign runs. Get ready to discover an epic journey across the city. #openyourcity Credits: Agency: Publicis Italy Client: Heineken Director: Matthijs van Heijningen Producer: MJZ Global Chief Creative Officer Publicis: Bruno Bertelli
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Funny Heineken Commercials
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Heineken | #ChampionTheMatch with Sensei Rio Ferdinand
Wise men say you must see Rio “The Dragon” Ferdinand #ChampionTheMatch with Kung Fu. The game was won in the mind before it was won on the pitch… Join #ChampionTheMatch on http://www.twitter.com/Heineken every UEFA Champions League match week with a different football legend. Next up: Jerzy Dudek and Claudio Reyna #ChampionTheMatch during the FC Barcelona vs. Manchester City FC game on Wednesday March 18th from 20:30 CET.
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- - - - Original Song Of Beer Heineken - -
This is the Original Song Of Beer Heineken!!
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