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Girls Give Their Advice on How to Pick Them Up in a Club.
Men's Room host Mark Sparks drops in Circa Nightclub to ask the girls there some questions about what guys need to do to pick them up in the club. www.mensroom.tv
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How to Pick Up Girls at Bars and Clubs | 10 Tips to Attract Any Girl
Learn 10 tips for picking up girls at bars and clubs. These tips will help you attract the hottest girls in the venue. ▼ see below for links & more ▼ FREE video series (How to talk to girls and get them attracted): ➜ https://cacademy.postgradcasanova.com Supplements I Use (discount coupon=CASANOVA) ➜ BULK Pre-Workout: https://www.transparentlabs.com/products/preseries-bulk-preworkout/#a_aid=Casanova ➜ My Protein Powder: https://www.transparentlabs.com/products/proteinseries-100-grass-fed-whey-protein-isolate/#a_aid=Casanova ➜ Creatine: https://www.transparentlabs.com/products/strengthseries-creapure-hmb-creatine-supplement/#a_aid=Casanova ➜ Krill Oil: https://www.transparentlabs.com/products/coreseries-krill-oil/#a_aid=Casanova ➜ Prebiotic Greens: https://www.transparentlabs.com/products/prebiotic-greens/#a_aid=Casanova SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE: ➜ https://www.youtube.com/daveperrotta MY SOCIAL MEDIA: ➜ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dave.perrotta/ ➜ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/postgradcasanova ➜ Website: http://www.postgradcasanova.com NEW HERE? My name is Dave Perrotta. I'm an entrepreneur & bestselling author based in Mexico City. Song: Axol - Mars [NCS Release] Link: https://youtu.be/0oq2Ej36nlY Artist Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/axol_music
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How To Flirt With Girls At The CLUB 😍 | COCO Chanou
In this video I talk about how to flirt with girls at the club / while going out My jewelry line: http://www.shikkushikku.com http://www.instagram.com/shikkushikku My vlogging channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvLQqo6XnqyWbJjt82IELpg Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coco_chanou/ Tumblr: http://www.xxchanouxx.tumblr.com/ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cocochanou Snapchat: xxchanouxx ONLY BUSINESS EMAIL: [email protected] This is NOT a sponsored video
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Security Intervenes In House Fight | Bad Girls Club
From Season 16, 'Like It Or Nah' - Security has to get involved when the girls try to kick Kailie out. #bgc #hayu #bgcs16 Watch All Your Favourite Reality Shows Here: https://www.hayu.com/ Subscribe to the Official Hayu Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/hayu Hayu is the place to watch your favourite reality shows whenever and wherever you want. With loads of shows the same day as the U.S. and thousands of episodes of binge-worthy Box Sets from the start, hayu is the undoubted home of reality TV. And if all that wasn't enough, we've got exclusive clips and snippets you can share and your fave stars' social media all in one place. With hayu, you can literally have it all.
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How to approach women in the club?
Click below to find out more about Kamalifestyles http://www.kamalifestyles.com Hi Guys this is Iain Myles joined by Annabel Pugh and Today we're going to talk about how you can master the nightclubs. When I first started out with improving my dating life I approached women in bars and during the day and I never really went near night clubs because I found them too difficult to operate in. The clubs were noisy, full of drunk and loud guys and the girls were obnoxious and rude. But I knew that deep down that I was lying to myself and I adopted this negative and limiting mind-set from a young age to spare me from the pain of rejection. Another reason that I found it harder to keep believing this was that I had friends that were able to consistently get results in clubs and I felt that ultimately, I was copping out. So below I will share with you some tips on how I eventually mastered night clubs. Approach This is something that you should always do anyway no matter where you are but this is especially the case when you are in nightclubs. The minute you walk in the door and you see a girl you like whether she is on her own or in a group, just approach straight away. Remember the instant approach. When you see her just approach her without thinking. Don't worry what to say just let your feet do the talking for you. The reason why this is so important is that if you choose not to approach from the start you will start to stay in your head and have a conversation with yourself and therefore find it harder to approach in the long run. I know that Iain used to do this himself and I have seen many guys, both friends and clients make this mistake. Iain's mentality when he first started approaching women in nightclubs was that the first few were just warm ups, they may reject you or walk away but over time you will get sharper. Iain Myles is an executive dating coach of Kamalifestyles. He's highly experienced in live training of our clients on streets, in bars and clubs. Iain teaches the core principles of the approach that every guy needs to know to become successful in dating. Leave a Comment letting us know what you think. If you enjoyed make sure you like, share and subscribe! Hope you enjoy! • To stay up to date on dating advice subscribe to the KamaTV channel • Dating advice and dating training at http://www.kamalifestyles.com • Find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/kamalifestyles/ • Follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/kamalifestyles • Follow us on instagram https://www.instagram.com/kamalifestyles/
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How To Bring Girls Home EVERYDAY (infield pull)
► Get my book Nut, FOR FREE (seriously, it's free): http://LetsGetGirls.com/Nut This video shows you how to bring girls home EVERYDAY. ▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾ ►Subscribe to LetsGetGirls. Click here: http://bit.ly/1TuYzHm ►For coaching inquires: http://www.letsgetgirls.club/bootcamps/ ►Connect with us! Join our Facebook Community: https://facebook.com/groups/LetsGetGirls For 1 ON 1 CONSULTING - Follow/Contact: ►http://Facebook.com/swaguiar ►http://Instagram.com/drunkjustin ►Snapchat: SexxyJustin
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Hate Clubs? You can still meet Girls at Night - Infield Pickup by James Marshall in Budapest
James Marshall casually picking up a hot girl IN FRONT OF the club in Budapest, Hungary. Watch James Marshall pickup a model who has already rejected him - click here - http://www.tnl-secrets.com/model James picks up a girl on a dark street corner of NYC. ✩ Website - http://www.thenaturallifestyles.com ✩ Instagram - https://instagram.com/thenaturallifestyles ✩ Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/thenaturallifestyles ✩ Twitter - https://twitter.com/jamestnl
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Bring Girls Home From The Club In Under 4 Minutes (Subcommunication infield Breakdown)
Pull Girl Home For Sex In Under 4 Minutes, here is how... Learn How To Pick Up Girls With Man Mode Essentials: http://bit.ly/2HvYUGj For Los Angeles Bootcamp Program Information: https://bit.ly/2R6BcoS My Official Instagram Account: http://bit.ly/2BXqVI4
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How To Flirt In a Bar or Club (Two Simple Steps)!
Alpha M. Confidence Course: http://aaronmarino.com/confidence-course Drink Advisor For IOS: http://bit.ly/1iU5rGj Drink Advisor For Android: http://bit.ly/1up6KXj How To Flirt Without Being Creepy: http://www.iamalpham.com/index.php/topics/how-to-flirt-without-being-creepy-flirting-tips-and-advice/ More Relationship Advice: http://www.iamalpham.com/topics/category/alpham/relationships My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services: http://www.aaronmarino.com Favorite Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAmAlphaM In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and relationship expert, Aaron Marino, teaches you two simple steps to successfully flit in a bar or club. Alpha's going to attempt to get you action- no fancy dance moves required! The first thing you need to understand is that the most attractive people are NOT the most successful in a bar or club getting dates, numbers, or actions. The ones who are successful are the ones who signal their availability through basic flirting techniques. Success Boils Down to Four Things: body language confidence courage practice How to Practice? Starts with step one. Survey the scene by walking around the place. Make eye contact with whomever you can. Eye contact is simple AND the 1st & most basic component of flirting. Don't wear sunglasses in a club at night! Prowl around the room making contact with everyone! But don't linger. Time is of the essence. Grab your boys and station yourself near the girl from whom you want attention- about 10 to 15 feet away. Stand at a slight angle so that with a simple turn of the head you have her in your line of sight. Gaze and wait. Be cool when she looks at you by maintaining eye contact and giving a little smirk. Open your posture and face her- wait. In the next 60 seconds, she will glance back at you. If she does, smile! If you get the glance back in 6-0 seconds, walk up and introduce yourself. Never lead with a physical compliment. Instead, be calm, cool, and collected. "Hey, I'm Aaron. What's your name?" If she doesn't glance back at you within that 60 second window, pack up and move on for your 2nd option. You can come back to your 1st choice later in the night. Body Language Dos and Don'ts Do smile and make eye contact Don't mirror someone else's body language Do touch her arm- the safest place to touch in a non-threatening way Don't caress her face Do lightly touch her waist Don't stay too long- flirt meet then mingle then come back and flirt some more Do keep it light and fun Where to Find the Best Bars and Clubs? Drink Advisor is the best way to find the best bars and clubs in your city. The app features bars and clubs in approximately 130 cities worldwide. If you are looking for a place to go, popular spots come up in a city search. The spots include reviews, descriptions, and pictures as well. Alpha loves to find new cool places, and Drink Advisor is perfect! He also loves the feature that breaks down drinks - names, ingredients, facts, and more. The app streamlines planning- check it out by downloading for free.
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Bangkok Nightlife Guide, Girls, Clubs, VIP Bottles, and Afterparties
This is a Guide of our Unremarkably Memorable Night out in Bangkok for our buddy's birthday. We start with a VIP table at Onyx, the most popular EDM club located in RCA Thailand. We meet some girls, have a blast then head to an afterparty club called Scratch Dog on Sukhumvit Road. Overall it's one of those nights that you wouldn't be too proud of, but it was memorable non the less. I'd say this characterizes your typical night out partying in Bangkok ___________ If this is your first time on this channel, please take a moment to subscribe for more videos about Bangkok and Thailand and what it's like living and traveling out here www.youtube.com/livetravelasia ___________ ***My Travel Channel*** https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9hED3XuXHqV5Q8K2Q7CMoQ ***My Gaming Channel*** https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsLC9SLOOwnvWoaf2vedDuw ***Instagram*** https://www.instagram.com/livetravelasia/ ***Facebook*** https://www.facebook.com/livetravelasia/ ___________ ***Checkout my google maps list for all the locations I visit on my vlogs*** https://goo.gl/maps/VkXX9wbP9WH2 ***Map of the general areas of Bangkok as I refer to them*** https://drive.google.com/open?id=142NxsVYOgRky9FJw15NYzjb_986YDHNc&usp=sharing ___________ Music by by Ukiyo: No Limit http://smarturl.it/ukiyoau http://instagram.com/ukiyoau/ http://soundcloud.com/ukiyoau/ http://www.facebook.com/ukiyoau/ ___________ ***GEAR I USE TO FILM THE VLOGS*** Filmed on This: https://amzn.to/2Ieu6ut With This Lens: https://amzn.to/2wAlDk7 With This Thing: https://amzn.to/2KXxWtF Stabilized with This: https://amzn.to/2KiiFCN Other Lenses with This: https://amzn.to/2GDovMS I Used to Film on This: https://amzn.to/2IzzRq9 I Filmed on This As Well: https://amzn.to/2wAt8Ym Old Stabilizer: https://amzn.to/2KYaEUD Disclaimer: This description contains affiliate links above, which means I may receive a small referral commission if you purchase something through the links, but it'll in no way effect your purchase price, and it'll support the channel and help me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! ___________ ***Your Support Would be Appreciated on PATREON*** https://www.patreon.com/livetravelasia
Learn How to Dance - Dance with a Girl - Club Dance (Men's Edition)
COMMENT - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE! Dancing with a girl. The big question. Well I am here to tell you the answer isn't has big as the question. As a matter of fact it is really simple. All you gotta do is "2 Step". I know you are tired of hearing it but it is the truth. The "2 Step" is the best way for anybody to effectively dance with others. You are doing an easy step, incorporating the arms whenever you want, also allowing you to look at your partner and make any quick adjustments needed. Watch the tutorial on "2 Step" and see how easy it is to dance with ANYONE! COMMENT - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE! "2 step" Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQyILZumFNQ&list=PLcjlVtO3mMs36Fe4-kKtJgwTUe7EreCnd&index=11 Facebook: www.facebook.com/kiarikirk Twitter: www.twitter.com/kiarilk Instagram: www.instagram.com/kiarilk
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Girls As Young As 12 Years Old Working As Pros titutes In Clubs Like Burning Sun
Girls As Young As 12-Years-Old Working As Pros titutes In Clubs Like Burning Sun -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◕ SUBSCRIBE our channel [#SupermanTV] for more Videos -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◕ Top Trending Today : ► Kpop Hottest News - Trends : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3McLNqAs_HrT3burhtTzrE3eLVz0SmfE ► BTS - Bangtan Sonyeondan - Bulletproof Boy Scouts - Beyond the Scene - 방탄소년단 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3McLNqAs_HqnkFAsyAx9DPPNAQ3QPZz6 ► EXO (band) - All Newest News about EXO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3McLNqAs_HrX4JxGcK_ZxlFmx8hZumm4 ► NCT https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3McLNqAs_HoU9Y42x4DgQ4cowEWdBd9X ► Wanna One - All Newest News about WannaOne band https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3McLNqAs_HooBzqe21uwvNSzCDcAP8Bd ► Famous - Celebrities - Stars | Childhood | Predebut https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3McLNqAs_HqYQ_B2x510q4UpUIIkZ4up ► BTS Childhood - Predebut - Then and Now - Before and After https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3McLNqAs_HpRg__K-TTIMdWJJgMBXgqc ► EXO Childhood - Predebut - Then And Now - Before and After https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3McLNqAs_Hr8JndkwQG45UtgESlfkTcj -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◕ Contact Us : ➞ Twitter : superman_tv_ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◕ Music Name : Allemande Source : Free Youtube Audio Library
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Just for fun, no hating ^^ Script : Celeste Chen Editor: Celeste Chen Director: Nicole Chen VISIT : http://www.celestechen.com LIKE MY Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/celestechen Song Choices ( Track List Will be Released Soon) Guest Model DJ Staring : Nicole Chen ( http://www.youtube.com/nicolechen) Like My Sister's : http://www.facebook.com/officialnicolechen Listen to her mixes : http://www.soundcloud.com/nicolechen Commercial Mix Track list 0.01 to 0.07 - Just Can't Get Enough 0.15 to 0.26 - Turbulence (Steve Aoki) 0.30 to 0.42 - Titanium ( David Guetta) 0.47 to 0.53 - Low ( Flo Rida) 0.55 to 1.03 - Sexy Bitch (Girlicious) 1.06 to 1.20 - Rain On Me (Pitbull) 1.22 to 1.39 - Blow (Kesha) 1.45 to 1.52 - On the Floor (Jennifer Lopez) 1.53 to 2.02 - Boyfriend ( Justin Beiber) 2.03 to 2.20 - Drinks Lil Jon 2.26 to 2.33 - SNSD (Girls Generation) 2.39 to 2.49 - Superbass 2.50 to 3.04 - Run The Girls (Beyonce) 3.14 to 3.19 - Whip My Hair 3.52 to 4.05 - We found Love (Rihanna Feat Calvin Harris) 4.10 to 4.43 - Scream and Shout ( Britney Spears) Cameo Ping Joey Jocelyn Wee
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Cambodia Nightlife 2016 - VLOG 96 (bars, clubs, girls)
Cambodia Nightlife 2016 - VLOG 96 Phnom Penh (bars, clubs, girls) A VLOG from Sept 2016 of an evening drinking in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The parts of this video are: 0:00 Intro 0:17 Apple Hostess Bar, Street 172 1:07 Food at the Sundance Inn, Street 172 2:08 $1 tuk tuk to Street 104 3:06 Street 103, the Soi Cowboy of Cambodia 6:32 Angry Birds Bar, Street 130 7:22 Street 136, hostess bar street 7:54 The Corner 136 Bar, inc. chatting with a nice hostess girl 13:54 $1 motorbike taxi to Street 51 14:04 Sorya Beer Garden, with some scary looking freelancers 15:15 Pontoon Nightclub 18:34 $1 motorbike taxi to Street 136 18:54 Street 136 19:18 Heading home for the night 20:29 Map of locations in this video Street 172 This is Phnom Penh's cheap charlie area. It is home to many inexpensive bars, restaurants, guesthouses and also has a few hostess bars thrown in for good measure. It is a good place to find $0.50 draught beers and many expat teachers congregate here in groups for the inexpensive offerings. The food is generally good here and many restaurants do take away service for the local expats. The hostess bars were quiet on street 172 when I visited so I never ventured in as I generally don't like being a solo customer in a bar. The Apple bar girls were probably the best lookers from what I saw. Sundance Inn and Saloon. This place is pretty solid choice with rooms starting at around $20. It's guest friendly, they have a small swimming pool at the back and a lively bar area that is good to meet fellow travellers if that is your thing. The first $1 beer of the trip was at the Sundance Inn and the $1 tacos there tasted fine (but could have done with some salsa). $1 tuk tuk ride. I went everywhere via tuk tuk or moto taxi and never paid more than $1 for a trip. September is the low season and there are far more tuk tuk drivers than customers so if one won't go for $1 then the next probably will. Phnom Penh is not a place to wander around alone late at night, even around the tourist areas. I don't walk anywhere round these streets at night and always take motorbike taxis or tuk tuks. Street 104 I went too early on this night and didn't realise that the bars really get going from 9pm onwards. It was interesting to see they are building a Hooters franchise restaurant right on Street 104. The tuk tuk guys said they were building a hotel upstairs too. $0.75 beers at the Cheers bar all night long is a very good deal on Street 104. If there was a bit more atmosphere I would have hung around a bit longer but decided to move on... Angry Birds Bar, Street 130 This bar was well run and had a few nice hostess ladies inside. Worth a look if you are nearby. Also, I spotted a tuk tuk on Street 172 that gives free rides direct to the Angry Birds bar, good if you are heading over that way anyway. The Corner 136 bar This hostess bar is probably my favourite in all of Phnom Penh as they have sexy dancing downstairs, a chill out area at the front and an upstairs seating area overlooking the street below. They also have a lot of hostess ladies on their books. My one that I talked to was a very pleasant girl. She hangs around the bar every night drinking with guys so it's inevitable she'll go with a customer soon enough. It wasn't to be for me even though she was lovely, and petite at only 40 kg (I don't usually don't care for girls with a slim build like her). Some guy will get lucky and end up taking her back to the hotel... Sorya Beer Garden This place is popular with local expats and has cheap beer, pool tables and always a few freelancers milling around. I must have picked a bad night to visit as the selection of freelancers wasn't the best putting it mildly. Pontoon This nightclub is now has cover charges some nights due to it's increasing popularity. I think the club is ok, but not great. There was much more security on my visit and they were hassling me a bit for taking a couple of photos which was surprising. Last drink on Street 136 I went for a last drink in a random bar here, turns out that there were 2 Korean guys buying drinks for the whole bar and the night descended into a blurry haze... For more info on this Cambodia visa run see here: http://bangkok112.com/phnom-penh-visa-run-part-1/ for a blog post. Thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos. Music: 1st song Miza & Unicorn - Illuminati https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d30bh4x7bgQ Music provided by FreeSongsToUse • Support Miza: https://soundcloud.com/miza-official1 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj3s... https://www.facebook.com/miza.officia... • Support Unicorn: https://www.facebook.com/unicorn.offi... 2nd song Everet Almond - The Gunfight YouTube Audio Library
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Best of Barcelona Girls - Nightlife Clubs
Best Nightlife Clubs and Bars of Barcelona city. Hottest spots and best glamour in Spain: Fashion, trendy, models, celebrities, etc... Awesome mud arround beach with fantastic views to the sea and beatuful people. Come to see our parties, it's a Barcelona must see. http://www.youbarcelona.com/
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What Clubbing Is Actually Like (ft. Liza Koshy)
CHECK OUT MY HOMIE LIZA: http://bit.ly/2hcseJ9 WATCH THE BLOOPERS: http://bit.ly/2gKyZAw MY COLLAB WITH GINA RODRIGUEZ: http://bit.ly/2h1nghO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE COLLABS: http://bit.ly/1HiqYG0 YOU SHOULD PROBABLY GO HERE: http://LillySinghBook.com When you're underage, there seems to be this magic around clubbing. When you actually become of age, you realize that clubbing isn't as fun or glamorous as you thought. Join my girl Liza and I on a night out and discover what clubbing is ACTUALLY like. Enjoy x --WATCH MORE-- What Canadians Want to Say to Americans: http://bit.ly/2fBo610 My Parents React to "Side to Side": http://bit.ly/2cxSU0l Why Bras Are Horrible: http://bit.ly/2dz09I8 -- MORE HAPPINESS AWAITS -- TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/iisuperwomanii FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1wpasO8 TUMBLR: http://iisuperwomanii.tumblr.com INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/iisuperwomanii SNAPCHAT: @iisuperwomanii VINE: https://vine.co/IISuperwomanII DAILY VLOGS: http://www.youtube.com/superwomanvlogs BUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected] Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling =D !
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Taking Girls Home From The Club In Under 10 Minutes (Subcommunication Infield Breakdown) | Taysocial
Bringing Girls Home From The Club In Under 10 Minutes! Here is How... INFIELD BREAKDOWN! Learn How To Pick Up Girls With Man Mode Essentials: http://bit.ly/2HvYUGj For Los Angeles Bootcamp Program Information: http://bit.ly/2DZFLLC My Official Instagram Account: http://bit.ly/2BXqVI4
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6 Types of Girls In Serbian Clubs!
Hey Everyone! Thanks For Watching And Don’t Forget To Subscribe!!You Can Talk To Me Through My Social Media....... For business Email: [email protected] PO Box: 3470 Olney Laytonsville Rd, Suite 255 Olney MD 20832 instagram: @itslindsayjay https://www.instagram.com/itslindsayjay/ Twitter: @itslindsayjay https://twitter.com/itslindsayjay Musical.ly: @itslindsayjay kik: @lindsayjay13 snapchat: @lindsayjay2 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itslindsayjay2017/ Wish/Cute.com: https://cute.wish.com/profile?uid=55dbd9788ab2f5e6ccd2fa0d New Video Every: Saturday’s Thanks!!!! Also Let Me Know What Videos You Guys Want To See! :-) Have A Good Day or Night For Those Youtube Binge Watchers!!!
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Why Do Girls Go To Clubs Without THEIR BOYFRIENDS? Your Girlfriend Won't Tell You This
Simply revealing why women go to clubs without their boyfriend. The honest truth will shock you. DONATE - http://www.manhoodlessons.com/donate/ WEBSITE - http://www.MamhoodLessons.com FREE GUIDE - http://www.HowToPickUpGirlsAtaClub.com FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/hillz.mujikwa
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See What Happens Inside Boys & Girls Clubs
Open the door and take the tour to see what happens inside a Boys & Girls Club. Clubs are a fun, positive and safe place to grow – a place to become anything you dream.
How to pick up girls in bars and clubs?
Click below to find out more about Kamalifestyles http://www.kamalifestyles.com How to Improve your success in bars and clubs? Hi Guys its Annabel and Iain here, and today we're going to talk to you about the ways in which you can improve your success in bars and clubs. There is nothing that feels better than approaching a girl whom you find attractive and generating interest from her and getting her number. But in bars and clubs it is much louder and you are competing with other guys. You can still succeed in these places but there are ways of making life easier for yourself and increasing your chances of success. Approach everyone in the club This is actually easier than it sounds. You don’t have to open and engage with everyone that you see but greet and say hi to everyone and move on. This gives the appearance that you are a high social status guy who knows everyone, and women will notice. On this point it will also make it easier for you to open conversations with girls if you have already opened and spoken to them earlier, especially if you make a good impression and have remembered her name. Iain Myles is an executive dating coach of Kamalifestyles. He's highly experienced in live training of our clients on streets, in bars and clubs. Iain teaches the core principles of the approach that every guy needs to know to become successful in dating. Leave a Comment letting us know what you think. If you enjoyed make sure you like, share and subscribe! Hope you enjoy! • To stay up to date on dating advice subscribe to the KamaTV channel • Dating advice and dating training at http://www.kamalifestyles.com • Find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/kamalifestyles/ • Follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/kamalifestyles • Follow us on instagram https://www.instagram.com/kamalifestyles/
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MLP Equestria Girls Queen of Clubs
#mylittlepony #BronyMaster
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MLP: Equestria Girls Season 1 - 'Queen of Clubs' 📸  Exclusive Short
Picture Day for the Yearbook’s “School Clubs” turns into the ultimate face-off when Rainbow Dash and Applejack compete to see who can join the most clubs before the end of the day! Check out new episodes of the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls series every Friday morning at 10am EST! For more My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: https://goo.gl/Kxdnex #MLPEG #MLPEquestriaGirls #MyLittlePonyEG Subscribe to the Hasbro Channel: https://goo.gl/rI2HnR Official MLPEG Website: http://goo.gl/5U9u2G Official App: http://goo.gl/hbN1Hk Shop MLP Toys: http://hasb.ro/1adpOvh
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Issa Rae Hates Clubs, Loves Staying In | Sad Hot Girls | Vogue
Watch Issa Rae as she explains her disdain for clubs and her love of staying home in the new Vogue video series Sad Hot Girls. Director: Mayan Toledano Fashion Editor: Alexandra Gurvitch DP Orian Barki Hair Pekela Riley Makeup Joanna Simkin Prop Stylist Javier Irigoyen Manicure Eri Handa Sound Tim Race, Thump Studios Editor Jesse Threatt Artwork Courtesy of Jordan Casteel, New York Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Issa Rae Hates Clubs, Loves Staying In | Sad Hot Girls | Vogue
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Sydney Nightlife Guide Australia - What Clubs/Bars To Goto & Pickup Girls In Sydney Episode 3
Pickup Travel Guide To Meeting Girls In Sydney Australia, I talk about the nightlife in sydney mon-sun + daygame First Episodes of my series where i travel the world and pickup girls while explaining every notable city I pass by! Melbourne Guide - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4axUG1uqYLQ Brisbane Guide - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdCg1wPhC4A Adelaide Guide - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymS8Ss_1CvE Bootcamp Inquires etc - Email - [email protected] Subscribe - https://www.youtube.com/c/bradicus?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/bradicus/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bradsocial/ Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/themajir
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Boys & Girls Clubs Mission
This video encompasses our mission, and showcases why we do what we do each and every day: to ensure great futures for kids and teens.
Mistakes Men Make Picking Girls Up At Clubs
Marni and Hot Latina Karla tell you what Mistakes Men Make Picking Girls Up At Clubs For more tips go to http://www.winggirldatingtips.com to hear more from Karla's adventures with men in Los Angeles.
Easy Secrets to Approach and Talk to Women at Bars and Clubs!
Easy Secrets to Approach and Talk to Women at Bars and Clubs! **Go to my website at http://www.deannalorraine.com to learn about my dating & relationship Coaching programs for men and women, learn how to attract quality women easily and land women you never dreamed imaginable. Sign up for a free phone consultation to learn more! **Reserve your signed hardcover copy of my book that is now on pre-sale, Making Love Great Again! The New Road to Reviving Romance and Winning at Relationships (for both men and women): http://www.deannalorraine.com/shop/
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Cambodia Nightlife 2017 - VLOG 208 (bars, clubs & girls!!!)
Cambodia Nightlife 2017 - VLOG 208 Phnom Penh (bars, clubs, girls) * Join Bkk112 Patreon today: https://www.patreon.com/bangkok112 * Camera Used for this video: http://amzn.to/2oT5fmJ (US) * Camera Used for this video: http://amzn.to/2xqjgx8 (UK) * Phnom Penh best hotels: http://bangkok112.com/phnom-penh-guest-friendly-hotels-bkk112-recommendations/ * Latest Post on the Bkk112 website: https://tinyurl.com/y82cch8k * Buy Bkk112 a beer: https://tinyurl.com/ydb6msxv A VLOG of an evening drinking around the bars of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The parts of this video are: 0:04 Preview of the whole night 2:13 Map of the locations in this video 2:20 Silver River hotel 2:44 Balcony view of 172 Street 5:37 First beer of the trip 7:32 View of the Play Penh hostess bar 7:59 Late dinner at La Dolce Vita restaurant - really nice food. 8:46 View of some other bars on 172 Street 10:12 A beer at the Black Pearl hostess bar 11:29 $1 mototaxi ride to 104 Street 14:45 Phnom Penh Hooters bar didn't happen... 16:03 Oscar on the Corner hostess bar, with live music 19:50 Live rock music 20:34 104 street bars. Marine and Air Force bars were good on this trip. Rose bar wasn't so good when I visited. The bars can be fickle though from night to night... 22:11 Mototaxi ride to 136 Street 23:22 136 Street 23:56 Outro Additional comments: Street 172 This is Phnom Penh's cheap charlie area. It is home to many inexpensive bars, restaurants, guesthouses and also has a few hostess bars thrown in for good measure. It is a good place to find $0.50 draught beers and many expat teachers congregate here in groups for the inexpensive offerings. The food is generally good here and many restaurants do take away service for the local expats. $1 moto taxi ride. I went everywhere via tuk tuk or moto taxi and never paid more than $1 for a trip. Phnom Penh is not a place to wander around alone late at night, even around the tourist areas. Cambodia is a much poorer country than Thailand, and reports of violent crime against tourists/expats often are suppressed in the news. Street 104 Street 136 Visit www.bangkok112.com for more info from these videos. Thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos. Music: 1st song Jimmy Urine - Un Deye Gon Hayd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbT3UoAsZBw&t This is a fan made remix of the Contraxia song from GOTG 2 2nd song Andrew Applepie - Feel Better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djZgp_yVsaU https://andrewapplepie.bandcamp.com/album/24 http://andrewapplepie.com https://patreon.com/andrewapplepie https://twitter.com/AndrewApplepie https://facebook.com/andrewapplepie https://instagram.com/andrew_applepie https://soundcloud.com/andrewapplepie 3rd song Digital Solitude - Silent Partner YouTube Audio Library Outro song Termite Infested White Picket Fence - Tomove https://soundcloud.com/tomove/termite-infested-white-picket-fence
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Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida New Club
Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida NEW Tupperware Club
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A look inside the Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County
Join us inside the Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County - Loveland-Pulliam Unit to see what's really going on inside the Club!
THIS is HOW TO GET GIRLS AT BARS & CLUBS | How to Get Girls At A Club
Ever wonder how to get a girl at a bar, how to get girls at a house party, how to get girls at a rave/concert, how to get a girl at a club? Today I answer all those questions and more! SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/29xqSWN Join the BasedLympian Army: Twitter: https://twitter.com/iambasedzeus Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iambasedzeus/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iambasedzeus Background Music by: Superstaar Beats & PatternBased
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Girls, Clubs, and Drinks! In Puerto Vallarta
First night here in Puerto Vallarta and went out drinking and ended up in one of the coolest clubs in the downtown strip of Puerto Vallarta! "La Vaquita" was the name of the club, so much fun and always a great time down in Mexico!
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Welcome to Boys & Girls Clubs
Our President & CEO Owen Charters introduces the Boys and Girls Club movement ...
Denzel Washington - Great Futures Start Here - Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Denzel Washington sat down with Boys & Girls Clubs of America in June 2011 while participating in a PSA shoot with 20 other prestigious Boys & Girls Club alumni. Debuting on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011, the video features 21 notable Boys & Girls Club alumni including national co-spokesperson Jennifer Lopez, along with Ashanti, General Wesley Clark, Misty Copeland, John Paul DeJoria, Cuba Gooding Jr., Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mario Lopez, Ne-Yo, Edward James Olmos, Lucille O'Neal, Shaquille O'Neal, Smokey Robinson, CC Sabathia, Martin Sheen, Courtney B. Vance, Kerry Washington and Shaun White. BGCA's 2010 National Youth of the Year Mona Dixon rounded out the cast.
Abducting Girls at a Bar/Club (Predator Social Experiment)
Support me and become a member here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBHu7LsKiwiYViR230RtsCA/join CHECK OUT NEWEST PRANK HERE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEHN29Qyo7M&list=UUBHu7LsKiwiYViR230RtsCA Abducting Girls at a Bar/Club (Social Experiment) Kidnapping girls - Predator Social Experiment Don't forget to Subscribe! Subscribe to my Vlog account and Gaming account https://www.youtube.com/user/JoeySaladsGaming https://www.youtube.com/user/JoeySalads2 Follow me on https://twitter.com/JoeySalads https://vine.co/JoeySaladsVine http://instagram.com/joeysalads https://www.facebook.com/JoeySalads
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A Place to Become - Boys & Girls Clubs of America
2018 National PSA from Boys & Girls Clubs of America A Place to Become
Jim Clark - Introduction - Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Jim Clark, President and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, introduces himself and lays out his mission for his term of service.
Youth of the Year | Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sequoias
Youth of the Year Competition 2019. Let's celebrate the determination of our Contestants! Show your support by sharing this video! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BGCSequoias/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bgcsequoias/ #kids #teens #family #youthoftheyear #collegereadiness #boys&girlsclubs
Denzel Washington on the Importance of the Boys & Girls Clubs
Only "Extra" was backstage with actor Denzel Washington at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Youth of the Year Celebration in Washington D.C. Denzel presented awards on stage at the event, and chatted backstage about the importance of the Boys & Girls Club in his life. The actor was joined by his wife Pauletta and Youth of the Year recipient Whitney Stewart in our exclusive interview. Check it out!
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Summer 2018 - Boys & Girls Clubs of Venice
Summer Break 2018 at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Venice. Thanks to all our amazing supporters!
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The Opinion: Bad Girls Clubs and Jersey Shore
So many of my supporters emailed me about doing commentary on the 'Bad Girls Club' with mention to 'Jersey Shore' . Forgive me for being so long winded(shocker lol) but there was so much tea that clearly needed to be clocked so here are my thoughts on both shows. -Qaadir
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Historia de éxito Boys & Girls Clubs de Puerto Rico
Conoce la historia de Jasmín Bonilla, participante de Boys & Girls Clubs del Residencial Ernesto Ramos Antonini. Una vida más transformada. Si quieres cambiar más vida, dona en www.bgcpr.org
Boys & Girls Clubs of Chattanooga Blue Door Video
Boys & Girls Clubs of Chattanooga has been opening doors in the community for over 60 years.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada
Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada by Group 4 Leadership Las Vegas Class of 2017
Views: 554 Jen Grant
Boys & Girls Clubs - 2018 PSA: 90 sec
Kids' lives are tough. Boys and Girls Clubs can help. https://www.bgccan.com/ http://www.unplugtoconnect.ca/
A Way of Life: Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester Staff
For Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester staff, working with young people is "a way of life." Thank you to Crystal Pix, Inc. for producing the video!
Views: 388 BGCRochesterNY