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Exotic Shorthair Kitty in Bubble Bath
Since our first grooming video on nail clipping ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9Kle71EV7w ), we have been receiving e-mail requests for tips on how to bathe kitty. Lately, it has been shedding season for Pancake, so we took this opportunity to create a video of him taking a bath. We are not professional groomers, but we hope this helps others. Visit Pancake at http://SweetFurr.blogspot.com
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Cute Exotic Shorthair Kitten making his Bed
Pancake is almost 8 months old now, but still remains our smallest munchkin with a short and stout build, levelling out at a little less than 6 lbs. It feels like it was just yesterday when our exotic shorthair kitten, Pancake joined our family, barely weighing in at 2 lbs. Looking back at some old clips, we could not help but share the following scene of a 10-week-old Pancake "making his bed." AKA "making biscuits," this instinctive kneading behavior could be a way for cats to make their environment (as well as mood) more comfortable before settling down for a nap. Original background music was a recording of a ukulele improvisation. Come visit our blog for more pictures and stories @ http://SweetFurr.blogspot.com
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Exotic Longhair (Persian) Kitten FOR SALE * cattery *  Briz Baltiki  Baldininni
сайт питомника http://balticbreezecat.com/index/koty_males/0-5
black exotic boy S: CH Indigo for Velvet D'amour D: CH Fairy Blue Rubirose Blood lines: Canastaexo, Z Thalgau, Flamestars, Lady Bijou, Kuorii and others
Views: 253 Antonia Kostadinova
Delmira - Belinka cattery
Кошечка Дельмира из питомника персов и экзотов "Belinka" Сайт питомника персов и экзотов "Belinka": http://belinka-nn.ru Сайт портала по уходу за кошками "Любимая кошка": http://cat-love.ru "Belinka" exotic and persian cattery.
Views: 32 Belinka cattery
Absolutly Purrfect Cattery
There are 33 deluxe super size chalets, an isolation unit and holding pens. Each chalet being constructed from upvc for hygiene and cleaning purposes, has a heated, double glazed penthouse style sleeping compartment. Together with a large play area with shelves for the cats to laze in the sun and enjoy the beautiful garden views.
Views: 3679 Andy Mould
Thaidan Bitter Sweet of Pearllover.
Thaidan Bitter Sweet of Pearllover. 4.5months old exotic kitten. The first bath after the long winter. Sir:GC Maradan Bolero of Thaidan Dam: CH Maradan Bibiana of Thaidan
Views: 168 Tony Lui
Exotic Longhair Boy #2
Exotic Longhair Kitten
A normal day at Cattery Van Scarlettini Siamese & OSH
CLICK HERE http://www.scarlettini.nl Cattery Van Scarlettini Siamese & Oriental Shorthair located in Holland More info and daily updates at our website,your are welcome to visit us.
Views: 756 Olivier Faber
devon rex kittens, Rococo Style cattery
veislynas Rococo Style
Views: 105 VESTAITE
Kobano Tender Kiss
Kobano Tender Kiss,9 month
Views: 70 Kobano cattery
Exotic Kitten @ 26 days old
Three Exotic Kitten @ 26 days old. Brown Classic Tabby Boy Cream Classic Tabby Boy Cream and White Boy
Views: 8791 CoolookCatCat
ada lolita-scotish fold exotic shorthair
ottoman sultan cattery
Views: 69 bettlefiyona cat
Exotic blue silver shaded kittens for sale 6 m/o
Exotic blue silver shaded kittens available Warm Silver Singing Blues (right)&Warm Silver Miss Divine (left) Sire: GC CFA Warm Silver Divination Dam: Warm Silver Angel of Mine
Views: 637 Warmsilver
exotic shorthair kittens for sale ontario
http://www.google.com exotic shorthair kittens for sale ontario
Views: 214 Eystona Limara
Cream Lynx point female  LH Exotic
Cream Lynx point female LH Exotic
Views: 53 Pam DeGolyer
9 Will Rise - 02/09/14 - Playing With Cat Toy
9 Will Rise ("9" for short) playing with a cat toy on Sunday, February 9th, 2014. ABOUT 9 9 Will Rise, or "9" for short, is a pure-bred Exotic Shorthair male cat (Blue Classic Tabby and White), born May 11th, 2013. Filmed by Stix of STIX FX Entertainment
Views: 375 Stix Style
Exotic Short Hair Kittens -7 Weeks Old-
Here are my Exotic Short Hair Kittens! Disclaimer: The song is: Eric Hutchinson - Rock 'n' Roll I DO NOPT OWN THIS SONG I DID NOT WRITE THIS SONG I AM USING IT FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!
Views: 1814 SpellboundCats
Caramia Jimmy Choo
Blue Classic Tabby Exotic Shorthair Male @ 8 weeks old. We just love his short fat legs, big paws and super sweet expression!
Views: 1122 Keely Carabott
экзоты, питомник Garden Paradise
Питомник Garden Paradise - http://gardenparadise-cattery.com/
Gremlin, verschmuste Exotic Shorthair Katze
Das ist Gremlin, sie ist superlieb. Sie stammt aus einer Zuchtauflösung von Persern/Exotic Shorthair. Leider ist sie mit einem extremen Gesicht "gestraft", aber sie kommt gut damit klar. Sie ist ab Oktober zu vermitteln, gerne auch zu Kindern. Vereinsinfos: https://www.facebook.com/ArbeitskreisKatzenhilfePassau http://www.ak-kh.de/
Views: 783 Katzenhilfe Passau
Red tabby & white exotic
Male kitten
Views: 100 Callyn Cattery
Black Exotic Shorthair Cat Lil Stewie Digs
This is our exotic shorthair cat digging into the comforter. He is not declawed.
Views: 238 mvalia25
Seamus and Angus - When GusGus Claimed Top Bunk
Shorthaired Exotic Persian Cat Brothers
Views: 4215 Seamus And Angus
Kitten Irlins Berry Dessert, 6,5 months, EXOTIC LH male
IRLINS Cattery EXOTIC LH male, blue-white Irlins Berry Dessert, 6,5 months old. CFA reg., PKD negative, sire: Ch CFA SAN-FE Sierra Wind of IRLINS (CH Kourii Garfield of San-Fe & San-Fe Vincenza) dam: Ch CFA TITBIT Cheyenne of IRLINS (CH Dark Diamond Snow Leopard of Titbit & CH Candirand Chelsea)
Views: 170 Irins64
Exotic cat
Despite the presence of American genes, exotics did not similar to them. They are more like Persian ancestors, the only difference is in the coat. Beautiful coloring and the thick short plush coat kittens are not like any breed. The head structure is similar in structure to the Persians. It is massive, round with short, thick neck. The eyes are wide apart, the nose broad and snub. Ears should be small, set wide apart. The expression should be kind and sweet, with printed cheeks. The exotic cats fur is short, soft and plush. The most common colors are considered to be white and blue, cream and marbled (tabby). They can also be medium and large size. The back is straight, legs are short, thick and strong.
Views: 121 Lovely Kitties
Baron style 5. Peaknose
Baron vs Vio Peaknose vs peaknose Bdul Cat Area. Breeder Persian,Exotic,MaineCoon. 085.7777.9.1989
Views: 46 iqbal hadiwiryo
ottomansultan cattery HADES EXO MALE
fife şecereli persian ve exotic shorthair kedileri
Views: 90 bettlefiyona cat
Amazing blue tabby boy 2 reserved,  dob 22.07.2014
BLOOD LINES: Exotic style, Prestega, Fluffygrape, Polcann, Silverdance
Newborn Exotic short hair Persian born a day late.
This particular queen, Champion Designpurrs Meena deliverd her kittens over the course of 3 days. She delivered 5 total babies. The last one, the white, born a full 24 hours after the first.
Views: 467 Mary Jane
Linus and Hugo: Sink Adventures
Our cats get a little too into the sink. Linus makes some pretty poor decisions here, and then Hugo gets involved, though in a much more sensible manner.
Views: 13953 BHenderson79
Exotic Shorthair Puff just loves his new box
He looks like that Japanese box style kitty bank...
Views: 126 CreamPuff&Curie
Exotic Shorthair Cat plays with felt toy (after taking a grooming break)
This is a video of exotic shorthair Chester.
Views: 541 Chester SmooshyFace
Stud Pants for Simba Kahn - 06.28.10
A new style of stud pants designed for the more difficult stud cat. Harness style Granny Bells stud pants and princess panties. These pants are used for spraying stud cats for catteries to allow them some freedom around the house. They are also used for incontinent cats and cats with behavioral issues. The harness style are easier to put and take of and more comfortable for the cat. For more information: http://www.mythicbells.com/stud_pants.htm
Views: 4615 Mythicbells
Is a Himalayan the Right Cat Breed for You?
The popular Himalayan was created by crossing the Siamese and the Persian and then breeding the offspring. Like the Persian, he has small ears, large round eyes, a snub nose and a sweet expression. His long, beautiful coat brings Siamese style to a short, heavy-boned Persian-style body. Himalayans are adaptable and will make themselves just as at home with a loud, boisterous family as with a pair of empty-nesters, as long as they have everyone’s complete devotion. Learn more at http://www.vetstreet.com/cats/himalayan.
Views: 16033 vetstreet.com
Exotic shorthair kittens
Views: 15 Frownin Feline
Seamus and Angus Bathing
Shorthaired Exotic Persian Cat Brothers
Views: 14752 Seamus And Angus
Cat Goes To The Groomer And Comes Back Looking Like This
PLEASE FOR ANY COPYRIGHTS ISSUE CONTACT US FIRST ON : [email protected] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching our videos and don't forget to subscribe :) Cat Goes To The Groomer And Comes Back Looking Like This In the summer, some people will shave all the fur off of their pets. I suppose it is to help the pet stay cooler during the hot summer. I have never tried it, and I have owned several dogs with thick undercoats – they never seemed to be suffering from the summer heat. Although the house may have had a lot less fur on the furniture had I done that! Jin Jin is a Persian cat whose owner, Xie Qian Qian, likes to shave his fur. Sometimes Jin Jin gets a style that makes him look like a lion – the only fur he has left is on his head and tail. Here is Jin Jin with all his glorious fur. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Website : http://www.creepy-world.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/cw.creepyworld Twitter : https://twitter.com/CreepyWorld_ Contact Us : [email protected] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AnimalsWorld : goo.gl/ocdBXq HappyWorld : goo.gl/yUyJfq -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #CreepyWorld #Cat #Jin_Jin
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Persian Cats Desperate for Raw Food
Persian cats and Kittens from Ethereal Persians Cattery express their excitement for their raw food meal. They are raised on an optimal diet of homemade balanced raw food for a glossy, vibrant coat as well as a diverse micro-flora. For more information please visit EtherealPersians.com.
Views: 2842 Roxys Pampered Pets
Питомник кошек, содержание нескольких кошек
Питомник кошек, содержание нескольких кошек
Views: 3030 KRASCATS
Amazing blue tabby boy available dob 22.07.2014
BLOOD LINES: Exotic style, Prestega, Fluffygrape, Polcann, Silverdance
Gizmo exotic shorthair cat playing fetch
Gizmo exotic shorthair cat playing fetch
Views: 30 Lisa Nguyen
The red male persian @ 8 months. He is out from GC TEHY BIG MAC OF MARADAN X MARADAN GIRASOL. Thank you SO much for my mentor Antonio dan Maradan Cattery
Views: 1745 n1k079
Kori Ocha (4 months) 5
Cream tabby exotic kitten
Views: 200 EXO'PLANET cattery

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