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Presentations - Students of Product Design Episode 7
Students of product design episode 7 covers how to give a concept design presentation to a small group, but the techniques can be used for presentations to much larger audiences and will also help with portfolio presentations. A concept design presentation doesn't begin when you sit down in front of the client with a set of drawings, or when you're preparing those drawings a week before. It starts the moment you first meet the client, you need to build relationships. One key to this is to just be interested in the client, people are interesting and with just about everything in life things always go far better if you show you're interested in them. I once saw a quote by Bill Nye, 'Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't'. So before the presentation, keep talking to your main contact, keep them updated with progress, be interested in what they're up to and their suggestions, good design, good relationships, good business is about continuous communication. The presentation doesn't end once you have shown the last concepts either. You need to close the presentation, by managing expectations, letting the client know when you will need a response to hit the next deadline, helping the client reach an informed decision, agreeing the next stage etc. With any set of concepts, you'll have your favourite, often there's one that's stronger than the others, but any one of the designs a client chooses will be a good outcome, because they will be one of you or your teams designs, you can't loose, unless the client doesn't like any of them. If theres a design you're presenting that you really don't want them to choose, why is it in your presentation. Unless you have to present a series of concepts that a group of people came up with. Then there may be one you don't like, because we all like different things, but as long as it answers the brief, doesn't create confusion or you can't give a strong argument for leaving it out, then it should be included it in your presentation, to give the client breadth of choice. This is important to consider when you work in a team and also a good argument if it is your design that another member is trying to exclude. There are masses of useful links out there to help so as promised in the video, here are some links not necessarily specific to product design which I like and think will be useful: http://muledesign.com/2014/09/13-ways-designers-screw-up-client-presentations https://99designs.com/designer-blog/2013/03/19/5-tips-on-how-to-prepare-a-design-presentation/ http://www.richardbaird.co.uk/2012/05/10/the-designers-guide-to-presentation/ http://www.proedgeskills.com/Presentation_Skills_Articles/difficult_questions.htm This is a good link to how to deal with clients who want to feature creep: https://community.uservoice.com/blog/when-to-build-requested-feature/ In the video I briefly cover how to calm nerves and one relaxation technique that has really helped me, relaxing my shoulders. This is a good link to more relaxation techniques and ways to deal with nerves. http://www.inc.com/larry-kim/15-power-up-tips-to-make-you-a-better-presenter.html http://www.skillsyouneed.com/present/presentation-nerves.html http://lifehacker.com/how-to-calm-your-nerves-before-making-a-terrifying-spee-1677504967 Finally if you have specific questions not answered by a Google search, then you can always post a question on the forums at core77.com to get advice from industry professionals. I hope you enjoy 'Students of Product Design Episode 7' and it helps when you have to give a concept design presentation. More of my work is here: www.producttank.co.uk
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Logo Design From Concept to Finished Product
Step 1: Talking to client and deciding design direction or brief for the logo design project. Step 2: Working from design brief to create quick logo ideas. Step 3: Working with your starting logo ideas in adobe illustrator or your design program. Step 4: Packaging and sending logo ideas to client. Step 5: Receiving feedback from client about the logo designs. Making adjustments and revisions. I hope you enjoy learning and following along with the logo design process with a real client. check out my website to get in touch with me: http://www.zimrimayfield.com/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zimrimayfield Instagram: @zimmayfield
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#10 - Get a Client - Product Design Process Tutorial
Hi everyone, welcome back to Angga Risky, and in this video, we will learn how to show off our project to Dribbble.com to get more client or to get a good feedback from other designers. Follow the full episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbWaFLp5nVg Take My Online Courses: https://www.udemy.com/user/angga-risky/ Software that I used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_CTow88_Ds My Works: dribbble.com/anggarisky behance.net/anggarisky Connect Me: fb.com/anggariskycom instagram.com/panday1n
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Pitch This! How To present design work to clients like a pro!
How do you talk about design work? How do you develop your design vocabulary? If the work is good, shouldn't it speak for itself? How can you use words to fill the mental gaps of imagination. “Paint the picture for your client , make them feel the boat rock, make them smell the saltiness in the breeze, make them visualize the structure. Prepare them for a meal so that when they open their eyes they are ready to eat.” Ever have trouble pitching your idea to the client and want to improve? You are not the only one. Chris and Ben each have to sell their idea in Pitch This! These are style frames for 450 Alaskan in Seattle. It's a new real estate development in historic Pioneer Square. -- 0:10 What is Pitch This? 1:15 The work does not speak for itself - use the power of language/terminology to articulate your thinking and to paint in the gaps in imagination. 4:42 What was your reaction to that presentation/pitch? 7:16 Use a more straightforward approach to communicate what really matters to the client/audience 8:12 What do you mean when you say visual vocabulary? 10:38 Include descriptions of texture and the other senses in your presentation. 11:05 Be deliberate and intentional about what you include in your stylescapes. More on Stylescapes here: https://youtu.be/lGmPCutgI2o Translating Stylescapes into design: https://youtu.be/PZfk-Pi0EXk — We need your support today! Ensure the longevity of this channel. Become a sustaining member for $5/mo. https://goo.gl/uKcJ3N See all of our products: https://goo.gl/J52GqA LEARN & GROW Sales and Marketing Class: https://goo.gl/iF5xua Lettering I Class: https://goo.gl/lNHaqh CORE Strategy Kit:https://goo.gl/Uc3IKp Agency-In-A-Box Kit: https://goo.gl/lyEdjK Selling & Overcoming Objections: https://goo.gl/qS91x2 The Pitch Kit: https://goo.gl/MgZY6z The Perfect Proposal: https://goo.gl/XNF4ZH Visit our website: https://goo.gl/a4ZtAk See all of our free resources: https://goo.gl/Rf6zdc — AFFILIATE LINKS* 🙏 Support The Futur but purchasing through our affiliate links: Amazon: http://bit.ly/thefuturishere Webflow: http://bit.ly/2EbET9l Retro Supply Co.: http://bit.ly/2GW8gzR Creative Market: https://goo.gl/g4jlTE Design Cuts: http://bit.ly/2GSsAR3 ✍️ Sharpen your skills by taking a course, using our affiliate links: Skillshare: https://goo.gl/YCo2uT School of Motion: http://bit.ly/futur-som Bring Your Own Laptop Tutorials: https://byol.me/thefutur 🎧 Do you like the music? Check out the music libraries we use in our affiliate links below: Epidemic Sound: https://bit.ly/2T647tR Musicbed: http://bit.ly/futurmb Artlist: http://bit.ly/2uWdna7 — Listen to the Futur podcast on iTunes: 🎙 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-futur/id1209219220?mt=2 Android Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/aaron/the-futur Google Play: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Itg3hr5bs4a54w73o2toxcr4vhe Sound Cloud https://soundcloud.com/thefuturishere — Connect with us online: 🔔 https://www.facebook.com/theFuturisHere/ https://twitter.com/thefuturishere — Need brand strategy help? Visit Blind LA’s WEBSITE: http://blind.com — Credits: Executive Producer– Chris Do Host– Chris Do Director– Aaron Szekely Cinematography– Aaron Szekely, Mark Contreras Editor– Erica Pead Futur Theme Music – Adam Sanborne http://www.adamsanborne.com Annotations & SEO – Isaiah Nwukor Typefaces: Futura, Din, Helvetica Futur theme song— Adam Sanborne === *By making a purchase through any of our affiliate links, we receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us on our mission to provide quality education to you. Thank you.
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Product Design A2 Client Interview
This is my client interview for my Product Design A2 major project
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Customer vs Product Development - How to Build a Startup
This video is part of an online course, How to Build a Startup. Check out the course here: https://www.udacity.com/course/ep245.
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Product Design Sketching (Shading Techniques Explained)
I'm explaining some basic shading techniques in this video. The addition of shading to a page full of sketched design ideas helps the product designer to communicate his or her ideas and thoughts to their client. Here are some tips and advice on making the process as straightforward and fluid as possible, allowing the designer to focus upon being creative and problem solving. Please comment with your thoughts, ideas and questions. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE HERE.... https://www.youtube.com/user/camtopher?sub_confirmation=1 Product Design Sketching with Biro (timelapse) https://youtu.be/KJP1-TUC9uQ Marker Pen Rendering (how to draw a sphere) https://youtu.be/6OgtbZCC28U Marker Pen Rendering (the basics) https://youtu.be/MdLMLMzudbM Marker Pen Rendering (timelapse) https://youtu.be/MZEySuDATYQ Product Design Sketching (building 3d sketches) https://youtu.be/JkpDCUk17K4 Product Design Sketching with construction lines https://youtu.be/_uzSMAI5AuE Two Point Perspective (circles and cylinders) https://youtu.be/zPDbca83V5Y Two Point Perspective (the basics) https://youtu.be/SZ_bF7KnWQg
7 Principles of Product Design // Aarron Walter
Aarron Walter — the VP of Design Education at InVision, the former Director of User Experience at MailChimp, and author of Designing for Emotion — shares product design best practices, learned through years of experience and extensive research with companies winning their market through design. During this presentation, you’ll learn: • Methods that will help you design products more effectively. • Ways your team can optimize workflow. • Insights about doing product design successfully at scale. -------------------------------- Subscribe to our channel for more videos about developing and designing ecommerce stores, apps, and themes with Shopify » http://bit.ly/ShopifyPartnersYouTube Subscribe to our blog for daily articles on Shopify theme and app development, as well as advice for starting a web design agency » http://bit.ly/ShopifyPartnersWebBlog Connect with us on: • Facebook » http://bit.ly/ShopifyPartnersFacebook • Twitter » http://bit.ly/ShopifyPartnersTwitter • Instagram » http://bit.ly/ShopifyPartnerInstagram Looking to build an online store for your clients? Become a Shopify Partner and earn recurring income for each client store you build » http://bit.ly/BecomeAShopifyPartners Launch your own online store by visiting Shopify and starting your free trial » http://bit.ly/VisitShopify
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ID Sketching Practice Sketchbook. ( The Client )
I had some time on my hands and I took a little video of an oldish ID sketching practice sketchbook.
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Why Industrial Designers Are Different Than EVERYONE | Industrial Design Process
Intro on Industrial Design processes from Design Sketching to Prototyping and presentation. Watch Previous Episode! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAhU4JhwPag My Portfolio www.behance.net/jimmyhuynhea5d My Instagram www.instagram.com/jimmyhuynhdesign Metal Peg Board: https://amzn.to/2VyBBUj Peg Board Hooks: https://amzn.to/2SH85cY My Main Camera https://amzn.to/2GPaMrC My Microphones https://amzn.to/2Sqbcpv https://amzn.to/2CHqOjl https://amzn.to/2BQQXdM Microphone Setup Parts https://amzn.to/2ViLBAS https://amzn.to/2BQRix4 https://amzn.to/2VjFZq0 My Lights https://amzn.to/2Aq1DjE
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Annotation (a crucial tool of the product designer)
Annotation is a crucial element of product designing. The ability to annotate is arguably as important as the ability to draw. We can include a whole extra level of information in our design work with the use of annotation. This is what we would aim to cover: Materials - manufacturing processes - modelling - components - features - moving parts - sizes - assembly - tools/equipment required - shortfalls in knowledge - needs of the client - development - form - function - sustainability - environmental/social issues - cost - time - complexity of manufacture - quantity production - order of manufacture etc. I Am Running Down the Long Hallway of Viewmont Elementary by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/honor/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
Design Is [Vision] – The Power of Storytelling in Product Design and Business Strategy
Designers help define the future by envisioning and crafting product experiences. They do this in a number of ways, whether it be by helping to create a strategic product vision through storytelling or through insights-driven, human-centered design. Effective product strategy requires the ability to define a vision that actively works alongside business and technology to design experiences users want in the face of behavioral and computational change. Designers articulate abstract ideas and give them form, by reconciling user needs with business goals and advanced technologies. Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act in the way stories do. A product vision serves as a tangible artifact that provides teams the 10,000 foot view and aligns them around a shared North Star to inspire innovation. Design Is […] is a monthly speaker series on the future of design and creativity. Each public talk is centered on a theme, and the series highlights a broad range of perspectives on everything from human-centered design to VR and ethics. Learn more at: https://goo.gl/d9JSxL Stay up-to-date with future Design Is [...] videos and more by subscribing to Google Design channel: https://goo.gl/naDtMa
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Product Design by Year 12 Students
As part of their AS level in product design, year 12 used a real client base to design and model a child's toothbrush. The results were fantastic and the children loved testing them out. #Sunmarke #PosEd #WhereAmazingHappens #Fortes #PositiveEducation
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Product Design - Music To My Ears - Client Evaluation
This is my client evaluation for my headphones in the project of Music to my Ears. This video was made by Nick Randall. Headphones made by Nick Randall.
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WooCommerce Custom Product Designer by dangcv
Demo & Download: http://bit.ly/2zO15nQ NEW FEATURES Cliparts Store with 10000+ Cliparts Design Template:, allow client choose list design template in design tool Smart data with store New mobile layout Change admin system, help client easy and fast to add product Auto save design of client and load design when client come back Group item design and allow move, resize… Add Introduction of design tool Allow show, hide button ‘add to cart’ on page product detail Fixed Bugs Download file PDF, PNG on chrome Add minimum quantity after change product. Add permission view page download design from admin Show product design template when using shortcode Notify update on admin wrong Publish, Unpublish font from admin Upload font file Add function allow download element design Show clipart on parent categories Change Qrcode google api to Qrcode library offline Enter many line on text box of design tool Auto create many file svg when reload page download Hide list product colors from product options Fix create new product design when edit product from cart Add to cart on IE11 Text clipped when preview Image clipped when move on safari Change color of clipart when copy item Text item broken of EDGE Rotate item change position when start move Size of item wrong when add item in zoom mode Elite Author:dangcv
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Greene Tool - Product Design and Support - Mac and PC.mp4
Client Testimonial and Product Design and support description
Client Project - Omnia - Product design smart materials 2013
Client project for a student, researching into smart materials and the lack of knowledge other students have for these type of materials. Feedback would be much appreciated http://www.facebook.com/KH.Multimedia All Rights Reserved (c)
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Strategyzer's Value Proposition Canvas Explained
The Value Proposition Canvas allows you to design products and services that customers actually want. In this short video, we walk you through the tool and how it works. For more info, visit http://strategyzer.com Credit: Daniela Berto/Neue Big: Content Strategy and Production http://www.neuebig.com Lisa Cadamuro https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisacadamuro/ Jeanette Iris Mooney: Script Editing Maria Walnut: Concept, Creative Direction, Design www.studiomariawalnut.com Max Mörtl: Art Direction, Stop Motion Animation Direction www.maxmoertl.de Cris Wiegandt: Paper Craft Assistant https://www.criswiegandt.com Jimi Newport: 2D Animation https://bob74.myportfolio.com Julian Terbuyken: Music and Sound Design https://www.odoeje.de Alex Belcourt: Voice Narration Crafted and filmed in Berlin at Cris Wiegandt Studio. Special thanks to Björn Lefers for his contribution about the Audience/Script Analysis
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Product Design AS (CITSO): Client Evaluating My Model
Product Design AS @ Reigate College
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A2 Product Design | Client Interview
This video shows the interview I conducted with my client after she tested the product. From this feedback I wanted to gain an understanding of the positives/ negatives of my product and how my client believed they could be improved.
Client Project 2013 (NTU Product Design Exhibition promo) KH.Multimedia
Feedback would be much appreciated http://www.facebook.com/KH.Multimedia All Rights Reserved (c) http://www.facebook.com/ntudesignindustries?ref=ts&fref=ts https://twitter.com/ntuindustries
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AS Product Design - Chair - Client Evaluation (NICHOLAS RANDALL)
AS Product Design, Client Evaluation of the chair project by Nicholas Randall. Voice in the background was Nicholas Randall. Client: Nick Vagg Filmed and Edited by Nick Randall.
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How To Give a Client Presentation
Our project management expert at https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=HowtoGiveaClientPresentation Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you methods for impressing the client in a presentation.
How We Design & Engineer a New Game Console for our Client.
Industrial Design & Product Development of Kiosk Game Platform by VertexPD. Vertex was approached by the client to do a complete re-design of an existing similar product manufactured by the same client, and to have a new product which is more up to date with regards to design style and lower in cost to manufacture. Demonstrated here is a typical design process and phases of development of this effort. More information at http://www.vertexpd.com
Mike Monteiro: 13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations
The hardest part of design is presenting work. I’ve seen people who did amazing work get up in front of a client and lay eggs. I’ve also seen people do alright work and wind clients around their little finger. Optimally, you want to do good work and present it well. But I’d rather have a good designer who can present well than a great designer who can’t. Work that can’t be sold is as useless as the designer who can’t sell it. Presenting is a core design skill. In this session we’ll go over the most common mistakes designers make when presenting their work, and how to avoid them.
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Sunkist Research -- Priorité au client avec Product Design Suite
http://usa.autodesk.com/product-design-suite/ Sunkist Research utilise les logiciels de Digital Prototyping et Product Design Suite pour répondre aux demandes de ses clients qui recherchent de nouvelles machines d'emballage pour les fruits de forme ovale tels que citrons et avocats, jusqu'alors emballés manuellement. " Le travail en collaboration permet au client d'être partie prenante du projet. Nous étudions ensemble les besoins, ce qui représente beaucoup plus qu'une conception réalisée de notre côté. Product Design Suite met notre savoir-faire ingénierie en valeur." -- Alex Paradiang, Directeur des Etudes, Sunkist Research Découvrez les avantages apportés par: • la validation des performances et l'amélioration de la qualité avant la construction • la réduction des prototypes physiques • la collaboration grâce à de puissants outils de visualisation • Un flux de conception complètement intégré
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A Level Product Design- Nature inspired chair
Client demo: Testing the product in the clients home.
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This is a first!!! After months and months of filming my life as an interior designer and entrepreneur, my clients are finally starting to expect to see a camera person with me everywhere I go!..and...I LOVE IT! Having our clients allow me to film our meetings means more opportunity for you guys to see even more of what I do and hopefully learn from! I really hope to let you guys in on EVERY aspect of my work life because I know it isn't easy deciding whether or not to become an entrepreneur, or take the plunge to enroll in design school and I figure the more insight you can get to help make that decision the better!! I hope you enjoy this one! xK Subscribe to my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHNK-JM63_vb2CJc1wC4p8g?sub_confirmation=1 Watch more of my business videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPXNut11Owo&list=PLM725hE3_9b_qdOTZm5IpEqkDHEiUycY7 — Karin Bohn is the founder and creative director behind the award-wining Vancouver-based design firm, House of Bohn (www.houseofbohn.com). Karin established the interior design firm over 8 years ago, and since has made her mark on the West-Coast Canadian design scene in many industries including high-end residential, multi-family, restaurants and retail. Karin’s passion to create is the reason behind her YouTube channel. In addition to working at the helm of her interior design firm, she experiments with storytelling and "giving-back" in a digital medium – video. Her self-titled YouTube channel is an on-going passion project and online world that’s not only a space to share her expertise in interior design, style and business, but is also dedicated to helping others grow their own successful businesses. --- Follow Me Online Here: Instagram: http://instagram.com/karinbohn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KarinBohnOfficial Website: http://karinbohn.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/karin_bohn House of Bohn: http://houseofbohn.com
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Product Design AS (MTME): Client Interview
This is my client interview on my finished prototype headphones. Music to My Ears 3D Product Design (AS)
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Shopify Product Design Application
See and understand how it work, your client can customize products easy with text. image, icon...
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Web Product Designer
We have a North Dallas client hiring a Web Product Designer. This Internet Software Company designs and develops web, tablet, and handheld applications for their customers’ various platforms! You will Impact the Company By: • Conducting surveys, focus groups, reviews, and interviews to better understand end-user Requirements. • Setting the direction of UI design within various product development efforts • Interacting daily with Key Executives, Directors, SME’s, and Managers, on project objectives and deliverables. • Creating web content and documentation in the development of product technologies, tools, and workflows and… • Partner with Software Developers to implement best practices. • If you have over 5 years of professional experience; 3 years of Internet Testing knowledge; and 2 years experience with SCRUM, Agile, Microsoft SQL, Java, JSP, SQL Server, and JavaScript, Please contact me! • Feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone who may be of interest. To find out more about this position and other jobs send me your resume to: [email protected]
Using product design to increase client value in Weather Index Insurance
Inaugural presentation by Ashutosh Shekhar and Rupalee Ruchismita of CIRM at Understanding Agricultural Index Insurance: Field Visit and Training. The event was held at CIRM office in Chennai, India and the field visit took place in Cuddalore district in South India. More details can be found at the exclusive microsite - www.cirm.in/events/agriculture-index-insurance-conference-2012
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Product Design | Music To My Ears Project | AS Level | Client Test/Interview for ePortfolio
An interview/client test for music to my ears project, product design coursework.
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Prime Studio Product Design | Lynda.com from LinkedIn
"Meet the designers of Prime Studio, a product and brand consultancy business, and learn about the process behind their new line of collapsible home products, Squish. https://www.linkedin.com/learning/paths/become-a-design-business-owner?utm_campaign=nkq2Q4rlQQ0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube-earned Additional Learning Paths: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/paths/become-an-industrial-design-cad-technician?utm_campaign=nkq2Q4rlQQ0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube-earned https://www.linkedin.com/learning/paths/become-a-design-business-owner?utm_campaign=nkq2Q4rlQQ0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube-earned"
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Enhance Product Development Customer Feedback and Testimonials
Some of our past customers share their experience working with our firm for invention design, development and licensing. To learn more for yourself, please visit our website at http://www.enhancepd.com. Otherwise, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 877-993-6426. Read more client reviews at https://enhancepd.wordpress.com/
Opencart Custom Product Designer - Add Product
T-Shirt eCommerce is a system help you create website powerful with custom product online and ecommerce. Website allow your client design before order. A comprehensive solution for printing company with sale T-shirt/apparel designer, Sign board designer, Stamp designer, Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop skin, bottle label designer, Bags, Stickers/Label Designer … WooCommerce Custom Product Designer is plugin of wordpress - HTML5 ONLINE DESIGNER. Website: http://tshirtecommerce.com/
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How to Get Clients to Give You Better Design Feedback | Sarah Doody
Has a client every said "I'm not really feeling that". Feedback like this is not helpful. This leaves you playing detective trying to decipher what they *actually* don't like and why. In this video I will teach you how you can get your clients to give you better and more actionable user experience design feedback, ==================== LEARN MORE ABOUT UX ==================== Are you a UX designer? Get my free weekly UX Newsletter: + http://www.theuxnotebook.com + Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uxnotebook + Tweet me: http://www.twitter.com/sarahdoody + Visit my website: http://www.sarahdoody.com ==================== UX COURSE: FEB 2017 ==================== Want to learn more about how to do more user research as a part of your UX process? Sign up to be the first to know when my UX Research Fundamentals course is available: + Join the course waitlist: http://www.userresearchfundamentals.com ===================== ABOUT SARAH DOODY ===================== Sarah Doody is a User Experience Designer and Product Strategist based in New York City. As a designer, Sarah works helps new companies assess their idea, understand their customers, and design their MVP. For companies with a product already in market, Sarah helps optimise their user experience through metrics, research, and her years of product design knowledge. In addition to consulting, Sarah publishes a popular weekly newsletter, The UX Notebook, and writes regularly for the design community. Sarah also teaches on UX and previously created the curriculum for and taught General Assembly’s first 12-week UX immersive. When not thinking about design, Sarah is training for her next marathon or planning a trip to explore a new part of the world. Get my free UX newsletter, invites to live training and exclusive discounts on my courses: + http://www.theuxnotebook.com
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Pencil & Marker on Colored paper rendering Technique Product Design sketching episode 10
Color Paper marker and pencil product Industrial Design rendering: it's part of a creative design series about presentation rendering of concept art using prismsacolor Copic magic markers pens color pencils and various other visual communication techniques including digital manipulation. This series will showcase some advanced skills used by industrial designers when they render out concepts to present to a client or for review in the product design process. How I approach the design of a concept ship, the design process that I follow to design and refine the concept into the final marker renderings. Contact me through www.botzen.com https://plus.google.com/+EricStrebel and follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/botzendesign (@botzendesign) I always post cool design stuff there. Of course a facebook page too https://www.facebook.com/botzendesign Botzen Design Inc. Industrial Design and Product Visualization http://www.botzen.com
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How to draw cast shadows (product design sketching)
Adding cast shadows to your design sketches is adding a level of information for your client. It makes your ideas more easily understood. Here are the basics of how to construct cast shadows in your product design sketching. Product Design Sketching with Biro (timelapse) https://youtu.be/KJP1-TUC9uQ Marker Pen Rendering (how to draw a sphere) https://youtu.be/6OgtbZCC28U Marker Pen Rendering (the basics) https://youtu.be/MdLMLMzudbM Marker Pen Rendering (timelapse) https://youtu.be/MZEySuDATYQ Product Design Sketching (building 3d sketches) https://youtu.be/JkpDCUk17K4 Product Design Sketching with construction lines https://youtu.be/_uzSMAI5AuE Two Point Perspective (circles and cylinders) https://youtu.be/zPDbca83V5Y Two Point Perspective (the basics) https://youtu.be/SZ_bF7KnWQg
Industrial Design Books |  Recommendations for new designers
Check out my latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj6HRTSNEAs&t=1s Industrial Design Books In this video, I'm recommending 7 industrial design books for new designers or anyone looking to learn more about Industrial design or Product design. _____ Here is a list of the industrial design books mentioned: 1. Thinking Objects: Contemporary approaches to product design / Tim Parsons https://www.amazon.com/Thinking-Objects-Contemporary-Approaches-Product/dp/2940373744/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1527820616&sr=8-1&keywords=Thinking%3A+Objects+Contemporary+approaches+to+product+design+%2F+Tim+Parsons 2. The making of Design: from the first model to the final product / Gerrit Terstiege https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?sts=t&cm_sp=SearchF-_-home-_-Results&an=&tn=The+making+of+Design%3A+from+the+first+model+to+the+final+product&kn=&isbn= 3. Design for the Real World / Victor Papanek https://www.amazon.com/Design-Real-World-Ecology-Social/dp/0897331532/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1527820771&sr=1-1&keywords=Design+for+the+Real+World+%2F+Victor+Papanek 4. Design, Creativity and Culture: an orientation to Design / Maurice Barnwell https://www.amazon.com/Design-Creativity-Culture-Orientation/dp/1907317406/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1527820820&sr=1-1&keywords=Design%2C+Creativity+and+Culture%3A+an+orientation+to+Design+%2F+Maurice+Barnwell 5. Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals / Rob Thompson https://www.amazon.com/Manufacturing-Processes-Design-Professionals-Thompson/dp/0500513759/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1527820918&sr=1-1&keywords=Manufacturing+Processes+for+Design+Professionals+%2F+Rob+Thompson 6. How to See: a guide to reading our man-made environment / George Nelson https://www.amazon.com/How-See-Reading-Man-Made-Environment/dp/0974491802/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1527820969&sr=1-1&keywords=How+to+See%3A+a+guide+to+reading+our+man-made+environment+%2F+George+Nelson 7. The Good Life / Scott and Helen Nearing https://www.amazon.com/Good-Life-Nearings-Self-Sufficient-Living/dp/0805209700/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1527821080&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Good+Life+%2F+Scott+and+Helen+Nearing Used books: www.abebooks.com ____ W H A T T O W A T C H N E X T: GOOD DESIGN - ONE concept that can make all the difference https://youtu.be/lBVjcn0uiuQ FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION - an example in Industrial Design https://youtu.be/IiPHL0L2Vh8 INDUSTRIAL DESIGN PRODUCTS | How to communicate the "use" https://youtu.be/_wrFuy7UtPA ____ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: ► http://bit.ly/2NWHpCw Be sure to hit the bell to be notified of new videos! ____ SAY HI ON SOCIAL: Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/design_plus_morna/ Facebook ► www.facebook.com/Design-Morna-1824095881241242/ ____ LEARN MORE ABOUT PRODUCT DESIGN ► https://www.designplusmorna.com/ ____ MUSIC: Podington Bear "Pives_And_Flarinet" ____ #learnindustrialdesign #designplusmorna #industrialdesignbooks
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The Best Digital Design in The World 2016
D&AD Pencil Winning Digital Design 2016. At D&AD Judging 2016 we spoke to members of our Digital Juries, to find out what makes them tick. Where are the most innovative ideas coming from, what constitutes brilliant digital design, and what were the best examples of digital design they saw in 2016? All these questions and more are answered by our panel, who are: Andy Sandoz, Havas WW / D&AD president 2016. Anil K. Nair, Digital L&K Saatchi & Saatchi Wain Choi, Cheil WW Alessandra Lariu, Frog Geoff Teehan, Facebook Work shown in order: Nike Rise 2015 – http://ow.ly/E2pS301Fnuv Award: Graphite Pencil / Digital Design / Connected Products / 2016 Agency: AKQA Client: Nike Backup Memory - http://ow.ly/zMRu301Fnxz Award: Wood Pencil / Digital Design / Apps / 2016 Agency: 3SG BBDO Client: Samsung Electronic Tunisia Owlet Baby Care - http://ow.ly/hTGd301FnAx Award: Wood Pencil / Digital Design / Connected Products / 2016 Agency: R/GA Client: Owlet Kinetic - http://ow.ly/8VAR301FnNS Award: Wood Pencil / Digital Design / Connected Products / 2016 Agency: R/GA Client: Kinetic Jacquard - http://ow.ly/I6Xx301FnRO Award: Graphite Pencil / Digital Design / Technological Innovation / 2016 Agency: Google Creative Lab & ATAP First Hearing Aid Interface for the Apple Watch – http://ow.ly/M08Q301FnUq Award: Wood Pencil / Digital Design / Apps / 2016 Agency: Designit Client: GN ReSound Unmade - http://ow.ly/Cvdh301FnZ2 Award: Yellow Pencil / Digital Design / Connected Products / 2016 Agency: Unmade Ltd Client: Unmade Code Playground - http://ow.ly/LSGS301Fo6V Award: Graphite Pencil / Digital Design / Websites / 2016 Agency: BBH London Client: Barclays Morgan Stanley Digital Signage Times Square - http://ow.ly/fcuR301Foew Award: Digital Design / Digital Design / 2016 Agency: Bloomberg Marketing Studio Client: Morgan Stanley Dreams of Dalí - http://ow.ly/Xbch301FogG Award: Wood Pencil / Digital Design / Digital Installations / 2016 Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners Client: The Dalí Museum Because Recollection - http://ow.ly/aHgO301FojK Award: Graphite Pencil / Digital Design / User Experience Design (UX) / 2016 Agency: 84.Paris Client: Because Music Spotify Year in Music 2015 - Digital Site – http://ow.ly/nmXx301Foxb Award: Graphite Pencil / Digital Design / Websites / 2016 Agency: Stinkdigital Client: Spotify USA Weber BBQ Cultures – http://ow.ly/QSHb301FozK Award: Wood Pencil / Digital Design / Websites / 2016 Agency: UncleGrey Client: Stig Pedersen Canon GIG App – http://ow.ly/25sc301FoB3 Award: Graphite Pencil / Mobile Marketing / Innovative Use of Mobile Technology / 2016 Agency: UncleGrey Client: Canon Clever Kash - http://ow.ly/P7dp301FoD8 Award: Yellow Pencil / Mobile Marketing / Innovative Use of Mobile Technology / 2016 Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Client: ASB Bank Icons for Pebble Time – http://ow.ly/1tbq301FoE9 Award: Wood Pencil / Digital Design / User Interface Design (UI) / 2016 Agency: Heydays Client: Pebble Funtastic Hand - http://ow.ly/YnMA301FoFk Award: Yellow Pencil / Product Design / Innovative Product Design / 2016 Agency: Publicis Colombia Client: Cirec Foundation D&AD represents global creative, design and advertising communities and celebrates brilliance in commercial creativity.
SnS Design industrial design firm | turning industrial design products into success
WEBSITE: http://snsdesign.com/ We help companies and individuals bring ideas into existence. SnS offers clients innovative product designs that set new standards of excellence, by identifying market trends, and promoting brand strategies that increase profits. Our blueprint of innovation co-joined with a process of connecting the consumer with the product, allows us to validate and identify new approaches to generating the perfect product development solution. SnS Design, Inc is a full service Product Design firm specializing in product design and product management from concept through development. Our service model is simple; create products that are the envy of competitors and engaging to consumers. Our talented team has provided clients in a variety of industries with premier design solutions focused on market dominance We have developed a wide array of products since incorporating as a “Minority owned women’s business” in 2003. We strive to understand our client’s needs, enhance the product development process, and bring a level of connection that bigger companies simply are unable to provide. We are experienced in designing a broad range of products that include home appliances, consumer electronics, medical products, furniture, and children's product. SnS Design, Inc specializes in the development of home appliances, housewares, consumer electronics, furniture and life style products. Our design expertise includes - Conceptual Design, Invention, Product Development, Product Innovation, Prototype, Patent, Branding, Packaging, Graphics, Point of Purchase, 3d Renderings, Investor Presentation, Mechanical Design and Engineering, Design Electronics, Product Testing, Product Compliance, Manufacturing and Retail Placement.
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Thumbnail Concepts Marker Rendering: Product Design Adventure Toy sketching Series Episode 1
This multipart creative design series is about presentation rendering of concept art using prismsacolor Copic magic markers pens color pencils and various other visual communication techniques. This series will showcase some advanced skills used by industrial designers when they render out concepts to present to a client or for review in the product design process. How I aproach the design the RedJack Amphibious Adventure Vehicle video series, the design process that I follow to design and refine the concept into the final renderings. Contact me through www.botzen.com google.com/+EricStrebel and follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/botzendesign (@botzendesign) I always post cool design stuff there. Ofcourse a facebook page too https://www.facebook.com/botzendesign Botzen Design Inc. Industrial Design and Product Visualization http://www.botzen.com Super big thanks for the music to Michael Hostettler. You can check out more of his music on his web page: http://hunchbunny.com/
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Installing WooCommerce Custom Product Designer
T-Shirt eCommerce is a system help you create website powerful with custom product online and ecommerce. Website allow your client design before order. A comprehensive solution for printing company with sale T-shirt/apparel designer, Sign board designer, Stamp designer, Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop skin, bottle label designer, Bags, Stickers/Label Designer … WooCommerce Custom Product Designer is plugin of wordpress - HTML5 ONLINE DESIGNER. Website: http://tshirtecommerce.com/
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