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Cartoon Doll Emporium
This Video Is For The CDE Contest I made it...i hope u like it♥ IMPORTANT: I don't go to CDE anymore cuz my computer wont let me log in, just letting u know so u don't send me a message there and don't receive a reply
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Cartoon Doll Emporium Games
Gameplay of some of the games available on the Cartoon Doll CD with Kissing Booth, Skeet Ball, and Fashion Show.
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Cartoon Doll Emporium - The Best Dress Up Games Online!
http://www.cartoondollemporium.com/ is a virtual playland with thousands of dress up games and the safest online social community for girls. In the social network, you can dress up your own avatar, buy items for your avatar, trade/barter/sell your items with other users, earn rewards that you can display on your profile, blog, talk with friends, write stories and share them, and enter and vote on contests.
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Cartoon doll emporium
this is for a contest on cartoondollemporium.com the song is long road to ruin and please join cartoondollemporium and be my freind and my name is shikamaruscutie (of corse) wow thanks for the 1000 views i feel sepical
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My Cartoon Doll Emporium Yasmin Dolls
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Cartoon Doll Emporium Page
:) :) :) :)
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cartoon doll emporium people!
here are some people (avatars) off of CDE (Cartoondollemporium) Hope you like!
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Cartoon Doll Emporium
Play Dress up with pretty dolls. These show some exclusives available on the Cartoon Doll Emporium CD. Also,while recording this video, a game on the CD I played did not close properly. So you keep hearing "Hi Honey" in the background....which amuses me.
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My Favorite CDE Celebrity Dolls
Credit: Cartoon Doll Emporium Enjoy, allamericanchic I do NOT own Cartoon Doll Emporium or the dolls that appear in this video or the songs that play in the video
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Cartoon Doll Emporium!
The contest! Watch it and JOIN! it's awesome!
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Cartoon Doll Emporium
This is for a contest! If you can't read the IM's they say: A Sweet Misery (2:16:01 AM): Hi! Sweetatheart613 (2:16:06 AM): hey! A Sweet Misery (2:16:12 AM): whats up? Sweetatheart613 (2:22:59 AM): nm I am sooo bored though A Sweet Misery (2:24:29 AM): really? I'm not. Sweetatheart613 (2:25:13 AM): how? what are you doing?!?! A Sweet Misery (2:26:38 AM): I'm on the coolest website ever! Sweetatheart613 (2:27:13 AM): omg! what website? A Sweet Misery (2:27:57 AM): It's called Cartoon Doll Emporium Sweetatheart613 (2:29:27 AM): how do I get there? what's the URL A Sweet Misery (2:30:57 AM): it's http://www.cartoondollemporium.com Sweetatheart613 (2:31:47 AM): cool. what can you do on the website? A Sweet Misery (2:33:45 AM): there is so much you can do! you can dress up dolls and you can make a profile where you can take care of a baby or buy a boyfriend! you can play games and there are so many contests! it's so much fun! Sweetatheart613 (2:34:34 AM): really? that's so cool! do YOU have one of those profile things? A Sweet Misery (2:36:39 AM): yeah! you should go register and request to be my friend! my username is Sweetatheart613! it's the same as your AIM screen name A Sweet Misery (2:36:44 AM): lol Sweetatheart613 (2:37:35 AM): does registering cost any money? A Sweet Misery (2:39:40 AM): registering doesn't cost any money but to buy cartoon dollars does. they aren't expensive at all! Sweetatheart613 (2:40:15 AM): that's so cool! Sweetatheart613 (2:40:24 AM): I'm going to register right now! A Sweet Misery (2:41:21 AM): awesome! make sure you ask one of your parents first! Sweetatheart613 (2:42:39 AM): I will! btw I've been looking around the webite, and it's the coolest site ever! A Sweet Misery (2:43:34 AM): I know I'm going to go play some games so ttyl! Sweetatheart613 (2:44:51 AM): okay thanks for recommending the site! Cartoon Doll Emporium is the coolest site ever! A Sweet Misery (2:46:22 AM): I know. recommend the site to all your friends! and remember thats cartoon doll emporium and the URL is http://www.cartoondollemporium.com Please visit http://www.cartoondollemporium.com I don't own the music but I did make the whole video by myself.
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The Fierycupcake Show - Episode 10
http://www.cartoondollemporium.com CDE's beloved Fierycupcake shows off some amazing art done by the CDE users and has a pretty cool giveaway! Enjoy!
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Awesome Free Toolbar for Cartoon Doll Emporium
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Cartoon Doll Emporium
A simple Cartoon Doll tribute I made on One True Media. These dolls are all Super Dolls. It was well hard to do. Music coming soon!
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Cartoon Doll Emporium
Un video de CDE (cartoon doll emporium)
Views: 216 diableisha
The Fierycupcake Show 2
http://www.cartoondollemporium.com The Fierycupcake Show is a weekly web show hosted by one of the most loved CDE Staff members, Fierycupcake. You can see more episodes and play awesome games at http://www.cartoondollemporium.com
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Cartoon Doll Emporium Language Contest!
Okay! To be on youtube, were gonna play GUESS THE WORDS!!! Okay, the words or sentences or paragraph is gonna be in a diffrent language then english! And only the people who can get this right can be on youtube! My username is mrscherrycupcake, so look me up on the search! I have haruhi suzumiya videos, naturally by selana gomez, and much more! I shall be uploading a video on the contest in a sec, BUT NO CHEATING! YOU CANNOT CHEAT! I will know if you cheat, and if you do then YOU WILL NOT BE ON YOUTUBE! I can only give you hints if you have no idea! But, you get LIVE LINES! 50/50. Thats all! You get 3 50/50's per person! OKAY LETS START!! okay... this is the sentence! GET READY TO TRANSLATE!!!! हैलो! एक अच्छा दिन क्या आज! मूर्ख!
Views: 93 MrsCherrycupcake
The Fierycupcake Show Episode 8
http://www.cartoondollemporium.com The Fierycupcake Show is a weekly web show hosted by one of the most loved CDE Staff members, Fierycupcake. You can see more episodes and play awesome games at http://www.cartoondollemporium.com
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Cartoon Doll Emporium Tutorial
Heres the tutorial on how to join!! :D Really simple xD Sorry the Sign in part got zoomed in so you can't really see it, but in the upper right corner where you clicked to join there is a little tab that says Sign In, and then just click that and fill in your username and your pass and there ya go! And after you sign in click Continue To My Profile, and when you get to your profile, if you haven't filled it in, just look up above your avatar and right next to where it says My Profile it should say edit. Click that and fill in that and there ya go :D Disclaimer: I dont own the song in this video.
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Hello! thank you for watching! And Please add me!! my username is minakim!
Views: 883 emoprincesschick18
Cartoon Doll Emporium Tutorial 2
This tutorial is for after you sign up! If you want to sign up just go to: cartoondollemporium.com And if you need help watch my 1st tutorial! Anyway! This tutorial is to help if you want to add friends, write a blog, make a club, invite friends, edit your avatar, etc! I hope this helps!! Disclaimer! I do not own the song in this video.
Views: 625 xxconverse1
Cartoon Doll Emporium show
Look,don't ask!
Views: 91844 NicollShine
The Fierycupcake Show Episode 4
http://www.cartoondollemporium.com The Fierycupcake Show is a weekly web show hosted by one of the most loved CDE Staff members, Fierycupcake. You can see more episodes and play awesome games at http://www.cartoondollemporium.com
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cde cartoondollemporium
why is cde fun? here it is!
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Cartoon Doll Emporium Contest 1
Like cartoon doll emporium and CDs and items? Then join this contest! Website link: http://cutekaity7scdeblog.wordpress.com/ CDE website link: http://www.cartoondollemporium.com/index.html
Views: 171 Clouddreamer123
CDE - Magical Friends My Little Pony Sweepstakes Walkthrough
CDE/ Cartoon Doll Emporium is doing a sweepstakes for a dressup game where you make a walkthrough to the dressup game you get a token and a lucky user gets a Rainbow Dash Hat for your character _______________________________________________________________________ you can play as Rainbow Dash and other little pony friends MY USERNAME FOR CARTOON DOLL EMPORIUM IS iKagamineRin
Views: 164 Elsie Coe
The Fierycupcake Show - CDE Food Raps
http://www.cartoondollemporium.com CDE's beloved Fierycupcake announces the winners of the CDE Food Rap contest! We created some awesome music videos to go along with the winning raps!
Views: 6198 Cartoon Doll Emporium
Girl Games EP08: CartoonDollEmporium.com
Midnight Voyager joins me for the biggest girl games emotional rollercoaster yet!
Views: 5156 DeviousVacuum
Cartoon Doll Emporium (CDE) Review
Non-Gamer Parent Review for Cartoon Doll Emporium (CDE); Videogame Review for PARENTS. www.kidconfidence.com
Views: 11490 Kidconfidence
Cartoon doll emporium
Just my dolls i made (if you think i like all of those tv shows, and video games, i really dont watch them) i was also was going to make a sailer moon doll
Views: 251 Antie97
Cartoondollemporium HELP and tips
Just a lil some some to help yall dum dums wiff CDE lmao!! http://www.cdelove.webs.com/
Views: 161 CDElover456
Girl Games EP10: CartoonDollEmporium.com (Boyz Edition)
Special guest and girl game enthusiast Dyslexiactic joins me to look at how boyz are represented in girl games.
Views: 4764 DeviousVacuum
Ameria doll
Views: 87 CDEmovies
Cartoon Doll Slideshow - I Wanna Hold You (McFly)
These cartoon dolls were made by Tabitha Bridges using the Cartoon Doll Emporium website. Music is "I Wanna Hold You" by McFly.
Views: 2049 hamfistUK
My awesome CDE friends!
This video is about my CDE (Cartoon Doll Emporium) friend's! They are the best. If you have an account on it rep them,add them, and more! THANKS!
Views: 27 LexiOr Roxas
How To Get Free CDs On Cartoondollemporium
Website : http://www.cartoondollemporiumc.wix.com/freecds It's spelled correctly idk y they have the extra c at the end, but yeah hurry, the staff person emailed me and she gave me permission to put it on youtube. so uhm, bye? good luck.
Views: 441 Lover123Fantage
dress up cartoondollemporium.com
este es el repertorio de imagenes de esa pagina. son 30 ni mas ni menos. POR FAVOR VOTAD Y ESCRIBID COMENTARIOS!! gracias.
Views: 118 vicoke250305
My Bakery Empire - Bake, Decorate & Serve Cakes Part 8 - Fun Cooking Games For Kids and Children
Once upon a time, there was wannabe baker whose dream came true! Enjoy this mouth-watering cake bakery story and help Lizzie fulfill her dream of someday opening up a sweet bakery of her own. Now that day has finally arrived! She's graduating from college, and she's more than ready to get baking some tasty cupcakes. But she needs your help! Have fun opening up lots of yummy bakeries, baking with Lizzie and becoming a true baking professional who’s famous for beautiful, tasty delights! Help Lizzie open up world-famous bakeries and take specific orders from her demanding customers! Learn how to bake delicious, mouth-watering desserts like cupcakes, smoothies, donuts and cakes! With your assistance, Lizzie will become the most talented pastry chef ever! You’ll just LOVE this tasty bakery story game! But here’s a little warning - this bakery story game WILL make you hungry! Features: You’ll love this fun cake bakery story game! Help Lizzie open up a cake bakery… and then another cake bakery… and another cake bakery! There’s no such thing as too many bake shops! And definitely no such thing as too many cupcakes! Take specific orders from your customers, and serve them with a smile! Make sure they get exactly what they asked for, whether it’s cupcakes, donuts or cakes! Learn how to bake tons of desserts from so many yummy recipes, with a professional cake maker! Make your cakes extra fancy with colorful cake decorations! Dress up Lizzie like the true baker she is! Give her a pretty chef’s hat and a pretty apron! Show off your sweet bakery skills and win first prize in baking contests and cake fairs! Get ready to bake the tastiest desserts ever, from apple yogurt smoothies to princess birthday cakes, to scrumptiously delicious cupcakes! Build up your reputation and become the most famous baker in the world, in this fabulous sweet bakery story game! ➤ Download Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cocoplay.sweet.bakery App Store : https://itunes.apple.com/app/my-bakery-empire/id1258500723?mt=8
Views: 866055 KidsBabyPanda
CDE commerial
www.cartoondollemporium.com commercial
Views: 16342 Anna Roth
Summer doll
Views: 29 CDEmovies
CDE Video 1
The first of a series of videos for the forum members of cartoondollemporium.com
The Dollie Show
Watch in HD The Dollie Show Welcome to the Dollie Show I'm a huge fan of Cartoon Doll Emporium :-) I made this video because I love playing with dolls Hope you like it! For more dolls, games, and excitement, visit http://www.cartoondollemporium.com/
Views: 99 DollieDollFan
nami's avi and best friends on CDE
do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! click the link to join the site: http://www.cartoondollemporium.com/cdeprofile/profile_register/profile_register.html
Views: 44 2CoolFriends
Doll sildeshow!
5th vid. WOW ^^ I was just bored that's all..... These dolls are from www.pixelbee.com and www.cartoondollemporium.com Please comment or rate! Byes! ~Mermaidsparkle21~
Views: 436 Mermaidsparkle21
video sample for Cartoon Doll Emporium please do not copy
Views: 33 evand00
My Cde Besties!
All My Besties On Cde! (aka Cartoon Doll Emporium) Cartoon doll emporium is a amazing site!! :D its: cartoondollemporium.com I'm making a new tutorial soon so keep a eye out fur that if you need help joining! On Cde I'm: xXDin0saur_L0v3Xx So add meh if you already are on there! Disclaimer! I do not own the song in this video.
Views: 233 xxconverse1
me and my friend dressin up justin bieber on cartoon doll emprorium:)
this is me and my friend dressing up justin bieber on cartoon doll emporium:) we got bored JUSTIN BIEBER HATERS DONT WATCH:) PLZZZZ no hate/mean commernts pplzzz we love justin drew bieber:):D:):D:):D:):D♥♥♥♥☺♥☺♥☺♥♣jb rocksss:) FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @babybieber48
Views: 1477 twixbell48

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