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Women breastfeeding animals Real maternal love==Top 9 Health Tips
#Top9healthtips Women breastfeeding animals Real maternal love==Top 9 Health Tips Tune in daily for new beauty, style, fitness,Health & DIY videos. Our team of beauty, style, fitness and health experts brings you the best advice, tips, tricks and home remedies so you are always in-the-know, through quick videos that you can easily watch on your phone. please subscribe my channel You tube channel goo.gl/XflVqH You tube channel goo.gl/XflVqH Facebook goo.gl/XflVqH Blogs goo.gl/XflVqH Blogs goo.gl/XflVqH Women breastfeeding animals Real maternal love==Top 9 Health Tips -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Effective Home Remedies for Firming Sagging Naturally__Top 9 Health Tips" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ouo0hyw9bVs -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Kamasutra 101: How many of these positions have you tried? Something for the weekend? We've rounded up the 7 best Kamasutra sex positions for women Find your perfect sex position The world’s oldest and most famous sex manual, The Kamasutra was written in India around 400BC and literally means ‘A Treatise on Pleasure’. With over 100 different sexual positions including graphic instructions on how to do them, it’s the most comprehensive sex guide in the history of mankind. But with a central focus on female pleasure, tips for women on maintaining relationships with several lovers, and exhaustive techniques for men on how to keep a woman satisfied in case she runs off with someone else, we reckon it might just be the world’s first Feminist Sex Bible. We asked Sexpert Girl On The Net to talk us through the top 7 positions and why they work so well for women… You’re welcome. The Plough How to do it: Essentially an easier and more enjoyable version of the wheelbarrow, you lie tummy down on the bed with your top half rested on the bed and legs off the bed and straight out behind you. He is between your legs, supporting your lower half by your thighs. It takes practice but is worth every minute. Why it works: The wheelbarrow is a great position but totally exhausting. This is all the fun without the pain. Plus when you’re tensing your leg muscles (which this active position requires) it tightens up your vagina, which gives the sensation of squeezing him tight from within. When you orgasm in this position, your muscles contract even tighter which gives you an even more intense sensation. The Plough Sex Position The Rider How to do it: This is basically the classic woman on top, but the key to its success is its flexibility. You have the option of switching between sitting upright so he gets more of a view or lying down flat chest to chest with him for increased intimacy. Add a vibrating ring for him if you want something different. Why it works: Because you are ultimately in control so can angle yourself exactly as you want it. Not all of us have our clitoris in the same place but this is one you can angle to where yours is for personal pleasure. It’s great if you’re a performer as you can sit up and indulge your inner sex goddess, while those with very large boobs that hurt when they jiggle up and down in this position can lie flat on their partner’s chest for a bit of relief. The Amazon How to do it: He lies on his back and pulls his knees up to his chest so he’s curled up in a ball. He then pushes his penis back between his legs so it’s underneath them. You squat over him and rock backwards and forwards. Reading now Why it works: This is one that sounds bizarre but has to be tried to be believed. I’d always dismissed it in sex guides till I tried it out myself. It makes you feel incredibly powerful and is the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like a guy during sex without a strap on. The Amazon Sex Position The Frog How to do it: It’s very simple and almost doggy position, but instead of being on your hands and knees, you put your arms down flat and rest the whole front part of your body on the bed with bum up in the air. Why it works: You have your hands free so you can use them to stimulate yourself. His hands are also free for extra stimulation. Because you’re not balancing your weight on your hands, you have more energy to stay in the position for longer and your hands are free to play with him and yourself throughout. The Hero How to do it: You lie on your back in the backwards roll position, with your ankles by your ears, while he kneels and takes you whilst holding your legs back. Why it works: In terms of angle this is perfect for G Spot stimulation, as his penis will rub directly against your G spot. This is also ideal for light BDSM fans because your ankles can be tied together or to the bedpost or held in place by him, which avoids you getting cramp. Thanks for da like ★~(◡﹏◕✿) Dont forget to subscribe to our channel on this link ...https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOIa-MuNCFF0DXUVlpmQQhw Enjoy the video guys Please SHARE! #ViralToday #ViralYouTube #ViralNow #ViralAsia
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Ready For SeXXX » Brittany Kendall
You were introduced to Brittany Kendall in New Discovery. A sweet, quiet girl, Brittany's back quickly to show us how her studies in sexology are progressing. Professional service-cock J Mac will be testing Brittany's knowledge. As described at the SCORELAND Blog, Brittany's friend recommended she model for SCORE so she took his suggestion and contacted us. When someone says her most-fun job was stripping, you know you have a live wire on your hands. She's ready to step up her game and ready to make that happen right now. Brittany has a blonde beach-bunny look. That's because she is one, from San Diego, California. But she has no suntan or bikini-lines. She is fair-skinned and creamy. With natural 36FF-cups. J Mac comes behind her and begins bouncing and jiggling her boobs. Her nipples visibly enlarge as he does his jug juggling act. He asks her what her favorite position is and she tells him doggie-style. Yes, she has been tit-fucked before Brittany says. Then he turns her around to lift up her skirt and spank her soft, pink bottom. Brittany moans in a baby-doll voice the entire time she's being fondled and her tits pulled and squeezed. He pulls off her panties and puts Brittany on a couch. Her legs open and his fingers sink deep into her pussy. It's just as pink as the rest of her. Sucking on her right nipple, he spanks her pussy, his fuck-finger pistoning inside her. Brittany's prick eating and tit-fucking skills are very impressive. She's a quick study and learns fast. Brittany may be a quiet girl when it comes to dirty talking but that's because there's still a bashfulness inside her and she's not used to sexing on-camera. This shyness is a good thing and adds to her girl-next-door appeal. Brittany has a virginal quality about her although she says she has sex twice a week and has fucked outdoors, in a public bathroom and in a three-way hook-up. When they start fucking, Brittany is on top lowering herself onto his pole. She explodes as she's pounded in a slew of horny positions including the wild pile-driver. At one point, J Mac picks Brittany up and fucks her as she holds on while he's standing, gravity driving his dick in deeper. Welcome aboard, Brittany Kendall!
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How To: Breast Self Examination Tutorial
October is Breast Cancer awareness month and Sexpert Tyomi has created a video to show women how perform a Breast Self Examination. Watch and learn!
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Big Tit Showtime With Sirale
This is the first time Sirale has played hot stripper and worked the pole. The brunette curvette looks hot as she spins around the cold steel tube. Her audience of two behind Sirale in this private club want to give her something hard also. Sirale can work it and she's got moves. Her grinding against the pole is working its magic. Next, Sirale takes her big boobs and wraps them around the pole. She taunts the two with the promise of a great time. The difference is, she will deliver, unlike many other dancers. Thomas and Neeo reach out for Sirale to come closer. They want her. She sits between them and they each reach out to suck a nipple and squeeze her natural tits. Sirale's nipples become as hard and as stiff as pencil erasers from their lips and tongues. The elongation is noticeable. Thomas has first-rights to lick Sirale's snatch. That sends her over the edge. She takes a cock in each hand and sucks and jacks them. If one shaft is not in her mouth, she's jerking it. At one point, she takes both cocks in her mouth. They put Sirale on her back. Neeo bangs Sirale's cleavage while Thomas fucks her mouth. They pull off her panties for a nice, unblocked view of her pussy. Thomas shoves his prick into her while Neeo fucks the brunette stripper's mouth. Now Neeo needs Sirale's pussy. They turn her around so she is in a doggy position, one knee on the couch. Neeo takes her pussy and Thomas gives her mouth cock. She sucks it hands-free. Who's going to have the most stamina left when this three-way pole fuck is over? It won't be the two strip joint punters, that's for sure!
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5 Sex Positions That Are All About Your Breasts
The best sex positions involve as many erogenous zones as possible. Yet most popular moves neglect the one erogenous zone that when stimulated the right way can turn good sex into OMG don't-stop action: your breasts. Not only are your breasts and nipples super receptive to touch, they're also an intimate part of your anatomy. Having your partner focus on them can make you feel more connected—and lead to a deeper orgasm as well, says Laurie Mintz, PhD, author of Becoming Cliterate. Even science has shown that nipple touch can activate the same regions of the brain that light up in response to genital stimulation. Your boobs tend to get a lot of attention "in the initial stages of making out during foreplay, and then they’re neglected for the rest of sex," says Mintz. "My advice is to include [them] in the whole event, not just the beginning." That's wisdom we can get onboard with. Here are five sex positions that do exactly that. Doggie style squeeze The doggie style position typically has your partner behind you, planting his hands on the mattress or stretched out above your head for support. In this twist, your guy leverages himself by holding one or both breasts. As he enters you from behind, he can easily reach down and squeeze and play with your girls, says Mintz, depending on the type of touch and intensity you like. Though it's up to you to let him know if you crave harder or faster strokes or if you want him to pinch your nipples, ultimately he's driving the action—you get to relax and revel in all the pleasure. You can also try this with you bent over a table, or with both of you standing while you face a wall for balance. Wow-him woman on top While your partner reclines on his back and you start riding him, he'll have an incredible view of your rack moving up and down with each thrust. Tease him by arching your back or keeping your breasts just out of reach, so he can't play with them until you give the go-ahead. (Remember, woman on top puts you in charge.) But your pleasure, not his view, is the real focus here. So once you're done teasing him, encourage him to reach up and hold your breasts and even prop himself up so he can use his tongue to lick and suck them. The feel of his wet mouth will have your headlights standing at attention and sending tingling waves of pleasure through your body. Rack wraparound With your partner sitting comfortably on the floor, face him and lower yourself onto his penis, riding him and supporting yourself by holding his back or shoulders. Your breasts will be close against his body, and as a result, you'll feel close to each other. He can try holding your breasts as you thrust against him or just pressing his torso into them, creating lots of body heat. Or he can blow against your nipples, boosting the sensation you feel above and below the belt. Spoon and cup Spooning is such a comfy sex position, it allows you to draw out sex and make it longer and lazier—and that allows from plenty of time for breast play. Lie on your sides, your partner behind you, and have him caress your breasts and nipples before he enters you. Try to draw foreplay out for as long as you can, asking him to cup your breasts and tease your nipples between his fingers. When you can't take it anymore, have him enter you, his hands still cupping your breasts as you power toward orgasm. Oral sex outstretched “Sex doesn’t have to be intercourse," says Mintz. We totally agree—which is why we included this oral sex for you position: Lie comfortably on your back and have your guy position his head between your legs. As he goes down on you, encourage him to reach up and play with your breasts with his hands, so his arms are stretched over his head reaching toward you. While you enjoy every sensation, he's got all the erogenous zones on the front of your body covered.
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I Want To Make My 70inch Booty BIGGER | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj Glamour girl Natasha Crown is on a mission to grow the world’s biggest booty - by gaining 55lbs and then surgically transferring the fat into her butt. The 25-year-old has already undergone THREE Brazilian butt lifts to take her asset to a whopping 70-INCHES around - making her derriere as wide as the average man is tall. Before the surgery she is eating pizza, waffles and Nutella straight from the jar to put on 25kg of fat that she will then have transferred from her arms, back and stomach into her bulging booty. So far, Natasha has spent $70,000 on surgeries - including regular lip fillers and botox and breast augmentation to increase her chest to a massive M cup - but she won’t be happy until she ‘struggles to get through every doorway’ and her butt is the biggest in the world. She hopes her look will launch her modelling career internationally. Her friends have mixed feelings about her latest plan to add even more inches – some are encouraging but a few are concerned for her health – whilst her parents are very religious and hate Natasha’s look. Video Credits: Series producer / director: Paddy Hughes Barcroft TV: https://www.youtube.com/user/barcroftmedia/featured Barcroft Animals: https://www.youtube.com/barcroftanimals/featured Barcroft Cars: https://www.youtube.com/user/BarcroftCars/featured For more of the amazing side of life: For the full story, visit BARCROFT.TV: http://www.barcroft.tv/ Like @BarcroftTV on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarcroftTV Follow @Barcroft_TV on Twitter: https://www.Twitter.com/Barcroft_TV Check out more videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/barcroftmedia/videos Download Barcroft TV on iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/barcroft-tv/id1287734327?mt=8 Download Barcroft TV on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.recipe.barcroft&hl=en
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Yoni Massage for Orgasms and Healing
VAGINAL KUNG FU: http://kimanami.com/vaginal-kung-fu/ Your vagina and your sexual energy are your power sources. Do you struggle with: - Low libido  - Numbness - Difficulty in orgasm  - Pain during sex  - Lack of lubrication  - Struggles with menstruation and menopause  You CAN heal yourself.  In this video, we'll explore three ways to heal, awaken, activate and supercharge your vagina and have a magical, magnetic yoni. VAGINAL KUNG FU: http://kimanami.com/vaginal-kung-fu/ YONI EGG KIT: https://anami-alchemia.com/products/jade-egg HOW TO BE A WELL-F**KED WOMAN https://kimanami.com/the-well-fked-wo... FOLLOW MY GLOBE-TROTTING AND WEIGHT-LIFTING VAGINA on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kimanami/
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Natural Titties
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Fake Taxi | Hot Girl in Taxi 2018 HD
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Anal Sex Best Sex Positions
LEARN MORE HERE - http://FemaleOrgasmsMastery.com 👉 EXCLUSIVE G-SPOT ORGASM VIDEO HERE - http://FemaleOrgasmArts.com 👉 Anal Sex best positions that will help you enjoy anal sex with your partner without pain and have amazing deep anal orgasms Sex positions are very important for anal sex. Women in general are a bit scared of having anal sex because they think it will hurt, but you can avoid that using the correct sex positions and the correct techniques. In this video I share with you the best 4 positions to try anal sex, which are the following: 1. Sideways cuddle: The best one as she will be relaxed and feel protected and safe 2. She lying on her back: Here her muscles are very relaxed as well and is great to start 3. She on top: this one is great for her, as she will be in control of the deepness of the penetration and the rhythm. 4. Doggy Style: This one is the most exciting visually, but is also the most difficult. Try this one once she is used to it and ready, as her muscles will be more tense in this one. Try them out tonight! VISIT MY SEX BLOG HERE: - http://FemaleOrgasmsMastery.com/home In my Youtube Channel and my blog you will find the best tips and videos about sex, female sexuality, female orgasm, female ejaculation, squirting orgasms and g-spot orgasms. You will learn everything you need to become the best lover you can be. Visit my sites and learn everything about sexuality. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I send Videos every Saturday!! Stay tuned for them! Thank you for following my channel and for your awesome support. I am here to help you become the best lover you can be. Charlie http://FemaleOrgasmsMastery.com/home
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Top 20 Sex Positions For The Best Sex
Top 20 hottest sex positions! VISIT MY BLOG HERE - http://FemaleOrgasmsMastery.com 👉 EXCLUSIVE G-SPOT ORGASM VIDEO HERE - http://FemaleOrgasmArts.com 👉 BEST SEX EDUCATION HERE - http://FemaleOrgasmsMastery.com/sex-education-online/ 👉 Best sex positions you can try to make your sex life more fun. These 20 positions will give you great ideas to improve your sex life. The kamasutra will teach you thousands of sex positions that you can try and enjoy, but the truth is that at the end most people use the same positions most of the time. That is because it is easier for us to have orgasms in those positions, as compared to the impossible positions you will find in the kamasutra Even so, it is important to innovate and do new things in bed. Trying new positions can be of great help to make that happen and can be a great new thing to do with your partner. There are basically 3 basic sex positions that are: - missionary - girl on top - doggy style Any other position is a variation of these 3 positions. In this video I share with you 20 positions that will change your sex life and will help you have more fun in sex. Here is a small summary of the video: • 0:11- Introduction to video • 0:39 - 20 Top Best Sex Positions Presentation Starts • 1:32 - 3 Basic Sex Positions • 2:15 - Missionary Sex Position • 2:30 - Girl On Top • 2:45 - Doggy Style • 3:20 - Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position • 4:18 - Lotus Flower Sex Position • 7:54 - Kinky reverse girl On top Sex Position • 10:36 - Scissors Sex Position • 12:13 - G-Spot Max Stimulation sex position • 15:56 - Final comments and conclusion • 16:30 - Great Link To Amazing Sex education program VISIT MY SEX BLOG HERE: - http://FemaleOrgasmsMastery.com In my Youtube Channel and my blog you will find the best tips and videos about sex, female sexuality, female orgasm, female ejaculation, squirting orgasms and g-spot orgasms. You will learn everything you need to become the best lover you can be. Visit my sites and learn everything about sexuality. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I send Videos every Saturday!! Stay tuned for them! Thank you for following my channel and for your awesome support. I am here to help you become the best lover you can be. Charlie https://FemaleOrgasmsMastery.com
It's Natural
Actual footage from a sex-ed video shown to kids.
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http://www.facebook.com/Youtubehypnosis This video is designed so that the viewer can experience the natural urges that a female dog feels when in heat. This video is geared towards women, although I'm sure any men interested could also enjoy this video. I recommend watching this video when and where you can enjoy it privately. There is some instructions that the viewer has to do after watching the video so again, it's highly advised that the viewer be able to watch this video in privacy. Please note that I do not recommend that you watch this video if you are under 18. Viewers should either lie down or sit in a comfortable position. And it's also recommended that the viewer use stereo headphones while listening to this video. Please feel free to leave a comment after watching the video to share how you liked the video. Comments are greatly appreciated and help me make better videos. And if you enjoyed watching it, please also feel free to Like, Favorite and Share this video. You can send me your video requests by messaging me here or on Facebook OR email your requests to [email protected] Also remember to Follow me and UltraHypnosis on Twitter where we post news and videos right to your Twitter feed. www. Twitter.com/YoutubeHypnosis Thanks for the views and thanks for subscribing. Have a good day, Jacqueline Powers http://www.youtube.com/missjacquelinepowers Taking requests here on YouTube (private message), by messaging me on Facebook, or submit your video requests the way I prefer - by email To: [email protected] Find Me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jacqueline.powers.507 Follow Me and UltraHypnosis on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/youtubehypnosis Look Me Up on Blogger: http://jacquelinepowers.blogspot.com/ Download my audios on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/artist?id=Azjmhltjohpj23yefeyuaozlhoe ============================================================ Jacqueline Powers is the owner, author and rights holder of all content in this video. All rights reserved. 12.13.2012
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Woman Breastfeeds Dog In Viral Video
A woman has caused a serious stir on Facebook social platform with a video of her breastfeeding a puppy.The video which was uploaded by a user VC Igwemezie has been viewed by over 2 million users and also garnered over 10,000 comments.Just as expected, several persons were not nice at all in their comments as they lashed out all they could on the woman whose face wasn't displayed in the video.The dog was obviously enjoying itself as it sucked on he woman's boobs.The strange exhibition made people question the state of the woman's mentality as some believed she was possibly mentally deranged.
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T dog and Amber Getter done!
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iTunes & Apple Music ▶︎ https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/jam-on-the-boobs/1078054520instagram:@andy170707 official website ▶︎ http://jamontheboobs.com/ -Jam on the Boobs- Guitarist Andy,Drum Mitsuhiroを中心に10年以上作曲を続け現在のスタイルを確立。 2016年5月より新宿の路上にてLive活動を開始。 ソロ、ドラム、DJ、ダンサー、等,セッションの活動スタイルは多岐にわたる。 独特でミニマルなフレーズを重ねていくギターはリフ、ソロ、エフェクティブ、時には逆再生し、それらが有機的に混ざりながら曲を構成していく。 バンド層からクラバーまで幅広い層から絶賛される1stアルバムは路上の販売のみで一年で300枚を売り上げ、今もペースを衰えることなくロングヒット中。 2018年12月より2ndアルバムを配信開始。
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Anastasia Woods
My name is Anastasia and I was born July 5th, 1961. I am 5'5" tall, a blond haired, green eyed BBW. My zodiac sign is Cancer and I love the outdoors with special interest in the mountain wilderness, and the beach. I have a fondness for water in its natural element. I also am a romantic and my favorite color is hot pink. I like all types of music with Classic and Soft Rock being among my favorites. I could listen to love songs for hours! I prefer to watch movies as to TV shows, And among my favorite movies are Gone With The Wind, Titanic, and Last of The Mohicans. Although Love and Romance movies are among my favorites, I enjoy all types of movies including action, adventure and horror movies. There is nothing like cuddling up to the one you love with a bowl of popcorn and a movie! I am a sensual lady that prefers soft things next to my skin thus heightening my touch senses to is highest degree such as satins or silks. I also enjoy incenses and natural aromatherapy candles. And I enjoy the soothing and relaxing atmosphere that a glass of wine provides in front of a nice fire. I read mostly romance novels, and prefer fiction to non fiction. But at times I find myself longing for more education and information and have been known to pick up books to appease this side of me and thus store valuable information that I may find it necessary to use in the future. I have a fetish for high heels especially stilettos and sexy lingerie, and its feels wonderful against my skin....nothing like some soft Spanish lace to make a lady feel feminine, beautiful, and like a lady! My heritage is a blend of Italian and native American Cherokee Indian. And so I am a passionate, sensual lady with a sexual appetite that I hope parallels my lover's. There is absolutely nothing more exciting then to be in the arms of the one you love while exploring each others bodies and pleasuring each other to the highest peaks of love making in a relaxing atmosphere of candlelight and wine with rose incense gently burning in the background. I also am a nature and animal lover with horses, cats and birds being among my three favorite creatures in life. Although I enjoy and respect all other types of animals. My favorite wines are fruity flavored ones. And my favorite foods are Country cooked ones and Italian dishes. I am a night person and love the nighttime, its aura and sounds....The moon and stars in all its glory and magnificence. Being at peace beneath Gods canvas of light is absolutely breathtaking and spectacular. I have blond hair, and hazel eyes, and fair skin of milky white such as those with lily white skin of the southern beauties in the south. Well I guess I must wrap up this by saying that I am a deep, moving spirit and enjoy the spiritual presence of God and all that's here on earth, and beyond. Affectionately yours, Anastasia Model/Poet/Country Girl http://www.youtube.com/AnastasiaWoods Additional Tags: "BBW Pear" SSBBW Wide Hips "Huge Butt" "Sexy Ass" azz bootie ass women "thunder thighs" smart beautiful "big butt" "long hair" "sexy eyes" ass, smile, "bedroom eyes" voluptuous, endowed " busty, plus size" Curvaceous figure, bedroom, bed, purple bra, purple lingerie, teddy, teddies, cleavage, big tits, natural, black panties, thong, underwear, red lipstick, purple eyeshadow, black eyeliner, flirtatious, warm, inviting, wholesome, green eyes, country girl, mountain, nature, "animal lover" people person, cuddly, soft, kind thoughtful, caring, loving, MILF, tease, stomach, face down, doggy style, drop dead gorgeous BBW.
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2018 Newest Style Sex Doll Japanese For Male Sex Love (gomaxdoll made)
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ANNAPOLIS, MD.  – He loves to go-a-wandering with a backpack in his trunk. Drug dealers like to run into folks with plenty of cash to buy their stash. But on Rt. 50 headed towards Ocean City, the driver of a Nissan rear-ended a Honda which was also headed to the beach with a load of consumer-packaged pot.
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lesbians Tits hot Kiss sex
lesbians Tits hot Kiss sex
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Dog eaten manhood..haha
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Friend loves doggy style!!
via YouTube Capture
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Mary Jean Says Her Favorite Position; Breast Size; Penthouse
Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Porn Star Mary Jean for an exclusive interview! Mary Jean talks about the first time for her doing Porn, doggy style being her favorite position, breast size, being in the new Penthouse issue & much more! Follow @xomaryjeanxo @jackthriller @thisis50 http://www.thisis50.com/profiles/blogs/mary-jean-says-her-favorite-position-breast-size-penthouse-ti50 Mary Jean Says Her Favorite Position; Breast Size; Penthouse Mary Jean Says Her Favorite Position; Breast Size; Penthouse Mary Jean Says Her Favorite Position; Breast Size; Penthouse
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Doggy and Pussy
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Sex styles part 1
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"T & A Training" workout FULL EPISODE Tits & Ass sculpting workout Real Hollywood Trainer exercise
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WM Dolls 140 cm real love and sex doll   YouTube
This is a showcase and test of limbs moveability of the new artificial doll companion from WM Dolls, makers of real love and sex doll. This doll is 140 cm tall.
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