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Perfect BIT.TRIP FLUX  - Epiphany (TAS)
TAS on BIT.TRIP FLUX Epiphany (Tool Assisted Superplay/Speedrun (some call it superplay, some call it speedrun... so there's both xD)) This is for those who want to see perfect on every BIT.TRIP level, because it's somewhat irritating for me when it's not perfect. I c u but u no c me. :D
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Let's Play BIT.TRIP FLUX #1 - Epiphany
A lesson is learned. Life is. Simply.
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BIT.TRIP FLUX - CATHARSIS Perfect Run 720p60 (WiiU)
This video is not about my pride of perfecting this level, it's about giving the comfort to our great sadness of a man, who pioneered & cherished Nintendo & this industry for at least 20 years, is now departed from this world. No physical gift that I can bring, but only this form. I'll be playing this perfect run, a commemoration gift, for him. Spread this video with love to all, borrow if you must. Thanks for our memories, Mr. Satoru Iwata. _______________________________________________________________ Developed By Choice Provisions © 2009, 2011(Gaijin Games) Sound/Music Provided By Petrified Productions "Strange Comfort"© Provided By Bit Shifter Perfect Run Difficulty: 9.0/10 Rules: 1 Player, No Pause & Twin Wiimotes (For precision, grip, & less shaking) NOTE: It's been 3-4 years since my last Catharsis run, my how the times gone by. Sorry for the delay, been sick for a while. It's Really Hard, about 100 takes or more, and it does test my calmness. This will be the last Catharsis Run. Of course, there still more levels needed to post because of 60 Frames/S feature. Next Up: CORE - Discovery 60 F/S Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImhJaM3nnes
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Perfect BIT.TRIP FLUX - Perception (TAS)
TAS on BIT.TRIP FLUX Perception (Tool Assisted Superplay/Speedrun (some call it superplay, some call it speedrun... so there's both xD)) This is for those who want to see perfect on every BIT.TRIP level, because it's somewhat irritating for me when it's not perfect. I c u but u no c me. :D
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Perfect BIT.TRIP FLUX - Catharsis (TAS)
TAS on BIT.TRIP FLUX Catharsis (Tool Assisted Superplay/Speedrun (some call it superplay, some call it speedrun... so there's both xD)) This is for those who want to see perfect on every BIT.TRIP level, because it's somewhat irritating for me when it's not perfect. I c u but u no c me. :D
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BIT.TRIP COMPLETE: 20 FLUX Challenges. Made by Gaijin Games. Played by SWN.
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Let's Play BIT.TRIP FLUX #2 - Perception
There is no death. There is no before. There is no after.
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Let's Play BIT.TRIP FLUX #3 - Catharsis
All is in flux. Simply.
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BIT.TRIP FATE All Perfect Run + 20 Challenges 720p60 (WiiU)
It is difficult for me to find a computer with internet access without data limitations. Now that I found one, along with my apology for keeping you waiting, I've decided this video will combine all of FATE levels & 20 challenges into one. It is a huge file,17-18 Gigabytes for 1 & 1/2 hour video. _________________________________________________________________ Perfect Run Difficulty Scale 5.0-6.0/10 Determination & Patience 7.5-8.0/10 Desperation & Frustration 8.5-9.0/10 Anger & Fall This is one of my big project I've want to do. I'm glad this is done & uploaded, so I'll look forward to upload the rest of BIT.TRIP levels in the future. To the people who have this game on Steam or any PlayStation platform, for those who want to get a "Perfect!" Achievement, the Determination level is the one you will do with ease. Developed By Choice Provisions © 2010, 2011(Gaijin Games) Published By Aksys Games (Wii) Sound/Music Provided By Petrified Productions FATE Main Menu/Credits Music Guest Star By MINUSBABY
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The full soundtrack from the game "BIT.TRIP FLUX". Music composed by Gaijin Games and Bit Shifter . 0:00 - Strange Comfort (feat. Bit Shifter) 7:12 - Epiphany 14:58 - Perception 21:13 - Catharsis 28:25 - Home 34:00 - Departure 36:23 - Arrival 38:12 - Illumination 39:24 - Completion 40:22 - End Disclaimer: I own nothing. All rights to the owners.
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The Game Ending for BIT.TRIP (FLUX). The BIT TRIP https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA02752_00
A NEW VIDEO IS NOW POSTED WITH CRISP CLEAR QUALITY! LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20cnGCR2uCM BIT.TRIP COMPLETE - FLUX: Made by Gaijin Games & Music by Petrified Productions. Played by me (SWN), It's 1 player and non-pause perfect run of Catharsis (Normal) (Score: 1,559,976,046, missed 5 bonus beats). Date of video post: November 20 2011 (BIT.TRIP COMPLETE - All 63 perfect levels + 120 challenges complete)
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This is a complete walkthrough of BIT.TRIP FLUX, containing all three songs and more. Now with navigation - skip directly to the song, or check out the Epilouge or my then-current high scores! Just click on the name of the song in the intro! Song notes: Epiphany: Sweet youkai jesus so close to a Perfect. Also, epic fail on the boss. Perception: It's pretty sad that I did better on the fresh go than on this one. Didn't even no-miss the boss. Catharsis: It's pretty obvious this is the one I play the least. Jumping pairs are still difficult, and shit's just flying everywhere...
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BIT.TRIP FLUX (WiiWare) Cutscene Inspiration
This video by psychologists Fritz Heider and Mary-Ann Simmel demonstrates the human tendency to create narrative and influenced the storytelling of Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP FLUX on WiiWare.
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BIT. TRIP FLUX - Catharsis
BIT. TRIP FLUX - Catharsis Hardest level? Yes. Favourite level? Yes.
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Possibly the Lowest BIT.TRIP FLUX Score [Bug]
An odd bug that caused the final boss to appear much sooner than intended allowed me to obtain possibly the lowest winning score ever obtained on the Catharsis stage.
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BIT.TRIP FLUX - EPIPHANY Full Perfect Run + 2P Assist (BOSS)
BIT.TRIP COMPLETE - FLUX: Made by Gaijin Games & Music by Petrified Productions. Played by me (SWN/SW2), It's 2 players assist and non-pause perfect run of Epiphany (Hard) (Score: 1,013,810,149, missed 3 bonus beats). NOTE: I had to use the 2nd Wii Remote for assist at the BOSS stage. It's hard to get a perfect here when you are not suppose to let a beat hit one tiny barrier of yours or that way you can't get a perfect.
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WARNING: Please dial down the volume if you must. This video contains unbalanced video & audio signals due to lots of editing & overlaps. No one is perfect, so am I. This video is for those who want to see my failed attempts on getting a Perfect run in a very messy way, hence the video overlaps & butchered audio. Lots of epic fails, failed position, failed timing, & areas that I keep on screwed up. I combined these failures into one whole video just to give you an insight on why I had so much troubles to get a perfect run, no less than a hundred takes.
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My attempt to play Bit Trip Flux. The Steam version is highly bugged with mouse input problems and random crashes. I'm thankful it did cause too many problems. I was a bit pooped from my work today so my reaction is a tad slow this round but here is my attempt to play it.
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Bit.Trip Flux - Main Menu Music
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?jkafrkp4b1g5bw6 I just bought Bit.Trip Complete this week and just cannot get enough Bit.Trip music. I never played Flux before I got this amazing collection and was blown away yet again when I fired this game up. The menu music much like Runner is just plain incredible. So I decided to capture this music for myself and for all of you. I am aware that there is a special official mix that was done of this song, but much like Runner's official soundtrack I think the music strayed too much from the original song that I fell in love with. Enjoy this high quality recording straight from my Wii. Not sure still if I'm gonna do a review of this amazing game compilation known as Bit.Trip Complete, but if I don't, you should know that if you're a fan of the Bit.Trip series, it is an absolute must own. All the stuff you get along with the six already awesome games is totally worth the purchase even if you already own some or all of these games on Wii Ware. Bit.Trip is the only game I have been playing all week since I got it along with listening the complete soundtrack CD that came with the game. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.
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[WiiWare] BIT.TRIP FLUX - Epilogue/Ending *SPOILERS*
People wanted this, so here ya go! The final moments of BIT.TRIP FLUX. - Daan
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Music: CACHE BOSS Composer: Bit Shifter Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL0CQjrcN8D3fRJMYnzSdWxxCXXoTq3ak Platforms: Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PC, Mac OS Please read the channel description.
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New video posted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20cnGCR2uCM This is a test run that will be shown in 720p & 60 Frames/S. Please use Google Chrome and set 720p60 under settings. Developed By Choice Provisions (Gaijin Games) ©2011 Music Provided By Bit Shifter
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BIT.TRIP FLUX Music - Home (Level) [Free Download]
84jd8qiuhf882ocjh20275kj19f75jf9j28f Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fiupn4drw27fx2z/Home.mp3
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ALL BIT.TRIP CUTSCENES [Chronological Order]
WORKING ON AN ALL BOSSES VIDEO. THE EXPLORATION BOSS IS MAKING TAKE LONGER THAN WANTED THOUGH. SORRY Update: Recording is nearly complete. I am currently having an issue where the boss of Epiphany is unbeatable, so bear with me please Every single BIT.TRIP cutscene compiled into one video, showing the entire story of the beloved Commander Video. Skip to: BEAT: 0:00 -Transition: 0:09 -Decent: 0:42 -Growth: 0:52 -Ending: 0:59 -Hidden: 1:06 CORE: 1:24 -Discovery: 1:36 -Exploration: 2:12 -Control: 2:30 -Ending: 2:44 -Hidden: 3:00 VOID: 3:20 -Id: 3:30 -Ego: 3:56 -Super Ego: 4:15 -Ending: 4:33 -Hidden: 4:59 RUNNER: 5:28 -Impetus: 5:43 -Tenacity: 5:56 -Triumph: 6:09 -Ending: 6:26 -Hidden: 6:36 Runner2: 7:04 -Intro: 7:18 -The Welkin Wonderland: 8:14 -The Emerald Brine: 8:41 -The Supernature: 9:04 -The Mounting Sadds: 9:18 -The BIT.TRIP: 9:43 -Ending: 10:00 FATE: 10:33 -Determination: 10:45 -Patience: 11:12 -Frustration: 11:23 -Fall: 11:33 -Post-Fall: 11:43 -Ending: 11:52 -Hidden: 12:29 FLUX: 12:47 -Epiphany: 13:01 -Perception: 14:01 -Catharsis: 14:44 -Post-Catharsis: 15:13 -Ending: 15:36 -Hidden: 20:50
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bit.trip FLUX - Epiphany
I've been doing well in Epiphany recently so I decided to record a playthough and I was surprised I was in Meta for so long. I'm working toward getting a Perfect though. I only got 18 misses in this video.
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BIT. TRIP FLUX - Epiphany
BIT. TRIP FLUX Epiphany. Good level to start off a great game
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Bit.Trip Flux Music - Epiphany
Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH2XLR8y6hwePdD0SOtbRnE6ReYKMjD_O Composed by Matt Harwood
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Every stage featured in BIT.TRIP FLUX. The quality isn't the best, but I don't know how to improve it NO BOSSES ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AS I HAVEN'T FINISHED RECORDING THEM ALL Back to the start: https://youtu.be/ITKh9ABdgmE Skip to: Epiphany: 0:00 Perception: 14:58 Catharsis: 29:57
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CGR Undertow - BIT.TRIP FLUX for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review
Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game review of Bit.Trip Flux for the Nintendo Wii, from Gaijin Games. In the sixth and supposedly final installment of the Bit.Trip games, the Pong inspired gameplay of Bit.Trip Beat makes a comeback. But not to worry, there's plenty of new surprises here in this well refined and masterfully designed capstone to an innovative series. Bit.Trip Flux is a Wiiware title downloadable from the Wii Shop, and fans of the series will definitely not want to miss out on this intense release that will truly challenge your senses. This review features Bit.Trip Flux gameplay footage and commentary from CGRundertow reviewer Kevin.
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BIT.TRIP FLUX, the final chapter in the BIT.TRIP saga, is available now on Steam! http://store.steampowered.com/app/205090/
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BIT. TRIP FLUX gameplay
Blind gameplay of the sadly final entry in the BIT. TRIP series. Looking forward to more games from Gaijin Games.
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via YouTube Capture sorry the game play was kinda bad it was hard try to play while record on a 3DS
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THE BIT.TRIP (FLUX) Part 1 (Catharsis) (PS4)
The final level of BIT.TRIP FLUX. You can see the same things from BIT.TRIP BEAT The first game of the BIT.TRIP storyline The BIT TRIP https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA02752_00
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Bit.Trip Flux Main Menu Music Backwards (Read the description)
I give full credit to Gaijin Games.
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Game was running at about 550 FPS, Fullscreen, with Vsync off. Bug time markers: 0:24 - 0:26 - Hiccup 1:09 - 1:55 - "Rave" effect (Vsync off) 1:12 - 1:14 - Hiccup 1:44 - 1:46 - Hiccup 2:13 - 2:22 - Checkpoint de-sync 2:47 - 2:49 - Hiccup 2:57 - 3:13 - Series barely working (Vsync off) 3:19 - 3:21 - Hiccup 3:51 - 3:53 - Hiccup 6:00 - 6:02 - Hiccup 6:48 - 6:50 - Hiccup 8:55 - 8:58 - Hiccup 9:59 - 10:01 - Hiccup 10:15 - 10:17 - Divide expires sooner (Probably Vsync being off) 11:51 - Game crash With the exception of the "Rave" effect, Series not working and Divide expiring faster, all other bugs occur with Vsync on. Hiccups usually occur at beat-changing cubes, like contracting-expanding ones, or at the end of a musical loop. Game crashes whenever it reaches stage 6. However, I noticed that it usually crashes when reaching "META" in stage 6, seeing as I got through most of it at "GIGA".
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BIT.TRIP FLUX MUSIC- Strange Comfort By Bit Shifter
Homage to one of my favourite WiiWare titles :) (rip Wii Shop Channel) Credits: Available as part of the Bit.Trip Flux Original Soundtrack digital album which can be purchased on: CDbaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gaijingames6 iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bit-trip-flux-original-soundtrack/id423411845 I do not take credit for the making or production of this song, all rights belong to Bit Shifter and Gaijin Games.
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BIT.TRIP FLUX PC mod - Perception
created this interesting PC mod of perception in FLUX. i think it turned out pretty well I am adding time stamps for the music layers as the game has constantly changing music 00:00 - first layer 2:06 - second layer 4:16 - third layer 6:24 - fourth layer 8:32 - fifth layer 10:40 - sixth layer 12:48 - seventh layer 14:57 - boss fight
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BIT.TRIP FLUX fail: Epiphany pong too hard, pls nerf
I cannot put it away.
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Bit . Trip Flux !i What happens if you don't trigger Game Over. (Catharsis secret ending)
Leave a like. :D Website: http://wez35.weebly.com Subscribe! http://bit.ly/JoinFrankensteinApocalypse Buy my Music: wezinator35.bandcamp.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005532289502 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wezinator35 PMC (Wezinator35 is DEAD/BANNED! TURDFACES!!!): http://planetminecraft.com/member/donnaken15 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/wez35 Twitch TV: http://twitch.tv/wezinator35 Secondary Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBc2gBp6SRVBGX7ZC5nBsHQ Tumblr: wezinator35.tumblr.com Cartoon Network Profile: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/profiles/Freaky-Wesley-Zombie Spreaker: http://spreaker.com/user/donnaken15 DeviantArt: http://wezinator35.deviantart.com © 2014 Wesley Kennedy. All rights reserved.
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BIT. TRIP FLUX - Perception
BIT. TRIP FLUX - Perception Difficulty takes a leap forward.....seriously, i went insane trying to finish the level.
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BIT.TRIP FLUX PC Mod- Music swap Part 1 - Epiphany/Transition
swapped the music for the first levels of flux and beat part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T8p8MJUBQw&feature=youtu.be
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Best VGM 1106 - Bit.Trip Flux - Strange Comfort
Buy the album @ http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gaijingames6 A collection of my favorite videogame music. Note that most of them are from games I played so I might miss some great ones from games I never played. Nintendo Wii / 3DS Bit.Trip Flux (2011) Strange Comfort Bit Shifter
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Casual Fridays #1A: Seb / Damdai vs Bit Trip Flux
Seb and Damdai relax and fire up the Wii for a less competitive gaming session. In this section, they obtain a game and start to play it! Casual Fridays Season 1, Episode 1 Part A
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Bit.Trip Flux Music - Catharsis
Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH2XLR8y6hwePdD0SOtbRnE6ReYKMjD_O Composed by Matt Harwood
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BIT.TRIP FLUX Music - Epiphany [Free Download]
This game's music was easier to make it sound exactly like in the game, since every stage's music plays twice, then the previous stage's music plays once and repeat that one more time before the next stage's music kicks in. I think FLUX has the best music in the series. All is in FLUX Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jpfb879nxvpxx6x/Epiphany.mp3 This goes without saying, but I don't own any of the music, I just edited the music together from the game's files.
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Bit Trip Flux so meta trophy
took some memorizing but not too bad.
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Casual Fridays #1E: Seb / Damdai vs Bit Trip Flux
Seb and Damdai relax and fire up the Wii for a less competitive gaming session. In this section, they take their last shot at the boss battle-- or do they? Casual Fridays Season 1, Episode 1 Part E
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Made by Gaijin Games; playing FLUX on hard mode via COMPLETE. This run splits into 3 parts, due to stupid mistakes that I made in stage 4 and 7. Greyed bonus beats are optional but it's the best thing to get them all.
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Exclusive BIT.TRIP FLUX Beta Footage!
(It was an April Fool's joke)
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