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Band vs Brand | Resham Anmol | Latest Punjabi Songs 2015
iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/band-vs-brand-single/id958843150 Song - Band vs Brand Artist - Resham Anmol Lyrics - Gagan Dhurkot Music - 13DB Video - Boss Album - Band Vs Brand Label - Speed Records Jio Music- http://bit.ly/2reofjK Airtel Hellotune :https://www.airtelhellotunes.in/single/index/vcode/009146200008634 Airtel Subscribers Direct Dial 5432114628634 to Set as Hello tune (Toll Free) Vodafone Subscribers for Caller Tune Direct Dial 5376000435 Idea Subscribers for Dialer Tone Direct Dial 567896000435 Click to Subscribe - http://bit.ly/SpeedRecords Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SpeedRecords Twitter - https://twitter.com/Speed_Records Instagram - https://instagram.com/Speed_Records
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Sebuah repost karena tadi ternyata ada file yang corrupt tapi sudah uka lapor KPK. Ini konten baru di channel gue yang isinya ngomong-ngomong abis bangun tidur. Kebetulan kali ini ngomongin band sama brand. Semoga bermanfaat. instagram.com/pwgdochi twitter.com/katadochi
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Brand बन जाओ या Band बजवाओ || Life Changing Video || हिंदी Motivation || Anurag Rishi
Please watch: "Selling Secrets by Anurag Rishi || Truth Behind Sales || Sales Training Motivation" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orY1_H1Cgws -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Do you want to increase your Income? Do you want to reach heights in Life? Do you want to be Successful? Then this Video is for you... This Video is all about increasing your value... You don't earn against your time, you earn against your value..... Develop yourself, Become a master and Get Success #AnuragRishi #ART #BeAlive If not yet, You can Subscribe to my YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/anuragrishi?sub_confirmation=1 CONNECT with Anurag Rishi =======================================­ CONNECT WITH ANURAG RISHI ON YOUTUBE CLICK ON THE LINK TO SUBSCRIBE :- https://www.youtube.com/user/anuragrishi?sub_confirmation=1 LIKE THE FACEBOOK PAGE and Connect with me https://www.facebook.com/anuragrishi.ar FOLLOW ON TWITTER https://twitter.com/anuragrishi_ar CONNECT ON INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/anuragrishi WEBSITE OF ANURAG RISHI https://www.anuragrishi.com ========================================­ Check out Some of My Best Videos - Links are listed below 1) The Main Key To Success | एक आईडिया जो बदल देगा आपकी दुनिया – https://youtu.be/I1uXZJteNjs 2) Law of Gratitude – https://youtu.be/A18t8AEPldA 3) इस चीज़ का ही स्कोप है – https://youtu.be/Jv5k6ObjPOE 4)Surround Yourself with These People – https://youtu.be/TpyjdXoEsIw 5) The Power of FOCUS in LIFE – https://youtu.be/Ixv0l-vANBw 6) How to Choose Your Career – https://youtu.be/AFeGAQK3wj0 7) How to STOP COMPARING Yourself to Others Part 2 – https://youtu.be/6d8xJgPn3n4 8) How to STOP COMPARING Yourself to Others Part 1 – https://youtu.be/mFcpXQteJXo 9) Power of FOCUS and How to Stay Focused? – https://youtu.be/BVncron-ARs 10) Very Inspiring Video in HINDI| Nothing is Impossible – https://youtu.be/sNtv79vELB8 LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE
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Sairat Zhalo __ By Chaush Brass band , Vaijapur Maharashtra (9028161615)
Chaush Brass Brand Vaijapur Dist Aurangabad Contact: 9028161615, 9422239721
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YOUR BAND IS A BRAND!! Suicidal Tendencies x Converse collab
Fact: In the age of social media, your band's visual branding matters just as much as your music! Suicidal Tendencies are one of the best examples of this, as shown by the new collaboration with Converse. I unpack the origins of Suicidal's visual branding, along with a few takeaways that YOU should be thinking about for your band, product or project: - Why Suicidal Tendencies' amazing artwork and aesthetic was key to their success (thanks in large part to artist Ric Clayton) - Why we remember bands like Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Misfits, and Bad Religion (who had iconic, memorable logos) and mostly forget equally good bands like DI who didn't have great branding - Why YOUR band must use visuals to get noticed on social media and hook potential listeners - What brands like Rebel 8 and Obey and bands like Terror owe to Suicidal Tendencies due to their influence on skateboarding and streetwear - A little background on the roots of Suicidal Tendencies branding: Mike Muir, skateboarding, Venice/Los Angeles gang culture and cholo artwork -- ▶ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/prmbasub -- ▶ Instagram: http://instagram.com/finnmckenty ▶ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepunkrockmba/ ▶ Website: http://thepunkrockmba.com -- Join the PRMBA Facebook group, a 100% positive, spam-free community of awesome people helping each other achieve their goals ▶ https://www.facebook.com/groups/prmbagroup -- Get my course on DIY marketing for creative professionals like designers, photographers, writers and filmmakers: http://sellitwithoutsellingout.com
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Brand Your Band! Social Media!
if you want a little preview of what Lenny's bands doing, go here: https://twitter.com/wearedogmatic _ Visit our Website: http://enterthelab.co.uk Reddit: http://reddit.com/r/themusiclab Blog: http://www.enterthelab.co.uk/blog/ Twitter: http://bit.ly/TheMusicLabTwitter _ Our 2016 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDzJP3IsYWR_2uTWSlC_li_BFj819pqzH
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Руководитель SMM-агентства «Band for Brand» Вячеслав Архипов — о нулевых вложениях в бизнес 0+
© Медиапроект «Столица Нижний» #Деньги #БизнесНН http://stnmedia.ru/video/tvprograms/21486/ Вячеслав Архипов: «Моя компания была основана в 2016 году. Это потребовало нулевых финансовых вложений. Сегодня доход компании составляет более 5 млн рублей в год. Сейчас наша основная деятельность — это продвижение в социальных сетях. Наше основное конкурентное преимущество состоит в том, что мы работаем по KPI (ключевые показатели эффективности). Мы также ориентируемся на рынки Москвы и Санкт-Петербурга, а в будущем планируем выйти и на международный уровень». Руководитель креативного SMM-агентства «Band for Brand» Вячеслав Архипов рассказал о нулевых вложениях в свой бизнес и прибыли в миллионы рублей.
I got Mamrie and Tyler to play "Boy Band or Condom Brand"! It was a great achievement all around! WATCH TYLER'S VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfnA8x1DNwg CHECK OUT MAMRIE: http://www.youtube.com/youdeserveadrink PRE-ORDER MY NEW BOOK: http://www.gracestylebook.com GRACE'S GUIDE: http://www.gracesguidebook.com THE PODCAST: http://www.soundcloud.com/nottoodeepwithgrace OTHER SOCIALS: http://www.twitter.com/gracehelbig http://gracehelbig.tumblr.com http://instagram.com/gracehelbig http://soundcloud.com/nottoodeepwithgrace Hi, if you're new. I make 3 videos a week, Monday Wednesday and Friday. You might like them, you might hate them, but you can't unsee them. Unless you have amnesia.
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A Band or a Brand? - In Your Dreams Full Episode #2.22 - Totes Amaze ❤️- Teen TV Shows
The band are upset after their music producer gives them a new name and look but will they be able to convince him that their music is what actually will make them successful? Subscribe here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN_vBvnKZ4x2X6wWUMPpIwg?sub_confirmation=1 Here on Totes Amaze you can find totally amazing teen tv shows. New full episodes uploaded all the time and new compilations every Sunday.
Nine brand band INT
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Band of Horses - The Funeral [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Subscribe To Sub Pop's YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/subpoprecords "The Funeral" from the Band of Horses 3/21/06 album, Everything All the Time Order the album iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/band-of-horses/id129649188 Amazon http://amzn.com/B000E6GBV2 Sub Pop Mega Mart https://megamart.subpop.com/artists/band_of_horses Band Of Horses / Sub Pop http://www.subpop.com/artists/band_of_horses Band Of Horses YouTube Playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB3ED214F7E349956&feature=view_all Sub Pop Records http://www.subpop.com Twitter https://twitter.com/subpop Facebook https://www.facebook.com/subpoprecords SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/subpop Mega Mart https://megamart.subpop.com/
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BAND BATTLE - ผิดที่ไว้ใจ ( SILLY FOOLS ) | Band Lab VS G Band
Band Battle เพลง ผิดที่ไว้ใจ - SILLY FOOLS ขอขอบคุณสมาชิกวง G Band ปาล์ม & แชมป์ Instinct โอ๊ค Big Ass เชา Cocktail รัน Retrospect ชัช Bodyslam ติดตามชมรายการ Band Lab ได้ทุกวันเสาร์ 5 โมงเย็น ทางช่อง GMM25 Follow us Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/genelabrecords Twitter : https://twitter.com/genelabrecords #BandLab #GeneLab #gmmgrammy
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BAND-MAID / alone
“Welcome home,master & princess” BAND-MAID is all girl rock band from japan. 前作のミュージック・ビデオ「Don't let me down」より、約4ヶ月。 早くもBAND-MAID®から新作ミュージック・ビデオが到着!! 今までとはまたテイストの違った現在進行形のBAND--MAID®を是非チェックして欲しい! BAND-MAID ~ありそうでなかった、メイドのバンドのガチロック~ “BAND-MAID”は、メイドによるガチのロック・バンド。 衣装はメイド服で、ライブを“お給仕”、ファンを“ご主人様”、“お嬢様”と呼ぶ一方、­ビジュアルとは相反するハードなロック・サウンドを武器に、ツイン・ボーカルにギター、ベー­ス、ドラムの確かな実力を持ち合わせている。 そのルックスとは正反対の音楽性で観る人を魅了し、 MV「Thrill(スリル)」はfacebook上にて2週間で200万回再生を記録。 同作品はYouTubeでも1年経たずして100万回再生を突破。 なお、続くMV第ニ弾「REAL EXISTENCE」に至っては半年で100万回再生を突破している。 コメント欄を見て頂ければ気づいて頂けると思うが、既に日本のみならず海外のご主人様、お嬢様にも受け入れられ、 3月には初海外お給仕(ライブ)となるアメリカ公演が決定している。 ■ RELEASE INFORMATION 3rdミニアルバム“Brand New MAID”を日本クラウンより5月18日にリリース決定。 このミニアルバムは新曲“alone”を含む8曲を収録予定。 3rd mini-album"Brand New MAID" on May 18th through NIPPON CROWN. the mini-album will contain a total of 8 songs, including their new track "alone". Official facebook https://www.facebook.com/bandmaid Official HP http://bandmaid.tokyo Official Twitter https://twitter.com/bandmaid Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bandmaid.jp Buy CD (European Edition) http://www.jpurecords.com/artists/band-maid/ Buy CD (WORLD) http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/person/700668888
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Branding Your Band (WYBF)
How important is branding compared to writing new and innovative music, and how do you build and manage a coherent and strong brand? Using my curriculum from Copenhagen Business School to analyze the music industry and help bands make it through. If you like it, subscribe for more!
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The Nameless Band - Masiyeke (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Music video produced for Afrotainment by Pilot Films 2017
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BAND-MAID / the non-fiction days
“Welcome home,master & princess” BAND-MAID is all girl rock band from japan. 2月に発表されたミュージック・ビデオ 「alone」 に続き、 早くもBAND-MAIDから新作ミュージック・ビデオが到着!! BAND-MAID ~ありそうでなかった、メイドのバンドのガチロック~ “BAND-MAID”は、メイドによるガチのロック・バンド。 衣装はメイド服で、ライブを“お給仕”、ファンを“ご主人様”、“お嬢様”と呼ぶ一方、­ビジュアルとは相反するハードなロック・サウンドを武器に、ツイン・ボーカルにギター、ベー­ス、ドラムの確かな実力を持ち合わせている。 そのルックスとは正反対の音楽性で観る人を魅了し、 MV 「Thrill(スリル)」はfacebook上にて2週間で200万回再生を記録。 同作品はYouTubeでも1年経たずして100万回再生を突破。 なお、続くMV第2弾 「REAL EXISTENCE」 に至っては半年で100万回再生を突破している。 コメント欄を見て頂ければ気づいて頂けると思うが、既に日本のみならず海外のご主人様、お嬢様にも受け入れられており、 3月には初海外お給仕(ライブ)をアメリカで行い、5月にはイギリスでもお給仕が決まっている。 ■ RELEASE INFORMATION 3rdミニアルバム『Brand New MAID』を日本クラウンより5月18日にリリース決定。 3rd mini-album"Brand New MAID" on May 18th through NIPPON CROWN. ・BAND-MAID / 3rd mini-album 『Brand New MAID』 Type-A(CD+DVD)/CRCP-40460/ ¥2,315+税 Type-B(CD)/CRCP-40461/ ¥1,852+税 [Type-A 収録内容] CD※全8曲収録 1.the non-fiction days 2.LOOK AT ME 3.ORDER 4.Brand-New Road 5.YURAGU 6.FREEDOM 7.Before Yesterday 8.alone DVD ・the non-fiction days(Music Video) ・ORDER(Music Video) ・alone(Music Video) [Type-B 収録内容] CD※全9曲収録 1.the non-fiction days 2.LOOK AT ME 3.ORDER 4.Brand-New Road 5.YURAGU 6.FREEDOM 7.Before Yesterday 8.alone Bonus Track(Type-Bのみ) REAL EXISTENCE(Live Ver.) ■CD購入者特典 ・新星堂・WonderGOO オリジナル特典:ピックA 全国新星堂/WonderGOO/新星堂WonderGOOオンライン http://shinseido.co.jp http://www.wonder.co.jp ・TSUTAYA RECORDS オリジナル特典:ピックB ※TSUTAYAオンラインショッピングについてはご予約分のみ対象です。 http://tsutaya.tsite.jp/ ・タワーレコード オリジナル特典:ピックC 全国タワーレコード(タワーONLINE含む) http://tower.jp ・HMV オリジナル特典:ピックD HMV全店(オンライン含む/一部店舗除く) http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/ ・Amazon オリジナル特典:ピックE ※“Amazon.co.jp限定“の表記のある商品をご購入ください。 http://www.amazon.co.jp ・ディスクユニオン オリジナル特典:オリジナル特典有 ※特典内容については後日ディスクユニオン・オンラインショップにて発表致します。 http://diskunion.net ・Neowing オリジナル特典:A3ポスター http://www.neowing.co.jp ※各店、先着のため数に限りがございますのでなくなり次第終了となります。 ※一部お取扱いしていない店舗もございますので予めご了承下さい。 ■“Brand New MAID” Release Tour開催決定! ・6/24(金)新宿Zirco Tokyo ・10/1(土)SHIBUYA O-WEST その他、詳細情報は後日発表 Official HP http://bandmaid.tokyo Official facebook https://www.facebook.com/bandmaid Official Twitter https://twitter.com/bandmaid Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bandmaid.jp Buy CD (European Edition): http://www.jpurecords.com/band-maid-brand-new-maid-mcm-london/#BrandNewMAID Buy CD(WORLD) http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/person/700668888 機材協力:神田商会
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Band Lab | EP 12 | Super Band | 1/4
Band Lab Presented By AIS Zeed Sim | EP 12 | Super Band การ BAND BATTLE กับวง "G Band" วงที่รวบรวมเอาศิลปินมืออาชีพเข้าไว้ด้วยกัน ซึ่งสมาชิกของวงประกอบด้วย ปาล์ม Instinct , ชัช Bodyslam , โอ๊ค Big Ass เชา Cocktail , รัน Retrospect และ แชมป์ Instinct ศิลปิน BandLab จะต้องรวมพลังกันต่อสู้ศึกครั้งนี้ เพื่อเอาชนะและชิงเงินรางวัลจำนวน 500,000 บาท มาใช้จัดงานคอนเสิร์ตใน EP ต่อไปให้ได้ มาร่วมลุ้นภารกิจครั้งนี้ได้ในรายการ Band Lab ทุกวันเสาร์ 5 โมงเย็น ทางช่อง GMM25 Follow us Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/genelabrecords Twitter : https://twitter.com/genelabrecords
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Silicon Wrist Band With Printing & Branding
Silicon Wrist Band With Printing & Branding we provide silicon wrist band with screen printing in single colour for corporate gifting, promotional gifts, branding, branding space, gifting, corporate gifting solutions, corporate gift items, corporate and customized gifting items. Sk Gifting is a leading wholesale gift supplier having extensive range of promotional and business gifts that provides innovative marketing solutions for the advertising specialties industry. Gift giving is the common feature of the corporate world in Delhi. We are bound up to providing exclusive gifts to fulfill the requirement of each and every organization. Gain your business reputation using the innovative and advance promotional gifts offered by us. Corporate gifts play the huge role in any organized system. We provide the advanced, unique, qualitative and professional corporate gifting ideas to all territorial, domestic and corporate market always been looking for. We always desire to surpass client’s necessities with prompt service, tempting designs, excellent craftsmanship and on-time delivery of the products. With innovative technology, our company is capable of sourcing for unique and innovative products for our valuable clients in Hyderabad and all over India. Our company takes meticulous effort in providing our clients with innovative and latest corporate gifts all time. At our location, we quote customized promotional gift items from our extensive range of promotional and business products from time to time, be confident to check out our website www.skgifting.in Our team is willing to give their complete attention to meet need of our client’s looking for. We have capable to go on the far side of our client’s prospects from any inquiries up to delivery of the products. We offer vast range of corporate gifts suit for all size and variety of business whether it is new or old. Our Operative Features: Ability and Commitment Complete Imprinting Service Guaranteed Quality and Timely Delivery Advanced and Creativity Customer Satisfaction One-Stop Gifting Solution Domestic Premium Network National Supply division we offer you a unique experience of buying at wholesale prices conveniently and safely deliver to your place. Select from our huge collection of products or speak to any of our sales assistant if you have any queries! Thank you for dealing with us and using our website. SK Graphics, Abids Shop No - 20, Ground floor, Unity House (Bombay Juice Building), Opp. Taj Mahal Hotel, Jagish Market (Mobile market), Abids, Hyderabad 01 Ph - 04065523565, 04023203455, 04064573455 Email - [email protected] website - www.skgifting.in Sk Graphics www.skgraphics.in Abhishek products www.abhishekproucts.in Online eCommerce Website www.abhishekproucts.in/shop India Plastic www.indiaplastic.in Lamination Removal http://removelamination.in/ Sk Graphics www.skgraphics.in Abhishek products www.abhishekproucts.in Online eCommerce Website www.abhishekproucts.in/shop India Plastic www.indiaplastic.in Lamination Removal http://removelamination.in/
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50 Brand New Facts You Probably Didn't Know! (50 Facts) | Band
Today we countdown 50 things you didn't know about alternative rock band, Brand New! They're one of my current bands of interest, so I figured I'd share some of the knowledge I've uncovered for you guys! Hopefully you learn something! Make sure to leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! Thanks again for 450 subscribers! Make sure to comment which band you'd like to learn 50 facts about next! and it just might become the next video! Thanks for watching! 50 Chevelle Facts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZBVx4ay4kY 101 Pantera Facts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPNG4NoF1cI ____________________________________________________ Can't get enough facts? Check out these playlists! 101 Facts: https://www.youtube.com/playlistlist=PLGHCwxlOfMvBXggwDmOnNOTlE-jAOeTGk 50 Facts: https://www.youtube.com/playlistlist=PLGHCwxlOfMvAxy5Gjonjq29l-KqCEmxXM 25 Facts: https://www.youtube.com/playlistlist=PLGHCwxlOfMvDWGd3hrvcge5WyyOsSUWtN 10 Facts: https://www.youtube.com/playlistlist=PLGHCwxlOfMvBHBiRIa4DS_YSNPWn9G408 5 Facts: https://www.youtube.com/playlistlist=PLGHCwxlOfMvDTrt3o_fJyaUAImhhs-3oU Top 10's: https://www.youtube.com/playlistlist=PLGHCwxlOfMvAvs0IHz7zSCjXFp9zlAd4r
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Band vs Brand ( Official Film Trailer )
Band vs Brand Featuring David Ellefson (Megadeth), Jack Russell (Jack Russell’s Great White), Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Nicky Garrett (UK Subs), Dave Lombardo (Slayer/Suicidal Tendencies), Marc Ferrari, Adam Parsons, Frank DiMino (Angel) and many others. Written and Directed by Bob Nalbandian Produced by Bob Nalbandian and Danny Shipman Trailer edited by Hugh MacKenzie of Reality Check TV Music: “Driving Force” by Val Gaina cleopatra-entertainment.com (P) (C) 2018 Cleopatra Entertainment All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws #CleopatraEntertainment #Movies #Music #Trailers #RockMusic #Bands
70's Ads: Band-Aid Stuck On Band Aid Brand
70's Ads: Band-Aid Stuck On Band Aid Brand
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КРАСНАЯ РОЗА - BAND ODESSA REMIX !!! Un million de roses rouge !!!
#bandodessa Автор музыки - Раймонд Паулс Support Creative - https://www.paypal.me/BandOdessa
Band of Brothers Trailer
Band of Brothers is a ten-part, 11-hour television World War II miniseries, originally produced and broadcast in 2001, based on the book of the same title written by historian and biographer Stephen E. Ambrose. The executive producers were Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. The episodes first aired in 2001 on HBO and are still run frequently on various TV networks around the world. This is my first trailer, hope you like it! Rate and Comment ;) ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THE RIGHTFULL OWNERS OF THE VIDEO AND AUDIO. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
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Nike FuelBand: The Band, the Brand Strike a Goal
Read the transcript: http://knlg.net/1el4fMu Nike's FuelBand is one of its hottest sellers ever. Three Wharton professors explain why.
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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 - Unboxing & Hands On Overview - Best Budget Fitness Tracker!!!
This is our unboxing video of the brand new budget fitness tracker from Xiaomi the Mi Band 3. Link to our latest giveaway - http://bit.ly/c4egiveaway Where to buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 3? http://bit.ly/C4EMiBand3 The Mi Band 3 comes with a 0.78inch OLED touchscreen with a 128*80 pixel resolution screen. It also has a 110mAh battery and a company quoted standby time of 20 days. The Mi Band 3 comes with a heart rate sensor and is waterproof upto a depth of 50m and can handle a pressure of up to 5ATM. If you liked our "Xiaomi Mi Band 3 - Unboxing & Hands On Overview - Best Budget Fitness Tracker!!!" video do give it a Thumbs Up & Share! Comments are welcome too :) Follow us on... Twitter: @C4ETech (https://twitter.com/C4ETech) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/C4ETech Google+: http://plus.google.com/+C4ETech Instagram: http://instagram.com/C4ETech Website: http://c4etech.com YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/C4ETech Music Credits Intro - Gemini Fire Inside (Elliot Berger Remix) https://youtu.be/aHXMCRpAyEw https://www.facebook.com/ElliotBergerMusic https://soundcloud.com/elliotbergermusic https://twitter.com/elliotbergeruk BGM https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic Instrumental produced by Chuki.
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Social Media for Musicians - learn how to market your band brand
Social Media Tips for Musicians http://www.veneratedigital.com/ So this week's topic is covering musicians and digital marketing mistakes and how to avoid them So mistake number 1 is over promoting yourself or only promoting yourself on your social media channels. If you can scroll through any of your social media channels and only see pictures of you and your band mates, then you're gonna come across a little self absorbed. A great way to avoid doing this is to be sure that you're giving shout outs to your fans or businesses that you're visiting while you're on tour, restaurants. that kind of thing. Share the love! Social Media Tips for Musicians http://www.veneratedigital.com/ Mistake number 2 is inconsistent branding. If you have pictures of your old logo on your Twitter account but then your new logo on your Facebook account that's inconsistent branding. So make sure everything is the same across all your platforms. Social Media Tips for Musicians http://www.veneratedigital.com/ Mistake number 3 is not having a newsletter. A newsletter is a great way to get more personal with your fans and it's a great way to track your growth as well by seeing how many people sign up for your newsletter. A good reason I can give you to have a newsletter is Taylor Swift has a newsletter, if Taylor Swift has a newsletter, you should have a newsletter. Social Media Tips for Musicians SMM for Musicians Learn how to Marketing your Band Band Marketing
A Goddamn Band Interview With Jesse Lacey (of Brand New) - Part 1
In which Kevin, Jesse, Mike Fadem, and Mike Strandberg discuss the making of "Bubblegum" - part one - on how it started, the shape of things, getting our bearings. "Bubblegum" and "Bulldozer" are out NOW - check out http://www.kevindevine.net & http://www.bsmrocks.com for all info.
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All I Ask - Adele (Cover) By "Phrima's BAND"
Voice : Phrimaphaa Khornrojjanachawin​ Guitar : Natthaphon Saengsiangfar​ Bass : May Patcharapong Ruenghirunwong​ Piano : Boyd Piano​ (Weerasak Hembubpaka) Drum : Kridsana Putpring​ Mix & Master : Vorrapong thaweewath (ig Q) Camera Man : Warachot Junsen Demonmike Kemajaree​ (Chairerk) Stills Photographe : Goodnice Naiyana​ (Boongsopa) : Panai Imjai​ special thanks : ROLLER STUDIO : Saxophone Pub
Brand New Key - Briley the One Girl Band
http://twitter.com/#!/SmarterYoutube Pennywhistle Productions My sister covers "Brand New key" by Melanie Safka (from the 70s). All Music (guitar x 2, djembe, eggs, shotgun, vocals) was created by Briley in seperate video tracks then edited together. My favorite part is the bicycle "all around the world" scene in the background. It's a combination of stopmotion and green screen chroma keying. The video was created with the use of a home-made green screen in my garage, Stop Motion software called i-StopMotion, Final Cut Express, Garage Band, an Ipod and a talented Sister. She plays Acoustic Guitar, Djembe, percussion eggs, and a Mossberg Shotgun. Meine Schwester spielt eine Coverversion des Liedes "Brand New Key" von Melanie Safka (aus den 70er Jahren). Die gesamte Musik (2x Gitarre, Djembe, Perkussioneier, Schrotflinte und Gesang) wurde von Briley in einzelnen Videos gespielt und dann zusammen geschnitten. Meine Lieblingsstelle ist die "Mit-Fahrrad-durch-die-ganze-Welt"-Szene im Hintergrund. Das ist eine Kombination von Stop-Motion- und Green-Screen-Aufnahmen im Chromakey-Verfahren. Das Video wurde erstellt mit der Benutzung eines selbstgebauten Green-Screens in meiner Garage, einer Stop-Motion-Software namens i-StopMotion, Final Cut Express, einer Garagenband, einem Ipod und einer talentierten Schwester. Sie spielt Akustikgitarre, Djembe, Perkussioneier und eine Mossberg Schrotflinte. Ma soeur reprend "Brand New Key" de Melanie Safka (des années 70). Toute la partie musicale (guitare x2, djembe, oeufs, fusil, chant) a été enregistrée par Briley sur des pistes vidéo distinctes ensuite assemblées au montage. Mon passage favori est la scène de la bicylette "partout dans le monde" en arrière-plan. C'est une combinaison entre techniques de stop-motion et de chroma key fond vert. Cette vidéo a été réalisée grâce à une toile verte maison tirée dans mon garage, aux logiciels i-StopMotion, Final Cut Express et Garage Band, un Ipod ainsi qu'à une soeur talentueuse. Elle joue avec une guitare acoustique, un djembe, des oeufs percussion et un fusil Mossberg. French Translation courtesy of: PiPoCoeur Looking for translations of this description in all languages. Pennywhistle Productions
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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bangla review | Best fitness band under 2,500tk!!
****Price: 25,00/-BDT In this video I've shared my experience using the brand new mi band 3 after using this for more than a month. hope you guys will like this video. Enjoy Mi Band 3 Affiliate link: https://www.gearbest.com/smart-watches/pp_009928044572.html?wid=1349303&lkid=15081844 ............................................................................................... Our todays sponsor: Https://www.gearbest.com Offer: https://www.gearbest.com/smart-watches/pp_009928044572.html?wid=1349303 coupon:WEIO3G7FT5 price:26.59USD 300PCS #MiBand3 #Bangla #RatulOsman
Views: 90761 Ratul Osman
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 - Review
Xiaomi Mi Band Full Review - Available for cheap: http://goo.gl/suwmoV 👍👍👍 Connect with us on Instagram - https://goo.gl/Ac18MZ Twitter - https://goo.gl/rhA1RL 👍👍👍
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From The Band Perspective Again.."Jesus Is My Help"
Presented by http://www.LoopsByCdub.com. Jesus Is My Help CAG Remix!
Views: 218895 The CDUB Brand
Band Aid Brand Commercial
Band aid brand commercial Swing starring Gibson Bobby Sjobeck and Kyley. 2010-2011-2012.
Views: 110415 Dodge Dart
Mi Band HRX Edition Unboxing & Compared to Mi Band 2
Mi Band HRX Edition is a budget oriented fitness band that comes with a display like the Mi Band 2 but it does not have the Heart Rate monitoring option I unboxing it and compare it with Mi Band 2 and Honor Band 3. Mi Band HRX is sold in India via http://amzn.to/2hmQN7o Honor Band 3 Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFA25XMloB0 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf7uwqgIqmk
Views: 1279928 Geekyranjit
King Okie Brand Music Band No. 2
King Okie Brand Music Band performs Blatant Disregard in the Stilly Studio.
Views: 197 StwNewsPress
Brand Band - Robot
Brand Band & The Re-Stoned Live, Caribe Club, Moscow, 28-04-2009
Views: 466 StonerrockRU
Band Lab | EP 2 | Song Writing | 1/4
Band Lab Presented By AIS Zeed Sim | EP 2 | Song Writing | 6 ศิลปินหน้าใหม่ กับภารกิจแรกสุดโหด ที่ให้ทุกวงแต่งเพลงใหม่ และเล่นสดในรายการ ต่อหน้าทีมผู้บริหาร และโค้ช โดยมีเวลาให้แต่งเพลงเพียงแค่ 3 วันเท่านั้น ! โดยมี 'แพท วงKlear' มาเป็น Special Guest และร่วมตัดสินว่าวงไหนจะเอาชนะในภารกิจแรก ร่วมติดตามเชียร์วงที่คุณชื่นชอบ และลุ้นไปกับการตัดสินของคณะกรรมการ ในรายการ Band Lab ทุกวันเสาร์ 5 โมงตรง ทางช่อง GMM25 Follow us Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/genelabrecords/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/genelabrecords #BandLab #GeneLab #gmmgrammy
Views: 63564 Gene Lab
We Stand Alone Together - Band of Brothers - Do not let their memory fall
In honor of all who fought during the battle. Please, like and share the video! Subscribe the channel Blog: http://www.farias615.com
Views: 431921 WW Documentaries
Math the Band - "Brand New Physics" Music Video
Video by Jono Gray & Victoria Tyler Song by Math the Band, off the album "GET REAL" out November 20th on Anchorbrain Records Pre-order the album at http://anchorbrain.com/store For more from director, Jono Gray, check out: http://stills.chromacolor.tv/ Cast includes : Eric Edelheit, referee
Views: 38905 Math the Band
Brand Your Band - Marketing for Independent Musicians
http://www.independentrockstar.com An introduction to branding for musicians. How to use branding to make your marketing more effective. What branding is and how to do it effectively.
Views: 2238 Scott James
Eli Young Band - Love Ain't
Learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project: https://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/ Learn more about Taylor and Danielle Morris: http://www.TaylorMorris.org Eli Young Band’s brand new song “Love Ain’t” is available now: https://EYB.lnk.to/LoveAintID Visit Eli Young Band's official website for tour dates, merchandise, and more: https://eliyoungband.com/ Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eliyoungband/ Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eliyoungband Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/eliyoungband Subscribe on YouTube: https://goo.gl/vUpYi4 “Love Ain’t” Complete Lyrics: Hotels are made for two-night stays Checkin’ in and out Meetin’ strangers in the lobby Wakin’ up and leavin’ town the next day But love ain’t And whiskey’s poured for when you’re bored And alone on Friday night When you wanna lose yourself And need a place to hide from all the pain But love ain’t Chorus Love ain’t you on a sidewalk in your new dress all alone Love ain’t you callin’ me ‘cause he ain’t pickin’ up his phone The way you’re talkin’, sounds like he’s somebody you should hate I may not know what love is, girl But I know what love ain’t Come over, let me show you what he can’t ‘Cause he can only show you what love ain’t Sad movies are for cryin’ On the couch there in the dark That sad song, it was written Just to try and get your heart to break But love ain’t Repeat Chorus Love ain’t Wonderin’ what he’s doin’ Love ain’t Feelin’ like a fool and You can’t Keep lettin’ him do it to you ‘Cause Repeat Chorus Love ain’t Music video by Eli Young Band performing Love Ain't. © 2018 Big Machine Label Group, LLC http://vevo.ly/oyO0ZZ
Views: 1751419 EliYoungBandVEVO
Lalon Band- Shomoy Gele
The track the radio made famous once they realised there might be something to this band worth paying attention to. Despite it going mainstream, the song has yet to reach its coolness half life. Lalon Shah is nodding away approvingly. Track 1 from Khepa
Views: 4979185 charliebrookersant
Band branding - Dunkin Donuts as an example of how to brand your band.
https://lorenweisman.com/ https://CWealthC.com/ Band branding - Dunkin Donuts as an example of how to brand your band. A Band Branding Advisor and Guest Speaker Video Blog. Dunkin Donuts might not be a band, but they have it down when it comes to band branding! Think about what you can learn from Dunkin Donuts coffee cups alone. The same goes with the Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards, Donut boxes and most everything else that they sell. Your brand is going to be one of the first things most people will see and identify with to look and listen further. Make sure it is accessible! Now when it comes to the Dunkin Donuts Brand... Think about it and compare it to solid band branding..... You always see the logo. That cup with the two D's. This is something that should be uniform with all of your products. As a Branding Advisor and Guest Speaker, that uniform word is used all the time! You always see Dunkin Donuts in that bubbly font they have. Small or large, it is easy to identify and again, something you want to have on your CD, on your tee shirts, on your hats, or maybe you have ordered some coffee cups or water bottles. Do the same. The tagline... America Runs on Dunkin. You see that all over the place and with all those John Goodman ads, you more than likely hear his voice in your head when you read it. What is your tagline? How can you identify beyond just the band name in a way to draw in people to find out more about you? Lastly, the website. https://dunkindonuts.com/en/ It is on all the products as well, giving customers a chance to sign up to receive Dunkin Donuts coffee cups, those Dunkin Donuts printable coupons, and other items on their website. In the same way, having your website on your products and merchandise will make it easier for fans old and new to get to your music or your other merchandise items and information. Take a cue from Dunkin Donuts and their branding. You know how recognizable they are, maybe by applying that same continuity, uniformity and branding to your band, your logos, your font and putting these elements on all of your products and merchandise, you might grow that much larger of a fan base with that much more visual recognition. I talk more about it in my book, The Artists Guide to Success in the Music Business which is available at https://artistsguide.net/ Often times, like it or not, they may see you before they hear you, so why not take the steps to be recognized by standing out with a strong well-formatted brand to turn those viewers into listeners and fans. ******************************* Brand Precision Marketing Strategist & Counselor Loren Weisman organizes, optimizes & implements individualized branding, marketing & content plans for start-up and established businesses including professional services, https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, athletes, authors and investors. ******************************* Hosted by Branding Advisor and Guest Speaker Loren Weisman and distributed across iHeartRadio, “Wait What Really OK” is a Methodical, Comical & Informational Podcast covering the best approaches for business and the arts today. ******************************* Loren is based in Winter Garden, Florida, USA and is available to clients over phone, Skype or in person. ******************************* For more on Loren’s consulting, coaching, strategy work, books & speaking options as well as where to listen to the podcast, visit: https://lorenweisman.com/ https://waitwhatreallyok.com/ https://facebook.com/lorenweisman74/ https://twitter.com/lorenweisman/ ******************************* Band branding - Dunkin Donuts as an example of how to brand your band
Views: 27323 Loren Weisman
Your Brand Our Band - Versa-Bands
Priceless marketing for less than a cup of (non-gourmet) coffee !
Views: 379 Jim Jobin
Mi Band 2 review in Hindi (हिंदी)
This is Mi Band 2 full review in हिंदी. अधिक जानकारी के लिए, तथा comments चेक http://www.gogi.in/xiaomi-mi-band-2-review.html -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Biggest 11.11 Sale on products that are not available in India - https://goo.gl/o3kkyo -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Views: 149601 Gogi Tech
BAND BATTLE - ปล่อย ( ป๊อป ปองกูล ) | Commander VS Three Man Down
Cover เพลง ปล่อย - ป๊อป ปองกูล ติดตามรายการ Band Lab ได้ทุกวันเสาร์ 5 โมงเย็น ทางช่อง GMM25 Follow us Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/genelabrecords/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/genelabrecords #BandLab #GeneLab #gmmgrammy
Views: 1200886 Gene Lab
FROM THE BAND PERSPECTIVE: "We Acknowledge You" by Karen Clark-Sheard (WatchNHD) (UseHeadphones) #FOPBand #FOPTour2016 #KarenClarkSheard #FestivalOfPraise Band: Drums: Calvin Rodgers Bass: Maurice Fitzgerald Keys: Phillip Feaster Guitar: Lawrence Jones Aux: Carlton Whitfield​ Cdub Whitfield​ C-DUB​ BGV's: Brian Cook​, BreeAnn Hammond​, PamKenyon Logan, Autumn Cannon, Lehman Gray, Kyla Jade Artist On Stage: Hezekiah Walker, Casey J, Israel Houghton, Derrick Kenner, Fred Hammond. Cameras: Go Pro Session, Go Pro Hero 4 Black, Iphone 6s. Loops: "We Acknowledge You" The Loops By C-Dub App! Tons of gospel drum loops available! Get the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/loops-by-cdub/id1088667674?mt=8
Views: 64018 The CDUB Brand

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