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Funny Winter Video - The best of funny clips
Eine Zusammenstellung einzelner Videos die kein Auge trocken lassen. Pünktlich zum Winter ein "best of winter clips" für klein und groß. Ähnlich wie §Die lustigsten Schlamassel der Welt" oder "Bitte lächeln". Weitere Videos werden in Kürze folgen, also immer schön die Augen auf.
Views: 22857 vipman
The most hilarious gag video ever!!!
So i have this really bad gag reflex and everytime i talk about something gross it makes me gag. And in the video im telling this really gross story and i can't stop gagging.
Views: 104123 cowboycrazy24
Israeli Cleaning Woman [Funny Video]
http://dave6.posterous.com/israeli-cleaning-woman-funny-video Her only concern was not to have a mess to clean up.. ... from dave6's posterous
Views: 33180 David Gross
Funny Song: The Duck Song
The famous funny song, The Duck Song. This is the official funny animated book videoThe Duck Song.) One of the internet's favorite funny songs: The Duck Song, by Bryant Oden (Songdrops). This Duck Song video has the song and characters you love, plus lyrics and a few fun surprises only found in this Official Duck Song Book video, here on the channel of the Duck Song writer and singer. Here is the original Duck Song video, that started it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2nCsqujCsQ Forrestfire101 asked permission to make a video of the song, and his video of it now has over 215 million views. This funny video was created for a book version of The Duck Song, which is now out of print. But you can still have fun watching this funny book video of it. Other funny songs by Bryant Oden (Songdrops) include The Color Song, Best Friends Forever, I Got a Pea, The Duck Song 1, 2 and 3, Please Don't Pea in the Pool, The Long Word Song, The Homework Song, Tarantalas, The Duck Song 2 and 3, Poopers the Magic Penguin, And many more funny songs for kids and everyone. Related Songs: Learn Shapes | The Shape Song for Children, Learn Colors: The Color Song for kids, The Number Song: Learn numbers | Fun learning songs for children | Learning Songs for Children and Toddlers, and Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. Duck Song lyrics are in the original duck song video that started it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2nCs...
Views: 10623484 songdrops
A short and stupid funny for Happy Birthday wishing. Directed by Chris Collins Written by Chris Collins & Mac G Starring Mac G
Views: 3915543 Chris Collins
Judo Class | Mr. Bean Official
Mr Bean attends a judo class but doesn't want to be thrown by the teacher. From Back to School Mr Bean. Stay tuned, click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkAGrHCLFmlK3H2kd6isipg?sub_confirmation=1 Welcome to the Official Mr Bean channel! To find out more about Mr Bean visit: http://www.mrbean.com Mr Bean on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/mrbean Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/mrbean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX1d-R59PaA
Views: 30199135 Mr Bean
Why Fart Jokes Are Gross And Funny
My first pivot fart video
Views: 317 PivotSKILLS89
gross ape...... MUST SEE, HiLaRiOuS
This ape is apsolutly discusting. please leave a comment
Scary and funny also gross stuff!!!
Please watch and suscribe!!!
Views: 3227 Chazzanorthing
copilation funny video youtube
crash, funny, failed, bail, compilation video, parkour, free run, monkey gainer,
Views: 4670 cono31400
This is something you should respond to.
I don't care who you are. Say something awkward, or funny, or weird. But not gross. I'll make videos of me making people uncomfortable in the near future. That's how much I care.
Views: 630 Rachelconcaveup
Funny Videos Try Not To Laugh 1.0
Hi its anothervideo of gross and funny pictures try not to laugh but if you do comment and tell where you lost it. Rate COMMENT SUBSCRIBE PLEASE
Views: 154 xxGodzAK47xx
Talking Bacteria Funny Video * !
Funny Lil Bacteria There'sz Also A Lil Kitty App Store
Views: 4078 lonelygurl925
A Pitiful Chimp (Funny)
A pitiful chimp scratched its anus, sniffed its dirty finger, and then collapsed! Warning: GROSS!
Views: 18059 Ray Ibanez
Kris Kross - Jump
Music video by Kris Kross performing Jump. (C) 1992 Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Views: 91307261 KrisKrossVEVO
Episode 2: Funny videos: Gingers have souls Greatest re-action British Kid call of duty Prince harry falls of horse pogo Check out! youtube.com/crazyskillz
Views: 4762 IrishAfricanDude
Funny Animal
funny,gross,disgusting,nasty,everything in this video
Views: 41 jayzmoney1
Funny Video- Ginger Boy
The many faces of Greg
Views: 376 kwill221
Gross Drunk Guy Pukes Behind Wrestler - Too Funny - Must See
www.wrestling911.com Mark mandrake doesn't even know that this guy is puking behing him. Too funny.
Emo Girl Doll Fail Toys Funny Video Review by Mike Mozart Funny Videos @JeepersMedia YouTube
Funny Video- Win or FAIL? You Decide!! Homeless, Funny lol video of an Orphan Doll by Mattel in 1964, Reviewed by Fail Toys funny lol Video Reviewer Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia Channel on YouTube. Her name is Tatters and says some rather Funny Emo things in this video. Is this the Funniest Video Ever? Is Tatters Doll Emo? You Decide! Add Poor Tatters to Your Funniest Video Playlist. Check out my Funniest Ever YouTube video Channel JeepersMedia for my Newest Funny Videos! http://www.youtube.com/user/jeepersmedia I have Lots of other Funny Doll Comedy Review videos including the Hilarious and Funniest "Baby Laughs a Lot" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNeJVSiluDE , and watch the "funny video"- of the Dora the Explorer Aquapet Toy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgBvkHwCxJc Check out the Other Funniest Video Ever Playlists too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wICpzF4pruc
Views: 647839 JeepersMedia
Funny Video ,  Elmo Boom Box Funny Fail Toys Video Mike Mozart @JeepersMedia
Funny Video: Boom Box Elmo Toy, Funny Fail Toys Funny lol Videos by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia. Win or FAIL Elmo Toy You Decide in this Newest Funny Video Funny Video by Mike Mozart. Parents thought they Heard Elmo say Something Wrong with this Funny Toy. Listen closely to the video and You Decide what Elmo is Saying! http://www.youtube.com/user/jeepersmedia
Views: 601827 JeepersMedia
Minecraft Multiplayer Fun
My friend was going to show me something inside the building, somehow a zombie had spawn waiting for us in his minecart.
Views: 8737967 PewDiePie
Tummy Stackers Funny Video Toy Review Mike Mozart @JeepersMedia
Tummy Stackers Epic Fail Funny lol Video Toy Review by Mike Mozart of the Funnest YouTube Channel JeepersMedia and theToyChannel on YouTube. This Stacking Toy was a Requested Funny Video Review by Hundreds of Parents and Fans that found it to be Naughty or Inappropriate. Elmo does appear in this toy. Most toys are Great. But this Bizarre Fail toy does seem to be an Exception. You Decide is this Toy win or Fail? Is This Toy as Bad as the Dora The Explorer Aquapet?
Views: 412595 JeepersMedia
Little Man funny parts
Few funny clip from Little man.
Views: 1688180 CastTobi
UFO Alien Game Fail Toy Review Video Mike Mozart JeepersMedia Funniest video on YouTube
UFO Alien Funny WIN or FAIL? You Decide! This Funny lol Video Alien Autopsy Game video, reviewed by Mike Mozart, the Funny fail Toy video Reviewer of the Funniest lmao Video Channel on YouTube Ever, JeepersMedia A Special lol HD High Definition Video Presentation. Click Here for My Funny YouTube Channel to ALL my YouTube Funny Video Reviews, http://www.youtube.com/user/jeepersmedia Add this Video to your Funny Favorite Funniest Video Ever Playlist today! Please Check out My Win Toy Video Review Channel on YouTube, TheToyChannel http://www.youtube.com/thetoychannel Check out my Playlist selection.
Views: 607970 JeepersMedia
Fail Spiderman Toys Funny Video Review Mike Mozart Funny @JeepersMedia Video Channel on YouTube
Funny Video- FAIL Spiderman Shape Shifter Toy With Funny Epic Fail Mask and Spiderman Mylar Ballon. Funny review video by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia the Funny lol Videos Channel on YouTube. MY TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/jeepersmedia add to your YouTube Spiderman Funny lol Video Playlist on your YouTube channel! The First Spiderman Fail in this Video is a funny Spiderman Transforming and Shooting Toy, as Part of the Shape Shifters Action Figure Toy Line. The Second Fail Spiderman Item is the Pull over Winter Hat. A Funny lol Video of an Epic lol fail, but Funny Officially Licensed Spiderman Branded Toys You can find these Funny hilarious Spiderman toys and Punisher man Action Figure on Ebay, The Spiderman or Punisher Shape Shifters Toys sell for around 8-20 dollars. Funny and Controversial Toys always become hot collectibles in the future with collectors. Please watch my other Funny lol Toy video s on JeepersMedia on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/jeepersmedia Add this video to a lol playlist on your funny YouTube Channel Mike Mozart's Funniest Video Ever? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTc6uiskIgU
Views: 818610 JeepersMedia
cows & cows & cows
surreal bovine choreography. No cows were harmed during the making of this video, though their future prospects probably aren't as optimistic. music is available here: http://cyriak.co.uk/music.html Software used: adobe after effects
Views: 49391801 cyriak
Jaz's Laugh SO FUNNY!!!!
Jaz laughing at Funniest Home Videos On YouTube!!! HILARIOUS!!!
Views: 512 TheJazeyah
Dan Lemur Adventures Reactions to gross videos
Dan Lemur views some of the internets grossest videos and posts his reactions. Even the audio heard from the videos isnt for the faint hearted
Views: 467 DanLemur
cramp video ( FUNNY)
my dad get serious crampseven though i feel bad i think its histerical
Views: 505 eddieisacoolcat
funny video dedicated to Jacob Smith
Funny video dedicated to Jacob Smith.
Views: 99 l0v0lkewl
DREAMSCAPE - funny guitar video!
Wolfgang's funny guitarlessons! WOLFGANG KERINNIS - guitar from now: every week a new video! keep on watching! http://www.dreamscape.de http://www.myspace.com/dreamscapeofficialsite http://www.facebook.com/pages/DREAMSCAPE/218857793527 http://www.youtube.com/DREAMSCAPEofficial http://twitter.com/DREAMSCAPEmusic [email protected] kind regards! wolfgang & DREAMSCAPE
Views: 4779 Wolfgang Kerinnis
Land of the Lost - Funny Clips
Funny clips from new Land of The Lost with phsyco T.Rex and Giant Mosquito
Views: 287366 enser12
Funny Video , Fail Anime Sick Puppy Game Review by Mike Mozart @JeepersMedia Channel on YouTube
Fail Funny Video , Total Epic Failure Anime Sick Puppy Game from Japan. A Funny lol Video Review Video by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia Funny Video Best Channel on YouTube. Check out my other Funny Toy Review videos and Playlist on YouTube "Fail Toy" review on the "Funniest video ever" channel Jeepers Media http://www.youtube.com/user/jeepersmedia Please add my best Funny Videos to the Comedy or Funniest Fail playlist on Your YouTube Channel! 6 7 1
Views: 1132605 JeepersMedia
A day in the life of a vet.
This is a day in my life. After 20 years as a veterinarian, I still love it. This video is sad, gross, funny and rewarding at the same time... Nothing is edited. This is what I see every day.
Views: 343057 Susan Eyer-Anderson
Survivor Man-Les Stroud-(Reaction Montage)
put yourself in Les's shoes for a moment . the guy only eats very little during his trips. and i think he has the best reactions to something pleasant and something gross, truly genuine and maybe thats why they are so funny. i decided to make a montage of his hilarious and cool, faces and noises in tribute to him. all of these scenes are from season 1, i will make one of each season. cheers to all les stroud, and survivor man fans.
Views: 228681 phoenixforce22
Epic FAIL Kaba Kick Fail Toy! Russian Roulette Game! Funny Video Review Mike Mozart @JeepersMedia
Funny Video: The Japan game, Kaba Kick, Russian Link for Help in Translating the Spoken Text into Subtitles! http://jeepersmedia.blogspot.com/2009/12/top-favorite-youtube-fail-toy-reviews.html Roulette Fail toy For Kids! Another Funny lol Video EPIC Fail Toy Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia on YouTube. The Funny Kaba Kick FAILURE Russian Roulette Game was made by Takara/Tomy in 1993 for sale in Japan. The Kaba Kick is considered to be one of the very worst toys of all time! "Try Not to Laugh"! If you like Epic Failure Videos, Please check out Mike Mozart's Epic Fisher Price Dinosaur Imaginext EPIC Fail Toy in a Funny Video Review! Please Check out ALL Mike Mozart's FUNNY Video Fail Toy reviews on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/user/jeepersmedia
Views: 1913867 JeepersMedia
Reaction to 1Guy and a pair of scissors.......funny stuff!!!!
I found the mother of all gross websites so far that i have ran into and figured if ima watch the videos i might as well let ppl watch me doing so.......so for your enjoyment here you all go..........MMFWCL TO ALL
Views: 309 Shawn Simonson
Americas Funniest Security Camera Videos
Americas Funniest Security Camera Videos
Views: 1359 Kurlee Daddee
funny video- smelly farts
Funny Fart Video
Views: 16632 BlueEyedNessa30
My Name is John Daker - BEST VERSION w/ SUBTITLES
This might be one of my favorite videos in the world. There really wasn't a video with both Reva Unsicker AND John Daker singing where you could see the video and the words at the same time. NOW that time has come. It's the John Daker Video with the official lyrics! Original version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi8beYR1iBQ
Views: 2567947 Justin Kintzel
Lustig: Verladen eines Shire Horse Pferd in 30 Sekunden - Clydesdale: Funny loading on a trailer
SO könnt Ihr nur ein Shire Horse verladen, die größte Pferderasse der Welt. Nicht umsonst heißen sie "the gentle Giants" - die sanften Riesen und die Shire Stute "Bumblebee" (die "Hummel") liefert hier ein gutes Beispiel dafür. You only can load a Shire Horse in this way. The biggest horse breed worldwide. They are called "Gentle Giants" and Shire mare "Bumblebee" gives a good example for it here.
Views: 4386181 Karl-Heinz Lindenlaub
Funny Videos! with some chapstick and a bump!
well lets just say when marisa and spencer get boredd....u ddont wanna know what happens after that
Views: 65 spencer8380
Cyst asperation "Can i smell it?" Extremely gross and funny
Big lump on wrist is taken out by gloved friend. Patient extremely enthusiastic about puss and odor. Rate, Comment and subscribe.
Views: 59654 kala2girls
vulgar funny
gross comedy
Views: 2314 titanrage83
America's Funniest Videos in Denver at the Local Subway.
Food race between Dooki &I at Subway!
Views: 211 Barbie5280
Funny Things look at the video!!!
Views: 102 holachicoloco
Beetlejuice - Best Scene
Beetlejuice at his best
Views: 586612 Jon Hepfner
Farts Are Funny
Bitcoin donations address 19ey6GTE1fKKVv1g71K5t8u1pkW7YXBjNi
Views: 605599 SuperEd86

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