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dumb and dumber funny moments
very funny vid form dumb and dumber i do not own this video
Views: 4335 Boris Ivanov
Dumb and Dumber - Toilet Scene
the toilet scene from dumb and dumber
Views: 4503505 TommieDee
Alrighty Then ! [ jim carrey ]
Alrighty Then...Ace Ventura Part 1
Views: 1449685 dnanetwork
dumb and dumber comedy scene HINDI
dumb and dumber comedy scene HINDI a Warner Bros Production
Views: 80413 Param Shah
Dumb and Dumber - Jim Carrey Funny Fight
Dumb and Dumber - Jim Carrey Funny Fight
Views: 50902 affiliateturk
The kick ass movies - dump and dumper best scenes
subscribe rate and comment for more videos !!!
Views: 37938 Thekickassmovies
Farting Scene In The Movie Rocketman
My Favorite Scene From The Whole Movie!
Views: 1004212 FreeJohnDoe2006
Best of Rob Riggle
Views: 613267 SinfulTendencies
[eng] Hyomin + Jiyeon = Dumb and Dumber
(T-ara dot com ep. 5) Hyomin and Jiyeon both had a fail moment involving cameras. LoL Semi-translated/interpreted by me. I don't understand Korean well but I got the gist of the clip.
Views: 121977 ByungPoong
Jim Carrey - Background Guy at Crime Scene
Hilarious clip from the all time funnyman! I love this!
Views: 261506 joose89
Rocket Man Centrifugal Force Machine Scene
From the 1997 Disney comedy, Rocketman. Starring Harland Williams
Views: 130113 William Dearth
Fun with Dick and Jane | Dick's bad luck while first stealing attempts
Funny Dick's way trying to steal, one of the best parts in the movie
Views: 58661 JonkTan
Great Comedy Scenes Part 1
Compilation of some things that might make you laugh: "Ace Ventura" Airplane Zoolander "Wet Hot American Summer" Anchorman "Animal House" Caddyshack "Big Lebowski" "Austin Powers" "Billy Madison" Boomerang "Bruce Almighty" Cableguy "Three Amigos" "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" "Dumb and Dumber" "Dr Strangelove" Ghostbusters "Half Baked" "Holy Grail" "Hot Rod" Kingpin "Life Of Brian" "Starsky & Hutch" "Princess Bride" Superbad "Heartbreak Kid" "Something About Mary" "Tropic Thunder" "Wedding Crashers" Vacation
Views: 770321 Jeffrey Costello
Jim Carrey Wins Best Actor Motion Picture Drama - Golden Globes 1999
Lauren Bacall presents the Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama award to Jim Carrey for his role in "The Truman Show." Carrey thanks Sherry Lansing, Paramount Pictures, his business team, his family, his parents, his daughter, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. License Golden Globe Awards Clips Here: http://dickclarklicensing.com/Default.aspx?&sk=DCMA&q=Golden+Globe+Awards
Views: 5946797 AwardsShowNetwork
Jim Carrey Bloopers
I do not own any of these clips from the films however i did put them together and made this video, a bunch of outtakes and bloopers from various films from jim carrey. Enjoy!
Views: 2279065 Ryuk Denee
Dumb and Dumber - SHINee Hello Baby
cute huh :D?
Views: 9791 LilAng3ls77
Most Funny And Retarded Scene - Yes Man Movie
I call this scene " Getting Back At Ya " . It was so funny cuz Jim Carrey looked like a retard in the end. Watch and comment. Movie Footage : Yes Man Cast : Jim Carrey ( Carl Allen ), John Michael Higgins ( Norm ) Very funny and yet retarded... ^_^
Views: 49045 Rye Raheem
You laugh till your stomach drop, lmao
dumb dumb and dumber!!
Views: 76950 Peanut
Judge Judy - Dumb and dumber
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Views: 10522460 aabsc
Date Movie: Funny scene
Eine lustige Szene aus "Date Movie". All rights: ProSieben
Views: 126570 Lucariomen1996
Sarah Palin's Biggest Blunders
A compilation of big blunders made by Sarah Palin. Follow me below Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RawSanity Tumblr: http://rawsanity.tumblr.com/ . . Comments disabled because the new comment system SUCKS!
Views: 1248989 NewsPoliticsInfo
Cable Guy -basketball scene
One of the best scenes from Cable Guy. Jim Carrey plays a basketball game with some "friends".
Views: 534653 Michael LaRoque
The Best of Billy Madison
***PLEASE LIKE & COMMENT*** A best of the best movie of 1996
Views: 1946554 MrDeFlitch27
Makeover Montage - Dumb and Dumber
Lloyd and Harry are getting makeovers and trying tuxedos for the event. From the Warner Bros. film - "Dumb And Dumber"
Views: 36525 WBMoviesOnline
Funny Saw Spoof With Dumb and Dumber
jigsaw goes too far when uses the help of dumb and dumber in this spoof
Views: 981 seclairty31
Shinee Hello Baby - Dumb and Dumber
rofl XD
Views: 34662 xHeavenxsongx
Shocking: CNN Accidently Airs Diarrhea Scene From "Dumb & Dumber"
Views: 2149995 Greg Hengler
hot tub scene from dumb & dumber
rubadub dub, 2 bubs in a tub. ...sounds kinda funny to me.
Views: 1824 Bubba Brand
big gulps huh?
welp see ya later!
Views: 998837 Cayter Jones
Dumb and Dumber - Pets heads falling off
our pets heads are falling off
Views: 107743 TommieDee
Ace Ventura When Nature Calls (Rhino Scene)
This is the scene from Ace Ventura when the rhino gives birth.
Views: 1773873 WSUSuperSenior
yes man moments
some of the funny moments from " Yes Men " the movie along with Smash Mouth's All Star for your hearing pleasure :) its my first video so some feedback would be nice :) * i do not own the content of this video*
Views: 1743 kimberly m
Australian Story:Dumb & Dumber bank robbery duo screens 8pm, Monday April 12,  ABC1
For the first time, Anthony Prince, one half of the Dumb and Dumber bank robbery duo, provides a firsthand account into what may be the worlds most inept bank heist. Youve just robbed a federally insured bank of the United States, youd have to be retarded to think you can get away with it. ANTHONY PRINCE We had them identified within 8 minutes of the robbery. - DETECTIVE RYAN MILLBERN, VAIL POLICE DEPARTMENT In 2005, Anthony Prince and Luke Carroll, two hapless 19-year-olds from Byron Bay, were dubbed Dumb and Dumber by international media when they mounted possibly the most hare-brained bank heist in history — holding up a branch in the ski village of Vail, Colorado, where they were living. From their audacious getaway on snowboards, to buying a Rolex with $5 bank notes and tipping a cab driver $US20,000; Australian Story separates the myths from facts to reveal that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. The crime shocked their hometown community and devastated Princes family who could barely comprehend their sons moment of madness. After serving nearly five years in a US federal prison, Anthony Prince returns to his hometown to make amends and start over. For the first time Anthony Prince, his family and friends speak out. They are joined by one of the bank tellers, the Assistant Federal Public Defender for Colorado, the FBI, and a local Vail police officer involved in the case. Dumb and Dumber explores the series of events that led a young man from a solid middle-class family to commit one of recent historys most humiliating felonies.
Views: 14717 ABC TV & iview
me myself and irene funny scene.AVI
me myself and irene funny scene
Views: 87210 alparu29
Dumb and Dumber Review
This is my thoughts on one of the funniest movies i ever seen. I love this movie, i watch it all the time i rate this 5/5. Thanks for watching
Views: 3143 ametalknetmovie
funny movie parts
Views: 60 vinniemoorejr
Scary Movie 3 Oracle Hindi Version
Queen Latifah be the shizz
Views: 66209 Fazal Ahmad
YES MAN Jumper Scene (HD)
Jim Carrey singing in YES MAN Note: When Finalizing my recorded footage something went wrong in the process and gave you this i am sorry but the sound is still in HD and i hope you still get the whole picture even though the quality suck my apologies. I Do Not Own This Footage all Rights reserved to the film makers and actors involved.
Views: 1219688 italia989
Funniest Movie Clip Ever!
Was bored and tired and this is just so funny.
Views: 4880 iTzo0CRAZY0o
Picking Up The Check - Dumb and Dumber
After a round of beers for the guys, Lloyd tells the cashier that SeaBass offered to pick up their check. From the Warner Bros. film - "Dumb And Dumber"
Views: 9645 WBMoviesOnline
Funny Yoo Jae Suk Saves the Day ( eng sub )
In this cut, the Korean stars are asked to sing a song to their opponents as a warning or as a threat. Even the best comedians mess up jokes from time to time. When a gag flops, there is always Koreas Number 1 Moderator Yoo Jae Suk to save the day. ;-))
Views: 204990 riddlebox2100
Dumb & Dumber Part 2
Haha! Now The Party Don't Start Til Natasha Walks In! LOL(: ;;Love Renaa
Views: 770 xXxNenaAraujoxXx

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