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Russian Agent 007 music video
The best way to check out Moscow girls are from http://www.hoponhopoff.ru A Russian song about Russian James Bond by Russian girlsband "Blestyashchiye" [Los Glittering] P.S. Sorry and shame on me but I couldn't help it... :)
Views: 806564 S.Lavr
Russian Spy
i am a russian spy
Views: 680 RYANtheSHERRER
russian spy?
ari's a dork...
Views: 1687 xrambunctiousx13
The Russian Spy
Russian KGB agent, Serge Lutskovsky, infiltrates the top secret, under cover, meeting between CIA operative Stephen Arthur, and his German liason, Connie Liebig!
Views: 39110 BDURF
squirrely girl episode 002
She's back and she's got a Russian prisoner in her closet, might even be a spy. She discusses the validity of Pooh, and theorizes that Pooh is a government conspiracy.
Views: 429 orik0n
Indian tough-guys in the middle of Russia
Large-scale joint anti-terror exercises are taking place in Russia's north-western city of Pskov.
Views: 157677 RT
Beautiful girls
You can find them all here waiting for you at http://www.saunamassage.com/
Views: 2246 susie45uk
Masons Hot Russian Movie
Views: 71380 MasonAndErikFilms
spy girl action ~THE BIG HIT~ The Movies
The Movies. spy girl action movie. made about 1 year ago. re-edited, Japanese version.
Views: 13453 sidy1919
secret agent girls
lol james bond mission
Views: 1920 funnymonkeys101
A prank we made to make people think they had schizophrenia. Music in intro: "Konata no theme" from "Lucky star".
Views: 288 JaneyandAlyssa
hot female spy vs. the bad guys
Looking for the bad guys ... a clip from the movie THE MOVING TARGET.
Views: 179953 Glenn Kau
RUSSIAN KALASHNIKOV GIRL KILLS IPOD SILHOUETTE MAN (banned TV advert from AudioBooksForFree.com about audiobooks mp3 portable player AK-MP3)
Views: 26669 audiobooksforfree
Spy Girl Episode One
Episode one of the spy girl series.
Views: 1885 alyssalarue
that girl's got soul comin' out of her ass
the russian spy that can dance
Views: 471 phillyphanatic23
Your Russia Wife
Are you looking to meet a special one, Like your Russia wife or best friend?
Views: 1621 loveisintheair131970
Hidden Camera Video of PickUp 101's Robbo Kramer Picking Up Girls
http://www.pickup101.com/videos/youtubebonus Hidden Camera Video of PickUp 101's Robbo Kramer Picking Up Girls
Views: 84742 PickUp101
Happy New Years to my Russian Friends
Happy New Years wishes to my Russian and Romanian friends.
Views: 1120 beachbumde
hot female spy is back!!
a preview of the MOVING TARGET
Views: 10640 Glenn Kau
Austin Powers Fembots
"Bring in the Femboooots!!"
Views: 950187 TommyV67
After parrty  in New York Part 2
after party 9am, "Kosmodrom", yuriy antonov,kaliningrad, new york, russian girls, birthday,
Views: 10772 yurbas
spy dressing
Views: 549 elleywei
scene girls
some pictures of scene girls and guys music by the medic droid my myspace is www.myspace.com/darkgirl123 last name is pilling if needed ...ENJOY
Views: 32003 sophieisemo123
spy cam
cam qui fait landouille
Views: 920 msoulac
Sexy Russia Women
Sexy Russia Women like american and European men!
Views: 7638 oneforeignlover
Canadian Defector Exposes Chinese Student Spies
A Chinese defector from the Canadian Embassy in Canada exposes more about student groups and their work for the Chinese Communist Party.
Views: 6312 NTDTV
Hot women are now into politics.
Finally even the hottest girls care about politics. This 2 girls discuss: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) says it all. It's official, George Bush and Alberto Gonzales now have the legal authority to spy on you and I without a warrant at any time. The vote was as follows: Yea:227 Nay:183 There were a number of Democrats who voted for President Bush and against the American people and our civil liberties.
Views: 2482 maxtodorov
Beware! North Koreans Now Steal Humans
Secret Victims - North korea: North Korea are abducting South koreans in an attempt to brainwash them and turn them into their own spies. For more information and downloads visit: http://journeyman.tv/12153/short-films/secret-victims.html Hundreds of South Koreans have been abducted and spirited away to the Communist North. There they are brainwashed and forced to work as spies. October 2003 For decades, North Korean agents have been conducting a sinister kidnapping campaign. "They kidnap South Koreans ... train them as spies and brainwash them to assassinate people," claims victim Lee Jae Jun. He was abducted at gunpoint whilst out fishing and sent to spy school in Pyongyang to be 'purified.' After years of gruelling training, he was deemed 'ideologically impure' and banished to the famine-stricken countryside before managing to escape. The plight of the abductees is made even worse by the fact that their government refuses to do anything to help them. Instead, it prefers to treat the victims as Communist sympathisers who have willingly defected. Their families are treated with suspicion and closely monitored by local authorities. The government has even refused to raise the issue of the abductions with North Korea, for fear of upsetting Pyongyang. In contrast, Japanese authorities have taken an entirely different approach and managed to secure the release of their surviving kidnap victims. Inspired by Tokyo's example, the families are stepping up their campaign to secure their loved ones release. Ref-1967 Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world's most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today. We represent stories from the world's top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time. On our channel you'll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know about.
Views: 931734 Journeyman Pictures
Lady Is A Spy
Famous topless dancer became a French spy during WW2.
Views: 857 bingbingcat
Hidden Camera
Hidden Camera )))) Whit A Snake ]
Views: 1796 gogomatrixxx
The White Russian Shot
Krystle was reaching her limit, and the shot did not go down as smoothly as anticipated...
Views: 396 onehugedork
Sexy Spies Stuff
this is funny, i almost fell off of a tree... me and my friend doing sexy spies... enjoy
Views: 415 funkysaki
7-2-05 Machine gun Shoot
Lots of Machine guns A Mongomation Production Machine Guns in video 0:18 - Minigun 0:32 - Russian PKM 0:57 - Stoner 63A Commando configuration 1:25 - AKM with 75 round drum 1:29 - FN FNC, Belgium assault rifle 1:39 - Tippman Miniature Browning M1919A4 1:53 - Swedish K m/45 2:08 - Argentine Brass Maxim 2:15 - M2 Carbine 2:17 - Normal Browning M1919A4 2:25 - Micro Uzi
Views: 1956055 Mongo63a
Drunk girl
Oza being loud and Nic drunk call people again hahaha
Views: 450 egazmen
Comedy Spy Movie
Stupidly funny non assesable media movie we did. hope it entertains you for atleast 3 minutes, the song at the end was made by us to listen to the lyrics
Views: 1006 ctuckey1
EWA Spy Camera - T-Money Hires a Hitman
The EWA spy camera caught T-Money paying off an unknown person to take out Major Havoc at the May 19th EWA show.
Views: 1425 The1FallenAngel
The Quiller Memorandum (1966) Trailer
Fantastic trailer for the 60s spy classic The Quiller Memorandum. Starring George Segal, Alec Guinness, Max von Sydow, Senta Berger and George Sanders. Directed by Michael Anderson.
Views: 48848 Night Of The Trailers
Beautiful Secret Agent Woman
A woman who has everything to be featured in a memorable theatrical feature length film (perhaps in a spy film), but has never been surrounded with relevant and influent decision makers able to propel her into stardom. Her hair, her eyebrows, her eyes, her nose, her voice, and her cozy thick lips have the power to sent us dreaming...
Views: 8816 VirtuousManProducer
England V Russia - Outside Stadium
quick video showing the outside of the stadium up close
Views: 147 Tom Longland
Spy Movie
A good old-fashioned, melodramatic, comdeic, spy movie.
Views: 149 bdworetz
Trilingual Sanya -- English, Russian, Chinese
A sampling of signs in Sanya in 3 languages
Views: 367 xiemaike
Sexy Spies New Vid!
sparklers!! what happens when the girls drop sparklers?! FIRE!! and find out what happens with magical fairy dust! The Bad Touch- The Bloodhound Gang NOTE-sorry my room is a mess!
Views: 1590 TheNewSexySpyInc
TOPRadio 2007 pozdravlenie Borisova
NEW 2008
Views: 425 turjev
woman seeking man
Views: 8672 shhhowtime
ADD It Up! Episode 2 - The Spy
There is a spy in the office who told Zach's girlfriend about the toad incident and Zach's on a mission to discover their identity.
Views: 18383 RawVegasDotTV
Breach (USA 2007) FBI true story.
SYNOPSIS "Breach" is based on the true story of former 25 year veteran FBI Intelligence agent Robert Hanssen. Based on "The Eleventh Hour" by Adam Mazer and Bill Rotko and inspired by true events, "Breach" is a dramatic thriller set inside the halls of the FBI - the gatekeeper of the nation's most sensitive and potentially volatile secrets. Genre: Drama - Thriller. Writers: Adam Mazer and William Rotko. Producers: Robert F. Newmyer, Jeffrey Silver, Scott Strauss and Scott Kroopf. Director: Billy Ray. STARRING: Chris Cooper, Ryan Phillippe, Laura Linney, Dennis Haysbert, Kathleen Quinlan, Gary Cole, Bruce Davison, Caroline Dhavernas, Mary Jo Deschanel, Aaron Abrams.
Views: 132742 FrancoCallisto
Polar bears and dogs playing
A strange relationship between dogs and bears. Taken from the show "Jailed Polar Bear" on FirstScience.tv Download in full from: http://firstscience.tv/polarbear.htm
Views: 24746648 FirstscienceTV
Mozzart-Jasmin china girl 1988
I think this song is the best song of Mozzart.
Views: 436354 stasbor
ABC CALL GIRL VIDEO((staring b & c))
dial 1-800-cici-koolaid
Views: 738 ABC5869
Ukrainian Army Recruitment Ad
Girl 1: Would you take us for a ride? Sugar Daddy: Right to the edge of the world! Girl 2: Got enough gas? Sugar Daddy: Full tanks! [APC approaches in a cloud of smoke, shock and awe-style.] Serviceman: I'm dying for a glass of water. Could you fix me some, girls? Girls: Just a second! Girl 3: And when do you get home? Serviceman: We're already at home. We're in the club every evening after work. Girl 4: What kind of work? Serviceman: Nothing out of the ordinary, work by contract. Girl 5: What kind of contract? You mean a marital contract or what? Girl 2: A military one, for the time being. [refers to the enlistment contract] Sugar Daddy: Girl, girls, girls, don't you wanna ride? Girls: Go take Granny Manya for a ride, rider! Voiceover: The time for new heroes has come. Contract-based service in the armed forces of Ukraine.
Views: 5805 UkrVids

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