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Leisha Hailey Trailer Tour
Leisha Hailey's Trailer Tour from LWord
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Erin Daniels Trailer Tour
The L WOrd Erin Daniels Trailer Tour
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Tegan and Sara - Walking With a Ghost Video
Tegan and Sara, Walking With A Ghost Music Video! Excellent Song and an Excellent Video!!!
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Pillow Fight with The L Word
Leisha, Erin, Sarah and Mia having a pillow fight for a photo shoot!
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Jennifer Beals Interview
Jennifer Beals interview on The L Word and The Grudge 2
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Rachael Shelley's Tour
Rachel Shelley, Helena in the L Word, gives a tour of her trailer.
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L Word talks about upcoming fashion show
Alexandra Hedison, Kate Moennig and Erin Daniels talk about a charity fashion show they will be doing. Ther's a car involved
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The L Word 410-Little Boy Blue-Preview
The L Word 410-Little Boy Blue-Preview. Belongs to showtime television
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The Murmurs - All I Need to Know
...music video
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The L Word 203 Preview thingy
I know it's from way back in season 2 but i thought it was interesting, found out something i didn't kno bou a couple of the actresses, watch and you'l see.
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The l Word 411-Literary License to Kill preview
The L word preview to ep 411 belong to showtime
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The L Word Preview 408
the l word 408 preview, belongs to showtime
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The L Word Preview 409
The L Word preview 409 this belongs to showtime
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