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Steampunk: A Look Inside
Steampunk, while an old genre, is still being discoverd by people as an aesthetic point of view. Picture time stoping still in the Victorian era and the Industrial revolution stopping mid way and adding the weaponry of today, all driven by steampower or kinetics, and this is what we get. A dazzeling site of victorian fashion that still suites the gunslinging adventurer within. If you have ever questioned Steampunk or thought Steampunk was wierd, this short documentary will clear things up. I encourage you to seek out your local Steampunk community and look for Upstate Steampunk's upcoming events on facebook. Please help me out by subscribing, sharing and 'liking'
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Halloween Cosmic Bowl!
If you;re a resident at The Province then join us for our Halloween Cosmic Bowl at Triad Lanes October 27th 9pm-11pm! Also come dressed up in your best costume to win a prize!
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Crazy Good Sweets!
Faye Marsh is the lady you want to see if you've got a craving for a good cupcake. Freshly baked at home, Faye's cupcakes are brought to her kiosk every morning for all to enjoy. These cupcakes are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth as well as put a smile on anyones face for any special occasion. They're Crazy Good!
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Ipad for My Pad Contest!
Hey Province Residents! This is a Province Resident exclusive contest! Enter and you could win a brand new Ipad! Hope to see your submissions soon!
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Mad Hatter Holiday
A Holiday gift to all of our awesome guests at Mad Hatter who made this year such an awesome first year of business! Thank you and we hope enjoy our special little video! Don't forget to change the settings on the video to make it HD!
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Submission Wrap Video
Production Dates from 10/17/2016 - 12/12/2016 After a number of prep days, 20 shooting days, mini vacations in between and traveling to a makeshift Afghanistan in Wren's Georgia; our film is finally done being shot. Congratulations cast and crew..we did it!! This video serves as reminder of our hard work and relationships we built. Until next time! -Brad
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My first real project for school! Wrote an original script and everything! Still learning so dont get nit-picky about things. Hope you like it!
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Winter's Orchid
The last short film of my college career. Winter Wedderburn finds no joy in life. He longs for excitement that he is certain will never come his way. That is until it does, in a most unexpected fashion. Based on the short story "The Flowering of The Strange Orchid" by H.G. Wells. No Copyright infringement intended. Just pure homage to the great author and his fantastic mind.
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Strip Me-Natasha Bedingfield: Family video
A mermaid finds herslef kidnapped by two human girls who try to force her into accepting their way of life. Not long after, the mermaid retreats back to the ocean where her heart is.
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The Province Cottage Tour Video
Another video I did for work. THis one was to advertise our cottage that was being used as our base of operations until the property's club house was built. It doubled as our model. Students were welcome to visit anytime they want to get information about leasing an apartment, join us in cook outs, or just to hang out with us and get to know their staff better before move in day.
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Ruby Tuesday Spotlights Stacey and Markel
Ruby Tuesday provides a high quality dining experience with a family atmosphere at an affordable price.
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Mad Hatter ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Mad Hatter completes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Bus provided by People's City Transit and Create Your City Greensboro. Music by Empire of the Sun - "Walking on a Dream" No copyright infringement intended
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H.E.A.T. Bus contest
I entered this video into the H.E.A.T. Hot Shot video Contest for our local bus transportation service. Guess what! It won first place! :)
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King of anything
Music video done by my sisters, cousin, frined and I at Bald Head Isiand as a way to test my editing skills. On my other channel it got p to 416 veiws! :) lets try to do better! lol Let us know what you think by leaveing a comment bellow!
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Continuity Project "American Beauty"
I did this as a project for class. There are a few tiny mistakes here and there but I'm still learning lol Hope ya like it.
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G-Town Thursdays
Video I did for work to advertise the Social House used for students to have fun in and learn about our apartment complex.
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Team Becky Fundraiser
Becky, I hope this shows you how much support you have and how many people love you.
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Family music video to "Strip Me" by Natasha Bedingfield
This is me putting my media studies major to work again and trying some things out. My awesome sisters and cousin and I put this together using a few costumes this time! Hope you like it and please comment, comment, comment!!
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