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Port Authority Jackets with hoods. Custom Challenger jackets for sale
Imagine 3 for the price of 1. If it seems too good to be true, then pat yourself on the back and be prepared to be spoiled. These wholesale jackets from Port Authority offers three great layers for one great price. Wear the plush microfleece jacket on cool days, the critically seam-sealed waterproof shell on rainy days OR combine the two for winter-ready protection. The J310 shell consists of 100% polyester with a PU coating and a 100% polyester lining. The shell is rated at a waterproof level of 3000M and a breathability rating of 3000G/M2. A detachable hood (of course) with adjustable self-fabric tab drawcord and toggles gives you security from the elements for your head, while the storm flap with hood and loop closures seal the torso. Count on the two-way zipper, angled zippered chest pocket and two front zippered pockets to keep your stuff safe and dry. If you are seeking to embroider this fine jacket for your company or event, the unique "Port Pocket" hides the unsightly back portion of the logo process. You will find embroidery and screen printing services to be first rate and nobody beats the embroidery store on the price. Port Authority Jackets, Buy custom Port Authority Outerwear at True to Size Apparel. Wholesale challenger J705 & Port Authority soft shell jackets. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/mens-waterproof-3-in-1-hooded-jacket/ http://youtu.be/70wzJl8TRRc
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Classic italian driving jacket | True to Size Apparel
You have to hand it to the Italians, they have an eye for classic design and expensive cars. So I was not surprised to see the look and feel of this leather driving jacket and learning that it is an Italian design. This Burk's Bay leather jacket style 8080 is sleek and sophisticated and speaks the universal language of style. You would expect and get no less than a premium grade of cowhide leather, a supple durable mill-dyed leather with European styling. This driving jacket sports a heavy-duty brass zipper and a zippered outside chest pocket. There are also two slash pockets and an inside breast pocket. Nylon lining with polyester fiberfill and snap cuffs round out the features on this wonderful garment experience. There is a size for almost everyone, as the 8080 is available in sizes ranging from extra small to a plus size 3xl. While online shopping be sure to check out the best prices anywhere for clothes on line at True To Size Apparel and get free shipping on any Burks Bay garment. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/ http://youtu.be/kcXZaoBkxs4
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Embroidery Price List: Custom contract embroidery, digitizing price list
Get your custom contract embroidery and digitizing price list today. The price of milk or soda is clearly understood as we can see a gallon or know that something is sixteen ounces, etc. The measure of embroidery is a different item because the price is based on stitch count. The reason embroidery cost is measured as such is because the price has everything to do with how long the embroidery machine runs. That run time or machine productivity has a cost as does the fact that another order cannot be embroidered until the order on the machine is completed. This is a primary factor in creating an embroidery price list. Even though you understand that, what you cannot see is what you cannot verify and you cannot know. When I first started buying embroidery services, I would email a customer's logo to the embroiderer, who would reply with a stitch count and price quote based upon that stitch count. I paid the quotation without question because that is just how many stitches it took. When I shopped around to get the embroidery cost for various tiers of stitch counts, I selected vendors who gave me the best package of price, speed of delivery and guarantee of quality. As a frequent buyer of embroidery my back was up against the wall when the embroidery vendor who had my digitized files went out of business. A returning customer wanted to reorder denim jackets for a rodeo using the same logo as they had before. That logo / digitized file was lost when the other vendor closed their business. That digitizing file cost me over $200 to make and my customer's reorder would not create enough profit from which I could pay for a new digitized logo file from a different supplier. It was only when I had to find an alternative digitizing vendor did I discover that two embroidery companies charged me a LOT more by being dishonest about the real stitch count. That $200 file now cost me about $70 & my embroidery cost went down about 65% based on, (you have read this many times already today) a lower stitch count. I had been cheated on two sides of this embroidery order! The value of doing business with True to Size Apparel is that the stitch count is honest. They will give you the digitizing file if you ask for it and you can ask anyone in the trade to give you their price and ask them for the stitch count on the file True to Size Apparel created. At the embroidery store, everyone pays one price, $2.99 for the first 5,000 or fewer stitches + 60 per additional units of embroidery stitches from 1 to 1,000 - thusly a 5,001 stitch logo will cost $3.59 per item sewn. The embroidery price list at the embroidery store is true to everyone. This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/my-embroidery-store-custom-logos-shirts-jackets/ http://youtu.be/qZE_V1dytqU
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Ladies rachel sheer rib tank tops. Wholesale ribbed tank tops.
Hey ladies, your wait for the Rachel sheer rib tank top is over. Looking good has never cost so little as when you purchase this 4 ounce cotton/ spandex top with a slim fit and longer length. Available in sizes small all the way to 2xl in six sizes, the price and selection has never been greater than what you will find when shopping the True To Size Apparel online clothes store. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/ladies-rachel-sheer-rib-tank-top/ http://youtu.be/d7J6cGVrzEs
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Ladies jackets on sale. Buy ladies jackets for work, summer online
Dress for success when you are doing the corporate thing, or not, with the ladies legacy L764 jacket from Port Authority. This traditional style has been upgraded with the on/off hood design and contrast collar trim. Planning an event? If so you may want to include this jacket. Other considerations as to whether it is a good match for you or your crew is the gently contoured silhouette design, two front zippered pockets and princess seams. If you are thinking about screen printing or embroidering your logo on this jacket, it also has the Port Pocket feature which allows your logo to be hidden inside. The best news yet is the wholesale embroidery and jacket price at True To Size Apparel. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/ladies-corporate-casual-jacket-contoured-silhouette/ http://youtu.be/4tiHOuFt-wA
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Cute cheap aprons: Buy affordable cute cheap cooking aprons online
Your search for affordable cheap cooking aprons has been successful, now that you are shopping at True to Size Apparel. Buy inexpensive cute aprons in bulk or just one, and buy customized logo embroidery without a minimum order quantity requirement. Just one look and you will be hooked on this simple, elegant, multi-tasking cafe waist apron 2700 from Augusta Sportswear. Its cute and cheap. Do not be fooled by how small it is, it works when you do! Fabric is 65% polyester and 35% cotton twill with a triple-divided pouch pocked, reinforced at stress points. No skimping here, as you get 1/2 inch wide extra-long waist ties and a pencil pocket. Perfect for screen printing your logo and is found online at Oregon's True To Size Apparel. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/cafe-waist-apron/ http://youtu.be/2eOYFfBezYI
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Vintage leather jacket, retro finish | True to Size Apparel
Oh the good old days, when..... This leather jacket from Burk's Bay is fun to wear even if you are not driving on highway Route 66. If you have a yearning to include a vintage look in your closet picks, then you may love this retro vintage leather jacket for men from Burk's Bay. The special finish guarantees you that each jacket is unique, one of a kind, a work of art. The men's jacket has a full front brass zipper, zippered cuffs and zippered slash entry pockets. Zippers galore! The seams are a durable folded construction and the jacket has a nylon lining. This leather jacket comes in a vintage brown color only and is available in sizes from small to plus size 3xl. When shopping online, stop at America's clothes shop True To Size Apparel for the best price and free shipping on all Burk's Bay jackets. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/ http://youtu.be/EyjhkiXrQaQ
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Mens Basketball Shorts for cheap: Wholesale mens basketball shorts
Men Basketball Shorts at wholesale prices are yours for the taking. Shop at True to Size Apparel when you desire the cheap price for name brand shorts. The men in your life will love to be seen and to play in these very comfortable shorts, each and every time they play basketball or just sit on the couch and watch the game. This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/long-tricot-mesh-short-9-inch-inseam/ http://youtu.be/ACWF7UCODlQ
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Yellow Sweatshirts, Safety and Neon hooded sweatshirts
Yellow Sweatshirts I had a customer call me for a yellow sweatshirt sometime yesterday morning and introduced him to this zip sweatshirt from Port Authority Clothing. If you are not afraid of being spoiled with the rich 78% ring spun combed cotton clinging to your every move and feeding off of the emotional comfort of knowing that there is 22% poly fleece woven in this heavyweight nine ounce gem of all the fleece sweatshirts ever made, allowing you no-iron convenience, then you just HAVE to get you one of these F292 shirts from Port Authority. True to Size Apparel has your size, ranging from extra small to a plus size 4xl. Don't let this beauty fool you, for these hoodless sweatshirts sport an antique nickel-finished zipper and a contrast trimmed neck. This zip sweatshirt makes it convenient for you to pullover, even if you are wearing glasses or have big ears like me, this sweatshirt is a joy to own and hang in your closet or give to a friend. The wholesale prices for the sweat and perhaps some monogram or custom logo embroidery at the embroidery store is another reason to buy. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/sweatshirts-mens-womens-customized-screen-printing/ http://youtu.be/5DtvZWvM0cA
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Cloth shoe bags: Buy wholesale cloth drawstring shoe bags for travel
Buy direct from cloth shoe bags supplier True to Size Apparel. This wholesale shoe bag is great for travel and for 101 other uses where a small cotton drawstring bag would work. This is a wonderful little cloth bag for shoes of almost any size or to carry around small items. The word versatile comes to mind. Made of 100% cotton, this shoe bag includes a dyed to match drawcord on the top to close it. Dimensions are 15 x 11 inches wide and this bag is available in navy, natural and black colors. You can screen print or embroider this bag with your company or event logo. We sell tons of this bag because it serves so many purposes and because of the low price, about $2 - when online shopping check out America's clothes shop Oregon's True To Size Apparel online store. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/shoe-bag-with-drawstring-dyed-to-match-drawcord-closure/ http://youtu.be/JAp4LYtakPI
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Custom hat design no minimum. Embroidred custom logo hat designs
Keeping the sun out of your eyes while looking fine has never been easier than when Nike started offering this visor with dri fit moisture management. Say no to sweat and yes to a good time every time this visor graces your head. The hat fabric is an uncommon 100% polyester twill and is sewn with a contrast stitching to add a bit of flare to your appearance. That is the kind of thing you expect from a leader such as Nike. A velcro enclosure assures almost everyone of a good fit. Free monogram or a custom one word name embroidery, no minimum quantity, is included in the price so give a shout to True To Size Apparel next time you are checking out clothes stores on line. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/dri-fit-swoosh-visor-hook-loop-closure/l http://youtu.be/3wuYW0JHuBM
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Ladies long sleeve jersey tee shirts. Wholesale womens t shirts.
You do not have to be under 40 years young and single to like this Bella fabric. Imagine yourself in a 30-single 100% combed ring-spun cotton, 4.2 ounce tee shirt. This super soft baby jersey knit is just what you need on a cool day as the long sleeves will keep you warm. As a premiere Bella tee, the B6500 has a cover stitched baby-bottom hem and set-in neck, as well as contoured side seams. Available in sizes small to 2xl, you are likely to find the right size for you or as a gift for a friend. Screen printing is available at discount prices. Of course you will save a whole lot of money with your online purchase at Americans' clothes store, True To Size Apparel. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/bella-ladies-sheer-tanks-tops-shirts/ http://youtu.be/t2wxRBY8W74
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Big Newfoundland Dogs as pets | Our Newfoundland Puppy in Oregon
Big Newfoundland Dogs Pie Face is an adopted Newfoundland puppy who has grown up in Eugene Oregon, raised by his proud parents Gene and Christina Constant. From his arrival in 2009, we have found the love of our life with a fur coat and wagging tail. He is very smart and only barks when strangers come to the property. Our pet likes to have his nails polished and enjoys sitting out on our many porches to view the deer, squirrels and other animals who wander around our eight acre property. Pie Face is a lover and will back up his butt to almost anyone for a good massage, looking over his shoulder back at you if you are not working that big butt of his. Kind of reminds me of images I have seen of the cartoon character Snoopy. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com http://youtu.be/er-hTdEstoI
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Mens Denim Jackets for sale, light blue fashion denim jackets
Mens Lined Denim Jackets You are in for a real treat, as Port Authority has taken mens lined denim jackets up a notch with some hidden features sure to please anyone longing to wear a bit of nostalgia. The J761 denim and twill letterman jacket is both soft and comfortable with its retro look and laid back style. Reinforced seams and a cotton lining make it perfect for casual outings. Fabric consists of a heavy 13.75 ounce 100% cotton stonewashed denim body with cotton twill sleeves. Cotton body lining (of course) but nylon sleeve lining for easy on and off, as well as an interior chest pocket. Front snaps and two slash pockets are to be found along with the striped rib knit on the collar, cuffs and waistband. Whether you are extra small size or plus size, the range of options are from xs to 4xl. If you decide to embroider your team, school or company logo, embroidery starts at only $2.99 and you will find no better price than at True To Size Apparel. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/mens-denim-jacket-silver-buttons/ http://youtu.be/a8P4qrl8zdc
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Mens jackets. Casual mens jackets for winter or work on sale.
Classic style for work or play, these Port Authority J730 mens jackets is recognized almost anywhere as a jacket most people remember having or had owned at least once in their lifetimes. The J730 is lightweight and bears a distinctive sleek and smooth style with wonderful functionality of being wind and water resistant. Fabric is a brushed microfiber with a poly/cotton body lining and a nylon sleeve for easy on/off. Fabric is suitable for either embroidery or screen printing of your custom company or event logo and of course, you will get a wholesale price to be proud of when you buy at True To Size Apparel. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/mens-jacket-wind-water-resistant/ http://youtu.be/mNiWqQiGeKg
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Ladies running shorts with key pocket: Ladies running shorts sale
Shop the ladies running shorts sale at True to Size Apparel and get the wholesale deal. Every day is a fun day when the ladies are smartly dressed in these Augusta Sportswear shorts whenever they are running. This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/ladies-pulse-team-short-4-inch-inseam/ http://youtu.be/4xMYwIAf6O0
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Baseball Jackets, Mens, womens wholesale baseball jackets for sale
Shop for custom embroidery of your logo or sold blank Men's and Women's Baseball Jackets from Augusta Sportswear. On sale for wholesale. Also available for youth, these high quality - cheap priced baseball jackets are awesome. What is light, easy to the eye and a defense to the wind and rain? No, not Superman or any other comic hero. We are talking about these cheap water resistant baseball jackets from Augusta Sportswear. That's right, this two-color eye candy is their 3450 full zip jacket and it is all that I have said. Your wallet will appreciate the price and your body will love the elastic cuffs and bottom band as that pesky weather is shut out. Fabric is 100% micro polyester with a body lining made of taffeta. Center front zipper, white side panels and set in sleeves rounds out this feature rich garment. Your clothes size is here, as this jacket is available in sizes from small to plus size 2xl AND is machine washable. Get your team or company logo embroidered or screen printed at a discount from True To Size Apparel and say hi for me next time you have gone online shopping and clicked on their website. Cheap Baseball Jackets, shop Wholesale custom baseball Jackets at True to Size Apparel online. Best baseball jackets cheap prices for men, kids & boys. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/mens-micro-poly-full-zip-jacket-water-resistant/ http://youtu.be/u3FABbFS5eg
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Cheap tee shirts online. Custom cheap tshirt screen printing in bulk.
Today is the day to get your cheap tee shirts online. White white tee shirts or pick from an awesome selection of 40+ colors at True To Size Apparel. T-Shirts and Tank Tops are some of the best apparel options for men. The internet is wonderful when you can find what you are looking for. But a simple Google search for "shirt" will provide results that vary when you are looking for something so simple and popular as this garment. There is an extremely wide range of styles and colors for these items and True To Size Apparel discounts over 150 styles of tshirts, including the Hanes Beefy-T, compression, henley, tshirts with pockets, tee shirts with long sleeves with or without pockets, tagless tshirts, tank tops, and of course the most popular shirt ever, the plain white tee shirt. You got the idea! But don't get me started on sizes, because we can put a shirt on everyone from toddler to 10XL. Shirts, if chosen correctly are one of those items that makes a person look and feel great. When you're working with a company like True To Size Apparel, you know that you can never go wrong with quality, price or the look. This is due to the extensive variety of brands on the website. True To Size Apparel offers many different clothing options but the general consensus is that the staple of any wardrobe is your all American tee shirt. A good tee shirt is made of washable cotton that won't shrink, and it should look flattering on any body type. But what about Embroidery and screen printing you say?! It doesn't hurt that a white tee shirt is the perfect canvas to take advantage of True To Size Apparel's embroidery and screen printing services. When you are ready to personalize your garment, it is impossible to beat the 99 cent screen printing or the $2.99 embroidery cost. There's no minimum order quantity and we even offer a FREE online do-it-yourself logo design studio to take the stress out of the design process. If you're looking for a long sleeved option be sure to check out Anvil's 100% Organic Tee, style 429. It's pre-shrunk with shoulder to shoulder taping. A cool short sleeved one for the adults is the Authentic Tagless Pocket Tee from Hanes, style 5590. This is the tee to choose if you're not sure what color to get. There's so many to pick from, it's like a crayola crayon box! All our shirts keep the clothing budget under control so that if you can't pick one color, you might just have to pick two or three. But remember, Whatever the season or the reason, clothing for all has you covered! True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/t-shirts-henleys-tee-screen-printed-logo/ http://youtu.be/rnS97_81xMw
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Mens wool leather varsity jacket | True to Size Apparel
College days are not complete unless you are seen wearing a varsity jacket and there is no better jacket than this Burks Bay wool and leather jacket style 5000. If those college days are behind you than anyone who ever owned a varsity letter jacket can relive the glory days in this classic unisex jacket. This varsity jacket hits the WOW factor with its over sized 21 ounce wool body with sleeves. Attention to detail is evident when you run your hands into the two double-welt leather slash pockets. The lining is 100% quilted lining with polyester fiberfill. Completing the look are knit cuffs, waistband and collar. So, men and women, this jacket is available in sizes ranging from extra small to a plus size 6xl. Go to the online clothes shopping store America loves, True To Size Apparel and get free shipping on all Burks Bay jackets. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/ http://youtu.be/l6bL-2rXWRs
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Best all season jackets online. Port Authority all season jackets.
Just what you were looking for, no doubt, this L304 Port Authority girls Waterproof Jacket True at True to Size Apparel - Our new All-Season II Jacket is 100% waterproof and critically seam sealed to keep you safe & dry. Colorblock panels at the sides and sleeves give this jacket year-round appeal. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/ladies-all-season-ii-jacket-2-way-zipper/ http://youtu.be/JWRMb_PWUJw
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Ladies pleated dress pants, straight leg black trousers
This blended pants from Edwards Garment looks good and you will look good wearing it, I assure you. Just look at me on the video! Dress to impress and pay less when you are wearing the woman's pleated pants straight leg style 8629 from Edwards. The fabric is a rich 70% polyester and 30% wool. The attention to detail is obvious when you see the brass zipper. The waistband is just below the natural waistline and the 8629 comes with two front pockets. Very convenient! Sizes for everyone, whether you are tall or plus size, these pants are available in sizes from 0 to 28. While online shopping, check America's clothing for women stores True To Size Apparel. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/ladies-pleated-dress-pant-washable-wool-blend/ http://youtu.be/WZQfoL3b5rQ
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Windshirts golf. Wholesale mens pullover windshirts, with logo, blank.
Neither wind nor rain shall prevent you from your desired destination when you have this Port Authority ultra-soft wind shirt on. It is a fashion statement at a price that will keep you smiling. The fabric is 100% microfiber shell with a nylon lining throughout. This wind shirt has a rib knit neck, cuffs and waistband. This wind shirt is perfect for either embroidery or screen printing of your custom logo and the price is to smile for at True To Size Apparel. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/mens-wind-shirt-side-pockets/ http://youtu.be/BEqM-8NXmhM
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Stain Resistant Shirts, Best stain resistant dress and work shirts
Absolutely the best stain resistant dress and work shirts for men and women, and you can get the wholesale price at True to Size Apparel. This retro-video mimicks the pre-talkie movies, while humorously demonstrating a new shirt for men and ladies. The Super Shirt resists stains from red wine, strawberry jam and chocolate syrup. It is amazing and entertaining. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/mens-dress-shirt-soil-repellant-wrinkle-free-lightweight/ http://youtu.be/MwrpPw8RMPE
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Cheap White Aprons sale: Buy cheap white adult aprons wholesale
Cheap white kitchen aprons for adults are available at wholesale prices. These inexpensive white aprons are sold individually or in bulk, and there is no minimum order requirement. Discount custom logo embroidery and screen printing is available at True to Size Apparel. One size fits all.... not really. That is why you will like putting on this medium length apron from Port Authority Clothing, style A525. This cheap white apron (it comes in many other colors!) has a unique fitting system that allows you to tailor how it fits merely by pulling on a single strap, allowing you to look like it was made for you or almost anyone else. Fabric is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Measures 22 inches wide x 24 inches long. Machine was in cold water to avoid shrinking. You can screen print or embroider your event or company logo on this kitchen apron and you will get a very great sale price when you visit America's best online clothing stores Oregon's True To Size Apparel. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/medium-length-apron-3-patch-pockets/ http://youtu.be/JIQIysXCmw0
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Visor hats for sale. Sun visor hat
Keeping the sun out of your eyes has never been so fashionable and inexpensive as when you placed this Anvil low-profile visor on your head. Made of 100% cotton twill, this 3-panel low-profile, pre-curved bill visor has a matching sweatband and velcro closure. This visor comes in five colors. You can embroider in an area of approximately 4 inches wide x 2 inches high. We do offer embroidery of your company logo and a very great price online at True to Size Apparel. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/visors-baseball-sports-customized-embroidery/ http://youtu.be/XSP538_8E-I
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Safety reflective jackets and vests. Wholesale safety jackets with logo
The worst kept secret is our discount safety wear sale online. Corporate Safety wear is usually worn by people working in dangerous environments where they are at a risk of falling down or being hit by moving objects and need to be clearly visible. These vests are usually made in fluorescent colors such as yellow or orange with reflective taping for increased visibility. Mesh and other safety vests come in 4 categories - Class 2, Class 3, Public Safety and Economy vests and True To Size Apparel has them all! True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/mens-safety-jackets-vests-reflective-embroidery/ http://youtu.be/2LinOxhloRE
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Ladies straight leg pants, no pocket dress trousers
I am not a fan of pockets so it is no secret that I am fascinated with the Edwards Garment Casino pants 8796. No, I do not work for a casino and yes, I do understand why a dealer cannot have places to hide chips or money. Nuff said. I like pants without pockets because this gives me a reason not to stuff them with something that causes my dressed up look from being messed up. This pant style has straight legs, a flat front with a brass zipper and hook and eye closure. Style every inch. I also have this thing about saving money, so the 100% polyester 10.5 ounce fabric allows these pants to be machine washable. Nice! Almost anyone can use these pants as they come in sizes from 0 to 28W, misses to plus sizes. Tall is also available. A secret surprise is the rubberized waistband. Comes with belt loops. You can get this casino pants when you look for clothing for women online and find True To Size Apparel. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/ladies-flat-front-casino-pant-straight-leg/ http://youtu.be/DW_SjhHx2eQ
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Men's Heavyweight Parka. Port Authority J799 heavyweight parka.
Want to stay warm and look good at the same time without spending a lot of money? Good! Welcome to the Port Authority J799 Heavyweight Parka. Wrap yourself up with a 100% polyester shell and 100% polyester quilted lining that is waterproof to 8000MM. This parka is fully seam-sealed and offers substantial protection on its own, yet it can also be zipped over the down jacket J776 (sold separately) for increased protection. This Port Authority J799 parka has a snap-off adjustable hood, a storm flap and two-way zipper with ergonomic pull. The parka also sports a waterproof welded sleeve pocket and waterproof zippered pockets, as well as a hand warmer pocket. The interior has an MP3 player pocket and the neat Port Pocket, which allows your logo to be embroidered on the outside and the backside of the embroidery is hidden from view. A VERY nice feature that speaks volumes as to detail and quality of this heavyweight wonder. Count on your number one clothing stores True To Size Apparel to have the best price and your size, ranging from xs to plus size 4xl. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/heavyweight-parka-2-way-zipper-open-hem/ http://youtu.be/UIAzXU7uotw
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Distressed leather jackets for men | True to Size Apparel
Distressed Leather Jackets for Men The difference between fashion and classic apparel is that fashion is an expression of a particular moment while classic is forever. These distressed leather jackets for men from Burks Bay is a classic that you dad or grandfather may still have hanging around in their closet. This resilient and reliable classic styled jacket can be in your closet, a jacket that takes life's hard knocks and comes out on top, just like the person wearing it. My favorite feature of this jacket is the finish, of course, and I like the elasticized leather waistband as there is a lot of detail work involved to make that happen. Attributes are the snap cuffs, two front slash pockets and inside breast pocket. This leather jacket has a nylon lining with polyester fiberfill. There is also a very generously proportioned snap down collar. Sizes range from small to plus size 3xl. While online shopping, check out the on line clothes shop experts at True To Size Apparel for the best prices anywhere and you get Free shipping on any Burks Bay coat. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/ http://youtu.be/PlXrTEshHPM
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Custom cap brims. Design your custom hat design, including brims.
I do not like to sweat unless I am in a sauna, and anything (almost) that I can do to minimize that is on my to-do list! That is why I own and oftentimes wear this dry zone cap from Port Authority, style C838. You know is it is popular as it comes in ten different colors with a contrasting color in the bill. Best feature for me is the lightweight and breathable 55% polyester and 45% polypropolene double knit fabric. Keep me cool I say to my wicking clothes every day. It is styled as a low profile unstructured cap and includes a coolmax sweatband, and has a Velcro closure. Fancy sewn eyelets and pre-curved brims are a part of this gorgeous package. Embroider your team or company custom logo at a low price at True To Size Apparel, a company the specializes in customized garments. So when online shopping go to the clothes on line leaders, True to Size Apparel for the largest selection and lowest prices anywhere. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/dry-zone-cap-hook-loop-closure/ http://youtu.be/ggOgLkXase4
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Womens Denim Shirts: Embroidered, blank womens denim shirts for sale online
These ladies denim shirts with long sleeves are extremely comfortable. Of course getting the wholesale price is nice as all ladies denim shirts, blank or custom embroidered with your logo or monogram are for sale online today. Yeah! Your search is over girls if you want to have a denim shirt that does not look like one of the guys. Made for us women, these Ultra Club shirts wears well and feels soft to the touch. Fabric is a mid-weight 6.5 ounce 100% cotton fabric. Craftsmanship is exceptional as Ultra Club uses double-needle stitching and has added wood-tone buttons, which I think is a thoughtful touch. When checking out all of the clothing stores for women, you will be happy with your selection of Oregon's True To Size Apparel, as they offer wholesale prices for embroidery or screen printing of your team or company logo. Sizes range from small to plus size 2xl. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/ladies-button-down-denim-shirt/ http://youtu.be/xfnlBBv2PRg
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Hooded pullover sweatshirts. Mens custom, blank cheap pullover hoodies
Looking good used to cost a lot. Not anymore, thanks to the mens hooded black sweatshirts from Ultra Club. So soft you don't want to ever take it off. Sweats. Where would you go and not miss having this fleece sweatshirt? It is a step above many sweats in that the anti-pill fabric will cause this sweat shirt to look new longer than most, as the fabric will not "ball" as quickly as other, thus the fabric will look more pristine. The features include: 100% polyester fleece 8-oz. smooth durable exterior soft brushed inner layer anti-pill front pouch pocket 3-piece hood with self-fabric interior dyed-to-match drawstring with metal tips half-moon patch double-needle open cuffs and hem tagless True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/mens-hooded-fleece-pullover-contrasting-hood-liner/ http://youtu.be/UM0EwxC-aP0
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Custom caps. No minimum order for custom caps embroidery.
Not sure why but the big deal for a long time in the fashion circle is taking a perfectly new garment and messing it up. New jeans that may sell for $25 are worth hundreds of dollars if you can just drag them behind a truck or shoot the legs or ass with a shot gun. Ok, we learned all of that and have something just as wicked, this DT600 distressed cap from District Threads. This looks lived in with a stylish frayed look for those looking for such. No cheap velcro here, you get a high quality metal d-ring slider with a hiding place for the strap. Low profile is also the fashion these days and this hat is all of that. Embroider your team or company custom logo at wholesale prices if that floats your boat. When browsing the various online shopping stores, give True To Size Apparel a shout out why don't ya! True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/distressed-cap-self-fabric-hideaway-strap/ http://youtu.be/jh0HrUhiBMc
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Embroidery Companies, Find top 10 embroidery companies online
When looking for embroidery companies near me, you have found one of the top 10 embroidery digitizing companies online when you shop True to Size Apparel. If you have had it up to HERE with embroidery companies that charge WAY TOO much and take too long to sew your company's logo and company names on the uniforms you purchased, then you may be ready to make a change! Located in Oregon, True to Size Apparel has been in the embroidery business for almost twenty years, although this is the first year we have been on the Internet. You are in good hands when you realize we have sold embroidered garments to companies as far away as Nigeria, Africa. There are about 150,000 embroidery companies in the United States. True to Size Apparel helps the buyer of corporate logo apparel or school team uniform buyer to better understand how this industry thinks by giving away a FREE Embroidery Buyer's Guide, a PDF file that can be downloaded. You will be impressed and informed, all at no more than a few minutes of reading, a mere mouse click away. True to Size Apparel ships embroidered garments and bags around the world. Why buy local if the local companies lack access to the types, color and sizes of garments or bags your organization wants? Most buyers are pleasantly pleased to learn that True to Size Apparel can deliver an embroidered order for less than a local company can. It makes sense that there is no reason to pay more for less, it makes sense to take a look at True to Size Apparel. You will like the speed of service - about seven days in most cases, the low digitizing cost of your logo - about $8 for 5,000 stitches, and wholesale embroidery of about $3 for most logos. If it sounds like our offer is too good to be true, then you have got to run to the phone and call us at 541.636.2983 - prepare to be pampered like a rich kid. This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/my-embroidery-store-custom-logos-shirts-jackets/ http://youtu.be/6VHTQh9d50U
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Wholesale Hand Towels: Buy cheap wholesale hand towels for embroidery
Your best supplier for wholesale cotton hand towels for the kitchen or gym, both blank and for embroidery at a cheap price is True to Size Apparel. Compact with a lot of surface in every fold, that is the benefit of using this tri-fold wholesale hand towel from Anvil. The grommet on one end keeps the 3 folded sections together and the hook allows the T68T hand towel to be very convenient. I like it near the grill and others want up on the wall near their work bench, attached to their belt, etc. The hem is neat while the 100% cotton sheared terry is soft. Dimensions are 16 x 26 inches and this towel comes in seven colors. When browsing for clothes on line, give Oregon's True To Size Apparel online shop a look see. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/grommeted-hand-towel-hook/ http://youtu.be/ErOJvT94KGM
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Waterproof jacket with hood for men.
Baby its COLD outside! If that is what you are thinking or saying, also wonder just how warm you will be inside one of these J778 lightweight waterproof jackets from Port Authority. Just your cup of tea if cold isn't, the waterproof adventure jacket is made of a 100% nylon shell with a 1500MM waterproof rating. You will certainly like the zip and snap storm flap as well as the handy stowaway hood. Don't forget the slash pockets with protective flaps and zippered closures. Those Port Authority people think of everything. If your company is looking to embroider its logo on this puppy, then you will love the innovative "Port Pocket" feature that allows your custom logo to be embroidered on the outside without it being seen on the inside. Wholesale embroidery and low prices are what you have come to expect when you shop online at True To Size Apparel. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/mens-down-jacket-elastic-cuffs/ http://youtu.be/wH5SIxrJWXE
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Ladies long white button down shirt, Shop women's white button down shirts
You are going to get the giggles when you try on this ladies white (or any other exciting color) button down shirt at True to Size Apparel. All we really need is more time in the day, either create a 26 hour day or give me fewer things that have to be done in the 24. How often have you had thoughts like that? Too many days are like that for me! Well, part of your problem is solved by having less to do. Ignore the iron or ironing board, and say hello to the woman's wrinkle free dress shirt, an oxford from Ultra Club. The women's long white button down shirt, style 8990 has a 4.2 ounce 60% cotton 40% polyester fabric that does not need a whole lot of maintenance, yet it does look like it has been worked over by trained garment professionals. Go to work or to an important function in style, with a button-down collar, left chest pocket and a long tail to help keep your shirt tucked in no matter what you are doing (almost). Available in sizes ranging from extra small to a plus size 3xl, you are sure to find your size. Comes in seven colors too. When browsing clothing stores for women online, shout at Oregon's True To Size Apparel online shop and see if their wholesale customization of embroidery or screen printing of company and team logos is right for you. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/ladies-classic-oxford-button-down-collar/ http://youtu.be/vqb0GkycBog
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Shorts on sale online: Mens, womens shorts on sale
True to Size Apparel's store are featuring shorts for women and men on sale now. If you are browsing for a sale price for shorts, then you can check that task off of your To Do list once you have clicked on this link. The prices for shorts have never been so low as they are today. C U! True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/womens-shorts-monogram-embroidery/ http://youtu.be/ipfJwyT6XOs
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Best Laptop Backpacks. Travel, college business laptop backpacks.
BG100 Port and Company Best Urban laptop backpack from True to Size Apparel. Got to love this external, easy-entry padded laptop compartment which fits up to a 17" laptop. Check out the front zippered pocket with organizer panel, and these very comfy ergonomic padded straps, which are padded, channeled back for ventilation * Convenient headphone exit port is also a part of this deal. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/computer-backpack-external-laptop-compartment/ http://youtu.be/fYAkKz1DOUw
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Custom hat embroidery new era. Embroidered New Era custom hats
Not a beanie but fits kind of like one, that is what you will admire most about this cap with a bit of spandex in it. A rare treat to the head is what you can thank New Era for. The unstructured feature means there is nothing stiff about any portion of the crown, while the curved bill gives you the feel of a cap. Six panels allows embroidery of your team or company logo, name or monogram but does not permit screen printing. This NE101 cap is for men and women and comes in sizes small / medium, medium / large and large / extra large, so read the measurements so that you will be happy when the hat is delivered. When online shopping, shout out at True To Size Apparel for customized garments and get wholesale prices on decorating that hat. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/custom-hats-builder-wholesale-cap-makers/ http://youtu.be/tWGjWOhMvYo
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Ogio jacket ladies minx. Log201 ladies Ogio minx jacket on sale.
I bet you will fall in love with this LOG201 Ogio ladies green jacket from True to Size Apparel. Made to move, this sleek jacket is feminine and edgy with a welded pocket on the left sleeve. The material is made of 100% polyester interlock bonded to 12-ounce, 100% poly microfleece, with a Zip-through cadet collar with rib knit detail. Cannot help but notice the Contrast color lining and Debossed OGIO at back. OGIO heat transfer label for tag free comfort Welded zippered pocket with OGIO zipper pull on left sleeve Reverse coil zipper with OGIO zipper pull Two front zippered pockets with OGIO zipper pulls Rib knit insets at cuffs Shaped open cuffs OGIO badge on lower left sleeve Open hem True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/ladies-minx-jacket-zip-through-cadet-collar/ http://youtu.be/PEJ0y_YzM1k
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Spring jackets. Buy a womens spring jackets at cheap prices online.
Can you believe your eyes? Just look at these Port Authority Ladies Spring Jackets at True to Size Apparel - Our 2-Tone Soft Shell Jacket takes on the wet, windy world with function and style. Made with a poly interlock bonded to polyester fleece, this soft shell breathes to keep anyone comfortable and has amazing stretch to keep up with your active lifestyle. Rated for protection against water, it's ready for whatever adventure your day holds. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/ladies-two-tone-soft-shell-jacket/ http://youtu.be/HrXSkVgMpRQ
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Ladies waterproof jackets. Womens outdoor waterproof jackets on sale.
Hey girls, do you want to feel like a milk soaked cookie after a brief walk in the rain? If that is not what you had in mind, a bad hair day gone wild, then you will find a garment worthy of the label "Friend" when you fall into these womens waterproof jackets from Port Authority. The lucky girl found wearing this technology wonder will be sporting a jacket that has every seam sealed for superior waterproof protection. You will stay warm and dry and look good every step of the way. Features include a 100% ripstop nylon shell with Taslan nylon accents, a 1500MM waterproof rating as well as a 2-ounce polyfill insulation in body and a 3-ounce polyfill in the sleeves. Kick back with wonder at the zip-off hood, four (yes count them, FOUR) zippered pockets, a drop tail hem with drawcord and nylon sleeves for each on/off. You be stylin with the gently contoured silhouette. If you need to embroider your company's custom logo, the unique "Port Pocket" feature allow your logo to look good on the outside and be invisible on the inside of this jacket. Whatever your pleasure, count on True To Size Apparel for the best price on embroidery or just the jacket as pictured. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/ladies-nootka-jacket-zip-off-hood/ http://youtu.be/ItKSr4uT43M
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Baker Beach Florence Oregon. Baker beach trail Oregon
Baker Beach Campground features five campsites and access to coastal trails. Campsites have tables and fire rings, with limited facilities for horses. Trails lead from the parking area to the beach and to vistas over looking the dunes to the west and Lily Lake to the east. This campground has no electrical, water, or sewer hookups. Baker Beach is continuing to be improved. The parking lot is being expanded to allow for better access for horse trailers. A new vault type toilet was installed this past summer. The Baker Beach Campground is quite popular with horseback riders, with easy access to the beach across the dunes. Camping is first-come-first-served as no reservations available. Canoes, rafts, or other small watercraft may be used at Lily Lake. For those wishing to do so, a short portage over maintained trails is necessary. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com http://youtu.be/9-v3S9QUjRw
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Best duffel bag brands. Get the best duffel bag for gym, travel, college
This is the best duffel bag around for the price, the BG105 Port and Company shiny Duffel at True to Size Apparel - This duffel has it all when it comes to value, style and on-the-go organization. * 600 denier poly w/ polyester dobby contrast * Web handles with padded grip * D-shaped zippered entry for easy access * Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap * Built-in bottom board for shape retention * Exterior mesh pocket * Exterior pocket with hook and loop closure * 4 durable, protective feet. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/two-tone-medium-duffel-bag/ http://youtu.be/GKSGui-KZYQ
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Mossy Oak Wool & Leather Mens Jacket | True To Size Apparel
Kind of takes your breath away if you are a man who wants everything yet may not quite have his first million dollars yet. Looking at something almost any guy can afford if he knew about it, this mossy oak camouflage wool and leather jacket from Burk's Bay is a wonderful creation. This style 5399 camouflage jacket includes the mossy oak camo pattern on the wool / leather sleeves. Features include an oversized heavy 21 ounce melton wool body with camouflage premium Napa sleeves. Now it gets even better, as the Burks Bay designers went overboard with two mossy oak double-welt slash pockets and a leather collar featuring the same mossy oak pattern. Jacket has a 100% nylon lining and polyester fiberfill. The camo leather jacket is available in sizes from small to plus size 3xl. When online shopping, take a peek at the fantastic wholesale price at True To Size Apparel and notice the free shipping! True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/ http://youtu.be/mEjKj1GcbqE
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Ladies security guard pants, Women's security pants
You have the right to remain silent, but if you choose to exercise that right then you may miss out on a great pair of ladies security pants. This Edwards Garment style 8591 for women is made of machine washable 10 ounce 100% polyester. The pant is straight leg and sports a waistband that sits just below the natural waistline. Closes with a double hook and eye closure with a brass zipper. Nothing but quality there! Two front pockets of course and this security pant is available in sizes 0 to 28 Long. Shop online clothing experts True To Size Apparel for the best prices anywhere. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 http://truetosizeapparel.com/ladies-security-pant-rubberized-waistband/ http://youtu.be/5Raha33IJg8
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Red Shirts, Over 632 styles of shirts for men and women online
An extremely popular search phrase today, and of course you know that True to Size Apparel does nothing small. When you type that phrase into our search bar, you will find 632 matches found. Sizes range from toddler to 10xl. Prices start at $3.66 and True to Size Apparel has every imaginable type of shirt you may be looking for, from tee shirts, polo shirts, turtle neck shirts, banded collar shirts, work shirts and button down dress shirts from Hanes, Jerzees, Fruit of the Loom, alo, anvil, augusta sportswear, bella, champion, cornerstone, district threads, Ultra club, port authority and many others. Fabric also covers a wide range, from cotton, 50/50 cotton/poly, 100% polyester and silk. If your purchase is for an event or business, be sure to consider our excellent screen printing and custom logo embroidery services. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/ http://youtu.be/BGDg0CbVreQ
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Velour Beach Towels: Wholesale velour beach towels
Get the wholesale price when you are ready to buy cotton velour beach towels in white or six other exciting colors. Plain or with custom embroidery, these oversized velour beach towels are heavily discounted and thusly on sale at True to Size Apparel today. A beach towel is a big towel that can do many things that may not be related to salt water or sand. We use our towel to line the back seat of our car for our Newfoundland puppy and at other times to dry the big guy off. Whatever your need, this is a fun accessory and that is helped by the number of bright colors the Port and Company PT42 comes in, seven all told. Whatever your reason for a beach towel, when doing your online shopping, check out America's favorite clothes store at Oregon's True To Size Apparel online shop for wholesale prices. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/terry-velour-beach-towel/ http://youtu.be/VpFIptld87s
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Man Apron, Where to Buy awesome chef grilling, cooking men's aprons
Here is where to buy awesome grilling aprons for men. Starting with this butcher Apron with Pockets is the featured item in this video. Available in eight colors, you are getting a lot of quality throughout this Edwards 9005 butcher's apron as it has a two-piece slide adjustment and two pockets, this this apron will fit almost anyone because of height while the generous 80 inch ties makes this able to fit almost anyone regardless of weight. Fabric is a heavyweight 7.2 ounces consisting of 65% polyester and 35% cotton twill. Dimensions are 34 inches length x 23 inches width and is machine washable. You can embroider or screen print your company logo and will get a great price at your online clothing experts at Oregon's True to Size Apparel. True to Size Apparel 4075 Aerial Way Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-359-2268 This video brought to you by: http://truetosizeapparel.com/aprons-embroidered-logo-screen-printing/ http://youtu.be/Hf1I_7GEenI
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