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The B52s Love Shack Live
The B52s at Phoenix Pride!
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Adore Delano (I Look Fuckin Cool)
Adore Delano in New York City performing I Look Fuckin Cool from her debut album in 2014 at the Gramercy Theater.
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Prayers "Ready to Bleed" Live
Prayers at the Launchpad In Albuquerque,NM 2016
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My 4th Spoken Word Video, 'RA'. By the powers of Ra teach me the ancient power to guide me out of my darkest hours i sacrifice myself to you that will be the only way that you know I’m true give me my golden wigs so i can fly in the sky just like Horus the god of the air i bow to you. send me to Thoth so he can give me all of his knowledge to help me learn the way of the old he will give me the words i need to write down this prophesy that i speak call upon Sobek so he can guide me down the nile for the afterlife is what i seek to be welcome by Anubis as he take me to the gates to be judge by Osiris himself as i get down on my knees and show them the true God that i can be
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Black Hive
Some of my Spoken word. Bloody and red with so much hatred in full effect I’m here with a knife stabbing in and out of your chest don’t be scared the last thing you’ll see will be me ripping apart your family for all eternity do you hear their screams calling out for daddy to bad there is nothing you can do for the reaper is coming soon to take you away to the depth of hell to see the devil dripping in flames don’t be ashamed its time to embrace your sin don’t you worry you won’t be cast aside for all your inner pride will come alive welcome to the unholy black hive.
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This is my 3rd Spoken Word video "Here". here i am here ill stay to rain on your parade don’t you strive ill be your guide and light your way to the depths of hell where you’ll be safe do you feel the heat from the river of fire i hope you’re not tired because the torture is about to begin the demons are here to play with whats left of your filthy soul try not to be a mole you’ll make them angry and they will have no chose but to rip you apart and make your body art for all to see the bitch that they knew that you would be my dear your end is near I’m sorry i lied there is no safe place here for you to hide. the truth is i brought you here to end my suffering with a grin on my face i depart with all your grace.
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The Rain
MY Spoken Word Part 2. I close my eyes to try to forget the hurt thats deep inside but once they open ill be whole again just for awhile enough time to know that i still exist. I see in the distance a big cloud of grey forming i know whats coming heavy rain to wash away my sinful ways. the first thing i hear is the sound of thunder it helps keep me sane but with out it my demons would come out and play to wreck havoc on this world thats getting to use to being cold so much hate and sin everywhere you go that they might thing that they are back at home till i wake up from this dream to witness everything that they have done to gather them up and put them back into my soul the true place that they should call home
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Lady Gaga Born This Way Live
Monster Ball 2011
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The All seeing eye
My 5th Spoken Word Video "All Seeing Eye". All seeing eye can you feel our pain running trough our veins please help us and free us from this toxic life.take us to a place where we can dance and feel free and be in totally ecstasy. My holy pyramids in the sky flying so high i could almost die. i see your beautiful golden light shining down on me i feel it deep inside of me. I hear your music in my ear i do not fear its almost like siren calling to a sailor drifting out to sea. Goddess of mine dress in all red guide me to the promise land so i can sing to you and you shell never feel blue. ill take alway all your sorrow and despair for we are one and i don’t like to share. i will get down on my knees and prey that we will never be to far apart i just know that i can call on you whenever i want for you are my all seeing eye.
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Prayers " Young Gods" Live
Young Gods at the Launchpad 2016
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Adore Delano ( DTF )
Adore Delano performing DTF from her debut album in 2014 at the Gramercy Theater in NYC
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Adore Delano ( Jump The Gun )
Adore Delano performing Jump The Gun from her debut album at Gramercy Theater in NYC 2014
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