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Monica Laire & Brett Patterson - Helium (Official Video)
Monica Laire & Brett Patterson - Helium (Official Video) MONICA’S socials: ▶TWITTER: @monicalaire https://www.Twitter.com/monicalaire ▶FACEBOOK: Monica Laire Pidoy Mendoza https://Facebook.com/Monicalairepidoymendoza ▶INSTAGRAM: @monicalaire https://www.Instagram.com/monicalaire ▶VINE: @monicalaire ▶SNAPCHAT: @itsss_monicaaa BRETT’S socials: ▶TWITTER: @brettpatterson0 https://www.Twitter.com/brettpatterson0 ▶FACEBOOK: Brett Patterson https://Facebook.com/BrettPatterson0 ▶INSTAGRAM: @brettpattersonn https://www.Instagram.com/brettpatter... ▶VINE: @BrettPatterson0 ▶SNAPCHAT: @brettpatterson0 AMIR'S socials: ▶EMAIL: [email protected] ▶INSTAGRAM: @mirshami https://www.Instagram.com/mirshami ▶SNAPCHAT: amirsmirrors
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Flashlight by jessie j covered with Monica through smule
So there's this app where you could sing with people , and jessie j had an open call so I took the opportunity to sing with her coz she's my fave.. Couldn't heAr the music well and I sound nasally, but yeah, hope y'all enjoy.for some reason video is like unstabled idk why it made me really dizzy, please ignore that
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Treat Me Like Somebody- Tink (cover)
Lol I put my blankie on top of my double deck Coz it was too messy but y'all enjoy this. Thank you for watching ❤️
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Lateeya- Lullaby (cover)
lullaby ... omg this is one of my mooooost favorite song . just because its hella cute please like, subsribe and enjoy ! :) This is some old ass video calm duh fuq down i was sleepy but needed to do a cover asap . thank you for watching tho
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Emotions- Destiny's Child (cover)
Hope y'all liked it!!! Please don't forget to like, subscribe and share :-) Instagram/Twitter : @monicalaire
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I'm not the only one by Sam Smith (cover)
This is a cover I just did with my little brother. Hope y'all liked it!!! Please don't forget to like, subscribe and share :-) Instagram/Twitter : @monicalaire
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Drunk Texting x Right There x Say My Name ( Mashup Cover)
via YouTube Capture
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Bright by Kehlani (cover)
Dedicated to Kehlani. Much love & support for this Bay Area talent.
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PARTY by Beyonce (cover attempt)
We just got done jogging lol This is an attempt of beyonce's "party" TOP VIDEO Featuring Charlz rear left, Mikhaela rear right, Monicalaire on front left, Chriz front right.
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Momma knows best by Monicalaire & Charlz
Me and my little brother singing to momma knows best. Recently heard a cover of this song by my sister from American Idol, Sarina Joi Crowe Just tried it out. Enjoy (:
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That little brother that always knows how to take the spotlight
I'm used to my little brother always getting the attention
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What type of slay
As me and my fam are trying to greet a fan, happy birthday, he decides to do his runs, unexpectedly. Idk why, but that's life. the person that said "oh yeah" was actually my older sister in the driver's side. right next to me.
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