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Nightbringer - Lucifer Trismegistus
Nightbringer - Hierophany of the Open Grave - 2011 Release - August 19th, 2011.
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Nightbringer - Mare
Nightbringer/Acherontas - The Ruins Of Edom, (Split) june 26th, 2012.
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The Ascendant - The Becoming
The Spiritual Death - EP 2012, first released as 7'EP, MCD version released 31 October 2012.
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Watain - Reaper (Bathory cover)
I close your eyes and send you into vainly dreams I reign your soul the night engulf your painful screams I watch you cry and twist your soul in agony No prayers can save you now from hell in eternity I devastate your soul and lacerate your mind In sin I sanctify my sword to crush your spine [I'm the] Reaper You're too confused you can't elude my misty eyes No need to hang on to your faith in love and life Whatever I command your soul obeys my needs You're like a zombie now with a soul that burns and bleeds There's not much left of you your soul belongs to me Nothing can save you now or set your spirit free [I'm the] Reaper [Coming to take you] I love the sight of having you down and open wide The smell of a dead woman's flesh just drives me fucking wild I have to got you in my grasp now there is no need to escape I'll penetrate you every virgin needs a rape Just when you think you have gone through all that gives you pain I'm coming back to you to penetrate again [I'm the Reaper] -- WATAIN: http://www.fb.com/watainofficial http://www.templeofwatain.com/ http://instagram.com/watainofficial http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialWatain SOUND POLLUTION: http://www.soundpollution.se/
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Enshadowed - Magic Chaos Psychedelia - [Full]
Enshadowed - Magic Chaos Psychedelia - Full Lengh album 2013. TRACKLIST - Stary Throne of It - Is Venit Ex Abyssus - Black Holes, Death Planets - The Scenario - Surrealistic Shade Of Color Black - Dethroned - Inner Psy-Trip - The Dual Hypostasis Of Nihil - Magic Chaos Psychedelia RELEASE: CD released via Pulverised Records LP released via Aphelion Productions Cassette released via Hammer of Damnation MORE INFO/TO BUY LINKS: Pulverized Records - http://www.pulverised.net/ Aphelion Productions - http://www.aphelionproductions.net/ Hammer of Damnation - www.hammerofdamnation.net ENSHADOWED Homepage - http://enshadowed.tripod.com/ Contact - [email protected] No rights reserved.
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Serpent's Womb - Beheld the Shimmering Scythe
A preview of a song of our "demo". The worship to miasma of Death and Devil's essence. The rest of our words will be released in soon. Let the Devil enter. I moved The God of death, I saw With your shimmering Scythe I felt The cut of flesh and devour several as one Feeling the devil's breath on his neck To bring back the souls who fled his domain The souls that deserve the serpent power To the sublime, to the domain name. Children of death at the night His children of the black light The void is filled 13 sealed seals Filling the 7 skins with the darker Temple power Of Qayin, the Lord of the shadows of death... The midnight sun All this darkness desires envolving me around with my 7 candles Qayin, I beheld your shimmering scythe I'll blessed be with your great manifestation Of the Saints of the Assassins Mighty lord of cthonic light To the wild hunt of shadows of death Baaltzelmoth put the serpent's mark and the occult mysteries will be revealed through the chalice of the dead Between of life and death, at crossroads of Niantiel Show yourself how the God of death, of shadows and wild The mighty coronation and celebration in yours domain
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Serpent Noir - Allies from the Black Sun Universe
Serpent Noir - Seeing Through the Shadow Consciousness (Open up the Shells) - 2012
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Svartidauði - Impotent Solar Phallus
Live version of this ritual. Audio from a ritual in Deathkult Open Air 2012, through a video that was filmed and edited BY 'Urgehal666', but with some differences in audio and cut's. Track from the 'EP' The Synthesis of Whore and Beast, a release between Terratur Possessions and Daemon Worship Productions. Svartidauði: The official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/svartidaudi Contact: [email protected]
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