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Return to Innocence- Enigma (Lyrics)
Enigma-Return to Innocence Lyrics I took my time trying to give this song the video it deserves. Videos were taken from nature videos and edited together. Credits given to their rightful owner. Thank you I only own the editing ***********Entertainment Purposes Only*********** Tags: *Enigma-return to innocence*, *Return to innocence-enigma lyrics* *Enigma-return to innocence Lyrics* Enigma Return to Innocence official lyrics*
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Paul Haslinger -Eternity And A Day
Eternity And A Day-Paul Haslinger( Underworld Soundtrack)
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Street War-In The Line of Duty Remix(The X Files Gender Bender Soundtrack)
In The Line of Duty Remix-Street War(The X Files Gender Bender Soundtrack), featured in Season1x14 HD
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I'm Blue-Ironman(Eiffel 65) Da Ba Dee
I'm Blue-Ironman(Eiffel 65) Eiffel 65-I'm Blue Da Ba Dee(Ironman) It's been 6 months since I last made a video(hopelessly waiting for my previous strikes to be expired), and I decided to make a different video meanwhile. I was feeling a little blue so I came up with this. If you noticed I only used Ironman 1 & 2, and I know some of you might be a bit disappointed with the absence of part 3 but....judging the way I am I know won't be happy had I used Ironman 3. My main focus was Tony Stark and I didn't want anyone else to appear in the video. Also, I don't know how long will this be available because Youtube is being strict lately... so watch as fast as you can! If not, I will find other website to upload it. Hope it is to your taste! Thanks for watching. Tags: Im blue eiffel 65, Im blue ironman 3,Im Blue Da ba de, Ironman 3 Im blue. Im blue ( da ba de) Eiffel 65
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Persuasion BBC 2007-Anne Elliot & Captain Wentworth
Persuasion BBC 2007 Adaptation Anne Elliot & Captain Wentworth Tags: *Persuasion BBC Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth*, Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworh*
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Fun Factory- I Wanna Be With You HD (90s Dance)
I Wanna Be With You-Fun Factory Lyrics HD (90s Dance)
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The Most Emotional Beautiful Movie Soundtracks
Please Note: This is not an epic orchestra compilation video but rather a magical and sweet video. All credits are in the description box.I had to reupload this video once again because it wasn't showing up in the search engines, I don't know why. I also changed the title. Hope you enjoy Tracklist: Titanic (Rose's Piano Theme) by James Horner - 0:00 Lord of The Rings-The Fellowship of the Ring (Concerning Hobbits) by Howard Shore - 3:37 Chocolat (Main Titles) by Rachel Portman - 6:26 Forrest Gump (Main Titles) by Alan Silvestri-9:36 The Cider House Rules (Main Titles) by Rachel Portman - 18:21 Home Alone (Somewhere In My Memory) by John Williams - 24:11 The Secret Garden (Entering the Garden) by Zbigniew Preisner -27:30 Frankenweenie (Main Titles) by Danny Elfman - 28:30 The Garden The Secret Garden (Walking Through The Garden) by Zbigniew Preisner - 30:51 Harry Potter (Hedwig's Theme) by John Williams- 32:42 Cast Away (Main Titles) by Alan Silvestri -37:45 Tuck Everlasting (Theme Song) by William Ross - 41:30 Casper (Casper's Lullaby) by James Horner- 44:28 Edward Scissorhands (Ice Dance) by Danny Elfman - 50:00 Jurassic Park (Welcome to Jurassic Park) by John Williams- 51:38 Dragonheart (To The Stars) by Randy Edelman- 59:33 Indecent Proposal (Main Titles) by John Barry- 1:02:50 The Polar Express (Meeting Santa Claus Promo) by Alan Silvestri - 1:07:37 Band of Brothers(Opening Theme) by Michael Kamen - 1:13:57 A Room With a View (Return to Florence) by Richard Robbins- 1:16:19 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Dumbledore's Army)by Nicholas Hooper - 1:18:14 A Series Of Unfortunate Events(The Letter that Never Came) by Thomas Newman- 1:20:55 Rudy(Tryouts) by Jerry Goldsmith- 1:25:01 King Kong(Central Park) by James Newton Howard - 1:29:29 Meet Joe Black( Whisper of a Thrill) by Thomas Newman- 1:34:05 Rudy(Main Titles) by Jerry Goldsmith- 1:39:55 Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets(Reunion of Friends) by John Williams- 1:43:32 Dances With Wolves(John Dunbar Theme) by John Barry- 1:48:42 The Lord of the Rings(The Two Towers Soundtrack )- (Evenstar) by Howard Shore - 1:50:58 Titanic(The Dream) by James Horner- 1:54:18 Out of Africa (Main Title) -(I Had a Farm in Africa) by John Barry- 1:56:52 Bicentennial Man (The Gift of Mortality) by James Horner- 2:00:01 The Mirror has Two Faces( The Apology) by Luciano Pavarotti- 2:06:21 Black Beauty(Main Titles)by Danny Elfman- 2:09:37 Breakfast at Tiffany's (Moon River- Original Main Title)by Henry Mancini- 2:12:07 NOTICE: If you have seen any of my videos uploaded twice(especially by another user), it is most likely to have been stolen (These have been my favorite) Please notice: due to a copyright claim, the previous video has been muted. The score that caused the video to be muted has been removed. This video has been reuploaded, more scores have been added. This is for pure entertainment purposes only. No money is made
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Enya-May it be-Lord of the Rings( Concerning Frodo)
May it Be-Enya-Lord of the Rings-Concerning Frodo Tags: *May it be-Lord of the rings* *May it be-Enya* , *May it be-Lord of the rings soundtrack* *may it be-enya lord of the rings* *May it be-Enya (frodo), *Enya-May it be*, *May it be-Enya*
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Outlander Starz Series-Claire and Jamie-The Power of Love
Claire and Jamie-Outlander Series-The Power of Love. I thought of this song Outlander series(Starz) Song: The Power of Love by Celine Dion ***********Entertainment Purposes Only*********** Credit to the rightful owner
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Enya- Wild Child
Wild Child-Enya Music Video The Secret Garden movie tribute This must be one of my most cherished movies and I have been wanting to make a video of it for a while. I believed Enya would be suitable for this video. I hope all of you enjoy and feedback is welcome Once again, I only own the editing Movie used: The Secret Garden (1993), by Agnieszka Holland
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The Underdog Project- Remember
Remember-The Underdog Project
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Apocalypse- Cigarettes After Sex
Cigarettes After Sex-Apocalypse( Breakfast at Tiffany's) New video after a long time! Of course, I only own the editing. Cick here for more information about the music band: http://www.cigarettesaftersex.com/ Movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's Thanks for watching and I hope you like the video Lyrics: You leapt from crumbling bridges Watching city scapes turn to dust Filming helicopters crashing In the ocean from way above Got the music in you baby Tell me why Got the music in you baby Tell me why You've been locked in here forever & you just can't say goodbye Kisses on the foreheads Of the lovers wrapped in your arms You've been hiding them In hollowed out pianos left in the dark Got the music in you baby Tell me why Got the music in you baby Tell me why You've been locked in here forever & you just can't say goodbye Your lips My lips Apocalypse (x2) Go & sneak us through the rivers Flood is rising up on your knees Oh please Come out & haunt me I know you want me Come out & haunt me Sharing all your secrets With each other since you were kids Sleeping soundly with the locket That she gave you clutched in your fist Got the music in you baby Tell me why Got the music in you baby Tell me why You've been locked in here forever & you just can't say goodbye When you're all alone I will reach for you When you're feeling low I will be there too Letras en Espanol: Saltaste desde puentes derrumbándose viendo paisajes urbanos convertirse en polvo Filmando helicópteros estrellándose en el océano desde lo alto Tengo la música en ti cariño, dime por qué Tengo la música en ti cariño, dime por qué Has estado atrapada aquí por siempre y simplemente no puedes decir adiós Besos en la frente de los amantes envueltos en tus brazos Has estado escondiéndolos en pianos vacíos dejados en la oscuridad Tengo la música en ti cariño, dime por qué Tengo la música en ti cariño, dime por qué Has estado atrapada aquí por siempre y simplemente no puedes decir adiós Tus labios, mis labios, Apocalipsis Tus labios, mis labios, Apocalipsis Vamos y saltemos a través de los ríos, la inundación crece sobre tus rodillas, oh por favor Sal y persígueme, se que me quieres Sal y persígueme Compartiendo todos tus secretos con ellos desde que eran niños Durmiendo profundamente con la medalla que ella te dio apretándola en tu puño Tengo la música en ti cariño, dime por qué Tengo la música en ti cariño, dime por qué Has estado atrapada aquí por siempre y simplemente no puedes decir adiós Has estado atrapada aquí por siempre y simplemente no puedes decir adiós Oh Cuando estés completamente sola, llegaré a ti Cuando te sientas triste, estaré ahí también.
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Tim Allen-  Ride The Storm (Piano)
Ride The Storm-Tim Allen(Piano) I heard this on PBS commercial The composition belongs to the owner https://www.facebook.com/timallenmusician Commercial Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjHOzo8CrTA
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Sounds Like a Melody-Alphaville-Bram Stoker's Dracula
Alphaville-Sounds Like a Melody-Bram Stoker's Dracula(Mina and Dracula) Tags: Alphaville -Sounds like a melody*, *Sounds like a melody music video-Alphaville*
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Bosson- One in a Million Remix-Lyrics(Miss Congeniality)
One in a Million Remix-Bosson (Miss Congeniality)
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Now We Are Free-Gladiator Tribute
Gladiator- Now We Are Free (Honor Him and Now We are Free) Gladiator theme song by Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard. (Watch 1080p for better experience) Gladiator soundtrack I had this project in mind for a few years and I did it at last. I tried to blend the themes "Honor Him and Now We are Free" together to give more touch and a complete look. I know it has minor flaws but I did my best. I wanted to give it a proper tribute I only own the editing. Entertainment Purposes Only tags: Gladiator theme song, Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix
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Stereo Love Spanish Version-   Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina ft  Alicia
Stereo Love Spanish Version Lyrics-Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina ft Alicia ***********Entertainment Purposes Only*********** Stereo Love Espanol
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Tuck Everlasting Jesse & Winnie -Take Me Away
Tuck Everlasting 2002 Jesse & Winnie movie tribute Movie: Tuck Everlasting(2002) Song: Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield ***********Entertainment Purposes Only*********** Credit to the rightful owner
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Cascada -Truly Madly Deeply( Slow Version) Lyrics
Truly Madly Deeply-Cascada( Slow Version) Lyrics Tags: * truly madly deeply* slow version cascada lyrics, *cascada truly madly deeply lyrics cascada*
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Mambo No.5- Lou Vega (The Little Rascals)
Mambo Number 5- Lou Vega The Little Rascals(1994)-Mambo No.5 Tribute ***********Entertainment Purposes Only*********** Credit to the rightful owner
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All 4 One-I Swear Lyrics
I Swear-All 4 One Lyrics
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The Island Soundtrack- My Name Is Lincoln - Life Quotes
My Name Is Lincoln-The Island Soundtrack - Life Quotes. None of this content is mine, it belongs to the rightful owner. Images and quotes were chosen from the internet. Thanks for watching ***********Entertainment Purposes Only*********** Credit to the rightful owner Tags: *The Island Soundtrack my name is lincoln*
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Me Quedare Solo- Amistades Peligrosas
Amistades Peligrosas-Me Quedare Solo Letras ***********Entertainment Purposes Only*********** Credit to the rightful owner
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Simon O'Shine - Enthusiasm Original Mix
Enthusiasm Original Mix-Simon O'Shine
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Émile Vernon Paintings
Émile Vernon Paintings Emile Vernon was born in Blois, France in 1872 and studied painting under the French genre artist Auguste Joseph Trupheme (1836-1898). Vernon is listed in French Salon archives as exhibiting one painting at the Paris Salon of 1898. By 1904 Emile Vernon was living at 2 Upstall Street, Camberwell, London and in the same year exhibited a flower painting at the Royal Academy. He is best remembered for his scenes of pretty young girls with flowers.
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Flipped (Bryce and Juli) -Anyone Else But You
Flipped: Bryce Loski and Juli Baker-There Will Never be anyone else but you for me Song: Ricky Nelson-Never Be Anyone Else But You I only own the editing. Hope you enjoy
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