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Hair: From dry & brittle to moisturized & healthy
Protective hairstyles for children... Including deep conditioning, washing and styling to obtain nice, beautiful, healthy hair Link for products: http://bit.ly/MaesBirchBox Follow me: Instagram: https://instagram.com/maebecouponing/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaeBeCouponing
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Perfect rice... No measuring cup, only your finger
Making rice without using a measuring cup... just a pot, rice and water.
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How i started extreme couponing
...and a quick glimpse inside my stockpile room!! YEY!
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Saving money while shopping at Victorias Secret!
A quick shopping trip where i maximize my dollar by combining in store promotions and secret reward cards... You can also follow me on: Instagram.com/MaeBereal Facebook.com/MaeBeCouponing Twitter.com/MaeBereal
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$1.16 for ALL laundry detergent (Extreme Couponing)
Great deal for newbies or people who just want to save some money on household necessities.
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Making your own sugar scrub. Great for eczema
only 3 ingredients needed... Sugar, lemon & coconut oil (my apologies.. i repeated myself regarding antiseptics... instead of repeating scars, i was supposed to say antiseptic helps to kill bacteria)
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Extreme Couponing: Cheap DOVE body wash @ CVS
Week of 8/23/15 newbie friendly!
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How to keep your braids from itching
An apple cider vinegar rinse for synthetic braid hair to minimize the itch
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Getting paid to shop @ Target
Make $4.06 for buying 6 bottles of Nivea body wash You can also follow me on: www.Instagram.com/MaeBeCouponing www.Facebook.com/MaeBeCouponing
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Biracial problems.. Part 1
When your mom is filipino and knows nothing about pop culture...
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Spent $23, Saved $73 @ Victorias Secret
couponing at victorias secret
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Eczema relief.. Healing Balm by Honest
http://bit.ly/MaesHonest (Link for the free trial & $10 coupon) Perfect for those with eczema! Mae gives it... TWO THUMBS UP!
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Save $100 @ Victorias Secret
2 bras & a travel lingerie case for $20. Retail value of $120 9/15/15
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Saving money at Victorias Secret
Combining the semi annual sale, additional 20% off coupon and free shipping coupon codes online Links for Mr Rebates (http://www.mrrebates.com/?refid=565056) & eBates (http://bit.ly/1rv1UnU)
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How to save money at Starbucks!
Tips & tricks to get freebies, free refills, discounts on food and drink http://geta.raise.com/mbe (link to get you $5 off a Starbucks gift card)
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Mae Bereal...
About me. Subscribe to YouTube channel now. im also on: Facebook.com/MaeBeCouponing Instagram.com/MaeBeCouponing
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Toddler ball pit on a budget
I forgot to mention the slide... i purchased that from Toys R Us.. it was $29.99 and i used a 20% off coupon plus they gave me free delivery since it wasn't in stock. $24
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Getting paid to buy baby wipes... YES!
All through extreme couponing... Never pay full retail for baby items again
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How to get $150 worth of Victorias Secret for $50!
VS isn't cheap... but with my help, you can easily buy it without breaking the bank! Links for Mr Rebates (http://www.mrrebates.com/?refid=565056) & eBates (http://bit.ly/1rv1UnU) Tag a friend, like, share, subscribe!
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How i keep my coupons organized
Binder method...
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Breastfeeding 101: Things they don't tell you...
The link for the lactation pills and free samples: http://www.honest.com/accept_invitation/646793
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$.99 ALL laundry detergent @ CVS!
(Also discussing the length of time it takes to build a stockpile) Sample scenario for the ALL laundry detergent is: Buy 10 @ $2.99 each Use 10 $1 off manufacture coupons Pay $19.90 At the end of your receipt you'll receive a $10 cash card which makes your net cost of the ALL detergent $9.90 for 10! ($.99 each) 10 bottles retail @ $80 You pay $9.90!
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No coffee grinder? No problem!
& make espresso using the Bella machine...
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Potty training: Pull-Ups vs Panties
Potty trained my 18 month old in 3 days, using panties during the day and a diaper at night (in case of accidents). But so far, NO nighttime accidents :-)
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The many blessings of EXTREME COUPONING!
An extreme couponer takes the time to reorganize part of her stockpile and reflect... Instagram.com/MaeBeCouponing Facebook.com/MaeBeCouponing
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Biracial Problems... Part 2
When your mom is filipino and knows nothing about pop culture Follow me on instagram: Instagram.com/MaeBereal
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Couponing at Victorias Secret
Todays VS haul... 5 bras with a total retail value of $340 I paid approx $80
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Stretching your dollar at Victorias Secret
Discussing gift with purchase, semi annual sale, price adjustments & more...
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Target trip: Clearance hunting with friends
Couponing with your friends is guaranteed a good time... Thanks Tam You can follow me for deals on Instagram.com/MaeBereal Facebook.com/MaeBeCouponing
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FREE PRODUCTS from BirchBox! (a $25 MONEY MAKER!)
follow these steps FIRST then, continue on to the video details... 1. New accounts only 2. If you already have an account, create another 3. Click the link: http://bit.ly/MaesBirchBox 4. Subscribe to the BirchBox women's 5. Use promo code BBJETBLUE10 6. Get free shipping & a 100 point credit 7. Net: FREE BirchBox! Then... roll those 100 points into buying $25 worth of merchandise! New net... $25 money maker! For $10 out of pocket, you purchased a sample beauty box, makeup remover pads AND a makeup remover liquid (or eye shadow)! Free shipping on everything too!
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Couponing for freebies (& behind the scenes)
Real life couponing trip with the hubby. Week of 9/4/15
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Potty training at 18 months...
Mommies essentials ... no sugarcoating!
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$26.94 for $100+ worth of Victorias Secret!
Bra, FREE panty and pants... PLUS 1% cash back and a $10 gift card when you use ebates through this link: http://bit.ly/1rv1UnU Of course you can pick and choose what you want but this is what I've found...
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$6.40 for a bikini bottom AND a beach bag from Victorias Secret!
a $33 value! Tag a friend. Like. Share!
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Victoria's Secret SAS shopping trip plus freebies
additional 40% off select Semi Annual Sale merchandise. Plus, free socks and headband with Pink purchase Follow me on Instagram: Instagram.com/MaeBereal
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How to save 70% off at The Honest Company
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